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Naughty man returns

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 9, 2009

The naughty man aka virtual fling rang the office but it wasn’t me who answered his call.

Later as I was driving my phone told me I had a text message

Hiya sexy  x

An hour later I replied

Mwah  did you miss me? x

No don’t be silly did you miss me x

As if!! For some reason Mary thinks you have a nice voice x

I think both of you sound sexy I had a x rated dream about you x

both of us? x

No it was me and You but I’d do you both x

I shot over your panties last night x

As long as they don’t need washing

God I was horny today thats why I phoned x

Were you disappointed or did Mary satisfy you?

I was disappointed x

This was followed by a conversation full of inuendo on IM, which in turn was followed by

I’m in bed now, I’m imagining your pussy taste and I’m inside you.

Late this afternoon we had 3 telephone conversations the third was purely non work from him.

Are you alone ?


So you can’t say much?

not much

good I can say whatever I like then and you can’t do much about it.


were you wet last night on the computer?


was it chatting to me?


there was several moments of smutt before he had to cut the call short to see to a customer. I wander if I shall hear from him tomorrow

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Posted by secretlynaughty on December 12, 2008

The gift has been received.

How did I know it had arrived?

First I tracked the delivery it had been packed into. The information told me it had arrived yesterday morning. Second I received a text.

Thank You for my prezzie x

I phoned him with the excuse of updating our contact records . He was on the phone so I had a conversation with Terry. I now know that Terry is Al’s brother. I should have known ………………. they both giggle so much I am convinced they have laughing gas in their store.

Later I text him

was it what you wanted?

Yes indeed x

Did anyone ask what the package was?

No I get knickers everyday lol x

I bet you do x

Its a good thing I didn’t address it to Mr **** as I learnt today that there are 3 of you lmao x

My goodness yes x

very interesting chat with your brother lmao x

yep hes the really nice one x

So he wouldn’t have wanted the package then lol

No hes squeaky clean, sum girls like that I guess x


Hmmmm do I smell a challenge here I wonder.  Whilst this was going on I was emailing him the photo that you have already seen here.



Bloody ell damp or wot x

now you know how I spent my saturday morning 2 weeks ago when I said I had been doing something for your benefit x

Time well spent x

I’m glad it was appreciated


I think he approves 😉

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Posted by secretlynaughty on November 22, 2008

I can imagine it now as I lie here feeling so horny, the damp patch on my sheet, the wet fabric as it barely covers my wet cunt.

I can picture it in my minds eye, both Tony and Terry, curiously prodding and poking at the package, squeezing it as they try to figure out what it is. The padded envelope marked personal in big black letters that has arrived amongst the business post addressed to the boss.

These thoughts arousing me again I plunge my fingers into my pussy, taking the gusset of my deep red thong with them. My fingers quickly becoming soaked in my own juice as I cum once again. My thoughts drifting from my desire to do this and the effects I know it will have on any who discover what I have been up to on this quiet Saturday morning.

The soft cushion of my lips as my fingers slide between them slick with my wetness. The muscles that clamp onto my fingers as they delve deeper as I writhe in ecstasy, my breathing getting slower and deeper as I cum yet again.

I imagine your face as the package is placed into your hands, both Tony and Terry curious to see what it is but you walk as quickly as you can to get to the privacy off your office where you rip open the envelope, pulling the contents out to hold against your face breathing in my scent. But I wonder where you will keep your prize where your staff won’t find it.

I imagine you holding this gift to your face as you stroke your erection. I can imagine the flurry of text messages that will follow or the saucy phonecall whilst I am at work knowing that I won’t be able to say much in reply to your sexy chat as I am not alone in my office.the-special-gift-001

I hope you enjoy this gift sent to a very sexy man.

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