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Posted by secretlynaughty on October 15, 2010

I bet you were begining to wonder where I had got to. The truth is very boring, I wish I could say I was too busy to write because I was busy having wild sex here there and everywhere. Instead I have not had much to write and although I have had a couple of posts going around my head I have not been able to assemble my thoughts into anything that makes sense. Apart from that I have become addicted to ‘sex games’ on face book. I love the oportunity to use tactics t make progress through the game………it also feeds my competative streak.

But today I am determined to put a few words together here. I am going on a short trip in a few hours and will be back late Sunday afternoon. I have been having a few days off work this week and as so often happens to me I was poorly the first couple of days and suffered with headaches on other days. This morning I decided to try shifting the niggly headache by changing my blood pressure during an orgasm or two.

On saturday morning I had gone to the local post office sorting office to collect a mystery parcel. I hadn’t ordered anything nor was I expecting anything so it was quite a suprise to discover the contents of the box was a Penthouse Mode G-spot caress.

I had been approached by (sex toys)

to try out and review one of thier products. I had a choice between


Their Toys G-Spot Caress

I chose the latter because I have never tried a G-spot vibrator so this would be different for me. However by the time the parcel arrived I had forgotten that it was on its way.

As soon as I got home I opened up the package and inserted the 2 AAA batteries that I just happened to have. I love the soft pink colour, turning it around in my hand it felt nice, kind of solid but pliable at the same time. The on off switch is easy to operate, a simple single button in the centre of the end of the handle. I wanted to try it out right away  but wasn’t alone in the house. A few evenings ago I got the oportunity to try it out. I didn’t have any lube to hand and was too tired to go rooting about for it so wasn’t able to properly insert this vibe into my vagina. However the feel of it buzzing against my clit was pretty arousing and I did manage to have a small orgasm.

Today though I had my lube at the ready, my G-spot Caress slid easily between my lips aided by a generous helping of lube. It felt good but I don’t know if it is just me, my vagina is very tight and shallow following radiotherapy some years ago. I was unable to locate my G-spot with the Caress, but then that might be down to me. I had begun to suspect that I don’t have a G-spot at all until my Sweetheart found it for me a couple of years ago. He is the only man to do so. So I wasn’t overly disappointed that I couldn’t locate it today. The vibrations I did get from this G-Spot Caress were good and I was able to give myself a very strong orgasm by using it against my clit. However I did find that I had one slight problem using this vibrator other than my inability to locate my G-spot. The cap over the batteries came off several times during use merely by my putting a little pressure on the side of it. It didn’t come right off so didn’t interupt the vibations or my pleasure but I am sure this shouldn’t occur.

Although I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to caress my g-spot I did enjoy using this toy. I would recommend others to use this vibrator as I feel the failure was due to y own body rather than the vibe itself.

to see their catalogue check here

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along came Jim

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 7, 2010

I see his photo most days on face book, I get the occasional email usually something he is sending to all his ‘friends’ a good cause email either to do with cancer or kids or ‘our heroes’. I don’t like the picture he is using now, I much prefer the one he has used the most. Maybe because that was the second picture I saw of him, (the first of his face). It was the picture I printed off and carried around for a while. Yeah I know cheesy right. (I don’t do that now).

After my marriage collapsed I had an on off affair with Don, after 6 months we booked a holiday together, the next day he dumped me for his other on off girlfriend aka TB (the bitch). I took my kids on holiday without him, that was a very subdued holiday. But before the holiday I had joined AFF, on the day I returned from the holiday I had a message from a new man not too far away slightly younger than me but not much, asking for a chance. There was just one problem………..his profile photo was of his erection. I had been drinking wine earlier and feeling bolshy told him that if he wanted a chance he had better change his photo.  I would not be able to recognise him if we ever met unless he was going to drop his pants in public. He soon sent me the photo that even now is indelibly imprinted in my mind.

We chatted on and off for a couple f days arranging to meet at the end of the week (the day after his birthday). All week  I felt such an incredible connection that I worried meeting him would be a disappointment. It wasn’t, we clicked right away, I didn’t even mind that he smoked. We seemed to get on well, I called him my toyboy even though there’s less than 2 years between us. He told me I had lied on my profile calling myself ‘ample’ when in his opinion I clearly wasn’t, (apart from the obvious).

We went for a drive, found a secluded car park. I climbed onto his lap on the back seat, it became a standing joke that I had soaked his trousers. Over the next few weeks we became close, when we were not together, there were text and IM everyday. Then came the day that he insisted we were going to meet at our usual meeting place. We had not made any earlier arrangement so this was a suprise to me. But a bigger suprise was still to come. Sipping our hot drinks as we chatted and kissed he told me that he had to tell me something I wouldn’t like. I wasn’t prepared for what he told me next.

Six months earlier he had applied for a job that would not only be a promotion but also take him closer to his children. I was pleased for him of course but this move was going to take him to Europe and happen in just 4 days time. He would be back from time to time and we would keep in contact. True to his word a month later we spent a night together in a hotel that we had stayed in before. This was the night he introduced me to my first sex toys. My first experience of having a vibrator used on me.

I had never known that a vibrator induced orgasm could be so incredible. That night was one of the best sexual experiences I had had to that date. The sight of Jim standing naked at the window smoking, watching a deer in the car park in the middle of the night will remain with me for a very long time. In the morning Jim gave me the vibrator he had used on me the night before. It was my first lady lust finger (maybe that is why I am so fond of them). He also gave me my orange dildo.

That morning as we kissed goodbye in the car park I had no idea that I would never see him again. A brief exchange of text messages that evening gave no clue that he was about to vanish from my life. He did not reply to any of my text messages or emails, nothing. I was very worried, although a civillian I knew that his work someties took him to places like Iraq and Afghanistan. I was convinced that something awful had happened. The silence was painful. A year passed and still nothing. I am sure you can imagine the shock I felt when out of the blue I received an email from Jim. It was nothing personal, just a chain email. I replied.

‘So you are still alive then’

A series of emails ensued from which I learnt that he had purposefully given me that last night together knowing that he planned to disappear from my life. He thought that I would get over him quicker that way. I don’t know when but he had decided to make his life in Europe with no plans to return to UK.

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How many are too many?

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 30, 2010

After spending all afternoon sailing with both of my lovers, having a companionable meal together how could we finish the day on a high?

We could spend the evening together playing cards? …………….no

We could go to the pub? ………….no

We could all go our seperate ways ? …………no

or we could go to a private party? …………………yes

Dave drove, it should have taken a tad short of an hour to get there but with Dave at the wheel doing a ton along the dual carriage way as we headed east along the coast before heading north along country lanes, we were there in 40 minutes. I text Bruce to let him know we had arrived…………….come on in. We were the first to arrive, followed a few minutes later by Alice and then some new people, Louise & Dick with their friends Nancy & Paddy. Ian was next to arrive (with his bag of tricks) swiftly followed by Tigger & Winnie. The drinks were flowing, the mood was jovial, even if  our newest recruits were a little nervous.

We were using two different rooms this time. I was in the garden with Karl when we realised the others had made their way upstairs. I soon followed to discover that the fun had begun without me. Things became a little blurred from here on in. I know that I was undressed by Bruce and Dave (but I managed to keep my silver heels on all the time). Dave lay on the bed next to Alice who was being played with by Ian and probably others. I was bent over the bed (still in my heels) sucking Dave off while Bruce was kneeling at my feet licking me out. Dave moved to play with Alice and Bruce turned me around to lay me on the bed while he continued to lick me out. I remember he put my left leg up over the ornate iron bedstead. I placed my other foot on his back. I believe there are photos of me like this but have not seen them yet.

Bruce then decided that he wanted me to himself and led me off in search of a quieter room (it can be handy when you own the small hotel). Choosing one of the rooms we used last time he stripped the ornate cover off the bed. But the noise coming from one of the other rooms had everyone running to see what was going on. (it was Nancy cumming very loudly with Tigger). Bruce had been holding onto an unopen condom for some time now and was determined he was going to fuck me. Next began the search for some lubricant to ease his latex covered cock into my tight cunt. Lube found and liberally smeared over my labia but try as he might he was still finding it difficult to gain entry. Probably not helped by me tensing up at each attempt. He is no slim Jim and each try sent a searing pain through my pussy. Giving up he wandered off.

I lay across the bed on my stomach chatting with others as they came and went. Dave whacked me on my arse with some rubber anal beads………..ouch they flippin well hurt, they look so innocent too. While I was laying there chatting I was also playing with a blue  and silver vibrator, trying out the various settings. At one point and I’m not sure now what else was going on but I seem to remember Alice sucking and playing with my nipples (I had earlier played with her nipple) as did Dick (now he was cute).I had just decided to get dressed and go see how Karl was as he had been feeling poorly and not joined in any of the fun, when Tigger asked me if I had had a good seeing to yet. Damn a few minutes earlier and I would have played with him but I was already in the getting dressed mode.

I found Karl in the garden, gradually the others all assembled in the lounge where Ian was loading all the photos of the night onto cd’s for all of us to keep. Karl didn’t want any and I said I would share with Dave (he still has the disc) then it was time to begin our journey home.

Louise found the evening enjoyable but overwhelming as there were so many people there, Karl also felt there were too many, I tend to agree too.

So if you were planning a group session how many do you think would be just right and how many would be too many?

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Fun and games

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 25, 2010

Tonight Karl has uploaded all the photos that were taken at our recent play night. He has sent them all to me too so I can do whatever I like with them. I shall have to pass on the relevant ones to our playmates. If you are lucky I might even post some of them in my gallery.

Anyway I need to tell you about our night out before I forget. We were all standing around bed 1 (where most of the action happened) Ian began taking some toys and bondage gear out of his bag, There were lots of oohs and aahs from those watching the ever-increasing pile of goodies. The paddle was immediately taken up and applied to various bottoms (at this stage still clothed). The crop had almost but not quite as much attention. There were gasps as the spreader bars complete with leather restraints clanked onto the bed.

It only took one person and I have already forgotten who, to start stripping off and the rest of us followed suit. I did have to laugh at the speed with which Karl removed all his clothes ………nothing if not keen. I stood by the foot of the bed with an erect cock in each hand gently stroking both. Karl decided that bed 1 was a little crowded so we went off to play on bed 2. Karl had told the other guys that he could get me wet within seconds. No sooner had I laid back among the many pillows with Karl’s head between my thighs when I had two hungry mouths suckling on my nipples. Tigger on my right and Bruce on my left. It was soon apparent that I had squirted in next to no time. The squeals and moans coming from the other room only heightened my arousal. Karl knows just how to use his tongue on my pussy to get me writhing around moaning. The mouths and hands manipulating my breasts tipped me over the edge.

Tigger went of to join the fun on bed 1 while Bruce gave me his cock to suck while Karl continued to pleasure my pussy. I felt so overcome with the sensations of it all that I needed to rest and drink a glass if water thougtfully provided by Bruce (our host for the evening). It is all becoming a little hazy in my mind now. But I know I had my pussy eaten by both Bruce and Tigger as well as Karl. I think Tigger was eating me out while I was sucking karl’s cock. It seems that I was on bed 2 pretty much the majority of the time while Tigger, Bruce and Karl each played with me in turn and much of the time 2 or even three of them at once.

It was while I was on my back with Tigger between my thighs that Karl knelt beside my head giving me his cock, that he began taking photos. There are several that he took from above me, although his favourite is a close up of my wet pussy taken before he joined the writhing mass on bed 1. Grabbing his camera I wandered in to see what was going on, I couldn’t resist taking some of Karl as he hovered over Winnie. She had hold of his cock while he was playing with a double ended dildo in her cunt. Tigger took me back to bed2 to play with a vibrator before he gently entered my pussy with his rubber clad cock. He had been pumping into me when Karl rejoined us pushing his cock into my mouth again. My 2nd spit roast. It funny how I always think of a spit roast being when the woman is on all fours not on her back with her legs pointing towards the ceiling like I was now. Tigger did get me to change onto my knees so that he could fuck me from behind. Karl left us again then to play in the other room.

It was while Bruce was licking me out that Alice came in and played with and sucked my breasts. She later said that I have gorgeous breasts and she would have liked the chance to play with me and Winnie together. But that will be another time.

I’m not sure who was between my legs when Bruce felt that I had been missing out on the toys and  smacked my breast and pussy with the paddle. He must be very gentle as I only felt a slight tap from the paddle but I do now have a bruise. Finally I had had enough, I am not used to so much constant attention on my throbbing pussy. It was on trembling legs that I made it into the other room where Alice was being restrained with her hands cuffed to the metal bed frame while Tigger slammed his cock into her cunt. To everyone’s amazement Alice broke free with a yank of her arms. Ian and Bruce then strapped her wrists to the bed using a metal spreader bar with leather wrist straps.  We all thought she was stuck now but no she broke out of this too.

It was not long after this that we all dressed and said goodnight. We still had a long drive home and work in the morning. I am looking forward to more nights of fun. In the meantime I have begun chatting to one of the Doms and Dave has offered to take me to swinger party at the weekend.

A few photos can now be found on my gallery

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when there were 7

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 22, 2010

It was while I was in the bath that I got his text. At first I left it then thinking about it I figured that maybe he was changing the time he would pick me up …….good as I had just 10 minutes to finish washing my hair, dry, dress and dry my hair & put my face on. But it was Karl saying it will be us, them and another couple.

So it was that 2 hours later we were intorduced to Bruce & Alice and Tigger and Winnie. It was only when we were sitting chatting that we discovered we were waiting for the seventh person to join our gathering. When Ian arrive he was carrying a very large bag. We all had to wait until we were in one of the two adjoining double rooms we would be using before we found out what was in Ian’s bag of  tricks. These included a paddle, crop restraints, masks, vibrators, but plugs and anal beads to name but a few.

But if you want to know about what happened next you will have to wait.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you would probably realise that I have a curiosity about being submissive. I have talked to various men about it. Some have been keen to play the role of Dom for me but it just wasn’t happening.  Others like Dave have ruled themselves out of the role. Others like Karl I wouldn’t bother to even discuss it with, there just wouldn’t be any point. Although after this most recent adventure he might get a little more adventurous with me.

Quite by accident I clicked on an advert for a BDSM & alternative lifestyle site. I have now created a profile which states

I have an unfulfilled desire to see what its like to be submissive. Not sure if I am more of a switch with more submissive tendencies. I have dabbled in the swinging scene but need to experiment with pushing my boundaries with someone who knows what they are doing. ………………..Teach me

I have been suprised just how many experienced Doms there are even in just my area in the right age group. At the moment out of those who have hotlisted, winked or messaged me I have about 4 possibles to think about. These are 3 of them……

a) I am a genuine Dom and in need of a new Sub to train and use. Exploring your boundaries and teaching you in the ways of an obedient Sub is what I specialise in. I can accommodate and interested in meeting you for a chat to explore your desires, our meeting would be regular and gentle to start with leading to more intensive training. (geographically closest)

b) experienced master in a vanilla marriage.  Just let me know your fantasies and desires and if we are compatible I would be happy to fulfill any fantasy you have. I am clean, genuine, a medical professional (his pictures are good)

c)I have been involved in the scene actively for fifteen years and have trained many submissives. I am now looking for a submissive women or couple whom I can treat, tie and train and if they are very good treat them again. I never forget that it’s all about pleasure really.I am fully experienced in bondage, punishment routines, humiliation and mental control. I will adjust our regime to suit your needs and experience.
You should enjoy being trained and tied and being sexually servile on a regular basis. I am not looking for a one-night stand or just quick fix sex. I want to mould you into my perfect sex slave. Your ultimate pleasure will be determined by how well you please me. The more you please the more I will treat.

I have a private, discreet house in France. It is remote and ideal for extended sessions where scenarios can be played out, uninterrupted for a day or two if you would like the experience of being totally immersed in your submission and service.

I shall sleep on it before replying to any of them. There are others but these seem to be the most likely out of those who contacted me today (my first full day of membership)

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Limited Comments C – D

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 6, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I started with A – B and now continue with C – D some of these I have commented on already.

Cages (locked inside) ……………..Not something I could ever envisage myself experiencing
Caning …………yes this is something I can see myself doing in a small way…………having done this once before and enjoyed the pleasure pain in a peverse kind of way
Castration fantasy ………………See previous
………………See previous

Cattle prod (electrical toy) …………….. no way ina ny way shape or form would I go near one of these
Cells/Closets (locked inside of) ………….Whilst I can’t see this happening, I can’t see it being too much of a problem
Chains ………with the right partner in the right situation I might agree to this
Chamber pot use …………… I can’t see this but if I ever found myself in sub or slave situation I might have no choice

Chastity belts ………this I am curious about

Chauffeuring ………………See previous
Choking …………. this is a definite no no for me
Chores (domestic service) …………. I am not the most domestic woman in the world so this really would be a chore
Clothespins …………….. I have tried these on my nipples but unlike others I don’t think I could bear to have them used on my labia
Cock rings/straps ………… I have never experienced the use either of these but I can see myself experimenting with a cock ring on my partner. straps  though I don’t know
Cock worship ………….. give me a good cock and I will worship it lovingly…….give me two cocks to worship and I will be in heaven
Collars (worn in private) …………. I quite like the idea of this in the right situation but my aversion to anything around my neck doesn’t help in this fantasy
Collars (worn in public) ………… my aversion aside I could only see this within circles where this would be accepted
Competitions (with other subs) ………… having a competative nature I would relish this but I would have thought being competative would not fit in with being submissive
Corsets (wearing casually) ………….oh yes
Corsets (trained waist reduction) …………. if I could still breathe then yes
Cuffs (leather) …………. bring it on
Cuffs (metal) …………… yes I can see myself wearing these but not for lonf periods
Cutting (Light) Cutting (Deep) Cutting (Hidden Areas) Cutting (Visible Areas) ………. no no no no noooooooooooo
Diapers (wearing) …………. no thank you I am not a baby and I fear that wearing them in old age will unfortunately come to me eventually and I would rather save that indignity until it cannot be avoided
Diapers (wetting) …………. see above
Diapers (soiling) ………….. see above
Dilation ……………..See previous
Dildos …………. the more the merrier especial in the hands of one or more lovers

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Pussies need to be fucked

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 3, 2010

This seems to be a recurring theme on the searches that find my blog along with damp pussies.

Well that is appropriate because this pussy is not only damp but in much need of a good fuck. I am not saying that my pussy is not seeing any action. My pussy has received a lot of attention in recent weeks. Fingers, tongues and toys have all been used on my pussy.

Karl has not yet managed to fuck my pussy with his cock although I have now suggested that we try cowgirl or me straddling him while he is sat upright. He is keen to give this a go. Dave has fucked me but doesn’t stay hard for long and finds it easier to fuck my arse than my pussy. The recent party I attended saw my pussy being attended to by fingers and tongues.

But my pussy needs a good hard fuck from a lovely erect cock. I need to feel a hard cock inside me filling my cunt, pushing against me. Leaving me with a feeling of being filled and fucked. Maybe I shall get my wish soon.

But my idea of heaven would be to have my pussy fucked hard at the same time as having another delicious cock to suck on.

Any volunteers?

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Posted by secretlynaughty on April 13, 2010

Tonight I was meant to be meeting a couple to see if I like them…….(they will like me ….no question). But they have cancelled again for the second time. So having relaxed in my lovely warm bubble bath and now having nowhere to go I decided to get my toys out. Having been very ill for 10 days I have not had a chance to play with my new toys since they arrived.

Taking out my Serena from those nice people at Ann Summers, I admired the almost transparent pale pink body of this vibrator. Manipulating her in my hands I found her to be incredibly flexible in all directions. She takes 2 x AAA batteries which are easy to find and insert. The end of the battery cover is also the control. Twisting the end slightly brings her to life with soft vibrations increasing the more you twist. I was suprised just how fast the highest vibrations were.

Just a tiny drop of lube was all it took to help her slide easily into my vagina. The slim tip makes it easy even for my tight pussy to accept her. Moving her around is easy with the slim shape of this vibrator. At first I found myself wanting something meatier inside me, something my muscles could cling to. But the more I twisted and bent her, changing the speed of the vibrations the more I warmed to her. Slowly withdrawing her allowing the tip to slide over my clit was very stimulating not sure if it was me or the vibe that provided the heat on my clit.

The slim shape also makes this vibe ideal for anal play. Twisting to make the tip face the thin wall seperating it from my vagina is very nice.

I have enjoyed playing with my new serena but think playing with this vibrator with the help of a partner will increase my enjoyment even more as they would be able to twist and put pressure in different places.

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