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A naughty man

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 20, 2008

I have a new story in the making which you will be able to read soon, but first I need to do a little xmas shopping before I get back to writing. This new story as with a couple of others has been inspired by my virtual fling who continues to bombard me with calls and text messages.

As I have said before he is a very naughty man but I am enjoying our communications even if there are times as I sit at my desk in the open plan office surrounded by colleagues my face is so flushed that I tell him it must be the colour of the gift I sent him. So you see he really is very naughty and I must be naughty too otherwise I would not have sent him the gift or teased him about sending it to his clean living brother who works with him in the family business.

I have let him in on the orgy going on at Roger’s place but not told him my identity so that he can enjoy reading the raunchy goings on (which he did do saying that it was making him very hard) without it bringing him here.  Btw the last time I looked I have orgasmed twice during this orgy. Thanks roger for giving me this opportunity.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on December 12, 2008

The gift has been received.

How did I know it had arrived?

First I tracked the delivery it had been packed into. The information told me it had arrived yesterday morning. Second I received a text.

Thank You for my prezzie x

I phoned him with the excuse of updating our contact records . He was on the phone so I had a conversation with Terry. I now know that Terry is Al’s brother. I should have known ………………. they both giggle so much I am convinced they have laughing gas in their store.

Later I text him

was it what you wanted?

Yes indeed x

Did anyone ask what the package was?

No I get knickers everyday lol x

I bet you do x

Its a good thing I didn’t address it to Mr **** as I learnt today that there are 3 of you lmao x

My goodness yes x

very interesting chat with your brother lmao x

yep hes the really nice one x

So he wouldn’t have wanted the package then lol

No hes squeaky clean, sum girls like that I guess x


Hmmmm do I smell a challenge here I wonder.  Whilst this was going on I was emailing him the photo that you have already seen here.



Bloody ell damp or wot x

now you know how I spent my saturday morning 2 weeks ago when I said I had been doing something for your benefit x

Time well spent x

I’m glad it was appreciated


I think he approves 😉

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Posted by secretlynaughty on November 22, 2008

I can imagine it now as I lie here feeling so horny, the damp patch on my sheet, the wet fabric as it barely covers my wet cunt.

I can picture it in my minds eye, both Tony and Terry, curiously prodding and poking at the package, squeezing it as they try to figure out what it is. The padded envelope marked personal in big black letters that has arrived amongst the business post addressed to the boss.

These thoughts arousing me again I plunge my fingers into my pussy, taking the gusset of my deep red thong with them. My fingers quickly becoming soaked in my own juice as I cum once again. My thoughts drifting from my desire to do this and the effects I know it will have on any who discover what I have been up to on this quiet Saturday morning.

The soft cushion of my lips as my fingers slide between them slick with my wetness. The muscles that clamp onto my fingers as they delve deeper as I writhe in ecstasy, my breathing getting slower and deeper as I cum yet again.

I imagine your face as the package is placed into your hands, both Tony and Terry curious to see what it is but you walk as quickly as you can to get to the privacy off your office where you rip open the envelope, pulling the contents out to hold against your face breathing in my scent. But I wonder where you will keep your prize where your staff won’t find it.

I imagine you holding this gift to your face as you stroke your erection. I can imagine the flurry of text messages that will follow or the saucy phonecall whilst I am at work knowing that I won’t be able to say much in reply to your sexy chat as I am not alone in my office.the-special-gift-001

I hope you enjoy this gift sent to a very sexy man.

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Making it real

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 4, 2008

Deep in conversation with an important client on the phone Harriet looks up as her office door opens. Before she can tell the stranger in his smart suit to wait a few minutes he has stepped inside the room closing the door behind him. She watches with not a little spark of curiousity as this intruder strides across the small room to the chair by the window just out of her line of vision. Bringing herself back to the conversation on the phone Harriet again concentrates on the matters in hand.

It is not long before the talk of meetings and documents has drawn her mind away from the mystery man. He is soon forgotten as she immerses herself in her work with this client. But she becomes slightly distracted by a slight tickle on her leg. She uncrosses her leg to stop the tickle she wants to itch. But the tickle does’t go away. Absently she puts her hand down to rub the skin on the back of her leg between her chair seat and the back of her knee. Shocked her hand comes into contact with something solid. Opening her hand she traces the contour of this solid cool obstacle. A hand ? what the hell is a hand doing there and whose?

Harry swings her chair around to look at the chair by the window. Empty. But she sees her mystery visitor crouched on the floor beside her. But too late she registers the mistake she had made by swinging her chair around. In doing so she has caused her legs to part, giving this impertinent man the chance to dart his hand inside her flared black skirt touching her inner thighs in such a sensual way. Harry lets out a gasp of shock.

     ‘Harriet are you alright?’ comes a concerned voice through the hand set she is holding to her ear.

    ‘Yes Max I just thought I was going to sneeze don’t worry about me. Now about……’ but in her mind Harry is thinking why did I not tell Max that I am being touched up by a stranger. I really should have stopped this and called for help if I needed to but ohhhh this is nice. Glancing down she sees the stranger with a finger to his lips indicating silence. Harry has to move the papers she is working on around her desk as she is now facing away from the phone as her body is invaded in such an exciting way. It has been a few months since her body was touched in such an intimate way.

An arm is now around the back of her pulling her to the edge of her chair, without thinking Harry obligingly wriggles forward so that she is perched on the edge of her seat. Her mind flashes back to her bedroom as she dressed this morning is she wearing those faded old cream lace knickers that she favours for their comfort, no shes wearing those new red lacey ones that made her feel quite racey as she pulled them on under her black skirt to go with the black holdups with the decadent red lace trim.  It always excites her to know that under her ‘proper business clothes’ she has on sexy lingerie that only she knows is there.

Oh gosh now there are light butterfly kisses on her skin, her skirt easily pushed up into her lap giving who the hell is he ? full acces to her thighs and omg hes touching her very damp clit through the wet lace. Oh hell how can she concentrate on Max and his problems while her panties are being licked in such a sexy way. Against her better judgement Harry finds herself pushing forward shoving her pussy in this man’s face. She should be shoving him away and calling security. But this is so so so so omg more please, now Harry concentrate on Max its what he pays for, your undivided attention.

Damn this is so hard to concentrate when her body is betraying her. Please god let her make sense to Max because she sure isn’t making sense to herself. Her brain going into auto pilot as continues talking to Max trying to keep her voice and her breathing as even as she can whilst her body is gearing up for its first male instigated orgasm for some time. She can feel the first trickle of her juice leaking out of her now highly aroused pussy. she feels fingers moving the scrap of red lace to one side as a hot toungue slides across her aching lips. Her shaved pussy twitching in the first spasm as she comes all over his tongue. She wants to groan and gasp as his tongue works this magic on her but she has to remain business like for Max. Wouldn’t do to let the crabby guy know that she was being brought to orgasm while he told her his woes about this messy divorce where his wife had been having affairs at work and he had been the only one not to know. Such a shame that he couldn’t keep his attractive wife happy.

Ouch was he realling biting on her lips, this guy must be some kind of devil doing this to her like this. suddenly a flash of something crosses her mind……………’and I will nibble your lips until you can take no more, then I shall……..’ Al she gasps under her breath, the head comes out from under her skirt, cheeky grin in place and waves a hand up at her before diving back under there to continue teasing her with his tongue and fingers.

Finally the call with Max comes to an end. Trying not to slam the phone back on its cradle Harry can now gasp aloud as she lets herself go in a long low growl as she lets herself flood all over his face. He licks her clean before he emerges from between her legs now drapped over his shoulders. He pushes her legs away as he reaches up to kiss her on the mouth. MMMM this tastes good, its been a long time since Harry tasted herself on any mans face. she licks her wetness from his cheeks nose and chin before reconnecting in a delicious kiss.

Breaking away from his embrace Harry asks

   ‘Al it is you isn’t it?  I know we talked about this but I never in a gazzilian years thought you would make this happen.’

    ‘Good morning sexy, I have a day off, everyone thinks I am playng golf but I just had to come here and see the sexy woman I can’t stop thinking about.’

  ‘Oh god you sexy naughty man, I am so pleased you came, yes I know it was me that came, but that was so hard trying to not let Max know what you were doing to me.’

   ‘I know that made it even better, knowing you couldn’t say anything, does your door lock?’

Harry just nods, for once lost for words. she watches Al take the four stides to the door, lock it and turn to face her. He has a mischevious grin on his hansome face, funny that with all the pictures the two had exchanged his face was about the only part of him that Harry had not seen. She is pleased with what she sees, his cheeky boyish grin fits with the voice she loves to hear as he purrs his fantasies about her in her ear. Before Harry can completely take in how handsome he is he is back by her side taking her hands in his pulling her to her feet. Her legs are a little wobbly and she might not be able to stand for long in her polished black stilleto heeled shoes. He swings her around to perch on the edge of her desk. He guides her hands to his belt buckle encouraging her to silently release his hard cock. He whispers in her ear that he will do all the talking today she will be silent apart from her moans. He is in charge today, she will do as he wishes and do so without saying a word. Today she is his woman to do as he tells her. she feels that trickle on her thighs again. She does like it when he becomes masterful. With his pinstripes pushed down out of the way he now sits himself on her chair pushing her down onto her knees. His hand in her hair he brings her head towards his crotch.

Harry doesn’t need telling what to do she eagerly reaches for his manhood and begins to manipulate it with her hand as she leans forward stretching her tongue wanting to taste that first bead of precum. savouring the taste as she swirls her tongue around inside her mouth before going back for a much longer lick. wrapping her tongue around his helmet……..mmmmm she does enjoy a good hard cock like this in her mouth but before she takes into her mouth she is going to savour every bit of its length and girth. This is no small cock she has been gifted with today. Licking her way down his shaft she reaches his balls, remembering what he had said a few days ago Harry replaces her tongue with her hand around Al’s cock as she begins to suck one of his heavy balls. OmG how long has it been since she had a man’s balls in her hot little mouth and shaved too now that really is a treat. sucking his ball deep into her mouth she hears his gasp as she sucks a little too hard, reluctantly she releases him and takes his other ball into her mouth. Her last lover couldn’t take having his balls sucked ‘too intensive’. So this was indeed a pleasure, an added bonus even. He tugs on her hair pulling her off his balls, her obvious enjoyment curtailed for the moment, she licks her way back to the tip of his shaft where parting her lips she takes him into her mouth until she feels him hitting the back of her throat and she can go no further without gagging.

Al groans as his cock throbs in her mouth, he wants to come in her mouth but not yet. He pulls her of telling her to stand. Pushing his hand inside her skirt again he pulls her hips towards him, he pulls her thigh forward so her  knee is beside him on the generous office chair. ‘Impale yourself’ are the only words she needs to lift herself onto the chair with him, lowering herself onto his waiting cock. She finds her own lips softly parting them with her right hand as she guides him into her. Oh sweet heaven this is what her pussy has waited all these months for. Wrapping her thighs around his waist, her arms around his neck their mouths meet in a hot passionate kiss each trying to draw the other’s tongue deep into their mouth.

The phone brings them up with a start as the shrill ringing disturbs their concentration on each other. Harry reaches across picks up the reciever and in her best sunny voice answers in her usual manner.

    ‘No mum sorry I can’t meet you for lunch, I’m a little tied up right now can I call you back later? oh ok yes I will, speak to you later.’

Resumming their kissing she continues to ride his cock as though it was the last cock left on earth and she knows she will never have this chance again. Suddenly he stops her in mid rise, hefts her off his cock and pushes her shoulders down commanding her, on your knees I’m going to explode and it want to be in your mouth to do it. Greedily she gobbles him into her mouth savouring the scent of her pussy and the taste of her own juice, she jumps a little in suprise as that first spurt of hot cum hits her throat,  swallowing it she sucks him dry of almost every drop of his sweet cum. Holding onto the last spurt in her mouth she releases his cock as she feels the last shudder of his orgasm fade away. Rising back to her feet she kisses his lips gifting him a taste of his own cum as she shares those last precious drops in that hot kiss. At last they are both spent, he moves her away from him pulls up his trousers and does up his belt once more.

‘Right Harry now where are you taking me for lunch?’

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