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Saving the best for last

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 2, 2010

Back in January I wrote about Fred and his ideas for following Dr’s orders. What I didn’t write about at the time was the very steamy session we had attempting to follow those orders. It started earlier than our other evenings together. It began in the same manner as before. Passionate kissing on the couch until we could contain ourselves no more. He pulls me up the stairs but almost at the top he stops. He thinks he can hear something and leads me back to my place on the couch whilst he makes sure the house is secure. On his return he apologised for being paranoid. I had noticed his paranoia before but he had never been so obvious about it before.

Within minutes we were in his room undressing each other. I hadn’t bothered with stockings and lacy lingerie this time, as I had on past evenings been disappointed that he hadn’t even seemed to notice my undergarents let alone appreciated the care with which I had chosen them. Standing naked in each others arms he led me to the bed laying me down. I don’t remember every detail of that night now but I do remember enjoying a hearty serving of 69, him on top. We played for a while with his fingers inside me before I climbed on top of him.

Lowering myself onto his shaft rocking back and forth, up and down, leaning in for a kiss. Pushing further down onto him we moved like that for ages, me moving on top of him while he thrust upwards with his hips. Pushing himself deeper into me, pushing as far as he can. Both of us pushing against each other, it felt like he was deeper inside  me than before. Could we be making progress here. It certainly felt good, better than ever even. We were having the best sex ever not to say that sex between us had ever been anything other than great. Having orgasmed for the umpteenth time I collapsed and rolled off him.

Kneeling between his legs I got to work on his cock, something  I do enjoy enormously and judging from his expressions and moans so does he. I keep licking and sucking his delicious tool until he can take no more and shoots his spunk into my hot mouth. Not letting up with my sucking I quickly drain him of his lovely seed.

Relaxing together on the bed chatting I knew this has been our best sex yet but I felt sad. Something in my mind was telling me that enough was enough. Laying by his side my eye caught on a large card on the side of a unit. I couldn’t see properly but from my view it looked like it said …………To The One I love

I might have been wrong but didn’t think so. I didn’t ask.

If I was correct then I doubt this was a  brand new relationship but in all honesty I didn’t want to know. It probably doesn’t matter to him. By the time I arrived home I was already telling myself this was probably the end. Not by his choice but mine. I text to let him know I had arrived home he thanked me for texting.

We had been seeing each other approximately every 2 months with many conversations online and by text in between. But this time there has been just one online message from him leaving me a hug in mid Feb. I returned the favour with an online kiss a day or so later. But otherwise there has been no contact between us.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on December 29, 2008

Some of you have become aware that I added a gallery page a while ago. I also added a sub page called lingerie but was not able to make the link work. However KK left me a comment pointing out the error in my link. I have now corrected this and added a third image to the two that were already there. I shall of course be adding more and as I get better at linking pages may even add more pages for different photo shoots.

I have now added a couple of new pages but unfortunately one of them has nothing on it yet as the batteries on my camera ran out at the crucial moment.


Ok so now that I have got into the swing of adding photos I shall be doing so regularly but I warn you now that I won’t be announcing each addition. I shall just add as and when I want to. So if you want to catch each new set of pictures it will be up to you to check for yourself to see any new additions.

Never let it be said that I don’t know how to make it hard for you.

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Can’t wait

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 7, 2008

Baby I can’t wait any longer

I have waited for so very long

I have been tempted before but resisted

But this time

I am not waiting any longer

I have packed my bag

I am on my way

Tonight I shall strip off my travelling clothes

But before I put on the outfit I have chosen for the evening

I shall caress

I shall wait no longer

Tonight is the night

Are you jealous?

Tonight I shall do this for the first time

I shall send you photographic evidence

Tonight I shall wear the lingerie I bought so long ago

Intended for your eyes only



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