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Talking to a new reader who is not sure who is who in my world I figured it is time to do a who is who in the world of Secretly Naughty.  I shall try to include all the people who have featured on this blog but it may take me a while to add everyone.

Adam is a man I met at the start of 2007. We met for a lunch time drink, I was unwell he was on his way to an interview it was a brief meeting. Weeks later we were chatting and discovered that we had fancied each other. We continued to chat online from time to time for months. At the end of 2007 he told me he wanted us to meet up gain and play out some of his fantasies. It was at this point that I discovered he had a long term partner. Soon after this I found my Sweetheart so resisted all Adam’s attempts to get me to meet him although his text and IM  were getting rather steamy. Eventually in the summer of 2008 I gave in and spent an evening with him at his hotel. Since then we have chatted and he has tried to persuade me to meet him again but I have resisted.  He has become keen to explore his Dominant side. I have not spoken to him for ages.

Fred is a friend with benefits. We became friends about the end of 2006 while I was part of a couple looking for others to play with. Among those we encountered through our search was Fred who had been in a similar partnership but had by this time gone their seperate ways. We began chatting online and soon became friends. Fred loved to hear about all my sexploits and made no secret of his desire to be a part of that. Finally after about 6 months we met. Much to my suprise I was smitten. I got the impression that he was too.  Over the next few months he began sneaking away from work to visit me at home for some lovely sex. But during this time our friendship suffered. After a few months I told him that I wanted to be a one man woman, I wanted him to be that man. He said no. We had a big bust up over it but amazingly managed to remain friends. Gradually as time passed we were able to get our friendship back on course as long as we kept of the subject of sex. But gradually even that crept back into our conversations. One night as we were chatting he mentioned that he thought we should have sex with each other again. We are now back to being sexual but this time I am not emotionally involved which is good. I now think of him as my occassional indulgence.

Karl is the first man I met when I rejoined Adult Friend Finder in March 2009. We met for a drink which was followed by some hot action in his car. He tells me that he is seperated but I am not so sure. When his wife is away he house/cat sits and invites me to stay over with him. The first time I stayed over we discovered that although sex between us was good he was unable to penetrate my tight cunt. A course of radiotherapy some yers ago plus a lack of use had resulted in my pussy being too small for his thick cock. We have continued to see each other regularlyfor drinks and car sex. Examining his profile more closely I discovered that Karl has some experience of 3somes and would like to try 4somes. We talked about it and agreed to think about playing together with others.  But since then he has confessed to having growing feelings for me and doesn’t think he would be able to share me. We didn’t see much of each other in the later part of 2009 but things seem to be picking up again.

Cutter is the very first man I have met from IE. Eva asked why I called him that. It was to do with his profession in which one of his tools of the trade would be a scalpel. Funnily enough though both times we have met so far have been at a pub with Cutter being part of the name. (I had already named him that here before we decided to meet there so it is kind of apt but not the reason.) Cutter is married and lives in a city just across the border in an other county about an hour’s drive away. To date we have exchanged numerous emails met once purely for a drink. This left us both wanting more, so of course there had to be more. Although I found him on a site looking for an affair I feel he is quite innocent in the ways of infidelity. Our second date we were going to book a room at the hotel beside the pub but I had a health issue that had knocked me for six. Not wanting to miss the chance to get to know each other better we met again but this time we went for a short drive, found a small car park just off the main road beside the harbour. Workers cycling home along the public path meant there was no privacy. This bothered him far more than it did me. So after some restrained petting we drove back to the pub for a drink. However we are now booking a room for our next meeting. I get the impression that I will have to go gently with him or he won’t know what has hit him. I think I shall enjoy corrupting him.  We met for a third and final time on a very hot summer day in a hotel but we discovered that I had the same problems with him as I did Karl. Shortly before we were due to meet again I called it off as I had decided that I no longer wanted to meet married men, it is not the life I want, waiting for my man to be available to see me. He was very understandng and not suprised.

Sebastian (until now referred to as ‘married man’) I met through AFF right back in those early days when I was in a partnership. He was a single man who wanted to join a couple (there are many of those), but right from the beginning he and I hit it off. His emails were like no other. He has been and continues to be the best mind fuck I have ever known. Even now more than 3 years later we still lust each other greatly. He has been the architect of many a fantasy. We met several times at the end of 2006 and start of 2007 with each illicit encounter being saucier  than the last.  But we never got as far as full sex although there was one occasion where at his request I was dressed in a long robe and stockings in his car at the side of a road giving him a blow job complete  with snowball whilst we were passed by motorists and cyclists alike. We finally made love on the floor of his beautiful home some 2 years later after many failed attemts to get together again.

Nigel, I can’t believe I have not mentioned Nigel in this blog at all. I have just scoured all my old posts and there is not a single mention of him. Not the hot sex we shared or the fantasies I wrote for him. Nigel was the inspiration for my very first fantasy so he really should be here. This is something I shall have to remedy pdq. Nigel is a married man who lived in the next town, he worked nights while his wife worked days. I was not working at the time so he would come to my home late morning approxiately once a week. In all probability I would not have paid any attention had I passed him in the street.

We met on AFF (my first time around). He is tall, fit, extremely sexy and very very passionate. We had some very passionate sex, he knew how to fuck me so that I would feel well and trully fucked for hours after. He was also the man who introduced me to the pleasures of the pleasure/pain that is anal sex. I don’t think we ever had sex without indulging in anal at least once if not 2 or 3 times. Apart from being sexy and passionate he was also a good friend and we liked each other a lot. If he hadn’t been married I could easily have allowed myself to fall in love with him.

We still keep in contact now and again but he now lives in another part of the country. He has told me to let him know if I am ever in the area.

Dave is the first of the men I have been chatting to on fabswingers to have the opportunity to meet me. We met for a hot drink at a bar overlooking the marina where he keeps his yacht. This was followed by a hot and sweaty session on his yacht with promises to take me sailing when the weather is warmer and drier. We even discussed going to a swingers club in a few weeks.

Andrew is a fairly local guy who is into the Dom/sub idea after a hot chat with him I wrote Master which I then sent to him. The core of it came from his own words but expanded by mine. I didn’t hear from him after that first chat for about 10 days. He has reprimanded me for using his words in my story. He has set me some tasks (one of which is physically impossible). I am beginning to think he doesn’t really know much about being a Dom so I will chat to him some more and see if he does show any tendencies but I won’t be giving myself to him until/unless I am convinced he is suitable.

Woody is another man I have been chatting to from fabswingers. This one I am not sure I will meet. He seems very nice perhaps a little naive. He lives about half a mile from me, our kids went to school together and I have chatted to his wife in the past. I have mentioned this to him but he seems to find it even more thrilling that we might have met in the school playground. If that wasn’t bad enough I asked him what he does when he is not working ……….he likes fishing!! But he did redeem himself when he was telling me how he likes lingerie and doesn’t understand men who ignore this.

Owl is a little further away in a nearby city. We have chatted a couple of times now, he also likes lingerie but he is also appreciative of written fantasies. I sent him one which had the desired effect, he was already feeling horny but having read my story was unable to contain himself. I am looking forward to more chats and possibly meeting him sometime soon. As you will see if you read the post linked here you will know that we have now met.

Cougar is something of a slow burn affair. I met Cougar within a short time of meeting Karl both of them I met through AFF. We met for a drink, but didn’t meet again for some time. We chatted often at first, but I never made any moves to meet him again in a hurry, not because I didn’t want to, I did. But I had no intention of throwing myself at this man. With this man I have been playing the long game. We did meet again for a midnight tryst, then for no apparent reason he vanished for months until he began chatting again while I was ill a few months ago. We met for a third time on my birthday. Each time we have met it has been to chat, each meeting has ended with a nice (but brief) kiss………..until now.

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