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Occassional Indulgence

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 25, 2009

We had been chatting for quite some time when I told him that he is my occassional indulgence. I think he quite liked that as next day he text me  that he needs to indulge. We had already worked out that it had been a little over 2 months since our last indulgence. For both of us family life had got in the way, although we had managed to chat online and exchange various text message.

We had discussed the changes in me during the years we have been friends. I am much more confident in myself now. He thinks I am a strong woman who knows what she wants and goes out and gets it.  That may be a slight exaggeration from my view. If that had been true he wouldn’t now be my occassional indulgence. But these days while I let my body enjoy his I keep my heart closely guarded from him. He recently told me that he thinks about me more than I know. But still I doubt he thinks of me I would wish.

I have made it clear to him that I am nolonger in the market for casual affairs. However no man will stop me from being friends with him. Once I find Mr Right there will be no more indulging but in the meantime he is my only indulgence. I know he will be hard to give up but give him up as a sexual partner I will. Our friendship has been non sexual for longer periods than it has been sexual so I know we can continue to be friends just as we did before.

We agreed a day for our indulgence, during the afternoon he text that we would have to make it slightly later than usual as he had a goodbye drink to go to. Fine that gave me longer to pamper myself. Then came the text …..slight problem will text later when all clear.

Several text later and the clock was still ticking, I had given him half an hour or it would be too late (he doesn’t live in the same neighbourhood). Eventually I told him that it would be a pity to miss what could be our last chance seeing as there is a potential Mr Right on the horizon.

He replied that once again other people not being organised cause him to suffer…… But it did prompt him to make sure he didn’t miss out.  Finally I arrived at his place at 10.30pm. I told him not to bother making tea, we went straight into his lounge to begin our passionate kissing. I love it when he twists my hair in his hand as he kisses me. He doesn’t believe it is right to cause pain and could never knowingly do so, yet when he tugs on my hair he sends spasms through me making me wet with desire. We always kiss for ages without stopping for breath, ocasionally shifting position. We both enjoy these kissing sessions enormously, our legs entwined. This time as it is nolong summer I am wearing stockings under my black skirt. My yellow stilletto heels pushed to one side as I slide my leg between his jean clad legs. 

He breaks off to kiss my neck and I fnd his nipples under his sweater to play with. My hands wander over his chest playing with his chest hair, then down over his belly (he had proudly announced a week or so ago that he has lost some weight). Along his leg and back to his groin I feel the hardness of his tool. His hand finds it way under my skirt, gently caressing the nylon of my stocking. Up past the top of the elasticate lace to bare flesh. I hold my breath as his fingers reach the edge of my high leg panties. I expect his fingers to begin probing, my kisses become more urgent. But his touch remains featherlight barely discernable. This is driving me crazy, I want his fingers inside me spreading my hot juice, but still he teases me. I can feel my wetness increasing as I become more excited.

Pulling away from his kiss I tell him he is a very sexy man and he should take me upstairs now!  He doesn’t agrue but rises from his seat and leads me to his bedroom. I remember how that first night in his room he left the light off but since then the light has been on the whole time. I smile inwardly as he pulls my green top up over my head tossing it onto the floor behind him. Next he fiddles with the clasp of my black and red bra. That too is tossed onto the floor, sliding his sweater up for him to pull off I marvel as his chest hair is revealed at my eye level. He has enough hair to make it a joy to run  my fingers through without being too much.

Boldly unbuttoning his jeans I push them towards the floor, I had known before I left home that he would be commando. He usually is but not always. Next I lose my skirt as t pools around my feet swiftly followed by the black lace of my now wet panties. A few more kisses and he guides me backward to the edge of his bed. Gently pushing me into a sitting position before him I lean dow n to his manhood taking his stiff member in my hand swirling  my tongue as I taste him again for the first time in months. I have missed the  taste and feel of his cock in my mouth, greedily I take his head into my mouth savouring the taste of him. This is what I have been needing all this time.

All the time I am licking and sucking on this lovely cock my hands are wrapped around him stroking and squeezing his firm buttocks. How I adore this man and his body, I could play with his cock and his bum for hours but age is catching up with me and my back is aching. regretfully I pull away from his erect penis. He picks up my legs I think is going to place them on his shoulders and enter my wet aching pussy. Instead he swings my legs around and climbs onto his fur covered bed beside me. His mouth finds mine as his fingers  find my inviting cunt. This time there is no gently teasing but fingers plunging into the depths of me as he begins to finger fuck me, the sound of my wetness fills the room. He rubs my juice into and around my labia until I can take nomore.

He positions himself above me as he goes down on my pussy licking and sucking my clit.  His cock invitingly close to my mouth I don’t need any persuasion, latching on sucking for dear life I just can’t get enough of this.  His sweet cock in my mouth and his skilled tongue in my pussy life doesn’t get much better than this. The more his tongue makes me cum the more I suck on his cock. Too much of this and I am likely to bite it off in my excitement. I have to contain my pleasure and break away from him. We lay side by side as we catch our collective breath, my hands have a mind of their own and soon I notice that instictively my right hand is stroking and pulling on his erection. He warns me that too much of that and he will explode.

I take the hint and climb onto him, its time for my cow girl ride. It is obvious that two months has been too long as I find it a little more difficult than usual but after wincing a few times I get into the swing of it and soon my breasts are bouncing before his mesmerised blue eyes. Alternating between sitting upright as our rhythum increases and laying prone along his body grinding my clit against his pubis we both cum with a shudder. Slowly I climb back off him as we lay together again enjoying our post coital chat. But it is getting late we both have work in the morning. Hastily we dress and he shows me out into the dark night.

I do hope things work out for me with this new potential man in my life but I shall miss my passinate sessions with Fred. I wonder if it would be too much to ask if he is free again early this week?

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