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Posted by secretlynaughty on October 15, 2010

I bet you were begining to wonder where I had got to. The truth is very boring, I wish I could say I was too busy to write because I was busy having wild sex here there and everywhere. Instead I have not had much to write and although I have had a couple of posts going around my head I have not been able to assemble my thoughts into anything that makes sense. Apart from that I have become addicted to ‘sex games’ on face book. I love the oportunity to use tactics t make progress through the game………it also feeds my competative streak.

But today I am determined to put a few words together here. I am going on a short trip in a few hours and will be back late Sunday afternoon. I have been having a few days off work this week and as so often happens to me I was poorly the first couple of days and suffered with headaches on other days. This morning I decided to try shifting the niggly headache by changing my blood pressure during an orgasm or two.

On saturday morning I had gone to the local post office sorting office to collect a mystery parcel. I hadn’t ordered anything nor was I expecting anything so it was quite a suprise to discover the contents of the box was a Penthouse Mode G-spot caress.

I had been approached by (sex toys)

to try out and review one of thier products. I had a choice between


Their Toys G-Spot Caress

I chose the latter because I have never tried a G-spot vibrator so this would be different for me. However by the time the parcel arrived I had forgotten that it was on its way.

As soon as I got home I opened up the package and inserted the 2 AAA batteries that I just happened to have. I love the soft pink colour, turning it around in my hand it felt nice, kind of solid but pliable at the same time. The on off switch is easy to operate, a simple single button in the centre of the end of the handle. I wanted to try it out right away  but wasn’t alone in the house. A few evenings ago I got the oportunity to try it out. I didn’t have any lube to hand and was too tired to go rooting about for it so wasn’t able to properly insert this vibe into my vagina. However the feel of it buzzing against my clit was pretty arousing and I did manage to have a small orgasm.

Today though I had my lube at the ready, my G-spot Caress slid easily between my lips aided by a generous helping of lube. It felt good but I don’t know if it is just me, my vagina is very tight and shallow following radiotherapy some years ago. I was unable to locate my G-spot with the Caress, but then that might be down to me. I had begun to suspect that I don’t have a G-spot at all until my Sweetheart found it for me a couple of years ago. He is the only man to do so. So I wasn’t overly disappointed that I couldn’t locate it today. The vibrations I did get from this G-Spot Caress were good and I was able to give myself a very strong orgasm by using it against my clit. However I did find that I had one slight problem using this vibrator other than my inability to locate my G-spot. The cap over the batteries came off several times during use merely by my putting a little pressure on the side of it. It didn’t come right off so didn’t interupt the vibations or my pleasure but I am sure this shouldn’t occur.

Although I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to caress my g-spot I did enjoy using this toy. I would recommend others to use this vibrator as I feel the failure was due to y own body rather than the vibe itself.

to see their catalogue check here

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Your fantasy

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 6, 2010

I have had an email from a man who has flattered me greatly regarding my writing and sexual expertise. (ok maybe he was flattering me in the hope of a bj while he visits NYC). He will be a lot further away from me there than he is now lol. Anyway his invite to visit him in his swanky hotel got me thinking about a story. I would like to try something a little different.

Here is the start of a story can you write the next part then maybe I will continue it from your idea………….

It has been a long tiring day travelling to get here. You leave me to rest while you attend to your business. There will be meetings and conferences, times when you will be occupied. I have my books and pens to keep me happy. Through half closed eyes I see you silently slip from the room dressed in your dark suit, your tall frame fills the doorway.

A few moments later it seems I open my eyes the room warm, a whiff of your aftershave reaches me in my half sleep. I turn towards the window where I see you. I must have been asleep for hours. You are no longer sheathed in your charcoal suit and lemon shirt. I watch you as you shift through papers sprawled across your lap as you make notes on the desk. You are sat sideways to the desk with your feet propped up on the edge. From my vantage point I see the way your robe has parted showing more leg than it should. Silently I rise from the bed crossing the room. You are oblivious of my presence; you are so engrossed in your work. A frown creases your brow.

Silently I wrap my arms about your neck as I lean over you kissing your neck down to your parted lips. As you look up at me your papers fall in a heap. Stepping over them I climb into your lap still kissing and hugging. Your hands slide inside my black satin wrap as I wriggle into a comfortable position. We cling to each other as our hands and mouths explore the body pressed against our own ……………………..

So what do you think happens next?

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Explain these

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 4, 2010

Following my last post Please Explain, Rosie left a very helpful comment suggesting that most of these can be found on So what I thought I would do now is to go through the list picking out the terms that I am not sure about. I shall give my personal thoughts on what my imagination and instincts tell me they would mean then I shall check urban dictionary and see how close or far out I am.

My guess

Abrasion……… I know that abrasives are a collective term for things like sand/glass paper of varying grits(roughness) so my guess is that in some way sand paper is used on the body.

Animal Roles ………..I am guessing that this involves a sub being made to behave like an animal including eating out of an animal’s feeding bowl.

Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders)………..I’ve not heard of these but the obvious part is that the arms and or legs are binded but its the sleeves part that means nothing to me. are the arms/legs bound individually or are they bound together?

Ball Stretching………..unless this is being forced to stretch a football(soccer) ball into a rugby ball shape ……….which I very much doubt …………then it must involve stretching the main components of a man’s scrotum………….being female I don’t think this can be don’t to me but it could be an interesting occupation of my time.

Breath control …………..sounds to me like it is a case of controlling when you or your partner breathes……..My Sweetheart did teach me to hold my breath and kiss him passionately for as long as I could during an orgasm……….that was simply amazing.

Bondage (Multi-Day) I can only assume that this refers to a bondage session that lasts several days.

Castration Fantasy……….. is this a woman dreaming of castrating her wayward man or a man dreaming of being castrated?  maybe not.

Catheterization………….surely not…….is there a doctor in the house?

Chauffeuring…………..sounds obvious but is this really a fetish? Maybe it is an innocent name for something more sinister.

Dilation ……………… me dilation is something that occurs during childbirth or it could be the use of a speculum during an examination ………… I close?

Electricity ……….shocking idea……….could it be the use of electric probes on the body?

Enemas ( retention/punishment) …………Now I know what an enema is and I also see the benefit if using them for sexual purposes but retention?  is this a clenched buttox moment? Punshment?

Enforced chastity………….is this where I am thrown extremely horny into a room of sexy men but not able to satisfy myself or them or is it a case of being left feeling extremely horny in a room full of men that I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

Fear (being scared)…………….being scared of what…………….this could take many forms

Forced TV / Gender Change ………… this a matter of cross dressing against will or more sinister?

Gates of Hell (male)……………I can’t begin to imagine what this is.

Genital sex………………….have I been getting it wrong all this time but I thought sex was genital!!

Human puppy dog…………………this I would guess is virtually the same as Animal Roles

Mouth bits…………….would this be the wearing of a bit (metal bar across the mouth)like horses do.

Mummification…………….Is this being bound in bandages in the manner of an ancient Mummy or does it involve more?

Pony slave ……………. does this slave behave like a pony? complete with pony butt plug?

Riding the “horse” (crotch tort)………………my first thought was of having to sit astride a modified horse (gymnastics apperatus) but then I figured it was probably soe kind of torture applied to the crotch area.

Saran wrap……………I hadn’t heard the term before but now know it is where the body is wrapped completely (arms pinned to the side) in a kind of cling film. This is something I have thought about …………….I know where I can get this stuff

Sleep sacks………………I really don’t think this refers to sleeping bags as used on camping holidays

Thumb cuffs (metal)………..the mental image this conjures up is wide metal rings slipped over the thumb and tightened.

Urethral Sounds (metal rods)………………….this brings to mind the atomic rods placed in my vagina when undergoing cancer treatment……………very uncomfortable …………….reminded me of having knitting kneedles shoved inside me.

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Resistence is low

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 13, 2009

Its funny how even though I don’t fancy Cougar at all I so desperately want to fuck him at least once. It has been about 3 months now since we first began chatting online. We met for a drink after a few days but didn’t make any further plans. He likes to be spontaneous, which I like too but I did warn him that being spontaneous means he could lose out if I already have plans elsewhere.

We did make a half arrangement to meet a few weeks ago but it didn’t work out. So when the opportunity for our midnight meet arose even though I procrastinated there really was no chance I would not go.

When he arrived in the deserted car park at 12.15am we both got out of our cars and stood between them talking. We found a big white light with a smaller red light below it in the distance among the many other city lights. We just couldn’t figure out what it was. He thinks it will bug him now until he figures it out.

After a while he had got cold and said we should get into one of our cars (as he moved to get into his). We sat side by side just talking about alsorts of things. Never once going near the subject of what we were doing there together late at night. Never once mentioning that we had met on adult friend finder. The subject of sex was avoided. Other than that I had mentioned to him earlier in the week that I had been asked to do product reviews for Durex.

Eventually around 1am I stated that I had to go home (I would be getting up for work at 6am). This seemed to spur him on as he grabbed my hand for the first time. (it felt good my small hand held in his large soft warm hand). He told me we should go for another drink sometime when I can fit him in. We talked about places we could go, then he leaned in for a kiss. Mmmm it was nice, soon we were snogging like teenagers. Tongues probing hot mouths, my hand around his neck while his free hand found its way inside my jacket. The feel of his big hand rubbing my breast was electrifying. But it was now well past 1am and reluctantly I made the move to leave.

Months ago he told me that he doesn’t often chat to the same woman more than a few times as he gets bored easily. From what he had been saying earlier in the evening about finding me interesting, that I was like an itch he didn’t know whether to scratch, I think he has been trying to resist me.

I just wonder if after this little episode he might find it just that little bit harder to resist. For my part, visually I still don’t fancy him, strangely in my mind when we chat he morphs into my Sweetheart, which is odd as they are nothing alike. But he seems to have something that draws me to him. As I write this I have just seen his name appear on my messenger and immediately I felt myself become excited and my pussy tingled and got wet. I am laying on my bed with just a towel over me, my fingers plunged into my wetness pressing and rubbing as my mind calls out to him. Wanting his tongue in my mouth his hands on my breasts his weight pressing down onto me as he pounds into my aching cunt. 

I wonder how long it will be before our next encounter, will that be the time when I allow him to take me?

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Posted by secretlynaughty on December 18, 2008

Forever ago I created a profile on a dating site. I didn’t keep up the membership so can’t read messages or do anything much on the site so I have never really bothered about it. every now and then I get a message to say that I have been winked at or have a new message. My profile (which includes a dreadful photo and a lot of drivel about myself, ok the drivel is true but it’s still drivel). I have also said on my profile that I can’t read messages on the site but gave very heavy clues about my email address.

Yesterday I received an email from a man who had read my profile.  I replied and asked him to tell me about himself. (I get a lot of messages from guys who are either far too young/old or are too far away or both). It turns out that this guy lives in my town and is 2 yrs older than me. We have exchanged a few emails and seem to have things in common. From something he said in his last email  I know exactly who he is. I don’t think I have ever spoken to him but have seen him plenty of times. I have done a search on the site and found his profile and photo.

I can’t say that I fancy him but he is not unpleasant. So I shall continue to  email him for now and see where it leads.

My dilema is that I am very much in love with my sweetheart. However my sweetheart is not only not local but spends the majority of his time out of the country making it very difficult for us to have a proper relationship. I don’t want anyone but my sweetheart but I don’t know how much longer I can stay in a relationship that doesn’t give me what I need.

I don’t know if this other man would be able to give me what I need or if I could ever feel for him anything like what I feel for my sweetheart but he is local. so do I tell this man about my sweetheart or do I keep quiet. Do I tell my sweetheart about this man or do I keep quiet.

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Come for me

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 11, 2008

It hit me like a thud

right in my belly and my chest all at once

I had been ignoring you

the effect you have on me

even when I think about you

I have not been honest

until now

I have allowed myself to dive

deep into my love

my memories

hearing your song my heart

misses a beat

even though I had played the song myself

now you are playing your own

tune upon my awareness

the intake of breath

as you find that

secret place within

now all I can do


wait for you to come for me

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Torn between two lovers twice

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 26, 2008

It seems to be my lot these days to be torn between two lovers, the one who is there for me and the one who sets me on fire with desire. First there was Andy, quiet dependable Andy who lives alone with his two dogs and his guitar. Andy who will chat online then using our secret code word ask me to visit him. I enjoy the thrill of my late night drives to his home where I will let myself in and find him pouring me a drink as we kiss.

Then there is Fred. Fred who lives just as far away in the other direction, fred who makes me wet just by thinking about him. Fred who always came to visit me in the day when he could escape from the office for a few hours. Fred who would have me swooning just by looking at me.

Then there was the night I had been exchanging text with Fred on and off through out the day, dropping hints that I would love to have some company, male company, sexy male company. But he went quiet on me until just after I had reluctantly accepted the invite from Andy.

on the way there were text messages

sometimes you make me want to scream!!

screaming I hope x

in my head but once in the car with my radio up loud i shall scream

lucky u x

at least someone wants to be with me

touche turtle x x

not lucky me but lucky him

must be u too or no reason to x

maybe you dont think he is lucky, he will make me feel wanted, then I wont need to scream

it was u said u not lucky and screaming is good for u
this only made me want to scream even more, why cant he see that it is him I want to be with
it is good to be with Andy as he holds me and kisses and bites me
he fills my aching body
he gives me back me confidence
the confidence Fred has been breaking down
the confidence that attracted him in the first place
but Andy does not make my heart lurch at the sight of him
he does not make me melt in his embrace
his kisses dont make my heart sing

But that was then, before the decision to stop seeing Andy which ultimately led to the end of seeing Fred too. Later came these others first my Sweetheart, the one I love so dearly, the one who gets right inside my head my heart my soul and my body. But my sweetheart cannot often be here with me. But on the sidelines there is Adam. Adam who has been in the background even before Andy was on the scene. Adam who wants me but doesn’t want me. He wants what I can give him that he can’t have with his life partner. Adam who begs me to meet him. Adam who will go to many lengths for a few hours holding me in his arms. Adam who is a sweet, sexy friend but he is not my sweetheart.

Adam began turning up the heat by writing a two part fantasy for me. Here are some excerpts from part one.

He felt the hot water run over his body as he massaged the soapy lather into his tanned skin. People always remarked on how brown his skin was given his industrial Caucasian roots. He noticed that he was still aroused and looked down at his………………….

Both he and she had wrestled with the moral issues and both had gave way to their respective thoughts in favour of a meeting.

She changed, as instructed, into a new pair of black 10 denier tights………………..

He led her by the hand and turned her so he was standing behind her and began to kiss her neck and…………………..

He sat on the bed and pulled her playfully across his knee and began to slap her arse – she seemed to enjoy it…………

She slid on her black seamed stockings and then sat astride him gently…………

He sat proud on the bed as she duly obliged and rolled the gossamer sheath over his erection

During an online chat he told me

i’m working hard to turn you on SN
i want you SN

i want my correspondence to turn you on, make you feel the need to play with yourself and think about my story as you do

Now with him turning the heat on like this it was becoming impossible to resist him, but however sexy he is and however much he knows how to turn me on I love my sweetheart and would never do anything that would hurt him. But boy has it been hard to keep from giving into such temptation.  

Sometimes a long distance relationship can be really hard to cope with especially when there is temptation close to home.

In my place would you give in to temptation or stay loyal to the one who holds my heart but isn’t here ?

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Posted by secretlynaughty on October 18, 2008

Just chatting online with my dear friend Ronjazz it occurred to me that there is a gap in the blogosphere. I keep finding myself drawn towards blogs by people who are either Dominant Males or submissive females. There are also a few blogs by couples in this situation. There are also blogs by people who write about sex but are neither dom or sub. I believe I have a desire to be submisive. Not as in a full time role but as part of sex play with my partner. Having said that I have been toying with the idea of finding myself a Dom. My sweetheart is not a Dom although he feels like I do that it is good to include as part of our sexual repertoire.

My sweetheart would like to Dominate me and has trapped my arms behind my back rendering me helpless, but he did release me as soon as I said my arms were hurting. But the ache that remained hours later was welcome as it was another reminder of our precious time together. My sweetheart has always promised me that he will bind my wrists and blindfold me. He wants to take away my control so that he can give me an experience of just letting go. He likes to give me commands and expects me to comply (but this is just a game for us).  I enjoy being a good girl for him but I can be brattish and feisty too which he enjoys to.

Then there are the times that I like to take control and have him do my bidding. He finds this extremely amusing but he would willing accept my wish to be the one in control for a time. we have not tried it but I think he would be receptive to me spanking him just as he has agreed to me tying him up when and if I decided that was what I wanted to do.

My sweetheart spends a lot of time away on business, leaving me at home sexually frustrated for long periods of time. These are the times when I begin to  think I would like to find a Dom to keep me under control when my Sweetheart is away. This is when I start trawling through the sex blogs trying to find what it is that I want.

If I was to find myself a Dom, how would that fit in with my relationship? Would I find a Dom who is happy to control a fiesty willfull woman like me. Would I find someone who would be willing to switch occasionally. This is when I came to the realisation that although I am sure there are many people out there who are switches I have not come across a blog by anyone who switches, Ron agrees that he has not seen any either.

Do any of you know of any such blogs?

Do any of you think it is possible for me to carry out my desires without harming my relationship with my sweetheart.

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ooops where did my halo go?

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 12, 2008

For months he tempted and cajoled me. For months I procrastinated. Finally I made up my mind. I am going to be a good girl, not playing around, no giving in to temptation. I told him that I would never see him again. After all apart from that one drink so long ago, he was just a name on my screen or on my phone. There is no emotional tie, no physical person to give up, just words.

He accepted my decision but asked to meet for dinner (nothing else) just to say goodbye. He told me not to be dressed like the sexy woman he knows me to be. He didn’t want me to tempt him.

I knew as I was driving to the hotel that we would not keep our hands off each other but still we kept up the pretense. He ordered our drinks and we found a quiet table in the corner to sit and chat. Once we had finished our drinks he invited me back to his room for tea. As we walked side by side across the carpark, through reception and up the stairs, still chatting about unimportant things, I knew. I was ready for him, I had been anticipating this moment for so long, I could feel the scrap of material between my thighs getting damper by the minute.

Once we were through the door of his room he led me by the hand to the sofa. Sitting together thighs touching, he kissed me for the first time. I was willing his kisses to be good but not as good as my sweetheart. his hand holding my head to him as his kisses became more urgent. Shifting my weight so that I could throw my leg across his lap. The invitation he couldn’t ignore, my throbbing pussy screaming at him to accept the invite. Slowly he slides his hand up my leg enjoying the feel of the nylon I had worn especially for him.

Taunting me he deliberately takes his time getting to his goal, he wants to savour this moment, but I can’t take this any more, I need to get to the reason I am here. grabbing his wrist I direct his hand inside my skirt pushing his fingers towards the wet fabric, pressing it against my pussy. His kisses more urgent for just a moment longer before he pulls away to remove my clothes. My discarded top is quickly followed by the unclasping of my bra. Allowing the twin pendulums to be touched, kissed, licked and sucked. He has waned these babies for so long. But he only gives them a couple of minutes attention before he pulls me to my feet, tugging on my skirt until it pools around my feet. He moves to sit on the edge of the bed bringing me with him. He is pleased that I wore tights under my skirt. His fantasy involves tights more than stockings. I had considered not wearing anything under my tights but that would make it look like I had come prepared to have sex with him.

He is sitting naked apart from his black boxers as I stand before him, his fingers playing with each part of my body at his will. I am completely compliant to his will, whatever he wants I will do, he is my master for the time we are together. He is soon ready to pull me down beside him on the bed, he crawls between my legs playing with the damp nylon that covers my modesty. He looks at me with a question in his eye and grins like the cat that got the cream when I nod my agreement. He wastes no time ripping open the crotch of my  tights. This is what he has wanted to do to me for a year or more, his fingers find their way through the ripped threads, pushing aside my lace panties he has his fingers inside me at last.

Since that first time he told me he wanted to do this my pussy has ached for him. My resistance has kept us from fulfilling this fantasy for 12 months at least but here he is pressing, pulling, playing with my pussy as though it was an instruent and he the accomplished musician. That first touch of his naked skin on my hot pulsating lips brought the first trickle of juice flowing out of me. For soetime he played me, teasing trickle after trickle from my willing body. As each orgasm had me arching my back in breathless pleasure. One hand gripping the bedding by the handful the other firmly gripping his cock as he lay on his side, feet on the pillows and head by my thighs. He brings me off time and time again, such sweet release after all this wanting and resisting. When I have no more to give him he moves back to my side kissing and caressing me until hunger gets the better of both of us, quickly dressing we go off in search of the restaurant.

We have no plans to see each other again but you never know.

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