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Fun and games

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 25, 2010

Tonight Karl has uploaded all the photos that were taken at our recent play night. He has sent them all to me too so I can do whatever I like with them. I shall have to pass on the relevant ones to our playmates. If you are lucky I might even post some of them in my gallery.

Anyway I need to tell you about our night out before I forget. We were all standing around bed 1 (where most of the action happened) Ian began taking some toys and bondage gear out of his bag, There were lots of oohs and aahs from those watching the ever-increasing pile of goodies. The paddle was immediately taken up and applied to various bottoms (at this stage still clothed). The crop had almost but not quite as much attention. There were gasps as the spreader bars complete with leather restraints clanked onto the bed.

It only took one person and I have already forgotten who, to start stripping off and the rest of us followed suit. I did have to laugh at the speed with which Karl removed all his clothes ………nothing if not keen. I stood by the foot of the bed with an erect cock in each hand gently stroking both. Karl decided that bed 1 was a little crowded so we went off to play on bed 2. Karl had told the other guys that he could get me wet within seconds. No sooner had I laid back among the many pillows with Karl’s head between my thighs when I had two hungry mouths suckling on my nipples. Tigger on my right and Bruce on my left. It was soon apparent that I had squirted in next to no time. The squeals and moans coming from the other room only heightened my arousal. Karl knows just how to use his tongue on my pussy to get me writhing around moaning. The mouths and hands manipulating my breasts tipped me over the edge.

Tigger went of to join the fun on bed 1 while Bruce gave me his cock to suck while Karl continued to pleasure my pussy. I felt so overcome with the sensations of it all that I needed to rest and drink a glass if water thougtfully provided by Bruce (our host for the evening). It is all becoming a little hazy in my mind now. But I know I had my pussy eaten by both Bruce and Tigger as well as Karl. I think Tigger was eating me out while I was sucking karl’s cock. It seems that I was on bed 2 pretty much the majority of the time while Tigger, Bruce and Karl each played with me in turn and much of the time 2 or even three of them at once.

It was while I was on my back with Tigger between my thighs that Karl knelt beside my head giving me his cock, that he began taking photos. There are several that he took from above me, although his favourite is a close up of my wet pussy taken before he joined the writhing mass on bed 1. Grabbing his camera I wandered in to see what was going on, I couldn’t resist taking some of Karl as he hovered over Winnie. She had hold of his cock while he was playing with a double ended dildo in her cunt. Tigger took me back to bed2 to play with a vibrator before he gently entered my pussy with his rubber clad cock. He had been pumping into me when Karl rejoined us pushing his cock into my mouth again. My 2nd spit roast. It funny how I always think of a spit roast being when the woman is on all fours not on her back with her legs pointing towards the ceiling like I was now. Tigger did get me to change onto my knees so that he could fuck me from behind. Karl left us again then to play in the other room.

It was while Bruce was licking me out that Alice came in and played with and sucked my breasts. She later said that I have gorgeous breasts and she would have liked the chance to play with me and Winnie together. But that will be another time.

I’m not sure who was between my legs when Bruce felt that I had been missing out on the toys and  smacked my breast and pussy with the paddle. He must be very gentle as I only felt a slight tap from the paddle but I do now have a bruise. Finally I had had enough, I am not used to so much constant attention on my throbbing pussy. It was on trembling legs that I made it into the other room where Alice was being restrained with her hands cuffed to the metal bed frame while Tigger slammed his cock into her cunt. To everyone’s amazement Alice broke free with a yank of her arms. Ian and Bruce then strapped her wrists to the bed using a metal spreader bar with leather wrist straps.  We all thought she was stuck now but no she broke out of this too.

It was not long after this that we all dressed and said goodnight. We still had a long drive home and work in the morning. I am looking forward to more nights of fun. In the meantime I have begun chatting to one of the Doms and Dave has offered to take me to swinger party at the weekend.

A few photos can now be found on my gallery

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making plans for Sebastian

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 7, 2010

You have no idea how intensly my desire to touch and be touched by you burned deep inside. But couple this with the image of your face so close, with your gentle eyes gazing into mine and I was undone. As I wriggled in my seat determined not to give in to the burning urge to plunge my fingers into the depths of the hot wetness you had left me with. I was unable to resist for long, but weak as I was in this resolve I managed to desist with my rubbing on my swollen hood. I could not bear to allow myself the relief I so wanted/needed without the act being witnessed by the subject of my desire.

I do not know for how long I succeeded in my wish. The intensity of the throbbing ache between my soft thighs simultaneously pleasure and torture. I bided my time by imagining the subjugation of my desired one. Browsing outlets for the tools of my pleasure when you become mine to do with as I wish. Selecting my choices in wrist and ankle restraints, blood red silk ropes to match my harlot’s nails. Butt plugs that vibrate, remote control bullets and G spot vibrators,pretty pink and black flogger not forgetting the leather paddle thougtfully designed to imprint my chosen badge of honour ‘SLUT’.

All the while these selections were being made I kept being drawn back to your eyes, the line of your throat and those lips that I can’t resist wanting to trace with the lightest touch from my fingertip. How my resolve melts at the memory of you, without concious thought to what I am doing my fingers make their way inside my jeans and the flimsy black scrap of fabric feeling the heat of my desire. Inching ever closer to the edge that your words have already brought me so close to.

The knowledge of the power that my actions have over my lust slave is very empowering turning my core into molten lava to be poured over my willing servant. But before he can enjoy the nectar of my lust for him he must subject himself completely to my will. He will familiarise himself with the implements of my pleasure. Feel the soft leather of his restraints test the D rings and chain that can either be attached at full length or threaded through and back to restict freedom as your mistress wishes. Hold and examine the leather handle of your flogger, feel the different textures of leather and fur. Know that your mistress can choose to let this trail softly against your skin or with the flick of a wrist cause a red heat to glow from the sharper contact of leather on your unprotected being.

Being the good slave of my lust that I know you to be, I know that you will stand perfectly still for your Mistress allowing your clothes to be removed in any manner chosen without a care for the disgarded garments scattered around the floor. You will not flinch when you cannot see what your mistress is doing. All you can feel is the soft touch of a fingertip or hot breath on your back. When commanded to do so you will attach your own wrist then ankle restraints handing the chain to your Mistress who will decide which of your four limbs will be chained together.

When your Mistress is satisfied with the limitations imposed, you will disrobe me using whichever means you have available. First you will remove my skirt to reveal the soft flesh above my stockings and the glisten of moisture on my now exposed cunt. On your knees now you will give my cunt a stroke of your tongue but make it good as you will only have one stroke before you get to your feet to help me out of my blouse. Now you will be faced with the white orbs overflowing the soft lace cups of my bra which will need to be removed, without use of hands. If you succeed in removing this within a reasonable time (remember your Mistress can be impatient in her lust) then you will be allotted 2 minutes on each breast to lick suck and stimulate these to a point of no return. During this time you will pay no heed to what your Mistress may decide to do to your erection. Your Mistress may tease and or squeeze but you must resist any urge to cum.

Moving together to the end of the bed you will climb on the bed positioning yourself on your hands and knees so that your sexy bum is offered up for my amusement. This is when you will feel the soft fur of your flogger as it swirls this way and that across your waiting cheeks, never knowing for sure when you will feel the first snap of leather. I will of course be gentle with you as I want you to enjoy your flogger. But be warned that once your Mistress becomes bored of teasing you that is when you will recieve your brand as your paddle slaps smartly against each cheek declaring you to be my very own SLUT. To cool your  now red cheeks a liberal helping of lube will be smeared and rubbed into your cheeks. A further helping of lube will be smeared around and into your inviting bum hole. Now you are ready for your ultimate experience as you willingly accept your butt plug pushed firmly into you. You are going to beg me to turn up the vibrations, I want you to feel the full effect of this toy before I position myself under you.

Still with your bum in the air complete with plug, my mouth taking care of your erection you may now take your pleasure in my glistening cunt.Taste the desire you create in me, eat it all up, rub your face in my pussy covering yourself in my nectar. (I shall enjoy licking you clean later). But first I pull you down to me as I twist around bringing your erection into contact for the first time with my waiting cunt. Now you must fill me with your hardness pumping into me until you reach the point where you want to cum so hard that you feel you will burst. You must withdraw without spilling a drop. You know that your seeds of lust must be saved for my hungry mouth. If you can do this for me you will be rewarded with a taste of your lust as we share passionate kisses. Spent we will collapse together and sleep arms and legs entwined.

That my darling distraction is the fate for one such as yourself who is such a delightful distraction on a dismal and grey day.

My lust for you grows ever more

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Spanking good time

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 21, 2009

 I am dressed in low cut red top and long flowing red skirt, the receptionist comments how nice I look. I grin and tell her I have a date later. I exchange text with him counting down the hours, I tell him I can’t eat my lunch. He replies that he has no problems. He demands that I tell him what I am counting the hours for. I must tell him the reason. I tell him it is 2.5 hrs until I shall feel his hand on my arse. He says good girl.

Finally it is time to leave the office, I am almost running to my car. 30 minutes later I arrive at the hotel, confidently striding through reception towards the room he has text to say he is in. I knock several times, no answer, He phones demanding to know why I am late. My confidence a facade, my outward confidence slips as I realise I’m on the wrong floor!!

I find the right room and knock with as much confidence as I can muster. The door opens and he ushers me in , greeting me with a friendly kiss. I am hot and flustered. He tells me to go have a shower and change then we will begin. I change into a black mini skirt and stockings my red stilletos with steel heels red strappy top. He showed me the canes he has with him then leads me to the corner where I have to put my hands on my head.

I couldn’t help giggling I feel so ridiculous. Next he leads me over to the bed where he sits with a pillow over his lap guiding me across his lap so that my face was resting on the bed with my eyes just inches away from where he had placed the canes. I don’t quite remember but I think he spanked my arse with my skirt still in place for a minute or two, before  raising my skirt tucking the hem into the waistband. He then spanked my bare arse alternating from one cheek then the other for a while then concentrating on first one then the other cheek. I was stood in the corner again as photos where taken.

I was stumbling a little as I walked across the room. Once more across his lap I recieved more slaps with his hand then he changed to the paddle. This I did glimpse very briefly, it was quite small and made with leather, I think it had prominent stitching quite close to the edge but I am not certain of this. But I am sure that the first few strikes with the paddle I could feel the stitching or maybe that was my imagination. He was making sure that every cm of my arse was spanked. he checked if I was ok and I told him that it didn’t hurt too much, then realised the stupidity of that remark. If I thought that his hand spanking had gradually got harder and harder so did these slaps with the paddle and some really stung.
I am sure that I swore at him a few times, it really did hurt yet I wasn’t ready to stop I knew I could take much more. Part of me wanted to stop but a bigger part of me wanted to carry on. I was amazed how much pain I could withstand just because it was something I wanted to do. I forget now if it was during the hand spanking or the paddle that my nickers were pulled down to midway down my thighs.

He digitally checked to see if I was wet. Yes I was, this was turning me on but to my dismay not as much as reading about it had done. I remember pushing back onto his fingers as he checked me. More standing in the corner I almost fell over as I tried to stand and make my way to the corner. More photos were taken. This time when I returned to the bed one of the large cushions that form the back of the sofa was placed on the bed and I was instructed to lie across this with my ass in the air. I think I receieved more strikes with the paddle before I received the cane, We agreed on 6 strikes to begin with. I don’t know which he used first but it was thin and whippy, I received two strikes with this before he changed to a thicker one which made more of a thud. I remember counting 3 and 4 then came 5 my mind was struggling to count was it 5 or 6 the two numbers merged into one in my head I had lost the ability to count. I knew then that although I could physically take more my brain had given up. Just as my mind was formulating this message he said he thought I had had enough. We had both sensed it at the same time.

More standing in the corner for photos then I was laid on my back across the bed as he licked me out. I must have been very aroused as his face was very wet when he emerged. We lay on the bed chatting for a while then it was almost time for him to go, he was very sleepy by then so I made him a coffee. When he was ready to leave we had a friendly kiss then I remembered that I hadn’t repayed him. I said I didn’t mind if he wanted me to give him a bj which I then did before sending him away tired but satisfied.

I have begun to post the accompanying photos onto a new page on The Gallery in my usual fashion of one at a time.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on November 28, 2008

She stands in the corner nose to the wall, it seems hours since he spoke. She hears a light tap on the door, rustle then whispering, more rustling.

His hand firmly on her shoulder as a blindfold is placed over her eyes, she is turned, some kind of tape is placed across her mouth. From across the room she hears the whirring as the camera is switched on. A hand pulls her backwards step by tentative step, she counts 11 steps before the hand grabs her arm and turns her to face the way she has come. The hand on her arm slips down to just above her wrist then yanks her downwards. She finds herself landing across his lap, he is sitting on something. Probably the chair that was by the desk in the corner of the hotel room. His hands pull her about manouvering her so that her hands are flat on the floor and her toes just touch the floor on the otherside of him. her arse pointing towards the ceiling. The hem of her skirt falls just below her buttocks barely covering her black silk thong.

His hand smooths her skirt over her arse. Then whack he slaps her right cheek, her whole body jolts with the shock even though she had known it would come. four more slaps then he smooths her skirt again. One more slap, she holds her breath as she waits for more but in stead he raises her skirt and rubs her cheeks, this is nice. But suddenly he slaps her again but this time without the covering of her skirt the sound stings her ears as much as the feel of his hand stings her flesh. She endures the growing sting in her ass, he has pulled her thong down to the top of her thighs limiting her leg movements exposing her glowing buttocks for the camera which she has forgotten.

He speaks telling her to nod or shake her head if she has learnt her lesson yet, will she mend her wanton ways. slowly she shakes her head.
He speaks again but startled she realises his words are not for her.

Ok leave the video camera now and take your place, rip the tape from her and fuck her mouth while I give her a dozen with the paddle then we swap right !!

Now this was not what she had expected when he had told her she was to be punished. Suddenly she was no longer damp. This new development had her wet with anticipation.

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The first flush

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 9, 2008

The heat in my cheeks as I stood before him, my Master for that day and those weeks that had led to this moment, was nothing to what I would soon feel.

 In some ways I knew this man well, the months of daily contact, sometimes many times a day.

 I knew many things about this man that others didn’t, not even his beloved wife.

But in reality I knew so little.

Now after all this time I was stood before him, vulnerable, under his control, at his mercy, giving myself over to him, trusting him.

He did not let me down.

He showed me what he had brought with him, the tools he would need during the afternoon.

He led me to the corner of the room and left me there.

Hands upon my head.

Legs trembling in anticipation.

Hem of my black mini skirt barely reaching the Lace tops of my stockings.

When he is ready he leads me by the hand back to the bed where he pulls me across his lap.

Even though I am prepared, the first slap comes as a suprise

He spares me not, his measured strikes landing square on my cheeks

Heat rising in all my cheeks now, does my face match my ass for colour

He leads me back to the corner to stand quietly for a few minutes

Tucking the hem of my skirt into my waistband and slipping my panties down my thighs

Again I find myself across his lap this time no protection from his hand.

But if I thought his hand stung  was I ready for what came next

Between spanking my ass and standing in the corner

He checked to see how wet my pussy was becoming

I am not sure what turned me on more

His hand or the leather paddle

This experience like none I ever had before, was about to change once more

Now that my cheeks were hot and red, I was introduced to his other toys

Dragons and Kooboos, think and thin

The thin snapping across my flesh

Thicker makes more of a thud as it lands

Counting each stroke, adrenalin rush carries me through

But the ability to count so quickly lost as I lose myself in the sensations

My reward for taking it all

Delicious orgasms as his tongue finishes what his hand had started how long ago

His reward comes with me on my knees as I take him in hand and suck him dry

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