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Torn between two lovers twice

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 26, 2008

It seems to be my lot these days to be torn between two lovers, the one who is there for me and the one who sets me on fire with desire. First there was Andy, quiet dependable Andy who lives alone with his two dogs and his guitar. Andy who will chat online then using our secret code word ask me to visit him. I enjoy the thrill of my late night drives to his home where I will let myself in and find him pouring me a drink as we kiss.

Then there is Fred. Fred who lives just as far away in the other direction, fred who makes me wet just by thinking about him. Fred who always came to visit me in the day when he could escape from the office for a few hours. Fred who would have me swooning just by looking at me.

Then there was the night I had been exchanging text with Fred on and off through out the day, dropping hints that I would love to have some company, male company, sexy male company. But he went quiet on me until just after I had reluctantly accepted the invite from Andy.

on the way there were text messages

sometimes you make me want to scream!!

screaming I hope x

in my head but once in the car with my radio up loud i shall scream

lucky u x

at least someone wants to be with me

touche turtle x x

not lucky me but lucky him

must be u too or no reason to x

maybe you dont think he is lucky, he will make me feel wanted, then I wont need to scream

it was u said u not lucky and screaming is good for u
this only made me want to scream even more, why cant he see that it is him I want to be with
it is good to be with Andy as he holds me and kisses and bites me
he fills my aching body
he gives me back me confidence
the confidence Fred has been breaking down
the confidence that attracted him in the first place
but Andy does not make my heart lurch at the sight of him
he does not make me melt in his embrace
his kisses dont make my heart sing

But that was then, before the decision to stop seeing Andy which ultimately led to the end of seeing Fred too. Later came these others first my Sweetheart, the one I love so dearly, the one who gets right inside my head my heart my soul and my body. But my sweetheart cannot often be here with me. But on the sidelines there is Adam. Adam who has been in the background even before Andy was on the scene. Adam who wants me but doesn’t want me. He wants what I can give him that he can’t have with his life partner. Adam who begs me to meet him. Adam who will go to many lengths for a few hours holding me in his arms. Adam who is a sweet, sexy friend but he is not my sweetheart.

Adam began turning up the heat by writing a two part fantasy for me. Here are some excerpts from part one.

He felt the hot water run over his body as he massaged the soapy lather into his tanned skin. People always remarked on how brown his skin was given his industrial Caucasian roots. He noticed that he was still aroused and looked down at his………………….

Both he and she had wrestled with the moral issues and both had gave way to their respective thoughts in favour of a meeting.

She changed, as instructed, into a new pair of black 10 denier tights………………..

He led her by the hand and turned her so he was standing behind her and began to kiss her neck and…………………..

He sat on the bed and pulled her playfully across his knee and began to slap her arse – she seemed to enjoy it…………

She slid on her black seamed stockings and then sat astride him gently…………

He sat proud on the bed as she duly obliged and rolled the gossamer sheath over his erection

During an online chat he told me

i’m working hard to turn you on SN
i want you SN

i want my correspondence to turn you on, make you feel the need to play with yourself and think about my story as you do

Now with him turning the heat on like this it was becoming impossible to resist him, but however sexy he is and however much he knows how to turn me on I love my sweetheart and would never do anything that would hurt him. But boy has it been hard to keep from giving into such temptation.  

Sometimes a long distance relationship can be really hard to cope with especially when there is temptation close to home.

In my place would you give in to temptation or stay loyal to the one who holds my heart but isn’t here ?

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