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Posted by secretlynaughty on September 3, 2010

“Have been asked by ‘sherry’ if you/us will meet her fb tonight and allow him  to play with you as a suprise birthday treat. Meet 10pm in car park.”

That was the suprise text I received from Dave whilst at work. I didn’t reply until I could get home and check out who this was. I found a profile of a local single female.

Dave text me again later.

hi what would you like to do tonight? If you want to text Sherry her number is ************* she is a midwife.

After thinking about this I decided against it.

hi this is sn I gather that you want to give your fb a b’day suprise. Unfortunately I am really tired tonight. Really sorry.

now Im gutted u ok hun x

yeah just get more tired as week goes by. I did give this serious thought though. Maybe another time.

cant u just watch him cum x

no sorry

pretty please x

By this time I was feeling suspicious. Dave was now online

what was the plan?

She wants us to meet her fuck buddy, its his birthday today she says. She wants you to suck him or let him cum over you. I told her it’s up to you.

I text her to say I’m too  tired which I am.

ok. by the way she saw us up on the hill that time.

She is trying to put pressure on me. I’m not sure this is a woman……….I think this is a single guy.

I think it might be too but her profile looks ok

how would she/he know they saw us?

she told me my licence plate number


must have a good memory

that’s not good that someone is keeping a record……… do you remember seeing any women?

was too busy………….there were other cars there.

how did the conversation get around to that and how did they make connection between a couple dogging in april an a couple on fab in sept?

She asked if I ever went dogging, I said I sometimes went on the hill, she said she did too. She recognised make of car.

I don’t like the sound of this………….I was worried before I said I was too tired but now it feels freaky.

yeah I thought so too

Wish I hadn’t text from my private phone now.

you should have let me text , never mind

this  ‘sherry’ is now asking if tomorrow is better……………have not replied

hmmm I did say that we were already busy……..I am IM’ing her but she/he’s not talking to me……….don’t reply

I have not heard anything more but I do think this was a single guy trying his luck. It is very un-nerving to think that they have kept a note of Dave’s reg number months later.

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How many are too many?

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 30, 2010

After spending all afternoon sailing with both of my lovers, having a companionable meal together how could we finish the day on a high?

We could spend the evening together playing cards? …………….no

We could go to the pub? ………….no

We could all go our seperate ways ? …………no

or we could go to a private party? …………………yes

Dave drove, it should have taken a tad short of an hour to get there but with Dave at the wheel doing a ton along the dual carriage way as we headed east along the coast before heading north along country lanes, we were there in 40 minutes. I text Bruce to let him know we had arrived…………….come on in. We were the first to arrive, followed a few minutes later by Alice and then some new people, Louise & Dick with their friends Nancy & Paddy. Ian was next to arrive (with his bag of tricks) swiftly followed by Tigger & Winnie. The drinks were flowing, the mood was jovial, even if  our newest recruits were a little nervous.

We were using two different rooms this time. I was in the garden with Karl when we realised the others had made their way upstairs. I soon followed to discover that the fun had begun without me. Things became a little blurred from here on in. I know that I was undressed by Bruce and Dave (but I managed to keep my silver heels on all the time). Dave lay on the bed next to Alice who was being played with by Ian and probably others. I was bent over the bed (still in my heels) sucking Dave off while Bruce was kneeling at my feet licking me out. Dave moved to play with Alice and Bruce turned me around to lay me on the bed while he continued to lick me out. I remember he put my left leg up over the ornate iron bedstead. I placed my other foot on his back. I believe there are photos of me like this but have not seen them yet.

Bruce then decided that he wanted me to himself and led me off in search of a quieter room (it can be handy when you own the small hotel). Choosing one of the rooms we used last time he stripped the ornate cover off the bed. But the noise coming from one of the other rooms had everyone running to see what was going on. (it was Nancy cumming very loudly with Tigger). Bruce had been holding onto an unopen condom for some time now and was determined he was going to fuck me. Next began the search for some lubricant to ease his latex covered cock into my tight cunt. Lube found and liberally smeared over my labia but try as he might he was still finding it difficult to gain entry. Probably not helped by me tensing up at each attempt. He is no slim Jim and each try sent a searing pain through my pussy. Giving up he wandered off.

I lay across the bed on my stomach chatting with others as they came and went. Dave whacked me on my arse with some rubber anal beads………..ouch they flippin well hurt, they look so innocent too. While I was laying there chatting I was also playing with a blue  and silver vibrator, trying out the various settings. At one point and I’m not sure now what else was going on but I seem to remember Alice sucking and playing with my nipples (I had earlier played with her nipple) as did Dick (now he was cute).I had just decided to get dressed and go see how Karl was as he had been feeling poorly and not joined in any of the fun, when Tigger asked me if I had had a good seeing to yet. Damn a few minutes earlier and I would have played with him but I was already in the getting dressed mode.

I found Karl in the garden, gradually the others all assembled in the lounge where Ian was loading all the photos of the night onto cd’s for all of us to keep. Karl didn’t want any and I said I would share with Dave (he still has the disc) then it was time to begin our journey home.

Louise found the evening enjoyable but overwhelming as there were so many people there, Karl also felt there were too many, I tend to agree too.

So if you were planning a group session how many do you think would be just right and how many would be too many?

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Posted by secretlynaughty on July 9, 2010

Not sure how I feel about this. Last week Dave and I met another couple for a drink, then took them to see his yacht. It was only a quick look round. They seem to be a nice couple, he has been chatting to them for a couple of weeks now. He has been away so I’ve not spoken to him since we met them. It is Red’s birthday and the three of them are going to go sailing and while I am at work they will play. Basing wants to give Red a threesome for her birthday. I can join them after work to help her nolonger be curious.

By the time I join them she will be warmed up for me (Dave doesn’t think she has had any bi experience). Obviously that means that I have the most experience although I am only at the curious stage myself.

Will I be jealous? ………………..of course I will, they are going sailing while I’m at work isn’t that bad enough? But they will be playing without me!!

I get the impression that the two men will be getting Red primed so that when I arrive she will be aroused enough to have her first bi play………….they are looking forward to watching us together.  Ahem has anyone thought about me here? I will have been working, I am only bi curious myself, I shall need to be aroused myself. I shall be in need of some attention myself before I am ready to launch into what does not come naturally for me. (I think he has told them that I am bi).

I would be much happier if I was with them for the whole time. But I have to work and Basing wants them to have 3some first. I would love to go sailing again too. But I don’t want to miss out totally so I shall join them later. I will insist that I get made a fuss of first though to make up for missing out earlier.

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3 men again

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 28, 2010

continued from here

Just as we were leaving the room Dave was passing the open doorway. I could see that the hair at the nape of his neck was damp, he confirmed that he had been in the jacuzzi. A quick kiss hello and we headed off towards the dungeon. There were a fair few people milling around but not much going on. Dave discovered a seat that we hadn’t seen before and wanted to know how it was used. It was red and the back is heart shaped and the low seat was a horseshoe shape with a cushioned platform slung under it. It didn’t take me long to work it out once we were told it was a ‘Dom’s seat’. The sub lays on the floor with head on the platform under the Dom. Dave lay on the floor to try it out but was soon back on his feet proclaiming that it was uncomfortable.  (I think maybe thats the idea doh).

Leaving the dungeon without playing we stopped at the room where we had played last time. There were 3 people in there (fully clothed) having a discussion. Dave wanted to find out how the swing works, he sat in it while I put his feet into the straps it was hilarious to see. I was standing in the doorway watching him and another guy began stroking my arm, the two guys in the room started making bets whether the new guy(Jackson) would give me one. I could have been insulted but wasn’t. He led me to a vacant room  where we kissed before undressing and laying together on the bed. We hadn’t been okaying for long when Larry appeared and asked if he could join in. Which he duly did , not long after Burns also joined us. So once again I had the attention of 3 guys. It was while the three of them were playing with my breats and pussy that my phone rang. I knew who it would be, Larry guessed one of my offspring but it was Karl. I didn’t answer.

Jackson left the other two to carry on which they did. Larry decided it was time for him to go home but first he wanted to cum on my breasts which he did do but gently cleaned me up. That left me with Burns who enjoyed my mouth on his impressive cock. Larry returned several more times before I hought he had gone. Burns also came across my body and carefully cleaned up the considerable mess. I was dressing when Larry returned to get my mobile number.

Going down to the kitchen I got myself a fresh drink before wandering out to the garden. They were covering over the hot tub and I hadn’t even been in it. That was when I lost my footing just as I was going back inside but ended up in a heap on the step. My drink splashing onto the wooden floor just inside the door. My knee stung like mad, the host hoisted me back to my feet checking that I was ok, saying he would deal with the wet floor. I found myself a chair by the front door which gave me a view of Dave reflected in the window on the stairs. I had managed to cut my knee but was relieved that my stockings were not ruined. Dave made his way downstairs and we agreed that we were ready to leave it was 2am. Neither of us felt the need to say goodbye to any one. Walking out to his car Dave had his fingers inside my mini skirt pushing me against the boot of his car he fucked me from behind ……….deja vue isn’t this a repeat of last week

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Sucked, licked, kissed, spanked and fucked

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 27, 2010

The first couple of hours of the party began in much the same way as the previous one. Drinking diet coke, eating nibbles that had been provided by our hosts, and of course sitting around in groups chatting. Dave had wandered off at around the time that the jacuzzi was uncovered. I thought perhaps he was going in but when I climbed the stairs to find the bathroom I found him loitering at the top of the stairs.

Together we made our way along the corridor that eventually leads to the stairs going down to the dungeon. But we didn’t get that far. Stopping at the first door we found two men and a woman playing together. They invited us to join them, Dave didn’t need asking twice, in the blink of an eye he was at the side of the bed with his trousers around his knees and his cock in Sally’s mouth. Burns had swung away from Sally and was now sitting on the end of the bed offering me his very long cock to play with.

I’m not sure how it happened but I was soon laid across the foot of the bed with Burns fingering my clit and now Larry who was playing with Sally’s pussy asked if he could play with my breast. He then asked what was the most men I had ever had playing with me at the same time?……………3 last sunday. Before I knew it I had Larry’s cock in my mouth and Dave and Burns were both attending to my pussy, fingering and licking. So for the second time in less than a week I had 3 men playing with me. Dave then went back to playing with Sally until she had enough and left shortly followed by Dave and Burns leaving me with Larry.

I spent the next hour or so alone with Larry. We did have an ever changing audience from time to time, some wanted to join in others just wanted to watch for a minute or two. We decided we didn’t want anyone else for a while. We were enjoying each other and didn’t need anyone else. We could have locked the door but chose not to. We  enjoyed kissing and cuddling as much as the sucking, fingering and licking.  He even gave my bum a spanking although he said it was against his nature(he was quite good once he got going). Once we felt we had been selfish enough Larry did invite another lady to join us but she said that she is strictly a one on one private person and was waiting for the room as it is the only lockable room now. We hadn’t realised and felt guilty that we had hogged the room for so long, which we continued to do for a while longer.

Before parting company (with an agreement to meet up again in a different room in a little while) we exchanged email addresses……………..

to be continued

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Party time

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 26, 2010

Tonight I am off to another swingers party with the very naughty Dave………..don’t wait up for me xx

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Posted by secretlynaughty on May 30, 2010

Last night we were back at the gay bar for the 3rd time in 4 weeks. Again we were first there, Diana had text me that they would be there at 8pm. We later got a text saying they would be there after 9 and Soldier would be there later too. It was a very odd night even for this odd pub. I had thought that by going out for the evening I would avoid the eurovision song contest……….it no longer has the same appeal as it did in my younger days. But Nooooooooooo the pub was showing it on a big screen. We were sitting at a table around the corner so couldn’t see it but we could still hear it. More to the point though I could certainly see and definately hear the drag queen (this was not in the same league as even the worst of the TVs) who was comparing the whole event ………….not that we couldn’t hear Graham Norton too. The funniest thing was that he was using a printed list of the running order except that it was last years lmao. Karl thinks he could copy the DQ’s dress quite easily as it was two Union Jacks sewn together.

Eventually Diana and co arrived, by then my niggling headache that I had had all day was a thumping headache. I was not feeling great and not enjoying my night out.

Diana was sat next to me and was telling us that she had almost accidentally come out without any knickers on. Being such an overtly sexual woman it suprised me that she has never gone out commando. This reminded e of the time when my son’s car had a flat battery and I was helping him to bump start it by pushing it up and down a road near his then workplace. I was wearing a skirt and flip flops but it was only after a gust of wind up my skirt that I remembered that I had left the house commando. (this was after a sexy visit from a mystery stranger). I don’t know how many ties we pushed that dan car up and down the road trying to get it started. After a while an articulated lorry driver stopped to help but to no avail. (do you think he might has suspected my lack of underwear?) Eventually we gave up and I drove to the nearest car parts store to but some jump leads. This got him moving again quite quickly.

Then I thought about the time I had left my lover on a sunday morning deliberately not wearing any knickers. I enjoyed the feeling of secret naughtiness as I drove towards home. This led me to stop off at asda and do my weekly shop whilst still commando. Again I was wearing a skirt, it was a very thrilling experience especially when in the vicinity of the chilled cabinets, feeling that cold air reaching my sore aching pussy. Wondering how many of my fellow shoppers would be shocked if they knew the state of my naked nether region.

There have been other times when I have gone out commando, I have been commanded to drive to an assignation without knickers on. That was thrilling too. I don’t remember all the times I have done this, it is not my normal state of dress but then neither is it something that worries me unless I am wearing a skirt as short as the one I wore last night. (which caused a few comments when I walked to the ladies). I did hear the screach from Diana ‘omg shes being very daring tonight’ . Karl told me this morning as we had a quite cup of tea together in my kitchen, that he knew I had knickers on last night. He didn’t quite see them but my skirt was very short especially at the back he just knew I wouldn’t have gone commando in that. Which reminds me that last year when I was at his house I had sat in his garden in a mini skirt with no knickers (the wrought iron chair had been deliciously cold on my bare skin). He had guessed that night that I was commando but didn’t know for sure until later.

Have you ever gone out commando?

Did anyone find out?

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Not guilty this time

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 4, 2010

I have been thinking about what my friends would say if they knew what I have been upto recently. By friends I am not thinking about my real life friends but my friends in blogland who are blissfully unaware of this blog. (some have also become real life friends too 🙂 ). Friends who follow my other blogs, friends who I have discussed sex with but not in quite the same way as I do here.

Friends who would say that I use sex to get a man or that I use sex to get company etc. Yes I have been guilty of using sex in this way in the past. But this time I am not using sex because I am lonely and need the affirmation or the attention that I can gain from using my sexuality.

No this time I am using sex in a totally different way. I am not desperate for affection, I am not desperate for sexual contact.

I am more than happy being me, I am happy with my life (could do with more money and a housekeeper though). I am having fun with my sexual life at the moment not because I need it but because I want to explore my own sexuality.

I am having all the adventures I am not through need but through a desire to experiment. How can I decide what I like if I have never tried it. How can I decide what I want from a potential partner if I don’t know what I like.

Until recently I didn’t know that I would enjoy being watched. I didn’t know that although I have a low pain threshold certain sources of pain would have my pussy dripping with arousal. I didn’t know if I would like to be tied up.

There are so many things that I want to try before I can say …………these are the things that I desire and these are the things that I don’t like.

Is there anything I should try that I have not got around to doing yet?

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doing it under my terms

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 15, 2010

It was early evening, we had talked about it a couple of times and now was the time to see if I would go through with it.

We were sittingin his car kissing, we do that a lot (he says I am a good kisser). It was totally my decision, we could go into the pub for a drink or we could drive away for some sexy fun. Or we could go to his house and make love on his bed.

I chose to be naughty, I had already asked him to make sure he brought a towel with him. When we had been talking about it in the preceeding days I had found myself getting turned on. I think being watched at the party had changed things for me. I had liked being watched at the party. I was getting turned on now by the idea of being watched provided it was my decision.

We parked up in the same car park as before, but this time as it had only just turned dark there were only two other cars there. We both took off our jackets and put our seats back as far as they would go to give ourselves as much room as possible. Without an audience I felt quite comfortable kissing and playing with Dave. It didn’t take him long to remove my knickers from under my loose black dress.  Soon another car pulled up beside us but I have no idea where the driver went to. He had left his vehicle but didn’t appear to be anywhere near us. Passions heating up inside the car my skirt was pushed up above my waist, my bra undone and pulled away from my breasts allowing Dave easy assess to which ever part of my body he chose to play with.

I was gettingvery aroused now and took hold of his cock, playing with it between my fingers as we continued to kiss. I saw our neighbour return to his car but soon he was standing watching us from behind my shoulder. I think my bum was revealed at this point but can’t remember.

Pushing me back into my seat Dave leaned across playing with my breast and my pussy simultaneously, while his tongue danced with mine. Knowing that we had an audience now was making me wetter, with Dave’s fingers working my pussy I was soon moaning in ecstasy. By this time Dave had lowered my window a few inches to let in some cool air. Knowing this only made me moan louder  so that I would be heard from outside. I was well into my stride now but still rejected Dave’s suggestion of  lowering the window and offer the guy a blow job.  I was enjoying this but at my pace.

I was already thinking about it so when Dave suggested that I should kneel on my seat and suck him off I was there before he could finish saying it. Burying my head in his lap sucking and licking greedily on his cock I was more than happy. Having my bum in the air facing the window with my skirt pushed onto my back so my rear end was totally exposed made me excited. With Dave playing with my pussy and my arse we now had an audience of three but the first man was bending down for a closer look while he wanked (so I am told).

Dave was whispering to me what was going on, but although I was enjoying giving our audience something to a enjoy I was more concerned with what I was doing. I love to suck cock and was thoroughly enjoying this one. I was also acutely aware of what Dave was doing to my arse but more particularly to my pussy. The sensations he was creating, plus the cock in my mouth I knew I was getting close to orgasm.I wanted to tell him to spank my bum but didn’t want to lose his fingers from my pulsing cunt so kept quiet. I knew I was getting wet but when I finally collapsed I discovered that the towel beneath me was not as wet as I expected. Dave says thats because when I came it hit the window.

We kissed some more before I decided that enough was enough. We adjusted our clothes and seats before returning to where my car was parked. Chatting and kissing again I jokingly put my stiletto heeled foot up on the dashboard. This brought the guy from the car next to us rushing around to see what he could see. But this time I was not going to be putting on a show. I enjoyed my bit of exhibitionism but I enjoyed it because it was on my terms, when where and how much.

I have come to the conclusion that yes I enjoyed my bit of dogging (how many middle aged women can say that they chose to go dogging on their birthday). But it is not going to be a regular occurrence. I will do it when I want to, but it will be an irregular treat not something that becomes expected or the norm. If I do it often then it will become sordid and more will be expected of me. There might come a time when I am wiling to be touched by the men watching, there might be a time when I am willing to either wank or give them blow jobs, but I am not there yet. If I ever get to that then it will be a slow build up.

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Dungeon and jacuzzi

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 10, 2010

Now although I accidentally put on my shy head I did enjoy my evening at the swinger’s party. It didn’t quite live up to expectation but then, what ever does when you are excited about something. There were less people there than expected and quite a few young thin people. There was more than the ‘normal’ amount of young single men. For the first few hours everyone was just talking in their groups.

We (Dave and I) decided to visit the dungeon, after a closer inspection of some of the equipment dave pulled my knickers down and stuffed them in my shoulder bag (where they still are). I climbed onto one of the spanking benches

leaning forward I could see myself in the mirror with Dave behind me, my skirt pushed up onto my back.  First he pushed his fingers inside me making me very wet, I’m sure my juice was dripping onto the floor between my spread legs.  But soon he was pushing his cock into my pussy and spanking my arse at the same time. Some people came to the door but left again when they saw us but after a while a man came in and sat down to watch. After my reticence about being watched the night before I somehow found this more of a turn on. I have for sometime liked the idea of the pssibility of being watched without knowing it, but not with it being obvious. However this time it was a turn on to know that this guy was enjoying watching me being fucked.  Dave withdrew and came round to my head presenting me with his erection which I was greadily enjoying when I was taken by suprise when Dave’s hand smacked down hard on my bum cheek. After several more smacks on my now stinging bum he was back between my thighs bringing me back to orgasm again as my body convulsed through it.

Later we found ourselves in a room that was all red with erotic artwork on the walls, no door and several peep holes in the wall there were also two sex swings as well as two double beds. At first we stood inside the door kissing with his hand inside my skirt making me wet again, then we moved onto the bed. With my skirt up over my waist and him naked from the waist down we began fucking. All the time I was moaning with pleasure as my legs were clasped around his waist I was aware of people looking in and some even coming to stand inside the doorway watching not just us but the couple on the other bed. By the time we had finished there was a very wet patch on the bed where I had come again.

We spent a lot of time drinking soft drinks and chatting in the kitchen/lounge areas. We had started the evening outside but it had become too chilly and boring just listening to people chatting about mutual friends that I had no idea who they were. Consequently frequent trips to the upstairs toilets were required. On my return from one such trip Dave was sat on the arm of a sofa chatting to the couple sat there. He told me to sit on his knee which I did but after a while found myself standing astride his thigh. His hand which has a mind of its own was soon inside my skirt working on my clit. I could feel myself coming right there dripping onto his thigh and the floor below while other people were standing around us chatting and laughing. This turned me on even more.

Once or twice Dave left me to go see what was going on elsewhere in the house. I didn’t want to stop him having fun with anyone else just as he didn’t want to stop me having fun. I did go searching for him once when I was bored, I found him back in the dungeon with a couple. He was just thanking them and didn’t see me come in the room behind him. She was just dressing, obviously I didn’t mind that he had had some action but when I asked him if had fun he just said not really she wasn’t very good used her hand too much.

Later we returned to the dungeon again, we both seemed to like it down there, another couple were using the spanking bench in the center of the room so we used the other one at the side of the room. We had investigated other furniture in the room but without whips etc not much point. I was getting quite hot and of course wet, this time Dave was alternating between fingering me and fucking my arse (something I have not done for about 2 years) and of course spanking me again. I know that two men came into the room, one joined the other couple playing with her pussy while she sucked the first guy’s cock. The other man sat in the chair beside the spanking bench where I was being fucked. In the mirror on the wall I could see Dave smiling down at me as he pumped into my arse and pulling my shoulders back towards him. Each time he slammed into me I felt my tummy slam against the top part of the bench where I was leaning on my elbows. Whispering in my ear he asked if I would be ok if anyone joined us. I agreed but it didn’t matter as it didn’t happen.

I have no idea what time it was when we investigated the jacuzzi in the garden. A little nervous of stripping off in front of everyone I waited until there was only one person in there before taking off my skirt top and bra and climbing in. I couldn’t believe how warm the water was and the jets were lovely. A few minutes later Dave joined us for a while soon followed by a few others. I was sat sandwiched between Dave and the young guy who had installed the hot tub earlier in the week. (no wonder he got in for free). They each had one of my legs resting across their lap. It wasn’t long before Dave’s fingers found my cunt again. The lad was stroking my leg under the water but that was all he did. He was happy with that so was I.

It was probably about 20 minutes before Dave left the jacuzzi leaving the birthday boy next to him to take his place. He began stroking my leg too and before I knew it his fingers had crept up my thigh to my pussy. Once his fingers touched my lips I adjusted my position letting him know it was ok to carry on. We were still laughing and chatting with the other occupants as he fingered me and my left hand found his erection. The look on his face and the feel of his fingers working in my cunt showed me that he was enjoying my cack handed wank. (I’m not left handed which doesn’t help). We kept this up for ages. I know I was on the verge of orgasm several times having to close my eyes and feel the blood drain from my head for a second or two. Eventually I had to leave briefly to find the toilet, dashing through the house wrapped in a short towel.

When I returned Dave was dressed and chatting in the garden, I told him to let me know when he wanted to leave, I was going back into the hot bubbles. Again it was just me and the young lad. We chatted and laughed for ages just enjoying the water. His mate who was the host (not sure if he owns the place) kept coming out to tease us and telling him to give it to me. He grabbed my breast to show young lad that he had done more to me than the lad. All that did was make us laugh. We were enjoying ourselves without having sex. But the next time I made my towel clad dash upstairs to the toilet I found Dave half asleep laid on a sofa. Time to go home it was after all almost 3am.

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