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How far would you go

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 16, 2010

A comment by Keatsjohnkeats on this post got me thinking about how far would you go for sex.

I was reminded about a guy I was chatting to not long after my sexual reawakening back in 2006.  He lived approxiately 200 miles away. We talked about meeting half way in little known place called swindon but after checking to see where we could meet that we could both find seeing that neither of us had ever been there we eventually agreed to meet at a motorway services instead. It took me an hour and a half to drive there after work. The next day when he apologised but  realised that it was just too far to travel  regularly I was quite relived. The sex was not special enough to warrant a 200 mile round trip each time.

Later that year I was chatting online to a man who spent most of the year abroad working either as a diving instructor in the summer or a ski instructor in the winter. We talked about meeting but I never thought it would happen, until one sat morning we were chatting on the phone. Neither of us had any plans for the rest of the day so he drove for 2.5 hours to meet me for dinner. See this post here.

It was in the November of that year I was chatting to Scottie. He decided within days that he needed to see me, it was less than a week after our first messages that he drove for over 3 hours to  his hotel where I was to meet him for dinner. He would have to leave at 5am to drive 3 hours to his breakfast meeting at Ipswich. We had a few drinks in his room while we decided where to go (he had lived in the city for a while 10 years earlier).  We stayed in his room drinking, kissing, licking, sucking and of course fucking until 2am when he wanted to go and see his former home. Returning to the hotel at 3am. If it wasn’t enough that he had a 6 hour round trip driving to see me he had first flown over from Germany (where he had been living and working for six months). Making it a 1400 mile round trip to spend 6.5 hours with me.

Not so long ago I asked Karl ‘what is the furthest you have gone for sex?’  His answer was a nearby city, so at most he has gone 20 miles. Although I did that 200 mile round trip once I had regularly driven to see Don who lives 23 miles away, Alex who lives 30 miles away and  more recently Fred who is nearer 40 miles away. Oh and there were the times I met Gareth at various locations the furthest being this one about 70 miles each way.

so how far would you go and has it been worth it?

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Tlc ……… that too much?

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 11, 2010

I had been feeling unwell, waking up feeling very tense, my neck and shoulder knotted up. I had woken an hour before I needed to get up so I tried to relax applying a cooling gel strip to my poorly forehead. By the time I got up I was still feeling tense and in pain so I took some pain relief. Tried to relax in a hot but not too hot bath of floaty bubbles. I hoped that my work would help me to forget my worries but after an hour the pain in my neck and forehead were increasing and every sound seemed to be amplified, nausea was beginning to creep in. After 2 hours I excused myself and left, the work load was very small compared to what it can be on other days.

It was about 10.30 when I reached my bed to sleep off the nagging pain I was experiencing. I know that the only way I am going to get rid of this pain is to be completely relaxed but that is not going to happen until I can find a solution to my current worries. I am working on it but there is no magic fix. I managed to sleep but realised when I woke that again I hadn’t been very relaxed. The dream I had was all about anxiety, dealines and those sort of things. It was soon after this I got a call from Karl who knows I finish work early on Fridays. The background noise where he was seemed to me to be excrutiatingly loud. He wanted to call round and see me on his way home.

When Karl arrived we sat drinking tea, chatting about a variety of things. I couldn’t help thinking that had he been anyone else I would have had a bit of tlc, at the very least a cuddle and maybe even a neck massage which was what I really needed. Instead we were sat at opposite ends of the sofa, the space between us creating a gulf that couldn’t be crossed. It wasn’t until he was leaving that Karl put his hands on my shoulder and I almost shot through the ceiling when his thumb pressed down on the spot the pain emmanated from. A few cursory rubs to check he had found the right spot and he was off down the garden path suggesting a hot water bottle!

Tomorrow evening I am supposed to go to his rock band’s gig, I have told him that I may or may not go. During the week I asked him if he had any thoughts on taking some time off work together. We had discussed this in May, I thought it would be nice to have a few days out together but he wants to take me away. He had said he would have to work out when he could be free. Several weeks later he has not thought about it and I need to book time off before its too late.

Can you tell I am feeling pissed off with him (he who says he loves me, he who thinks I deserve a better life & would give it to me if he could, but can’t at present).

I wonder if either Dave or Cougar fancy going to see a rock band perform tomorrow night…….ah just remembered Cougar is more likely to be watching England v USA, so will have to ask Dave.

What do you think I should do ?

By the way have you seen this new blog ……….a male blogger whose writing is really and I do mean really really hot.  This is one blog where you really do have to start at the beginning, I promise that you will not be disappointed.

While you are at it why not check out this new blog too ……….another new male blogger. Only a few posts so far but it will be interesting to see how this one goes as he shares his experiences with his readers.

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