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something a little different

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 30, 2010

I had a friend request from someone on facebook who has Riff Dog as a mutual friend. Of course anyone who has Riff as a friend has to be considered worth adding as a friend. (Obviously as I am also a friend of Riff’s that must mean that I am also worth being friends with for all his other friends yes?).  Anyway this new friend Atlantic and I have been exchanging a fair number of messages. During the course of these messages the subject of my voice came up. Well thats natural right? after all my voice is a valuable asset to me. I think perhaps I should be taking out an insurance policy just on my voice.

My voice is what you could call a hidden asset. Ok so I also have other hidden assets which you have been lucky enough to glimpse through this blog. But my voice is something you have never been able to see. Personally I do not like the sound of my voice…………yes I know I can talk for ever when I have a mind to……I think I may be addicted to talking. But when ever I hear recordings of my voice I hear a thin tinny whine which is soooooo cringe worthy. But through my work I spend a lot of time on the phone. I am told that talking to me is like being caressed. yeah right! I am told I have a sexy voice…….what could be sexy about it? I am told I have a very cheeky voice. All this has led to me thinking that I would love to be one of the voices used on SAT NAV. But that is just a dream that I will probably never do anything about.

However about 6 months or so ago I was thinking about trying to record myself reading some of my stories that my readers could then access through my blog. I then discovered that my friend Ms cake had already set up a library of her own stories that you could buy. I didn’t want to copy what she was doing as we are not clones. I did however as an experiment record 2 or 3 readings which I then emailed to my friend Blogger (being on another continent we couldn’t just pick up a phone). I found it difficult to read in a manner that would bring out the sexyness of the story and reflect my natural way of speaking. I didn’t continue with the project and had almost forgotten about it until Atlantic said that he would love to hear my voice. I located one of these recordings and emailed it to him.  Next day I found this reply

That was great. I loved your voice. So sexy. I could listen to you all night!

He has since mentioned that he would love to hear more of my sexy voice. so I thought I would let you lovely readers have the opportunity to hear the piece I sent to him (bearing in mind this was six months ago and I have not listened to it myself since then) …..yes I know I could have a listen now but as I said I don’t like the sound of my voice. If you listen to this and like it I might be persuaded to make more recordings………….I wonder if I could do them without having to hear them myself ……….yeah I know stupid idea.

each night 2

I hope this is worth it as I have just had to pay to upgrade my blog in order to upload this file……….good thing I have just been paid 🙂


I am now adding my second recording which Atlantic has now heard and liked. I had a suprise visit from Karl after lunch today and I played this to him (it is purely coincidence that I am waiting for him to install a new shower for me). I wanted to know if my voice on the recording is anything like my actual voice. He says that it is.

shower 2

I hope you enjoy this.

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Please explain

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 3, 2010

Now that my health is beginning to return I thought I would catch up on what I have been missing. When did Riff go private? I have emailed him but no reply yet.

I have also visited Yummy (with more success) where I discovered that she posted a list from an article on fetlife. In a way it is similar to my never  say never and my secret likes lists.  On my fabswingers profile  I have said that I want to push my boundaries. I have been asked a few times what my boundaries are. Now that was a question I wasn’t prepared for so I figured that this might help. I see that Yummy is dealing with the list in batches. Having seen how long the list is I will probably have to do the same.  You are welcome to do the same yourselves either on your own blog or in comments here. Some of these I might need some explanation as I may be unsure what they mean.

In another thread we started talking about limits, well I know for one that its really hard to try and think about what you don’t or wouldn’t like if it hasn’t already happened once. Also do any of us know all the different activities people have Fetish’s for? So here is a starting point for you to think about it. Please read it all the way through, print it off and maybe do a 0-5, 0 – Love it to 5 – Hard Limit, I will F*****G KILL YOU if you even think about it.

If you dont tell someone it is a limit then there is always a potential there that they might do it.
Abrasion ………please explain
Age Play
Anal Sex
Anal Plugs (small)
Anal Plugs (large)
Anal Plug (public under clothes)
Animal Roles …………….. I can guess
Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders)  ………… not sure
Auctioned for charity
Ball Stretching …………I assume this is for males
Bathroom use control
Beating (soft)
Beating (hard)
Blood Play (Letting of, or playing with actual blood)
Being Serviced (sexual)
Being bitten
Breast/chest bondage
Breath control ………… explain please
Boot Worship .………….I think I can guess
Bondage (light)
Bondage (heavy)
Bondage (multi-day) ……………please explain
Bondage (public under clothing)
Breast whipping
Brown showers (scat) ………..eww
Cages (locked inside)
Castration fantasy .……………….please explain
Catheterization  …………………please explain
Cattle prod (electrical toy)
Cells/Closets (locked inside of)
Chamber pot use
Chastity belts
Chauffeuring ………………what?
Chores (domestic service)
Cock rings/straps
Cock worship
Collars (worn in private)
Collars (worn in public)
Competitions (with other subs)
Corsets (wearing casually)
Corsets (trained waist reduction)
Cuffs (leather)
Cuffs (metal)
Cutting (Light) Cutting (Deep) Cutting (Hidden Areas) Cutting (Visible Areas)
Diapers (wearing)
Diapers (wetting)
Diapers (soiling)
Dilation …………….please explain
Double Penetration
Electricity ……………..please explain
Enemas (for cleansing)
Enemas ( retention/punishment) ………….please explain
Enforced chastity …………….please explain
Erotic Dance (for audience)
Examinations (physical)
Exercise (forced/required)
Exhibitionism (friends)
Exhibitionism (strangers)
Eye contact restrictions
Face Slapping
Fantasy Abandonment
Fantasy rape
Fantasy gang rape
Fear (being scared) .…………what does this involve?
Fisting (anal)
Fisting (vaginal)
Flame play
Following orders
Foot worship
Forced bedwetting
Forced Bi
forced dressing
Forced eating
Forced homosexuality
Forced heterosexuality
Forced masturbation
Forced nudity (private)
Forced nudity (around others)
Forced Servitude Forced Straight
Forced smoking
Forced TV / Gender Change …………. how is this possible?
Full head hoods
Gags (cloth)
Gags (inflatable)
Gags (phallic)
Gags (rubber)
Gags (tape)
Gas masks
Gates of Hell (male) …………..please explain
Genital sex ………….am I being dense here?
Given away to another Dom (temp)
Given away to another Dom (perm)
Golden Showers
Gun play
Hair brush spankings
Hair pulling
Hand Jobs (giving)
Hand Jobs (receiving)
Harems (serving w/other subs)
Harnessing (leather)
Harnessing (rope)
Having food chosen for you
Having clothing chosen for you
(head (give fellatio/cunnilingus)
Head (rcv fellation/cunnilingus)
High Heel Wearing
High Heel Worship
Homage with tongue (non-sexual)
Hot oils (on genitals)
Hot waxing
Housework (doing)
Human puppy dog …………………what?
Humiliation (private)
Humiliation (public)
Ice cubes
Initiation rites
Intricate (Japanese) rope bondage
Knife play
Leather Clothing
Leather restraints
Lectures for misbehavior
Licking (non-sexual)
Lingerie (wearing)
Manacles and Irons
Manicures (giving)
Massage (giving)
Massage (receiving)
Medical scenes
Modeling for erotic photos
Mouth bits …………………what?
Mummification …………………really?
Name change (for scene) Needle Play
Nipple clamps
Nipple rings (piercing)
Nipple weights
Oral/anal play (rimming)
Over the knee spanking
Orgasm denial
Orgasm control
Outdoor scenes
Pain (severe)
Pain (mild)
Persona training (in scene)
Personal modification (rl)
Phone sex (serving Dom)
Phone sex (serving Dom’s friends)
Phone sex (commercial provider)
Piercing (temporary, play-pierce)
Piercing (permanent)
Plastic surgery
Prison scenes
Prostitution (public pretense)
Prostitution (actual)
Pony slave  ………….please explain
Public exposure
Punishment scene
Pussy/cock whipping
Pussy worship
Riding crops
Riding the “horse” (crotch tort) …………..please explain
Religious scenes
Restrictive rules on behavior
Rubber/latex clothing
Rope body harness
Saran wrap ………………..please explain
Scratching – getting
Scratching – giving
Sensory deprivation
Serving as art
Serving as ashtray
Serving as furniture
Serving as a maid
Serving as a toilet (urine)
Serving as a toilet (feces)
Serving as waitress/waiter
Serving orally (sexual)
Serving other Doms (supervised)
Serving other Doms (unsupervised)
Sexual deprivation (short term)
Sexual deprivation (long term)
Shaving (body hair)
Shaving (head hair)
Skinny dipping
Sleep deprivation
Sleep sacks ………….please explain
Slutty clothing (private)
Slutty clothing (public)
Spandex clothing
Speech restrictions (when/what)
Speculums (anal)
Speculums (vaginal)
Spreader bars
Standing in corner
Straight jackets
Strap-on-dildos (sucking on)
Strap-on-dildos (penetrated by)
Strap-on-dildos (wearing)
Strapping (full body beating)
Suspension (upright)
Suspension (inverted)
Supplying new partners for Dom
Swallowing feces
Swallowing semen
Swallowing urine
Swapping (with one other couple)
Swinging (multiple couples)
Tampon training (in ass)
TENS unit (electrical toy)
Thumb cuffs (metal) …………….please explain
Triple Penetration
Urethral Sounds (metal rods) .……………please explain
Including others
Vaginal dildo
Verbal humiliation
Vibrator on genitals
Violet wand (electrical toy)
Voyeurism (watching others)
Voyeurism (your Dom w/others)
Video (watching others)
Video (recordings of you)
Water torture
Waxing (hair removal)
Wearing symbolic jewelry
Weight gain (forced)
Weight loss (forced)
Wooden paddles

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Naked Riff

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 16, 2009

I have just been reading one of Riff Dog’s filler posts the majority of which was about that pain in the bum ……word verification. He also made it quite clear that he could be bribed to add various blogs to his blog roll or even be persuaded to plead on behalf of his female readers for a small price. That price is naked photos not just published on blogs but sent directly to his mail box.

Some lovely ladies have already offered to pay his price. But this got me to thinking. Quite a few of us ladies share photos (some semi naked others fully naked) on our blogs for the enjoyment of all our readers.

Now I am willing to share some of my most intimate photos, some of which can be found here on this blog…….it might take a little time to find all of them if you don’t follow all the links from page to page. I might even be persuaded to send some direct to Riff’s email address or perhaps someone else’s email.

But I have noticed that there is a distinct lack of photos of that self named dog Riff. Not a leg or even an arm can be found, not a nicely toned ass can be seen or a shot of chest.

I think it is time that us ladies and even some of you men if you are so inclined should petition the very saucy Riff dog to give us some photos to oggle on those nights other than Monday or wednesday when he is not getting us hot and bothered by his saucy tales of naughty deeds. So come on girls what do you think should we petition Riff to show us some of his own naked pictures. Or should I just quietly ask him to send them to my email?

Just so that you get an idea of the kind of thing I would like to see here are a few examples that I found on the net.

what woman wouldn’t like to see thisnaked-chest

or this mmmmm


maybe even this naked-computing

but most especially this mmmmmmmmmmmmm



Those of us who wanted to see naked/semi naked pics of Riff Dog are




Rebecca Lynn

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