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Losing it

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 18, 2010

I had spent all evening chatting to a new guy, Andrew who I met through the new site I had recently joined. Among other things we had discussed D/s. He has some Dom experience and our chat took on a Dom/sub slant. Towards the end of the chat he instructed me to play with my toys. Upon my asking him which toys he decreed that I should use vibrator on my pussy and my bullet on my arse.

We carried on our chat with him telling me what to do. I had a couple of orgasms on demand before the conversation ended. Later I had put away my vibrator but forgotten about my bullet. When I did remember it I realised that I could still feel a light buzzing. I thought I was probably sitting on my bullet. A sweep of my hand across my bed under my bum resulted in nothing. Another sweep of my hand revealed nothing. Standing  I checked the bedding and the towel had earlier placed under me still nothing. Placing my palm against my lower back I could feel a buzzing near to my lower spine. Carefully I slid a finger into my arse nothing, just warm wet flesh bit no vibrating bullet.

I was beginning to panic now as the realisation hit home that my bullet was inside me out of reach and still vibrating. I had visions of having to take myself to the acident and emergency unit at our local hospital. I thought about how I would manage if I did nothing just left it where it was buzzing away inside me. How long would it continue vibrating for after all it is new and so is the battery. I thought about natures way and figured that anything that had gone up there would eventually have to come down. I didn’t fancy waiting until my bowels decided to work.

Squatting over my towel I pulled my cheeks apart and pushed down as though I was on the lavatory. I felt a movement and when checking discovered that I could now feel my bullet although I couldn’t get hold of it. One more push and I laid my bullet. (good thing it wasn’t my new egg). Boy was I pleased to see my toy laying there.

You can be sure I won’t be trying that again in a hurry.

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Down in Sussex

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 19, 2009

Only in that place could this be.

are you in to spanking because you are going the right way about it

it has been known

do you work?


take a sickie and come see me in the morning

I can’t

can you talk on the phone?



I think I need to get some sleep very soon

I think you need to say good night to me


you should really do as you are told

yes I should

you will have to more and more in next few weeks

does that mean you would like me to submit to you?

it is what I expect of you

where is there?

are you a quick driver?

as much as possible

head towards **** when you reach speed humps I will be waiting

is that your home?

it is but my wife works

isn’t that dangerous?

are you dangerous?

when you are married any woman is dangerous

are you dangerous?

I could be

but are you? answer the question


my number is ************ call me to say good night



where are you?

sitting on my bed

put your hand inside your panties, rub your finger across your clit


now put your finger inside, now another


take your hand out and put your fingers in your mouth


what does it taste like?

sweet and ……….. salty

good you are doing well

in the morning you will drive here, but you will wear a dress with a bra under and heels but no panties do you understand

yes sir

when you arrive you will find I have just got out of the bath

with or without towel?

with to begin with, we will go into the livingroom, we will stand next to each other then you will kneel before me

you will take my towel off me and use your mouth to pleasure me

when I am ready you will get onto my black leather sofa on your hands and knees.

You will look back at me and beg me to fuck you


would you like me to fuck you?

do you like to be fucked from behind with your arms behind your back?

don’t keep me waiting too long!

then in the morning

You should be here

how was your bath?

I am sat here in a towel

on your leather sofa?

any hint of sarcasm means more for you to do to make amends

no sarcasm merely an enquiry

You need to be thinking about when you will be coming over to play


all this from joining a site I didn’t know existed until last week when it was mentioned on a couple of the new blogs I have found. This is just one of the men I have begun chatting to. Although I seem to have this need to be submissive I still won’t give my submission easily it needs to be taken from me,  I might be comppliant but I will challenge him until he has earnt my submission.

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Only in Worthing

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 1, 2009

Sporadic text messages over the course of two weeks led to the inevitable chat on IM. He had already suggested that we should meet for dinner and a fuck.

From the start of the conversation he was showing Dominant tendencies. For my part I was willing to play along but wasn’t ready to submit to his will unless he showed me that he could Dominate me. He was putting on a good show of knowing what he was about, but didn’t quite have me on my knees yet.

Wells decreed that not only would I wear a short black skirt, seamed stockings and high heels (I was to dress as a slut) he wanted other men to be looking at me but I was to be knickerless. Wells required that he should have unobstructed access to my cunt at any time during our time together. Wells would also choose and order my food and drink for me. I could only visit the Ladies room with his permission. He wanted complete control over everything I did, ate and wore. It was for this reason it was decided that we would meet at a location where neither of us are known.

Failure to comply with any of his wishes would result in a spanking and no fuck. I did dare to suggest that perhaps if he didn’t fuck me he would perhaps be cutting off his nose to spite his face. But to my suprise he felt that in the intersts of my submission to his dominance he was prepared to forgo his much desired fuck.  

The sub in me was quite excited about having this opportunity to experience being Dominated for real and in public too. Whilst the Brat in me wanted to make him work for my submission to his will.

This experience was scheduled to take place the following evening at 7.30 in the seaside town of Worthing, close enough to home but far enough away to be annonymous.

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