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Posted by secretlynaughty on September 3, 2010

“Have been asked by ‘sherry’ if you/us will meet her fb tonight and allow him  to play with you as a suprise birthday treat. Meet 10pm in car park.”

That was the suprise text I received from Dave whilst at work. I didn’t reply until I could get home and check out who this was. I found a profile of a local single female.

Dave text me again later.

hi what would you like to do tonight? If you want to text Sherry her number is ************* she is a midwife.

After thinking about this I decided against it.

hi this is sn I gather that you want to give your fb a b’day suprise. Unfortunately I am really tired tonight. Really sorry.

now Im gutted u ok hun x

yeah just get more tired as week goes by. I did give this serious thought though. Maybe another time.

cant u just watch him cum x

no sorry

pretty please x

By this time I was feeling suspicious. Dave was now online

what was the plan?

She wants us to meet her fuck buddy, its his birthday today she says. She wants you to suck him or let him cum over you. I told her it’s up to you.

I text her to say I’m too  tired which I am.

ok. by the way she saw us up on the hill that time.

She is trying to put pressure on me. I’m not sure this is a woman……….I think this is a single guy.

I think it might be too but her profile looks ok

how would she/he know they saw us?

she told me my licence plate number


must have a good memory

that’s not good that someone is keeping a record……… do you remember seeing any women?

was too busy………….there were other cars there.

how did the conversation get around to that and how did they make connection between a couple dogging in april an a couple on fab in sept?

She asked if I ever went dogging, I said I sometimes went on the hill, she said she did too. She recognised make of car.

I don’t like the sound of this………….I was worried before I said I was too tired but now it feels freaky.

yeah I thought so too

Wish I hadn’t text from my private phone now.

you should have let me text , never mind

this  ‘sherry’ is now asking if tomorrow is better……………have not replied

hmmm I did say that we were already busy……..I am IM’ing her but she/he’s not talking to me……….don’t reply

I have not heard anything more but I do think this was a single guy trying his luck. It is very un-nerving to think that they have kept a note of Dave’s reg number months later.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on August 26, 2010

I was going to text you today but changed my mind

were you in a mood?

No just figured you wouldn’t want your afternoon interrupted

I was only watching tv

But you wouldn’t have wanted to know that I was having an orgasm


The opportunity arose

Were you with Dave?

I was on my bed, I had a folded towel, took off my shorts and knickers, placing my hand between my thighs

Not fully naked then

I didn’t need to be, do you?


You don’t need to be naked to pull one off do you?

You should have text me

What would you have done?

I would have been right round

would you have let yourself in, come upstairs and watched?

I would have shagged you

are you stroking it now?

no talking to you

and that stops you?

no just don’t feel like it

sometimes I wonder about him grrrrr

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When Wet is too wet

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 22, 2010

If you didn’t know by now I am an avid reader of blogs like Yummy’s. But apart from that I also chat online quite often with various male friends. (I am not including either Dave of Karl in this). I read about women giving themselves orgasms at work and various other places. Some of the men I chat to including Blogger, Fred, Sebastian and Nigel expect me to be doing the same as Yummy does.

Ok so I have been known to have orgasms in a variety of places and sometimes it take nothing more than a kiss or touch from my lover of the moment. I love to have orgasms al fresco.

But to have a surreptitious orgasm when I am out and about in public or at my desk at work is just not possible. Ok so it would be possible, There are times I could easily give myself an orgasm without anybody suspecting ……………until I stand up.

I don’t even need to have an orgasm, it only takes me to be slightly aroused and I feel the heat running between my thighs ….literally. There are times when I am so aroused that I don’t even know I am making myself and anything I am sitting or standing on soaking wet. I can’t even have an impromptu orgasm in my own home without getting a folded town to put under me, that kind of takes the edge of it being impromptu.

This is why I say that giving myself orgasms in public is not possible, it is possible just not possible to do without giving myself away.

Can anyone help me to find a way of having an orgasm without getting so wet? I know that guys love that I get so wet but it does become a nuisance at times. It also prevents me from having illicit fun without worrying that I will leave a wet mess behind.

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from fellatio to mistress

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 30, 2010

When he woke me up (I didn’t realise at first that he had) I had no idea where it would lead to.

I had taken my laptop up to bed with me but had dozed off whilst writing my latest post on here (it had already taken 3 days to post, I have been so tired that I keep falling asleep). I woke up thinking it was the middle of the night, it was 11.30pm I discovered that Karl had just tried to chat to me on msn. He was leaving me a message saying he would catch me when I was awake. Once he realised I was now awake we began a short chat but soon said goodnight.

I don’t now remember what I said but it reignited the conversation which turned to fellatio and my dislike of swallowing.


Who said so? He assumed because I had never said …………….I like to swallow……….that I didn’t. Well considering that he has never once cum when we are together (he once said that he hadn’t cum at all even on his own for a year………..I find that odd) it has never been an issue. So why would I tell him that I like to swallow. I can just imagine it, we are  chatting over a cuppa or in a restaurant having a meal……… the way Karl, last time I saw Fred I sucked him off to completion and it was wow………………or by the way I know you never cum but I like to swallow.

perhaps he should read this blog………..or maybe not.

As the conversation continued he admitted that he has cum but not with me, it turns out that he has cum with the woman he insists he has never met! Even though I showed him her profile with a photo of his hands on her breasts. (they were not his hands as he had not met her!). Anyway this led to a discussion about his lies. He admits he has lied and is ashamed, he knows how I feel about lies and wouldn’t blame me if I didn’t want to see him anymore. I told him that he doesn’t need to lie to me as I am not his wife…………..’I sometimes wish you were’.

We also talked about him learning to be more relaxed. I am very tactile and after years of being starved of affection I need cuddles etc but I respect his feelings about not showing affection in front of others ie my children. Now my boys are used to him being around, but when he is here they tend to disappear to their rooms where their computer games are. Karl did like it when I gave him hugs the other week when he was feeling down after his troubles at home. (his wife was suspicious and got someone to check his computer to see what hes been upto). So I asked him if he minds if my boys think hes my boyfriend. He is worried that they might see him in town with his wife but otherwise he doesn’t mind. From now on he promises that he will be more tactile and not worry if my family see us kissing and cuddling. This could lead to a lot more intimacy between us especially as I often wear skirts meaning easy access to my pussy. If hes lucky I might even sit on his lap straddling his cock using my skirt to cover what we are doing if we are caught hugging.

By this time we had been chatting for 2 hours and started saying goodnight again………..

goodnight lover……….or mistress

either or both seeing as what we have is not exactly casual anymore ………….more like an affair

do you mind?



so its official now………….we are having an affair, I am his misress.

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The Boy toy

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 15, 2010

The boy toy dreams of meeting an older woman, a woman who will teach him.

I suggested he talk to her, I asked if she would

They have been chatting, masturbating for each other

He is terrified

I ask him who he wants more

Me or Her?

He cannot decide

He wants us both

He wants us together

I tell him to be carefull what he wishes for

He says yes please

Maybe I should ask her what she thinks

She lives at the other end of the country

He is close to her


Would he know what to do with either of us

Would he cope with 2 of us

His dream

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home alone

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 13, 2010

It was just after 2am when I got the text …………are you still up? …………This was followed by a call was the kettle on? During a brief chat late afternoon he had said that if I didn’t go to the gig he would call round later. (I can’t remember if I told him that my offspring were staying with their father so I had the house to myself all night).

He arrived just as the kettle finished boiling, I made us our tea he put his arms around my waist commenting on the thin strapless dress I was wearing that showed I was bra less. I had been waiting nervously for his arrival. This would be the first time I had allowed him into my bedroom. We sat close together on my sofa, no huge gulf between us today. My cat decided she wanted attention. Karl obliged and was soon being attentive to the four legged pussy nestled on his lap.

I know I should have grabbed his arm and led him up the stairs but he was making it clear that he was tired and ached all over from his evenings work at the gig. So I just sat there drinking tea, making small talk whiled he fussed over the other pussy. A couple of times he stroked my nipples through my dress. Maybe I should have stripped off right there. I had bathed and shaved after midnight to ensure my body was freshly clean for him.

For all his saying he had looked out for me all evening, then calling round, I wonder why he bothered. My body was easily accessible, more or less on display and we had extremely rare privacy. I was willing for the first time to take him to my bed, what for? …………….nothing!!

He went home leaving me high and dry again!!

Time to get some toys out and masterbate before I sleep

cold metal sliding between my lips, my juice running between my thighs soaking the towel below my naked bum. moans beginning to escape my other lips. Now who shall I imagine between my soft white legs tonight?

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grrrrrrrrrrr frustration

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 8, 2010

I want to slap him……………

he comes online saying he is naked, he is hot and he is horny (has been all day)

I know that cybersex is not his thing but I try to get some response from him

I won’t be too obviously sexy to begin with, I will just ease him into being sexual after all he has no trouble discussing sex online




Do you have a window open?


is there a window open in your room? can you feel a breeze?

no, hot

ok where can you feel it?

on my bum

imagine its my hands

would rather they were on my cock……….sucking


yes please

and where are my hands?

on my bum

and your hands?

either side of your head

on my shoulders or holding my head?










sorry playing solitaire


trying to make myself tired

ok so you prefer cards to imagining what I could do to you?

I’m tired going to bed

night x

if he can’t be arsed to indulge me then sod him………I switched off both messengers (something I never do)………maybe he might notice my sudden uncharacteristic departure…………..why did he even bother to say he was feeling horny grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I shall have to play with one of my toys……..and read some of my friends blogs

I have already read the following blogs tonight



Riff Dog


who shall I read next?

or maybe I have gone off the boil now and shall just sleep

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Posted by secretlynaughty on May 31, 2010

your warm breath is on my neck as you nuzzle close, I feel your tender kiss upon my lips. my nipples are hard and tingling as you pinch them between your thumb and fore finger. They ache for you to swirl your tongue across the taut crinkley skin to squeeze and suck until I yell for you stop and get down to business.

I feel your fingers trace a soft gentle line across my flesh. the heat of your fingers burning into my skin. I feel the cool breeze from the open window, I see the stars through the open curtains, they watch us now just as they watched us dance. I feel you shift your weight moving down my body.

I hear your breathing getting deeper. I know what will happen next. I feel the excitement grow within the pit of my abdomen. The anticipation the knowledge that soon I shall feel the flicking of your tongue as you reach between my thighs as you bury your face, sucking and licking. Oh how your tongue will fill me with such sensations that I float to heaven on the waves of pleasure that you and only you know how to bring to me your lover.

My hands are on your back tracing the lines of well toned muscles as I wonder how I came to have this wonderful man not only in my life but in my bed. I clutch your body to me closer closer to make us as one.

There is a noise it awakens me, you are not here, I am alone, it is my own fingers that trace my skin as you would do,it is a pillow I am clutching to me in your place. You are not here

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Limitations E – F

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 13, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I started with A – B continued with C – D and now  continue with E – F some of these I have commented on already.

Electricity …………… see previous
Enemas (for cleansing) ………… I would if I could
Enemas ( retention/punishment) …………. see previous
Enforced chastity …………….see previous
Erotic Dance (for audience) …………not sure I could do this for an audience but maybe after a few drinks for a small audience of one
Examinations (physical) ………… had plenty of these for medical reasons can’t decide how I would feel about this in a sexual setting
Exercise (forced/required) ………..maybe I need this
Exhibitionism (friends) .…………..possibly
Exhibitionism (strangers) ………….. maybe depending on situation
Eye contact restrictions …………….would find this very difficult
Face Slapping …………in the right situation ……….just don’t mark me
Fantasy Abandonment .………again it would depend on the situation
Fantasy rape ………… having been raped for real this could spark of some bad menories …….so perhaps not
Fantasy gang rape ……………. on the one hand its only a fantasy and on the other see above
Fear (being scared) .…………what does this involve?
Fisting (anal)  .………… I really don’t think so
Fisting (vaginal) .…………… there is no way this will happen
Flame play …………if you think I’m going to do this then think again
Following orders ………… you think I can’t do this……….I would do it just to prove a point
Foot worship ………… as long as its my foot that’s being worshipped……….in the past I hated to have my feet touched but now I love it
Forced bedwetting ………..are you going to force me to drink then tie me to the bed?
Forced Bi .………… I kind of find this idea hot……….is that crazy?
forced dressing .………… is my body so bad that you prefer me clothed
Forced eating …………who needs to be forced? or are you talking tripe?
Forced homosexuality ……….. isn’t this the same as forced bi? ……….you could never make someone 100% gay if that doesn’t come naturally
Forced heterosexuality ………… again you cannot turn someone 100%
Forced masturbation   ………….. having recently begun to maturbate for Dave I have to agree to this
Forced nudity (private)  ………… forced!!
Forced nudity (around others)  ……………this would be more difficult
Forced Servitude  ………… probably in the short term ie an hour or two but I suspect this means a much longer time span

Forced Straight …………with the number of curves I possess this is not possible
Forced smoking ………..having given up more than 20 yrs ago it would take a lot to make me go back
Forced TV / Gender Change …………. how is this possible?
Full head hoods ……….. nah nobody is going to use one of these on me………..not if they want to experience my mouth

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She wants me

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 7, 2010

We were sitting chatting for hours on a mid week night. I was nursing my mug of tea, my bare legs stretched out before me. Karl in the arm chair next to mine, Diana and Roger sharing the sofa in their small sittingroom. I don’t fancy women, but I knew she fancied me. I knew she was hooked when she commented on my lovely feet. Scarlet toenails clearly visible in my strappy sandals. My bare feet flexing as I moved my legs about frequently, allowing the lace edge of my black skirt to ride up slightly along the soft skin above my knees.

I know I shouldn’t have done it but I couldn’t resist pulling the neckline of my lowcut top down a little to demonstrate that my breasts are more than a handful. It seems that in doing so I gave my audience a view of my most recent mark from Dave. They all wanted to know how I came to have such a bruise on the edge of my areola. Later when we were leaving Diana made a point of picking something (maybe a hair) from my cleavage. Karl and I both think it was an excuse to touch my breasts. Diana had made it quite clear during our conversation that she is Bi.We discussed lingerie and playwear as well as toys (she wants to try a douvle ender with another woman.

Judging by our conversation during the evening and comments from Roger since, Diana is looking forward to getting her hands on me which if everything goes to plan will be very soon.  Talking online to Roger (Karl at my side) I was told that Diana had her hand in her pussy making herself wet thinking about when she and Roger will get to play with both of us.

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