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Be honest , can you have sex

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 23, 2010

I was in one of those moods, a mood where I need to get things out in the air. I had casually dropped into the conversation that I wanted him to make me a promise………to start being honest. I could almost hear him fall off his chair in his room a mile away. Once he had picked himself up off the floor he asked what I meant.

its been over a year and you still don’t trust me with the truth.

I then had to explain that I know he lies to me. He lies about where he lives and who with. He has maintained all along that he lives with his mum and only stays at the marital home when he house/cat sits. I kept telling him to stop lying and tell me the truth, I don’t care whether he lives with his mum or his wife, I don’t care if he sleeps with his wife or has a seperate room. What matters is that he tells me lies and continues to do so all the time. He now tells me that he lives at both houses 50/50 ………… he still thinks I’m an idiot that came down in the last shower.

He didn’t want to have this conversation online he would come round to see me so we could sort out our differences face to face. For two days he failed to keep his promise to call around. On the second evening I just happened to log into Fab I checked friends list and noticed that Karl ahd been online even though he had messaged me that he had been asleep. I then discovered an update on his profile stating that he had now teamed up with a very sexy female to play with couples. I knew he didn’t mean me but thought I would leave him a message to wind him up……….

I know we discussed playing as a couple last summer but you could have asked me before you advertised it.

I never did write that message until now. The reason being that while  was thinking about it I discovered that he had uploaded some photos of his new sexy female partner……darn now I couldn’t pretend I thought it was me. The realisation that he had lied to me again, made me see red.

I wasn’t so much bothered that he was seeing anyone else but I was feeling very angry now. Not only had he lied to me about not having any sex with anyone else since we met. I could see for myself that he had. On his profile he states that he has a male buddy he can get to join him for anyone who wants two men to play with. Now he must know that I would be up for this because we talked about meeting other men/women or couples together. but he has never mentioned this man to me.  Now hes teaming up with another woman to meet couples.

I asked him if he thought I was not good enough to play with other people with him. We talked ages ago about 3 and 4 somes yet he never asked if I wanted to join him and his mate.

So we go play with others but be honest can you have sex? with your problem down below.

Yes ……….is that what this is about?

I have not complained but others might.

Nobody ever has………..its only you that it doesn’t work with.

Ok so if you want fun say so and I will arrange it

I asked you to go to party and you said no!

I had my reasons

I enjoyed the jacuzzi

I have never been in a jacuzzi with you.

I know.

later we were discussing his mate and how he knows him etc.

so would you like to meet my mate it can be arranged.

when we talked about it before were you just humouring me thinking I wouldn’t be able to perform so you would find someone else?

no I was not I just feel that if we do meet others and they cant perform with you as I can`t what they goin to say

Unless they are above average size that won’t happen

We talked some more about being a couple to play with others. But I don’t know if it will ever happen, should I tell him before or after that tomorrow I shall be the only single female at a small party with 4 couples.

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Mixed feelings

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 9, 2010

I have been feeling a bit down today and I am sad to say that the reason for this is Karl. I know that feeling this way is stupid and irrational. He hasn’t really done anything wrong he has just been stupid. Last week he was at my home we were looking on the internet. He showed me a couple of websites. One of these is a site where people post photos and videos of themselves, many are naked and many depict sexual acts. He showed me the photos he has posted on there, some that I am familiar with but also others showing him indulging in sex with another woman.

I was neither excited or disgusted or even jealous. He told me these pictures were taken a few years ago (which to me was irrelevant). He then showed me a swinger’s site that he belongs to again showing me his profile photos that I know so well. He was also encouraging me to join both these sites (suprised I hadn’t already). After he had finished showing them to me I gave very little further thought to them.

Then last night I found an offline message saying he was going to be away from his pc for half an hour but will be back. An hour later nothing…………after two hours of waiting I decided to log into these sites and have another look at his other photos. Several searches through the adult photograph site came up with nothing. So I moved onto the swinger site, created a profile (slightly different age and location and new username). I found his profile fairly easily, but without being one of his ‘friends’ could only see the photos that I already possess. However I followed a link to a couple he had made friends with.  The first thing I saw on their profile was some recent photos of Karl enjoying the wife of the couple.I felt like I had been hit in the stomach, but why. We are friends with benefits not in a commited relationship. I care about him as a friend, he knows how to turn me to putty when he wants to but we have not been intimate since last summer and have never had full intercourse in the last year although we have plans to rectify this in the next week. We have never promised to be exclusive, after all I have seen others myself during the past year not least of all Fred.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. I don’t think it bothers me so much that he has had some fun in the last few months. I don’t think I am jealous (well maybe a bit) that he has had some fun with a couple. What bothers me most is that some weeks ago I was teasing him about other women. He told me there had been none, but not through lack of wishing. So now I know he has been less than truthful. He lied about his age in the beginning. He has always told me that he is seperated but I have never quite believed him. Although I could check this out I decided ages ago not to, as I figure that it is none of my business whether he is married or single. He knows that I have been involved with married men in the past so there is no reason to lie to me about that.

Today he text me that he had fallen asleep last night. The swinger’s site tells me that he had been online upgrading his membership during the time he was ‘asleep’. What is bothering me is that he is telling me lies. That and that he had encouraged me to go onto the site that proved he had been lying. If he hadn’t encouraged me to join the site I wouldn’t have learnt that he has been having sex when he says he hasn’t or that he was online when he told me he was asleep.

Anyway whatever the reason for feeling down about these revelations, I was driving home thinking that I need a good cyber session with Sebastian to cheer me up. I knew though that Sebastian was unlikely to be online by the time I was so I began planning an email telling him how  much I wanted him to own me. Holding onto my hair forcing me to bend to his will. I wanted to please him submit to his wishes.  But when I did get home and logged onto my computer a chat window sprang open.

I was very suprised as this was the first time this particular window has opened (other than virus links) for a long time.  At first I half thought it was another virus and not him but soon we were chatting. We had not spoken since about June or July last summer. We talked about several things but finished off with him saying that perhaps we could hook up sometime soon.  I have said maybe.

But if you remember how much I wanted to have him last year it is unllikely I will turn down a chance to meet up with him again. But even if we never meet again he has cheered me up just by chatting again.

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