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worth the risk or not

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 27, 2010

I have been pondering for a while now. I am not sure whether to do this, whether it would work or how I could do this. I had a chat with my friend blogger about this last week, he feels that if I do this it could compromise my anonymity. I am not sure how great a risk this would be. Whilst I post photos of parts of myself on here I don’t show my face, there may be some who could identify me if they found this place but it is unlikely. Those who have been in a position to see my body in the flesh are not inclined to read blogs. The majority of the men I have been involved with would much rather look at porn than read a blog.

But if I were to do this there are many who might be able to identify me, many who I have never met. So what am I talking about? My voice. I have been aware for sometime that I have a nice voice (although I hate the sound of it myself). In recent years I have been told that I have a sexy voice. More recently I have been told by some men that listening to me on the phone feels like being caressed.

So what has my voice got to do with my blog? I am sure you have all read my fantasies, if not why not? I have others posted elsewhere. I also have a collection of books  of short stories from xcite books. What I have been thinking about and I am sure that you are clever enough to have guessed already. I want to make recordings of myself reading some of these stories for you to listen to. Last week I was having dinner with a male friend at his house. I took along some of my books (which I have left for him to read). He requested that I read one of them out to him. He thoroughly enjoyed my reading saying that I was good at reading it.

I am also in a situation where anything I could do to increase my earnings in a small way would be welcome. So what I need to know is if I were to make recordings would you want to hear them and if you do would you be prepared to pay a small amount for the priviledge. Do you have any suggestions for a nominal fee to be charged and most importantly how could I set this up in such a way that it would work for you and help me whilst not compromising my anonimity.

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