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I hope you will join me as I follow the adventures of Anna and her new husband Jack. I can’t make any promises about how often there will be a new story to add. If you have any requests or ideas for new stories please don’t be shy let me know.


Anna and Jack

Anna plays solo

Anna’s Choice

Max calls



some of my other fantasies can be found here too

Making it real

Tell Me


Strawberry and cream

Strawberry and cream part 2

Strawberry and cream part 3


When you go down to the woods today

A glorious morning

A ride with Nigel

I need a snog

When a stranger enters

Enter a stranger again

Making plans for Sebastian


Mistress part two

3 Responses to “Fantasies”

  1. secretlynaughty said

    If anyone has any requests for anything they would like to see in these stories please don’t be shy, let me know and I will see if I can work that in somehow.

  2. ausallblack said

    wow soooo hot love it we could collaborate on a fantasy fuck blog visit me some time

  3. secretlynaughty said

    I am not sure whether I should give each story it’s own page or does it work well for you having each story one after the other on one page?

    Your opinions are always welcome.

    I know some of you are more opinionated than others. 😉

    yes you know who you are ;p

    sn x

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