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Imagine this

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 22, 2010

I have begun to add some of the photos from the last party to my gallery, you can find them on the page … & games.

Following my conversation with Karl which left me feeling that he clearly has no idea what he really wants. He starts off wanting me all to himself but ends up with his cock doing the talking. He doesn’t want to go to parties that Dave goes to as he doesn’t want to see me with Dave, yet he wants to have spitroasts and moresomes with us.

He called round to see me briefly yesterday morning, nothing was said other than he noticed that I have a light bruise on my breast. He put 2 & 2 together and decided that it must have been Dave, demanded to know when I had seen Dave. The truth is that I don’t know how I got that bruise …….I probably knocked into something because I know it has nothing to do with Dave, he was paying attention to my other breast.

I was chatting to Dave online, he asked how Karl is now that he knows we have set up a profile as a couple. I told him some of what Karl had said.

Can you imagine this? He offered to stop seeing me if I thought that was best. Obviously I told him that it is up to me not Karl. He still says that any time I want to stop I only have to say so.

Did I mention in my earlier post that Dave had invited both me and Karl to join him on a sailing trip yesterday, this didn’t happen partly because the weather was bad but also Karl was going to a bbq with his wife (I had known this all week). I spent the day and evening with my family.

Can you imagine how I felt when I received a text from Karl in the middle of the evening.

Hello are you at home I am watching  whitesnake on dvd at my mates x

Evidently he was checking that I was not out with Dave. So I waited half an hour before replying ……….

how was the bbq?

A couple of other texts then went back and forth but I still didn’t confirm whether I was at home or not. I left my laptop on so that when he got home he wouldn’t know if I was at home asleep or out. He knows that I sometimes leave it on when I am out.

Can you imagine that I will put up with this kind of behaviour for long?

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a couple of things

Posted by secretlynaughty on August 21, 2010

A few evenings ago I visited Dave in his home. Partly because we wanted to see each other… had been a couple of weeks since I had seen him. Partly because he had a cd of photos from our evening with Bruce, Alice and friends last month. I had not had a chance to actually see the photos. He showed them to me, not many had me in them Alice was the main attraction.

We also took a few photos of each other to go on the new couple’s profile he has created for us. He has been jealous of the number of contacts I have made with Karl, as a single man he was having no luck. I didn’t tell Karl that I had agreed to be a couple with Dave. I was convinced that Karl would say he didn’t mind (even if he did) but I still didn’t want to shove it in his face.

Yesterday Karl phoned me to say that he had seen the new profile. While I was beginning to write this post which was supposed to be about photos I have been chatting online with Karl. His jealousies are coming out now. (Remember that out of the three of us Karl is the one still married and living with his wife). He loves me to bits, feels more for me than his wife and if circumstances were different we would be together…………..I have told him NOT to even think about leaving his wife for me.

He has now admitted that he doesn’t like sharing me. He knows that I see others (ie Dave) he doesn’t like it but puts up with it. (Remember here who it is who is married). He told me it was a shock to see the profile that Dave has set up … not as much shock as when I saw the photos of him online with other people after he had told me that he had not met anyone for fun since he met me! (including the profile of the older woman he had met proclaiming that she was a couple with him). He admitted seeing her again recently. Even though the photos of his hands on her breast couldn’t possibly be his (he has dstinctive hands).

I was on the point of pointing out that as a single woman not in a committed relationship with anyone I am free to see whomever I choose whenever I choose. Dave always asks if Karl would mind, Karl says he respects that Dave asks that. Excuse me! but neither of them get to decide what I do. I do not belong to either of them, I am my own woman.

Besides I have a feeling that it won’t be too much longer before I get the urge to find myself a committed relationship again in which case I shall stop seeing both of them. If they are going to let their jealousies get out of hand that might be sooner rather than later.

Having said that he doesn’t like sharing me but accepts that he has to put up with it he just doesn’t want to know about it. He went on to say that he is happy for the three of us to go sailing together, we could even have some sexy times together, maybe even spitroast or if any single girls want to join the three of us………………men!!

In the meantime I should start editing the photos from the party and will upload some to my gallery in the next day or so.

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Girls love a sailor or two

Posted by secretlynaughty on July 26, 2010

I wasn’t at all sure how this would work out, until a few days earlier I had hoped that they would get on together after all they had at least two things in common ………..a love of sailing and me! But then as we talked about the possibility of this trip …………..when I say we  talked I mean I was talking to each of them seperately at the same time on msn. I was getting quite cross with Karl, he was being very petulent and childish. Dave was offering to take us out in his yacht for 3 or 4 hours, Karl didn’t think it was worth going unless we had 6 hours. (It would take a long time to get out of the harbour into open sea). To me it didn’t matter if we stayed in the harbour, the chance to go sailing was what mattered to me. Dave said he could get out of the harbour in 45mins Karl thought that was ‘bollocks’. He wanted me to tell Dave he didn’t know what he was talking about. I wasn’t going to say any such thing and forbade him to (I had earlier given them both each other’s mobile numbers). Karl was adamant that he was not going to go sailing if it was not for at least 6 hours.

I was away for a couple of days and was worried that there would be an angry exchange between the two of them but when I returned Dave told me he had lost Karl’s number. Speaking to Karl he wanted to go sailing (even though it would not be for the 6 hours he wanted).

So it was that at the appointed time we all arrived at the marina. We had only been on the yacht for a few minutes when we had confirmation from the lock keeper at the marina that we should make our way to the lock now! A flurry of activity followed making the two men work together with Karl following Daves instructions. That broke the ice. Soon we were out in the marina with me steering the boat while they were busy with the sails. After a cloudy start the sun cae out making it a beautiful afternoon. Here I was out on the water the sun shining and a good wind in the sails and both my lovers with me. It was good to see them chatting aimiably. Karl had a big grin on his face, he was enjoying himself, Dave as always is happy to be out on the water. In 45 minutes we were leaving the harbour behind us. Dave had been right (I had thought he would be as he has had plenty of experience). They both enjoyed pointing things out to me, it was good to see them being friendly.

I was amused to note that Dave had been very well behaved towards me (probably because he knows that Karl is muc more reserved in public than him).  But once we were back into the harbour leaving other marine traffic behind us I found my clothes being interferred with. First Dave pulled the straps of my top and bra down my arms. That was ok, but then he pulled my top down to expose my right breast. Next my bra was removed completely, Karl was in the cabin when my bra was tossed to him to put out of my reach. He did look funny with my pink bra on his head 😉 Dave took the opportunity to play with my breast………..did I mention that whilst this was going on I was in control of the tiller, keeping us in a straight line between boats tied to their moorings and other boats coming towards us. I was still braless when Dave was brewing the tea and Karl was taking his chance to take my nipple in his mouth.

They must have been very confident that I would concentrate on streering while they were molesting me. Karl found it highly amusing that I could sit there with my breasts exposed in public like this. (Oh I had an eye on the boats behind us making sure none were close enough to see) . It was a good afternoon, my back and shoulders caught the sun, my two lovers managed to get on with each other. Dave showed Karl how to misbehave with me on the boat. I have a feeling that should the three of us go sailing again I will have to be prepared for much more molestation now that Dave knows Karl won’t throw a fit and will even join in.

Once we were moored up and sails put away etc we all went to Dave’s house to shower and have a light meal before heading off for the party.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on July 9, 2010

Not sure how I feel about this. Last week Dave and I met another couple for a drink, then took them to see his yacht. It was only a quick look round. They seem to be a nice couple, he has been chatting to them for a couple of weeks now. He has been away so I’ve not spoken to him since we met them. It is Red’s birthday and the three of them are going to go sailing and while I am at work they will play. Basing wants to give Red a threesome for her birthday. I can join them after work to help her nolonger be curious.

By the time I join them she will be warmed up for me (Dave doesn’t think she has had any bi experience). Obviously that means that I have the most experience although I am only at the curious stage myself.

Will I be jealous? ………………..of course I will, they are going sailing while I’m at work isn’t that bad enough? But they will be playing without me!!

I get the impression that the two men will be getting Red primed so that when I arrive she will be aroused enough to have her first bi play………….they are looking forward to watching us together.  Ahem has anyone thought about me here? I will have been working, I am only bi curious myself, I shall need to be aroused myself. I shall be in need of some attention myself before I am ready to launch into what does not come naturally for me. (I think he has told them that I am bi).

I would be much happier if I was with them for the whole time. But I have to work and Basing wants them to have 3some first. I would love to go sailing again too. But I don’t want to miss out totally so I shall join them later. I will insist that I get made a fuss of first though to make up for missing out earlier.

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The Boy toy

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 15, 2010

The boy toy dreams of meeting an older woman, a woman who will teach him.

I suggested he talk to her, I asked if she would

They have been chatting, masturbating for each other

He is terrified

I ask him who he wants more

Me or Her?

He cannot decide

He wants us both

He wants us together

I tell him to be carefull what he wishes for

He says yes please

Maybe I should ask her what she thinks

She lives at the other end of the country

He is close to her


Would he know what to do with either of us

Would he cope with 2 of us

His dream

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Posted by secretlynaughty on May 21, 2010

I have been trying to write about the night when Karl and I played as a couple with another couple. The words just won’t flow so I am giving up on that post until I can write it.

So instead I shall tell you about the couple we are meeting for drinks tonight. Soldier has told Karl that he finds me sexy. Karl is very keen to get hold of Snowy’s bazookas. Her boobs are even bigger than mine (which he calls his girls). We met Soldier and Snowy with their friend Dora on our night out 2 weeks ago. Karl has been chatting to Soldier quite a bit since then. He has told him that I have been to the swingers club (some of our new friends are going to a party there toorrow).  He has mentioned that I liked the dungeon. Apparently Snowy has a dungeon at her studio and can arrange for me to have a photo session there.

We are meeting them tonight for a few drinks so that we can chat to them properly as we were in such a big group last time. If all goes well Karl and I will meet up with soldier next week for an MMF. Snowy will be away. Karl wants to satisfy my fantasy of a spit roast. I am sure I have told him that I have had one before so this wouldn’t be so much fulfilling  a fantasy as repeating something I want to do. I shall make up my mind after tonight as to whether I want to have a spit roast with Karl and Soldier. It might be that I would rather prefer to wait until Snowy is back so that the four of us can play. But then again I might be feeling greedy and just want the opportunity to have the two men to myself.  I won’t decide until I have spent more time with them to see if Soldier catches my attention, I didn’t speak to him much last time.

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3 or 4?

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 26, 2009

I am getting a little bored, so I have gone back onto my AFF profile to see whats going on as I have been neglecting it for weeks. While I was there I decided to poke around on Karl’s profile as I noticed that he has upgraded to gold recently. On his profile (which I had forgotten) I found that he has several ‘couples’ among his network of friends. He also has a few testimonials mostly from couples. So I delved  deeper to see what was going on with these couples and even decided to ‘wink’ at two of them. I am not entirely sure what my intention is here. I am in two minds. Should I contact these couples with a view to being the single woman for them to play with or should I get Karl involved and play as a couple.

One of the couples I had been in contact with earlier has emailed me today suggesting we get together soon. I have replied that I can’t make up my mind whether to join them on my own or bring Karl with me. As I have not talked to him about this yet I don’t know how he would feel. Obviously he is into 3 somes but he might not want to share his own woman. He isn’t over keen on the idea  that I have others not just him even though the whole purpose is to have no strings attached fun. He doesn’t know who else I see just that he is not the only one.


I could go and get myself some fun just me and another womn and her man, both wanting to play with me as well as each other. Having two bodies to explore and be explored by, now I have been in this situation before but on the last occasion the other woman had even less experience than me of being with another woman. These women in these coulples have more experience than I do which I am sure would mean more experience = more passion more play.

On the other hand I could persuade Karl to come with me or maybe he could host the party at his place. Then it would be three bodies to play with, and two of them have cocks and you must know by now that I do like a cock or two. There is a lot of fun to be had when there are two cocks, four heaving bosoms and two hot wet pussies all ready and willing to play not to mention four mouths and 8 hands. Hmm I think I will have to go for the second option and broach the subject with Karl. Of course if he doesn’t feel he can share me in this way there is always Fred. Now we did discuss playing together as a couple two years ago. In fact when we first made contact we were both part of a couple but first his partner gave up then mine found a younger model t play with.

So hopefully I will soon have some new tales to tell of more spit roasts or girl on girl action.


So what I need to know from you is do I go solo or as a couple and if you think I should go as a couple should I invite Karl or Fred?

Or perhaps the answer is to have my own party with both Karl and Fred and maybe find another woman to join us. I think I know a woman who might be interested.

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I feel like a woman

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 18, 2008

I have been doing a spot of blog surfing which has led me to feeling horny when I read a post about a woman whose husband brought a friend home for dinner. After dinner the friend watched as the couple fucked, however the wife was forbidden to cum until the friend had cum first. The friend was naked and masturbating. The husband instructed the friend to join the couple on the bed where the wife proceeded under her husband’s instruction to lick and fondle the friend to an explosive orgasm over her face. Only once the friend had cum was the wife permitted to cum, with her husband cumming inside her at the same time.

I rather surprised myself at how much this turned me on.

Could this have been the voyeur in me that had me reaching inside my panties?

Could it have been the Dom/sub element that had my pulse racing?

or Could it have been the thought of one woman relishing being licked and pleasured by another woman that had me licking my fingers?

would this tale have had the sae affect on me had the friend been male? 

did I mention that the friend was female?

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