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Posted by secretlynaughty on June 4, 2009


After being out for the last 3 nights I’ve been having a night at home tonight. One of the things I have been doing is catching up with emails. checking my secretlynaughty email for probably the first time in a week I found that I had 3 invites.

The first was an invite to read a private blog belonging to a lovely lady who I used to read before she went private. When I read this blog I very quickly found that I could easily identify with this lady although our circumstnces are very different.  I feel honoured to have been sought out by Kyra to be invited to read her blog.

The second invite was from a company who produce erotic literature.   They will send me free copies every month for me to review. would you be interested in reading my reviews on my blog.

The third invite was one that really interests me. It is from the social media PR for Durex. They have invited me to test and review their new Play lubes. Would you be even slightly interested in reading about my attemps to test these lubes. I already use their tingle lube but can’t wait to try their new cherry and pina colada varieties. I am already making mental plans to try these out with both Karl and Fred but judging by recent emails I could soon be trying them with any one out of Writer, Cutter or Banker.

Of course these erotic books and the Durex lube would only be used for the purpose of research for your entertainment. It will be a great hardship for me to use these products for my own personal enjoyment.

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