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She did it

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 31, 2010

Recently I wrote that my libido was low my mojo was missing my sex drive has snuck away ……… ever you like to say it my need for sex has been eluding me. Sorry nitebyrd if you thought the next post about my night with Nigel was my libodo returning (that post was about a night a few yrs ago after my first ever spanking/caning). It was what Riff would call a ‘filler post’.

A few minutes ago I decided to catch up on Yummy’s blog. Scrolling through a number of posts I had missed my eye caught on this line.

1 woman pushed a toy inside me while she was taken by the therapist

Just that one line did it for me, suddenly I was aroused and reaching inside my clothes, giving myself the first orgasm I had had in days and this one had not been premeditated. Thank you Yummy for helping me to find my libido again.


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When Wet is too wet

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 22, 2010

If you didn’t know by now I am an avid reader of blogs like Yummy’s. But apart from that I also chat online quite often with various male friends. (I am not including either Dave of Karl in this). I read about women giving themselves orgasms at work and various other places. Some of the men I chat to including Blogger, Fred, Sebastian and Nigel expect me to be doing the same as Yummy does.

Ok so I have been known to have orgasms in a variety of places and sometimes it take nothing more than a kiss or touch from my lover of the moment. I love to have orgasms al fresco.

But to have a surreptitious orgasm when I am out and about in public or at my desk at work is just not possible. Ok so it would be possible, There are times I could easily give myself an orgasm without anybody suspecting ……………until I stand up.

I don’t even need to have an orgasm, it only takes me to be slightly aroused and I feel the heat running between my thighs ….literally. There are times when I am so aroused that I don’t even know I am making myself and anything I am sitting or standing on soaking wet. I can’t even have an impromptu orgasm in my own home without getting a folded town to put under me, that kind of takes the edge of it being impromptu.

This is why I say that giving myself orgasms in public is not possible, it is possible just not possible to do without giving myself away.

Can anyone help me to find a way of having an orgasm without getting so wet? I know that guys love that I get so wet but it does become a nuisance at times. It also prevents me from having illicit fun without worrying that I will leave a wet mess behind.

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Limitations E – F

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 13, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I started with A – B continued with C – D and now  continue with E – F some of these I have commented on already.

Electricity …………… see previous
Enemas (for cleansing) ………… I would if I could
Enemas ( retention/punishment) …………. see previous
Enforced chastity …………….see previous
Erotic Dance (for audience) …………not sure I could do this for an audience but maybe after a few drinks for a small audience of one
Examinations (physical) ………… had plenty of these for medical reasons can’t decide how I would feel about this in a sexual setting
Exercise (forced/required) ………..maybe I need this
Exhibitionism (friends) .…………..possibly
Exhibitionism (strangers) ………….. maybe depending on situation
Eye contact restrictions …………….would find this very difficult
Face Slapping …………in the right situation ……….just don’t mark me
Fantasy Abandonment .………again it would depend on the situation
Fantasy rape ………… having been raped for real this could spark of some bad menories …….so perhaps not
Fantasy gang rape ……………. on the one hand its only a fantasy and on the other see above
Fear (being scared) .…………what does this involve?
Fisting (anal)  .………… I really don’t think so
Fisting (vaginal) .…………… there is no way this will happen
Flame play …………if you think I’m going to do this then think again
Following orders ………… you think I can’t do this……….I would do it just to prove a point
Foot worship ………… as long as its my foot that’s being worshipped……….in the past I hated to have my feet touched but now I love it
Forced bedwetting ………..are you going to force me to drink then tie me to the bed?
Forced Bi .………… I kind of find this idea hot……….is that crazy?
forced dressing .………… is my body so bad that you prefer me clothed
Forced eating …………who needs to be forced? or are you talking tripe?
Forced homosexuality ……….. isn’t this the same as forced bi? ……….you could never make someone 100% gay if that doesn’t come naturally
Forced heterosexuality ………… again you cannot turn someone 100%
Forced masturbation   ………….. having recently begun to maturbate for Dave I have to agree to this
Forced nudity (private)  ………… forced!!
Forced nudity (around others)  ……………this would be more difficult
Forced Servitude  ………… probably in the short term ie an hour or two but I suspect this means a much longer time span

Forced Straight …………with the number of curves I possess this is not possible
Forced smoking ………..having given up more than 20 yrs ago it would take a lot to make me go back
Forced TV / Gender Change …………. how is this possible?
Full head hoods ……….. nah nobody is going to use one of these on me………..not if they want to experience my mouth

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Not guilty this time

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 4, 2010

I have been thinking about what my friends would say if they knew what I have been upto recently. By friends I am not thinking about my real life friends but my friends in blogland who are blissfully unaware of this blog. (some have also become real life friends too 🙂 ). Friends who follow my other blogs, friends who I have discussed sex with but not in quite the same way as I do here.

Friends who would say that I use sex to get a man or that I use sex to get company etc. Yes I have been guilty of using sex in this way in the past. But this time I am not using sex because I am lonely and need the affirmation or the attention that I can gain from using my sexuality.

No this time I am using sex in a totally different way. I am not desperate for affection, I am not desperate for sexual contact.

I am more than happy being me, I am happy with my life (could do with more money and a housekeeper though). I am having fun with my sexual life at the moment not because I need it but because I want to explore my own sexuality.

I am having all the adventures I am not through need but through a desire to experiment. How can I decide what I like if I have never tried it. How can I decide what I want from a potential partner if I don’t know what I like.

Until recently I didn’t know that I would enjoy being watched. I didn’t know that although I have a low pain threshold certain sources of pain would have my pussy dripping with arousal. I didn’t know if I would like to be tied up.

There are so many things that I want to try before I can say …………these are the things that I desire and these are the things that I don’t like.

Is there anything I should try that I have not got around to doing yet?

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Posted by secretlynaughty on March 13, 2010

Last week I went to the Ann Summers party that I mentioned here. It is at least 20 years since the last time I went to one of these parties. Although I only knew one person there, it was a fun evening. There was a fun raffle which involved much laughter as the prizes constantly changed hands. I was left with one of the prizes on my lap at the end of the game, so it was now mine. It turned out to be a pack of willy straws (novelty straws threaded through miniature penises). I have no idea when I shall get around to using them. Karl was not amused when I told him but I have a feeling that maybe Spencer has the kind of humour that would appreciate them (if we do meet that is).

Last night I went to the pub with my friend to see a local band playing (they were not very good).Before we went she handed me my package of things I had bought from last weeks party. So having arrived home around midnight it was time to open my sealed bag of goodies. Inside I found my new pink Ro-80 3 speed ammunition of love bullet. I love the vibrant pink but then I adore bright colours anyway. Making sure that I wouldn’t be disturbed by family I removed her from the handy plastic sleeve (I had thought from the feel of the bag that it was just loose). This is one piece of packaging that I shall keep. I had thought that I would have to supply my own battery but once I had taken out the disc of paper inside the cap she was ready to  go.

Pressing the rubber button on the end of the cap she began buzzing in my hand. A lovely powerful buzz that I couldn’t wait to try properly but had to wait. Continually pressing the button took me through the cycle of the three speeds several times until I realised that to turn it off I had to unscrew the cap slightly. I am disappointed that I could only detect two speeds not three but hey two is good especialy as one is more of a pulsing than a buzzing. Apparently it is completely waterproof  and intended for use in water. So I am looking forward to trying it in the bath which will be a first for me. I’m sure that will get Blogger excited as he knows I have a bath every morning before work and with the time difference he is often online chatting just before I have my bath.

Once in my bed I had my first proper play with my new shiny pink bullet. There was no need to use any lube as she was easy to use and pressing her onto my clit caused the excitement within to produce enough wetness that she could easily be slid inside. The feel of the different speeds was good however I hadn’t realised that I would have to remove her each time I wanted to change speed. I couldn’t get enough purchase to be able to press the button hard enough whilst she was inside my wet pussy. But thats ok because my clit got extra stimulation each time she was passed across that tender bud.  I played with her for a while but was really too tired to get the most out her (probably the long day added to the rum I had consumed both at the pub and back at home) plus it was now gone 1am. I slipped her back nto her handy sleeve before quickly falling asleep.

Perhaps tonight I shall get to have a proper play with her and my new Promises vibrator that was also in the bag. But then again as Karl is taking me on my first trip to a sex shop today with the promise to buy me more toys before going back to his place for a night of passion. These new toys might have to take a backseat for tonight depending on what we buy today. I am so excited I just can’t wait.

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mystery visitor

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 22, 2010

He arrived by train, as soon as I received his text saying he had arrived I set off to fetch him. As he walked towards my car I was amazed at how smart he looked in his black suit. He greeted me with a kiss and I drove him to my very much lived in home. We spent several minutes standing in the middle of my living room kissing before we moved to the sofa for more kissing. This was when his hand started to slide up my leg and under my skirt not that I was going to complain. After a few minutes of kissing and mutual fondling we decided we would be more comortable upstairs.

Once in my bedroom I removed his tie which was a lovely shade of mauve (suprisingly to most my favourite colour). We both then stripped off except he kept on his cotton boxers and I kept on my black lacy skirt and black lacy thong with red flower detail. A little more kissing was followed by him going down to suck my toes with their deep chocolate brown painted nails. Very exciting! I have never had my toes sucked before. Whilst he was sucking my toes his right hand found its way to my thong which was soon pushed out of the way giving him access to my pussy. I was thoughly enjoying this attention and began to massage his cock through his boxers until I decided they really did need to come off.

Around this time I also removed my soaking wet thong. By now my mystery visitor was giving me some very enjoyable action with his tongue and fingers while I was playing with his cock. I dont know how long we played like this until I couldn’t take any more. My body was going into involuntary spasms where he was getting just the right spot so often and I had to give up wanking him as I just couldn’t concentrate any longer. to give my quivering pussy a rest I climbed between his legs and began to give Mystery Visitor a taste of my version of sucking cock. I am pretty sure he was enjoying this as he kept saying ‘you really are lovely’ followed by other words of appreciation. next I retreived my packet of condoms that he knew I had. I ripped open the packet and handed him a bright green fruit flavoured condom which he expertly had in place in the blink of an eye. With Mystery Visitor laying flat on his back on my cream duvet his head dissapearing among my many cream and one red pillow I climbed on top of him impaling myself on his green condom sheathed hard cock. Alternately leaning forward for more kisses and leaning back allowing him room to rub my clit with his thumb whilst I was riding him. this I enjoyed immensly but wanting to try other positions I rolled us over onto our sides and pulling him onto me.

We fucked in the missiory position with my legs wrapped around his back. I wasn’t counting but I came so much that I knew my bed was soaking wet! By this time he hadn’t come so I suggested that I would finish him off. He liked this idea. having removed the condom I resumed my position between his legs so I could again gain access to not only his cock but his balls too. Mystery Visitor asked me if I would suck him dry commenting that when he comes there is alot of it. I had great pleasure sucking, licking and generaly playing with his cock and from time to time his balls until he shot his load into my mouth for me to swallow. I had already ascertained that he didn’t care to be snowballed. we lay spent in each other’s arms chatting before dressing and returning to the living room for a cup of tea and more chatting. mostly about computers and the course I am doing and the course he is doing. Before long it was time to get him back to the station. Time cetainly flies when you are having fun.

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text sex across the pond

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 25, 2009

Right I am relying on you lot to give me the answer.

I assume that you have realised that I am in UK. Among my blogger friends are many people in USA (yes I know I have some in Australia too). Now you may or may not know that there are times when I enjoy text sex. Not as often now as in the past unfortuntely.  But recently I have  been invited to share text sex with another blogger who happens to be in USA. We have exchanged numbers but unlike here it isn’t as easy as that.

I know  that I can text abroad because I used to exchange text messages with my sweetheart when he was in other parts of the world including  Malaysia and Scandinvia as well as Europe (both Eastern and Western). I have also exchanged messages with a former lover who moved to Germany. My former lover has a German sim which he gave me the number of before he went out there so there was no problem with texting although there was sometimes a bit of a time delay but that can happen here too. My sweetheart uses a UK number so I know that works.

Now this is where you come in, do any of you know how I can text a US number and how can he text a UK number? Do we need to add a prefix to the number like phoning a landline needs an international code is it the same for mobile/cell phones. If so what codes are needed?

You never know if you help us out here you might even get to read about some of the resulting text sex that occurrs between us. It might also open the door to more texting with more of you.

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Thanks for texting

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 20, 2008

Since my reawakening I have found that I adore sex, at times my appetite is insatiable. My first new lover(Don) after I emerged from the coma that my life had become, told me once that he would wake, look at me and think ‘oh no she wants more’.

Since the demise of Don, my life has been full of men, men I have met online, men I have met through text lines, men I have met on the phone. I adore chatting, flirting with men it doesn’t matter what medium we use. Some it is all three, some I do get to meet in person and with some there has been some very hot sex, one or two some not so great sex but for the sake of this blog those can be forgotten. What I have in mind at this moment is text sex.  Over the past couple of years I have indulged in some incredible text sex. But at this time I am thinking about one man in particular. A fellow blogger, we had begun by commenting on each other’s blogs then progressed to email, IM and text (with a few long late night telephone calls thrown in for good measure).

I can particularly remember one night when we were texting each other, these text messages were arriving thick and fast, but with occasional breaks. (this hot blogger is also a married blogger) so each time his wife was hovering the text messages would stop for a while. We both have our phones on silent/vibrate. Although I am nolonger married I do not live alone.  Often when I have no pocket I slip my phone into my cleavage. Nice and safe clasped between my generous breasts my phone is going no where. I soon forget that it is there until I am reminded by the vibrations that send my breasts all of a quiver thus sending spasms of delight down to my pussy.

On this particular night this blogger had instructed me to put my phone inside my thong (for those of you who are not British read that as g-string not shoes). As you can imagine this had several side effects. The first being that with each text recieved (and there were very very many) the vibrations were directly against my pussy. Obviously this made me feel aroused which in turn made me wet. It wasn’t long before my phone was covered in my juices, I was afraid this could cause a few problems with my phone. I don’t now remember how I overcame this, I do remember the aroma that came from my phone each time I put it near my face for the next few days. ( a new definition of phone sex perhaps).  I have met this married blogger, but I am not going to tell you whether we put our text sex into practice for real that dear reader if for me and him to know. Suffice to say he is still a part of the fabric that makes up my life as a sex blogger.

Just in case you are beginning to wonder, it wasn’t only the vibrations that were coming from my phone that were causing my pussy to over heat, the words were pretty damn hot too. In between reading messages and replying there was no way I could resist playing with myself, rubbing, flicking, finger fucking myself into some deliciously hot orgasms all because of these words that kept appearing on my screen. The tiny fact that this man was having to be careful in case his wife caught him in the throes of hot sex with me (albiet that we were miles apart connected only by this small piece of technology) only heightened my excitement.

I do find married/attached men very sexy and very exhilarating, the idea that even though they have a significant other they still desire me is such a turn on for me.  But the biggest turn on is being desired by a married/attached man who has never been unfaithful until he found me.

Have you ever had text sex?

If yes has this led to real sex?

or was it with someone you were already having sex with?

If married/attached have you had text sex with someone other than your SO?

Have you had text sex with someone who is married/attached?

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