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Its Fab

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 21, 2010

Did I tell you that I joined a new website…….yes of course I did that was how I found out that Karl has been telling me porkies. So now I am on adult friend finder (aff) and on Fabswingers (fab). I hadn’t been on aff for about 9 months but I checked out my profile a few weeks ago and found that Karl was nolonger one of my friends ‘well I don’t need to talk to you on there now do I?’ was his response a few weeks ago. This week he told me

you have deleted your profile on aff

no I haven’t

but I can’t see you on my friends

because You deleted Me!

He now knows that I am also on fab because he has seen my profile and says he recognised my profile photo (he should it was taken with him on his bed). I was deliberately checking out his profile regularly and using that photo to make him realise that I was on fab and that if I have checked out his profile I would possibly have seen what his friends had said about him. I was giving him a chance to tell me that he had met them and played.  I am not his wife or even his girl friend so it isn’t going to be a problem that he is seeing other people. He just shouldn’t tell me he isn’t when I can see for myself that he is.

Anyway since I have been on the site I have been chatting to other guys. I might even be meeting one after work tomorrow. Which reminds me I have to text him to see if our meet is still on. I have chatted to Spencer a few times over the past two weeks. We seem to get on really well but he is about an hour away from me although willing to drive here. We have arranged to meet for a drink at the pub near to my work where I met Cutter a few times last summer. If our meet does go ahead and we get on really well there is a hotel next to the pub. I am planning to wear a black skirt suit see through top and stockings for this date if it happens.

Last sunday evening I had a very hot chat with Andrew.  He lives not too far from me and is single with his own place so there are possibilities for fun and games there. During our conversation he told me what would happen when he opened the door of his place if I went there. I used his words as the base for my last story ‘Master‘ which I shall continue soon. Having talked to him for hours I am looking forward to more especially as there is potential for him to become my Master for real. I am not going to rush into anything with him but he did excite me and I think if I were to go down the Master/slut road I could do worse than do it with him. We have both agreed that we are not looking for 24/7 . The more I read about D/s relationships the more I think I would like to give it a try. I can’t wait to talk to him again.

Today I have been chatting to two other men one of them from a few roads away from me (my profile says I live in a nearby city). As yet my conversations with Woody have not been of a sexual nature but he has made it clear that he wants to be up front and make sure I know that he is married. Hence he has had to vanish from my screen  twice today. OMG I have just realised who he is………..when he chats to me on Yahoo I can see his surname …..his boys were at junior school with mine…….his wife is really really pretty. Hmmm might not be such a good idea, but on the other hand could add to the thrill.

This evening I have been talking to Owl who is single and lives in a nearby city. He seems quite nice and says I sound like fun, but had to cut short our chat as he was late meeting a friend for a drink. I have not yet chatted to him but have exchanged emails with Dave who wants to take me sailing on his yacht with or without fun mmmmhe looks and sound rather nice too.

Whilst I was chatting to Woody in the early afternoon I had a visit from Karl. He had bought me a web cam. He thinks  need one! I have not used a web cam for a couple of years, which is deliberate. I got fed up with not being able to chat to any man without him asking me to lift my top or to take it off……then it would be ‘stick youe hand inside your pants’.  On occasions I quite enjoy playing on webcam for one of my lovers. But it got so that I could never have a normal conversation without these demands……I didn’t always feel like it or didn’t didn’t have the privacy as my computer was in the livingroom. I found it easier to just say I didn’t have one. I have now installed this new one but as yet not tried it.

It could come in useful but as I am using yahoo not msn for chatting with my new friends from Fab I can’t use it anyway if they are on msn. But It does mean there is potential for some cyber fun…….watch this space.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on March 13, 2010

Last week I went to the Ann Summers party that I mentioned here. It is at least 20 years since the last time I went to one of these parties. Although I only knew one person there, it was a fun evening. There was a fun raffle which involved much laughter as the prizes constantly changed hands. I was left with one of the prizes on my lap at the end of the game, so it was now mine. It turned out to be a pack of willy straws (novelty straws threaded through miniature penises). I have no idea when I shall get around to using them. Karl was not amused when I told him but I have a feeling that maybe Spencer has the kind of humour that would appreciate them (if we do meet that is).

Last night I went to the pub with my friend to see a local band playing (they were not very good).Before we went she handed me my package of things I had bought from last weeks party. So having arrived home around midnight it was time to open my sealed bag of goodies. Inside I found my new pink Ro-80 3 speed ammunition of love bullet. I love the vibrant pink but then I adore bright colours anyway. Making sure that I wouldn’t be disturbed by family I removed her from the handy plastic sleeve (I had thought from the feel of the bag that it was just loose). This is one piece of packaging that I shall keep. I had thought that I would have to supply my own battery but once I had taken out the disc of paper inside the cap she was ready to  go.

Pressing the rubber button on the end of the cap she began buzzing in my hand. A lovely powerful buzz that I couldn’t wait to try properly but had to wait. Continually pressing the button took me through the cycle of the three speeds several times until I realised that to turn it off I had to unscrew the cap slightly. I am disappointed that I could only detect two speeds not three but hey two is good especialy as one is more of a pulsing than a buzzing. Apparently it is completely waterproof  and intended for use in water. So I am looking forward to trying it in the bath which will be a first for me. I’m sure that will get Blogger excited as he knows I have a bath every morning before work and with the time difference he is often online chatting just before I have my bath.

Once in my bed I had my first proper play with my new shiny pink bullet. There was no need to use any lube as she was easy to use and pressing her onto my clit caused the excitement within to produce enough wetness that she could easily be slid inside. The feel of the different speeds was good however I hadn’t realised that I would have to remove her each time I wanted to change speed. I couldn’t get enough purchase to be able to press the button hard enough whilst she was inside my wet pussy. But thats ok because my clit got extra stimulation each time she was passed across that tender bud.  I played with her for a while but was really too tired to get the most out her (probably the long day added to the rum I had consumed both at the pub and back at home) plus it was now gone 1am. I slipped her back nto her handy sleeve before quickly falling asleep.

Perhaps tonight I shall get to have a proper play with her and my new Promises vibrator that was also in the bag. But then again as Karl is taking me on my first trip to a sex shop today with the promise to buy me more toys before going back to his place for a night of passion. These new toys might have to take a backseat for tonight depending on what we buy today. I am so excited I just can’t wait.

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Nothing to say

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 11, 2010

Nothing to say………..we both agreed

Neither of us had anything to say

The virtual silence was deafening

Topics covered ranged from eating garlic to

wearing stockings and enjoying group sex

But still we had nothing to say

After 2 hours of having nothing to say

I decided that it was time to close the window

and head for bed

So why was it that we were so suprised that another hour had passed

Still we had nothing to say

Another 30 minutes pass before the need

to sleep intervenes

Because we had nothing to say

we are meeting next week 😉

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