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Posted by secretlynaughty on April 13, 2010

Tonight I was meant to be meeting a couple to see if I like them…….(they will like me ….no question). But they have cancelled again for the second time. So having relaxed in my lovely warm bubble bath and now having nowhere to go I decided to get my toys out. Having been very ill for 10 days I have not had a chance to play with my new toys since they arrived.

Taking out my Serena from those nice people at Ann Summers, I admired the almost transparent pale pink body of this vibrator. Manipulating her in my hands I found her to be incredibly flexible in all directions. She takes 2 x AAA batteries which are easy to find and insert. The end of the battery cover is also the control. Twisting the end slightly brings her to life with soft vibrations increasing the more you twist. I was suprised just how fast the highest vibrations were.

Just a tiny drop of lube was all it took to help her slide easily into my vagina. The slim tip makes it easy even for my tight pussy to accept her. Moving her around is easy with the slim shape of this vibrator. At first I found myself wanting something meatier inside me, something my muscles could cling to. But the more I twisted and bent her, changing the speed of the vibrations the more I warmed to her. Slowly withdrawing her allowing the tip to slide over my clit was very stimulating not sure if it was me or the vibe that provided the heat on my clit.

The slim shape also makes this vibe ideal for anal play. Twisting to make the tip face the thin wall seperating it from my vagina is very nice.

I have enjoyed playing with my new serena but think playing with this vibrator with the help of a partner will increase my enjoyment even more as they would be able to twist and put pressure in different places.

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