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A question for Fred

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 5, 2010

It has been a while since I last thought about Fred. I have not seen him since January, although we have chatted online maybe half a dozen times since then. As I was making my way home from work trying to concentrate on the rush hour traffic all around me, I looked up at the hill to where Cougar has one of his offices, the place he go to when he wants peace to work. The place with the big red leather couch (he calls it his casting couch). I have been contemplating paying him a visit this week. I won’t be having any unexpected visits after work from Karl so it would be easy to take the high road instead of the motorway and stop off for a cuppa and whatever else is on offer. I know that Cougar is leaving it to me to decide when to visit……he doesn’t think I will. Anyway my mind then wandered off from the idea of visiting Cougar to thinking about Fred. Now that he has sold his house and is living with friends it has made it near enough impossible for us to meet up.

When I first began seeing him (several years ago now) I wasn’t working and he visited me in my home whilst my kids were at school and his work took him out of the office. Then I started working and there was a long spell when we didn’t see each other, that had as much to do with a change in the dynamics of our relationship and I wasn’t able to trust myself to see him, as it was to do with the logistics of it. When I began going to his place in the evenings it worked for us until he sold his house, changed job and moved across the water. Fred will always have a special place in my heart. He is an excellent kisser and just about the only guy in my world these days who is able to give me a good fuck. ( I miss him for his mind and his body). Because it is not easy to see each other currently I tend not to think about him……I have enough going on with Karl, Dave and Cougar (even if that doesn’t involve a lot of satisfying sex). I don’t know why I had begun thinking about him, in my mind I was trying to work out how we could possibly get it together unless he was willing to get a hotel room.

Have you ever had those experiences when you think about someone and the phone rings and its them? Well it was less than 2 hours later I had just logged onto my computer and there was Fred. He wanted to ask my advice and was hoping to catch me online ………….not difficult as I am here most evenings at some point or other. It seems that he has been chatting to a woman who wants to meet him for sex only. Lucky guy you might be thinking, but he is having second thoughts. It isn’t the sex only bit that is worrying him, after all that’s what we were doing (if you don’t include the 4 yrs of friendship that went before during and after it). It isn’t her age (I really don’t remember him telling me that he fantasizes about older women). It isn’t her size (I am hardly a stick and he loves my body).

She has stipulated that there is to be no anal …………although we discussed it we never actual did get around to trying anal sex so that is not a problem. She has also decreed no oral sex. Now I thought he meant none at all. But she is more than happy for him to eat her out but she will not go down on him. He is not sure how he feels about this. Knowing how much he enjoys me sucking his cock especially when done to completion I am not sure he would be happy doing all the giving and not receiving much back. He has such a lovely cock I don’t know how any woman could resist sliding her mouth over it. The hours I have enjoyed teasing him with my tongue, licking and sucking, she must be mad.

So my question to you guys if you were Fred would you be happy to meet this woman knowing in advance that she will not give you a blow job but does expect you to eat her out?

Ladies would you be able to resist this lovely cock, Its a nice length ……..plently of length to lick, a decent girth to wrap your tongue around, not so big that it stretches your mouth but big enough to feel your mouth satisfyingly full. No leisions nothing at all that would put you off. Nice smooth balls just the right size to pop into your mouth for a good suck.

It really is a pity that the one day Fred is available for some daytime fun I shall be on a plane heading away for a few days. Because right now I would love to feel his lips on mine, his fingers tangled in my hair and his legs wrapped around mind as we re-aquaint each other with the body we each know so well. He has also expressed his disappointment that I won’t be around as he would uch rather see me. Maybe one day we will manage it.

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along came Jim

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 7, 2010

I see his photo most days on face book, I get the occasional email usually something he is sending to all his ‘friends’ a good cause email either to do with cancer or kids or ‘our heroes’. I don’t like the picture he is using now, I much prefer the one he has used the most. Maybe because that was the second picture I saw of him, (the first of his face). It was the picture I printed off and carried around for a while. Yeah I know cheesy right. (I don’t do that now).

After my marriage collapsed I had an on off affair with Don, after 6 months we booked a holiday together, the next day he dumped me for his other on off girlfriend aka TB (the bitch). I took my kids on holiday without him, that was a very subdued holiday. But before the holiday I had joined AFF, on the day I returned from the holiday I had a message from a new man not too far away slightly younger than me but not much, asking for a chance. There was just one problem………..his profile photo was of his erection. I had been drinking wine earlier and feeling bolshy told him that if he wanted a chance he had better change his photo.  I would not be able to recognise him if we ever met unless he was going to drop his pants in public. He soon sent me the photo that even now is indelibly imprinted in my mind.

We chatted on and off for a couple f days arranging to meet at the end of the week (the day after his birthday). All week  I felt such an incredible connection that I worried meeting him would be a disappointment. It wasn’t, we clicked right away, I didn’t even mind that he smoked. We seemed to get on well, I called him my toyboy even though there’s less than 2 years between us. He told me I had lied on my profile calling myself ‘ample’ when in his opinion I clearly wasn’t, (apart from the obvious).

We went for a drive, found a secluded car park. I climbed onto his lap on the back seat, it became a standing joke that I had soaked his trousers. Over the next few weeks we became close, when we were not together, there were text and IM everyday. Then came the day that he insisted we were going to meet at our usual meeting place. We had not made any earlier arrangement so this was a suprise to me. But a bigger suprise was still to come. Sipping our hot drinks as we chatted and kissed he told me that he had to tell me something I wouldn’t like. I wasn’t prepared for what he told me next.

Six months earlier he had applied for a job that would not only be a promotion but also take him closer to his children. I was pleased for him of course but this move was going to take him to Europe and happen in just 4 days time. He would be back from time to time and we would keep in contact. True to his word a month later we spent a night together in a hotel that we had stayed in before. This was the night he introduced me to my first sex toys. My first experience of having a vibrator used on me.

I had never known that a vibrator induced orgasm could be so incredible. That night was one of the best sexual experiences I had had to that date. The sight of Jim standing naked at the window smoking, watching a deer in the car park in the middle of the night will remain with me for a very long time. In the morning Jim gave me the vibrator he had used on me the night before. It was my first lady lust finger (maybe that is why I am so fond of them). He also gave me my orange dildo.

That morning as we kissed goodbye in the car park I had no idea that I would never see him again. A brief exchange of text messages that evening gave no clue that he was about to vanish from my life. He did not reply to any of my text messages or emails, nothing. I was very worried, although a civillian I knew that his work someties took him to places like Iraq and Afghanistan. I was convinced that something awful had happened. The silence was painful. A year passed and still nothing. I am sure you can imagine the shock I felt when out of the blue I received an email from Jim. It was nothing personal, just a chain email. I replied.

‘So you are still alive then’

A series of emails ensued from which I learnt that he had purposefully given me that last night together knowing that he planned to disappear from my life. He thought that I would get over him quicker that way. I don’t know when but he had decided to make his life in Europe with no plans to return to UK.

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She’s nice

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 28, 2010

I laughed when he told me, sitting on my sofa drinking tea, both of us too exhausted to even think about sex. Snuggled together for a cuddle before he went home to his wife.

It was a bit of a strange night, he said he had liked having me there. Earlier in the week he had asked me to go, he said that his wife had said she wanted to go but there was no room in the van and she doesn’t drive. He gave me money for fuel so that I had no excuse for not going. It was going to be a 60 mile round trip to this gig. No problem (he doesn’t know that I think nothing of driving further than that for sex). He was worried that I would have trouble finding the venue ……I may be a woman but I can read maps and I have a reputation for being able to find my way to most places. He insisted that I follow the van carrying all the equipment. This meant telling his mate the drummer and girlfriend (RC = rock chick) that I would be following them. It also meant we would be there by 7pm although the gig wouldn’t start until after 9pm.

Having sat in my car reading my book for a while on arrival I eventually made my way into the pub bought a drink and found a table. The band were still setting up all their equipment. RC was sat with 2 of the wives from the band.  I was invited to join them which I did although I had my reservations about whether this was a good idea. Anyway I sat chatting and drinking with these three women for the rest of the evening. RC did ask me if I knew Karl’s wife, I admitted that I don’t, but didn’t volunteer any information on how I know Karl. After the gig I said I would follow the van again but only as far as the motorway then I would go at my own speed (it had been boring following at a mere 60mph for 30 miles).  Once on the motorway I put my foot down passing them at 80mph and soon leaving their headlights far behind. I was soon at home, filling the kettle. I was however feeling sleepy before Karl arrived. (only 3 hours sleep the night before was catching up and it was nearing 2am).

It was while we sat together supping hot tea that he told me on the way back RC had uttered those words that now had me laughing and him frowning.

‘She’s nice …….your girlfriend’

‘excuse me’

‘sorry your lady friend………….how do you know her?’

‘mind your own business…….nosy aint you’

The plan was that I would go with my friend to see the band play again tonight at an open air music festival. I knew that this time his wife would be there.  Having now been put in a situation where the other wives now know me this could be awkward. I couldn’t ignore them if they saw me, but what if they tried to introduce me to Mrs Karl. As it turned out my friend didn’t confirm whether she would be at the festival but Dave said he wanted to bring something round to me. I asked him what his plans were for the evening. He picked me up and we went together, this meant that if I was seen by the other wives I could make a point of being there with Dave who I have been seeing for a few months. Dave needed to speak to Karl to confirm a time to go sailing again on Monday (3 of us on a boat again that should be fun ;x )

I did see the wives  (including karl’s) we were stood about 20 feet directly behind them. He did come and speak to us during the last number. It will be harder for me now to just be part of the crowd at gigs.  I won’t be able to go to any gigs on my own now unless I know before hand that Mrs Karl won’t be there. If I do go I will have to take Dave with me, making it clear that I am with Dave.

If Karl had let me make my own way to last night’s gig I could have remained the face in the crowd but not anymore. Now everyone involved with the band (except Mrs Karl) know that I am Karl’s friend. I hope for his sake that nobody says anything to Mrs Karl.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on July 9, 2010

Not sure how I feel about this. Last week Dave and I met another couple for a drink, then took them to see his yacht. It was only a quick look round. They seem to be a nice couple, he has been chatting to them for a couple of weeks now. He has been away so I’ve not spoken to him since we met them. It is Red’s birthday and the three of them are going to go sailing and while I am at work they will play. Basing wants to give Red a threesome for her birthday. I can join them after work to help her nolonger be curious.

By the time I join them she will be warmed up for me (Dave doesn’t think she has had any bi experience). Obviously that means that I have the most experience although I am only at the curious stage myself.

Will I be jealous? ………………..of course I will, they are going sailing while I’m at work isn’t that bad enough? But they will be playing without me!!

I get the impression that the two men will be getting Red primed so that when I arrive she will be aroused enough to have her first bi play………….they are looking forward to watching us together.  Ahem has anyone thought about me here? I will have been working, I am only bi curious myself, I shall need to be aroused myself. I shall be in need of some attention myself before I am ready to launch into what does not come naturally for me. (I think he has told them that I am bi).

I would be much happier if I was with them for the whole time. But I have to work and Basing wants them to have 3some first. I would love to go sailing again too. But I don’t want to miss out totally so I shall join them later. I will insist that I get made a fuss of first though to make up for missing out earlier.

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where do I turn to?

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 29, 2010

This is one of those times when I could do with someone to talk over my situation with. To voice my thoughts and feelings, to see if its only me who sees things the way I do.  Am I being silly to be wary, should I just go with the flow. Should I just go for it or should I hold back?  Normally I would discuss any prospective relationship with a female friend. But who could I talk to about why I feel hesitant without telling them about my secret life.

I tried to talk to Dave about it. All he can see is a guy who is smitten with me. When I tried to describe the strange behaviour that has me in this quandry he could see nothing unusual.  He thinks I should go for it but hold back if that makes me feel better.

If I go for this it will be a big change in my personal life, a change of direction. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself here.

You are probably wondering what the hell I’m on about and where has this suddenly come from.

Did you read about the fun I had here? well if you did you will notice that I met someone I liked quite a lot. It was I believe mutual. If you read this you will have noticed that he couldn’t tear himself away from me. He lives about an hour away from here. When I got home from the party I went online and was chatting to Dave as well as writing the first post about the night. I hadn’t been home for long when I saw an email arrive, when I went to read it I discovered that it was in fact the second email in half an hour, barely an hour after leaving the party, less than 2 hours after saying good night. Next thing I know my mobile phone is ringing with an unidentified number. We chat for a few minues even though it is gone 3am!

In the morning I receive an IM invite, we chat briefly before I have to go out on family business. By lunch time he has text me to check he has the right number. In the late afternoon we chat on messenger again, he wants to see me at the weekend. He will book a hotel room  mid way between us so we can have most of the weekend together. He emails me with details of a hotel even giving me a link so I can see what it is like. I go off to cook dinner while he makes the booking. On my return there is an email saying he has changed his mind……….he can’t bring himself to book hotel. He wants me to stay with him at his home.

Next day he leaves an email saying he has deleted his messenger and its email address. He still wants me to visit him at his home.

Is it just me or is this strange behaviour?

We have been exchanging emails and he now wants us to meet at his local pub for a drink before going back to his place.  I have asked him what it is he wants from me? (I have never done that before) Obviously he does want sex but is that all he wants me for?


We chatted briefly on IM last night which reassured me a little, however today I got home from work to find 3 emails. first asking what I like to eat, second saying we should not meet as both of us are potentially promiscuous. third can we have cybersex.

Ok so now I am having serious doubts about this man’s sanity.

Almost as soon as I had read these emails he was online chatting normally. After a while he tells me that he is unwell.  He doesn’t say in what way but that I should stay away from him. Then I watch my screen in amazement as he starts telling me what he can offer me this weekend……….basically it boils down to a long drive for me for a few hours sex. (at my own expense ~ he had previously said he would contribute to my fuel). I decline, we say goodbye and I go out for a few hours.

When I am back online he is waiting for me………….what would I like to chat about tonight? I choose music (everyone likes music in one form or another). Within minutes he changes the subject asking why I got divorced. I told him my husband was/is an alcoholic who mentally abused me for many years. Then the bombshell came……….I would never have guessed that he had mentally abused his wife. We discussed this at length both from my experience and his. It was interesting to hear about the abusive behaviour from the abuser’s side. How he feels about it, did he know what he was doing etc.

He tells me that he really really wants me but I must stay away. He then alternates between telling me to stay away and asking me questions about the night we met. Who was best etc, I refuse to answer questions that compare one man against another. He asks me if I still want to visit him.

‘I had to fight hard to escape from one abusive situation I would be stupid to put myself into a similar situation again especially if I know in advance’

He agrees with me, but incredibly he sends me a photo of his bed with a mask and some rope in an attempt to entice me to visit him………….it doesn’t work.

I did like the man I met the other day. I am glad he felt able to tell me what he did but I shall be staying away.

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The thing about married men

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 12, 2010

I have been thinking about the different lovers or if you prefer friends with benefits that I have and have had over the last few years. Every now and then I go all righteous and declare that it will only be single men for me from then on. But it never takes very long before a married man worms his way into my arms. So what is it about married men?

There are lots of reasons for staying away from them and I don’t just mean that they belong to someone else. Part of me thinks it dreadful that any woman especially this woman would sleep with a married man. After all he is married to someone else, someone who would in all probability be very hurt if they knew what their husband was doing. I wouldn’t want my partner/husband to be having sex with anyone but me so why should I be doing it to them. (that’s the angel on my left shoulder’s view).

On the other hand if a man is married and wants to stay married because they love/adore their wife but they still want to have sex with me that gives me a sense of power. What is more if that man has never strayed before but now that they have met me they want me even though they are risking their marriage………..that is one very powerful aphrodisiac would you not agree.

But there are other reasons for staying away from married men. When you are together you cannot wear perfume or any other scent. …….I do like my perfume especially my bottle of prada…..I love the scent of vanilla too but even that can be too much of a giveaway.

I love to send and receive text messages but with some married men I can only indulge in this when I know it is safe (like Nigel) although with others like Karl I can and do text him at any time. What is nicer when you are apart than an unexpected phone call from your lover. A good morning call or a goodnight wish, maybe if you are both so inclined some phone sex. I have enjoyed a few sessions over time  including just calling up my lover so that he can hear me cum. Karl can phone me which he does often while he is out and about but I can’t ever phone him unless I know in advance that he is out. I have never phoned Dave and only ever text him in reply to his text which is usually only when we are about to meet up.

I think I would be better off finding myself a suitable single man if I am going to find the relationship that works for me………the only trouble is my resistence to married men is low.

With married men we can only spend time together when it fits in with their family life. Time that is stolen, time when they are supposed to be somewhere else. The best we can do is a few hours here and there. We cannot have nights or weekends together. Going away together is not an easy option. (Karl says he wants to take me away but I can’t see it happening.)

Having married lovers means that I can keep a clear conscience whilst seeing more than one, which in turn means that I can find different lovers who have different qualities. It is so difficult to find a lover who can give a woman all that she desires/needs.  In the early days of my sexual adventures (post divorce) I had the gentle Colin and the passionate Nigel. Now I have Karl and Dave who could not be more different. Having multiple married lovers helps me not to fall too deeply for any of them. For our relationship (even if it is no strings) to work we have to like each other and that means having some feelings for each other, caring. But it would be dangerous to care too much. Having more than one means I spread my feelings between them instead of devoting all my emotions to just one.

With single men I am more likely to devote myself to just the one which is when I get hurt like I did with Fred first time around. (who incidentally I have not seen since January and only had one online conversation (end of april) so I think that has run its course.

Is there anyone you would like to read more about?

Adam ~ attached ~ history

Sebastian ~ attached ~ history but still around

Don ~ single ~ history

Colin ~ married ~ history

Nigel ~ married ~ history

Fred ~ single ~ history and semi current

Karl ~ married ~ current

Dave ~ married ~ current

Stuart ~married ~ history

Rupert ~ married ~ history

Chief ~ single ~ history

Cutter ~ married ~ history

Sweetheart ~ single ~ history

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Posted by secretlynaughty on June 5, 2010

After writing 20 posts in May I have really struggled this last week or so. I now have no less than 4 posts that I have half written but just don’t seem to be able to finish. Even my last post about pussy pumps was not really finished, there was more I wanted to write but got distracted. But I decided that I had enough to make it a half way decent post. I had been going to talk about what I found when I investigated these pumps and how this made me feel etc.

There is a half written post about the foursome Karl and I had with another couple who had never done this before, and what Karl did. We have had a number of conversations about it since so I know how he feels and why.

There is another post about what both Karl and Dave say about sharing me and my thoughts on that. It will be interesting to see what happens when they meet and if their thoughts on sharing me change.

There is also a post about married men and why I keep finding myself with married men when what I really need and want is a single man.

Now before this becomes another post that languishes in my drafts I am going to publish this now, as it is I think I started it the night before last.

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He wants to fuck me

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 12, 2009

Out of the blue he text me, it had been over a year since I had head from him, about 15 months since our afternoon rendevouz in the car park. The time I had given this shy married man his first exerience of having his cock sucked. I think it was my sense of guilt that had allowed our communication to lapse. But now here he was back in contact. A few chats on IM a few exchanged text messages nothing much then the unexected text one early afternoon telling me that he was there in our car park taking in the view. He wondered if I wanted to join him to catch up. I was working s couldn’t even if I had wanted to.

A few days later another text mid afternoon as I am driving.

Just going out, fancy catching up

Ok half hour

I am in car park

As I park my car next to the vehicle I think is his he comes around to my passenger door and slides into the seat beside me. We sit chatting making small talk for about 45 minutes before we go our seperate ways. He kisses my cheek before  he gets out of my car. Back home later he is online thanking me. Later still he is there again, thanking me again. Suddenly after a very long pause (I thought he had fallen asleep)

would you like another catch up soon?

I take it you want to

I asked you

I gathered……the clue was the question mark


I don’t think you would have asked if you didn’t want to


no maybe about it


are you going to admit it

it would be good to catch up

so you enjoyed the view today

yes lovely

Somehow I don’t think he wants to just chat next time, I know he won’t admit it yet but he is keen to pick up where we left of last year. I do feel guilty about playing with a married man who had never strayed before he met me but the thrill is too great to resist. I know I can teach him so much, he knows it too. He wants what he isn’t getting at home. He wants me to show him that there are women who enjoy sex, he wants me to show him all te things he has never tried. For me it is the thrill of knowing that I can make this man, who has always been faithful, want me. I want him to want me for my personality but also for my body. what makes it even better is that I don’t even have to try to seduce him he does it all himself.

But there is a man I want to seduce. We have been out for a drink and frequently chat on IM. I don’t find him the slightest bit attractive, if anything he is verging on ugly. He is not the slightest bit romantic and willingly admits it. He likes to be contrary, he brings out the worst in me. Yet I love chatting to him, but more than that I find myself getting aroused when we chat even when the topic being discussed is not sexual. I find myself wanting to stick my fingers inside my cunt while we talk. I am disappointed when he isn’t online, but happy when he is. There are times that I think he will tell me to get in my car and drive to him. I want him to tell me he wants to fuck me.

This man knows what he wants and when he wants it. He is used to getting what he wants, he is used to things being done his way. He is not a Dom, he is not into submission. He doesn’t want a woman who is a pushover. He tells me that I am very priviledged as he doesn’t normally chat so long …………he gets bored. He tells me a perfect date would consist of

a few drinks….back to somewhere private and then get down to some serious action

I want some of that and soon but he says I have to wait. It will happen because he wants to fuck me too. I don’t know what it is about this man who makes me go weak at the knees just thinking about being taken by him.

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Being an adult friend second time around

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 28, 2009

This second time on adult friend finder I am more aware of what I am looking for and what I don’t want. I am more choosy than the first time. The site is different but that doesn’t matter I believe it has weeded out some of the less desirable types if not I am lucky not to have come across them. I have now been on the site for a few weeks, I had numerous emails in the first week or so, but I have noticed that most of my mail goes straight to my filtered folder as mostly my mail comes from people outside my preferences, that could mean anything from being in the wrong age range to living outside the 25 mile zone to being a smoker or even a couple. I don’t recall any from solo women!

The couples are interested because I ticked the box for bi-curious, I am definitely not bi but I am curious. I don’t think I would want an experience that was purely girl on girl but perhaps mixed in with some hetro sex would be good. I have been approached by a few couples who are not too far away so maybe I will have some fun with one or two of them but as yet we have not gone passed the exchange of emails on the site so we will have to see how that goes.

As for the men, I am in the midst of some text exchanges with one saucy man from the town I lived in before I moved here some 20 years ago. It would mean a journey of at least 1 1/2 hours for one of us if we were to meet. We have chatted on the phone once and since then he has suggested that we meet for dinner and a fuck. He accepts that I don’t ever promise anything before meeting anyone. But he has asked that I dress up ie short skirt stockings and heels (you know the kind of thing).

That is not a problem for me as I rarely go on a date without wearing a skirt and heels although depending on the time of year I might miss out the stockings. I have told him though that he would have to wait and see. He though has told me that his dominant side insists that I do as he wishes. I have not replied yet (keeping him waiting) but I shall tell him that the switch in me hasn’t yet decided whether I wish to be submissive to his desires.

Last time I was on the site I started out insisting that I only wanted to meet single men, although that soon changed when I found out that the hot sailor boy I was about to meet up with was married. (we met up for some very hot and I mean hot sex a couple of times before he was almost caught out and had to behave himself).  After that I met several married men but after a while I decided that I only wanted to meet single men as the risks of meeting married men was too high. This time though I decided that I quite like the thrill of meeting married men, it is a much greater adrenalin rush of doing something elicit than meeting a single man where there is no risk.

For this reason I have met one married man. He was very pleasant in manner and very smart in both his appearance and his mental abilities. But we both agreed after meeting that it just wasn’t going to work as he could only ever meet up in the day time which I can’t do due to my work. Because he doesn’t live or work near where I live or work it would be a logistical nightmare. So there are no married men in my little black book at the moment but that doesn’t mean that won’t change.

At the moment I am seeing two very different men but as I am not selfish and I do like to share I am still keeping my options open. So if anyone else catches my attention who knows where it will lead. I am also hoping that a certain man from my past adventures see here can find the time and place for us to get to grips with each other as although it has been two years since we were last together we are both still very much in lust.

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