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Posted by secretlynaughty on August 17, 2010

Keatsjohnkeats has raised the question of how open I am about my activities.  I feel perhaps I should explain for those who have only been reading this blog for a limited time what exactly my situation is, if I even know that myself. I change my mind all the time as is my prerogative being of the female species.

I am female (I hope that, that much is obvious), I am old enough to know better and young enough to enjoy it. I broke free of the shackles of a disastrous marriage to an objectionable man 20 years after choosing not to be involved in life because I had, had my heart-broken and didn’t wish to repeat the experience. I married a man I didn’t love, I let life pass me by without taking part. My one contribution to the world at large was the creation of several bright well-mannered young people. I became dangerously ill at a time when my children needed me. Against the predictions of my then husband I refused to die………….as you can tell I won that battle. I accepted my illness as a wake up signal to start living again.

I   cut loose……I began dating, I am single again and this time I have a better idea of what I do and don’t want. I have begun to celebrate my sexuality instead of being ashamed of it. I go through phases, sometimes all I want is a stable relationship, one where  I am completely committed to that one man. At other times and this is one of those, I rejoice in being single, I see several men simultaneously. During these phases I explore my sexuality and push my boundaries. I try to discover how far I am willing to go. I do things I wouldn’t do if I were in a committed relationship.

Whilst I am exploring my sexual boundaries I join adult sites like Adult friend finder and more recently Fab swingers. Since joining FAB I have enjoyed the social side of swinging as much as the sexual side. I joined forces with Karl to become a ‘couple’. We began meeting other couples, I was also seeing Dave, he is more adventurous than Karl. Dave has taken me to a local swinger club a couple of times. At the club I experienced a jacuzzi for the first time as well as seeing my first dungeon. I do enjoy the spanking benches. It was at the club that I discovered that being watched is not as embarassing as I had always imagined.

Since I joined forces with Karl we have met several other couples, mostly in social situations. One of the couples we came across are Bruce and Alice. We have met them twice now, both times with others and both times there has been lots of action. After the first time Bruce started texting me and we had a long telephone conversation. During this conversation we talked about spanking. I am not sure how the conversation got onto that topic. Since then he has been asking me to let him tie me to his four poster bed and be spanked.  Karl knows that I enjoy a little spanking as does Dave. Karl doesn’t like the idea of spanking at all, he doesn’t like the idea of pain even the slightest bit. Dave on the other hand is more willing to indulge me in whatever I desire.

Of all the people I know within our circle I have not discussed spanking with anyone else. However 3 years ago I talked about it with a fellow blogger. After several months of discussions he booked an hotel room where he spanked and caned me. There was nothing between us other than our friendship, this was purely an experiment so that I could experience what it would feel like. Later after he had gone Fred arrived to give me some TLC. He was the only other person I had told about what I was doing. Later still after Fred had gone Nigel arrived to spend a few hours with me.  It didn’t take him long to see the marks on my sore bum. Apart from those who read my blogs nobody else other than these few people know that I am interested in spanking.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on June 5, 2010

After writing 20 posts in May I have really struggled this last week or so. I now have no less than 4 posts that I have half written but just don’t seem to be able to finish. Even my last post about pussy pumps was not really finished, there was more I wanted to write but got distracted. But I decided that I had enough to make it a half way decent post. I had been going to talk about what I found when I investigated these pumps and how this made me feel etc.

There is a half written post about the foursome Karl and I had with another couple who had never done this before, and what Karl did. We have had a number of conversations about it since so I know how he feels and why.

There is another post about what both Karl and Dave say about sharing me and my thoughts on that. It will be interesting to see what happens when they meet and if their thoughts on sharing me change.

There is also a post about married men and why I keep finding myself with married men when what I really need and want is a single man.

Now before this becomes another post that languishes in my drafts I am going to publish this now, as it is I think I started it the night before last.

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tonight is the night and I’m very excited

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 9, 2010

Did I tell you that I had asked Karl if he wanted to take me to a swingers party. (I have never been to one before). He declined for a variety of reasons (mostly financial). Well imagine my delight during one of the brief lulls whilst I was playing with Dave on his yacht the first time we met. He talked about going to the very party I had talked to Karl about. Dave said he would take me.

Well tonight is the night, he will be picking me up in just 2 hours. We are going with another couple which should be fun too. Dave has promised to look after me for as long as I want. He has told me about the bedrooms (some with doors some without). He has told me about the dungeon and all its equipment so I might just try some of it out, then again I might just relax in the hot tub.

I am not going to say much now as I am getting excited and need to get ready……….now which colour fishnets will go best with my black lacy skirt……….oh and which heels shall I wear………so many decisions to make even if I won’t be wearing my clothes all night I still want to feel sexy even in my clothes. I hope I get to be spit roasted again……….Dave wants to be a part of that too. I am hoping to be spanked and tied and maybe there will be some girl on girl fun too.

Don’t wait up too late for me to get home, I might be too exhausted to write but then again I might be too hyper to sleep. And if that wasn’t enough tomorrow night I am having a private party with a couple 😉

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Mixed feelings

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 9, 2010

I have been feeling a bit down today and I am sad to say that the reason for this is Karl. I know that feeling this way is stupid and irrational. He hasn’t really done anything wrong he has just been stupid. Last week he was at my home we were looking on the internet. He showed me a couple of websites. One of these is a site where people post photos and videos of themselves, many are naked and many depict sexual acts. He showed me the photos he has posted on there, some that I am familiar with but also others showing him indulging in sex with another woman.

I was neither excited or disgusted or even jealous. He told me these pictures were taken a few years ago (which to me was irrelevant). He then showed me a swinger’s site that he belongs to again showing me his profile photos that I know so well. He was also encouraging me to join both these sites (suprised I hadn’t already). After he had finished showing them to me I gave very little further thought to them.

Then last night I found an offline message saying he was going to be away from his pc for half an hour but will be back. An hour later nothing…………after two hours of waiting I decided to log into these sites and have another look at his other photos. Several searches through the adult photograph site came up with nothing. So I moved onto the swinger site, created a profile (slightly different age and location and new username). I found his profile fairly easily, but without being one of his ‘friends’ could only see the photos that I already possess. However I followed a link to a couple he had made friends with.  The first thing I saw on their profile was some recent photos of Karl enjoying the wife of the couple.I felt like I had been hit in the stomach, but why. We are friends with benefits not in a commited relationship. I care about him as a friend, he knows how to turn me to putty when he wants to but we have not been intimate since last summer and have never had full intercourse in the last year although we have plans to rectify this in the next week. We have never promised to be exclusive, after all I have seen others myself during the past year not least of all Fred.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. I don’t think it bothers me so much that he has had some fun in the last few months. I don’t think I am jealous (well maybe a bit) that he has had some fun with a couple. What bothers me most is that some weeks ago I was teasing him about other women. He told me there had been none, but not through lack of wishing. So now I know he has been less than truthful. He lied about his age in the beginning. He has always told me that he is seperated but I have never quite believed him. Although I could check this out I decided ages ago not to, as I figure that it is none of my business whether he is married or single. He knows that I have been involved with married men in the past so there is no reason to lie to me about that.

Today he text me that he had fallen asleep last night. The swinger’s site tells me that he had been online upgrading his membership during the time he was ‘asleep’. What is bothering me is that he is telling me lies. That and that he had encouraged me to go onto the site that proved he had been lying. If he hadn’t encouraged me to join the site I wouldn’t have learnt that he has been having sex when he says he hasn’t or that he was online when he told me he was asleep.

Anyway whatever the reason for feeling down about these revelations, I was driving home thinking that I need a good cyber session with Sebastian to cheer me up. I knew though that Sebastian was unlikely to be online by the time I was so I began planning an email telling him how  much I wanted him to own me. Holding onto my hair forcing me to bend to his will. I wanted to please him submit to his wishes.  But when I did get home and logged onto my computer a chat window sprang open.

I was very suprised as this was the first time this particular window has opened (other than virus links) for a long time.  At first I half thought it was another virus and not him but soon we were chatting. We had not spoken since about June or July last summer. We talked about several things but finished off with him saying that perhaps we could hook up sometime soon.  I have said maybe.

But if you remember how much I wanted to have him last year it is unllikely I will turn down a chance to meet up with him again. But even if we never meet again he has cheered me up just by chatting again.

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His Office

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 13, 2009

When he invited me to his office I had visions of hot sex across his desk or straddling him on his swivelling office chair.

But here I was panting, trying to regain my breath. But the sex hadn’t even begun yet. Three flights f narrow winding stairs led to his office above his showroom. But he waited until we were in his office before he told me that the toilet was on the ground floor. My need was great after a two hour drive to get here. so after climbing those three flights of stairs twice in 5 minutes I was a little breathless.

Looking around his office I notice the huge expance of his desk with his computer at one end. Wonderful!! But on closer inspection maybe not. It doesn’t appear to have the strength to hold two writhing bodies. Glancing at his black leather high backed computer chair with its comfortable arm rests I realise that is not going to make for easy riding either.

Before I can cast my eye over anything else in the narrow room he has me in a tight clinch, his tongue probing, fishing around in my mouth.  Urgently he pulls at my clothes, helping me out of my skirt and my top, revealing my heavy breasts as they spill over their black and red lace cups. Fumbling with the clasp he releases his treasure as I pull on his belt anxious to relieve him of his suit trousers. 

He lays me down, kissing and pulling, playing on my nipples. Rolling me on top of him he urges me to ride him cowgirl style, his favourite position for us. But it is not so easy for me with my head just grazing the edge of his desk as he lays in the narrow space between desk and wall. After a few minutes I climb off him and slide down to take him into my mouth. He adores the feel of my tongue and lips on and around his rigid cock.

From that very first night in his BMW he has been telling me how good I am at sucking him off he has never known anyone give a better blowjob. He is urging me on wanting me to bring him to orgasm quickly. I do what he wishes and then we stand to dress. He has to go, he can’t linger his girlfriend is waiting for him.

Back in my car I make my decision. There will be no more. I see him walk to his car making sure the cameras have not caught us both on film together. Two hours driving to meet him in his ‘office’ for 30 minutes of fumbling on the floor, before he scurries off to meet the woman he will soon be living with.  Not my idea of a good time besides, his is the first cock that I have not really taken too. 

Funny even now I still get messages from people wanting to meet us as a couple. Sadly for him he never did get to swing with me.

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