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Mistress part two

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 29, 2010


…………another crack and her whole body jolts with the force. Her hands automatically reach round to protect her smarting cheeks. smack!! her head whips round with the force of this smack. she will be given one further chance to keep still while Mistress delivers her punishment. If she cannot keep her hands down her wrists will be bound together. she swallows a sob as she tries to keep still. Dark Master resumes rubbing his cock on her face as she waits for the next crack to hits her flesh but there is nothing. Hey now what is going on, there are fingers caressing her breasts as they hang beside Mistress’s lap, it can’t be Master as his hands are busy with holding her face against his cock. the realisation sinks in that it is this woman who is fondling her again. she feels the excitement begin to build inside her again as she realises that she has not two but four hands and two mouths wanting to use her body as their plaything. she is feeling the warmth of this thought course through her when it happens again, again she has been taken by suprise. A yelp tries to force its way past her lips but the tape forces her silence.

when she had agreed to become Dark Master’s slave she had agreed to take any punishment he felt was fit but she had not expected the force with which it would be delivered, nor that it would be anyone other than the master himself who would deliver these whacks across her arse. She wanted to cry it hurt so much but to cry would be a sign of weakness. she must be strong and not show how much it hurt. how many strokes has she received she must count she must concentrate. she knew from their conversations that she would have to count she must know how many strikes she has received. it is three no its four so far, this hurts so much how can she take much more. five there was another one must concentrate but omg this cock in her face is so inviting. how can she concentrate with this in her face. she reaches up to hold the cock in her hand. Mistress hisses in her ear…..thats a good girl wank your master, bring him to a head so he can show you his pleasure by covering your face with his own special cream. crack thats six.

so many sensations its hard to concentrate. her ass is on fire as the welts begin to show up red, her nipples tingle with the attention they are receiving and then there is still this cock in her face that she cant taste because of the tape which makes it hard to breathe even, then there is the pain in her head as her hair is pulled keeping her head up. again thats six isn’t it, no already had six it must be seven, please let this end soon. as though her prayers have been answered the lead is yanked and the hands on her breasts are pushing her upwards. The girl finds herself standing again, she feels so much relief that the strikes have ceased tears well up in the corners of her eyes.

she is led around to the side of the bed and pushed face down onto the bed. two pairs of hands take her by the arms pulling her towards the head of the bed. simultaneously her wrists are shackled to the bed. pillows are piled in the middle of the bed and the girl is manouvered so that she is laying across the pillows with her ass poining into the air. Dark Master kneels infront of her face rips the tape from her mouth. he tells the girl she has taken her punishment well and is to be rewarded. he shoves his cock into her mouth pulling the panties out at the same time.

there is movement behind her the bed creaks a little as Mistress climbs up behind her. the girl feels hands on her burning cheeks, something cold is being soothed onto the welts, it stings like mad but is curiously comforting too. mmmm a nice soothing massage on her damaged flesh and a hard cock to suck. but what now her cheeks are being held open something hot and soft is flicking around her ass hole, is that wet? omg its her tongue the girl is being licked by the woman. long slow licks from ass to cunt and back again.

no sooner has she taken in what is happening when the woman climbs off the bed. the girl can hear movements but she concentrates on the cock in her mouth pumping, fucking her mouth like she has never done before. woowwwwouchhhhhhhhh she feels a new stinging sensation as something hits her ass cheeks. she hears a swish just before the next sting. Master tells her not to worry this is just a soft leather flogger the paddle will be next. another swish another sting she wants to grit her teeth but can’t as her mouth is being fucked. she chokes back her tears,it stings so much but she can’t scream. She is very vulnerable with her wrists shackled and her mouth full of cock while her naked ass is pointing up towards this thrashing. she nearly bites her Master’s penis as the 6th and hardest swish stings her left buttock. Master withdraws from her and unfastens her wrists. He commands her to go over to the corner opposite the door and stand with her nose to the wall hands on her head and feet as wide apart as her shoulders.

to be continued……….

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I’ll have some of that

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 25, 2010

Having been told on pain of death not to be late I arrived about 2 minutes late not bad I thought seeing as I had had to stop to look at my mapbook once I got onto the estate where they live. I was the first to arrive. For propriety’s sake I was wearing a long skirt over my outfit so the full effect of my outfit wasn’t given at that point. It wasn’t long before the first couple arrived followed some time later by the other couple (it was only 3 couples and me in the end). There were two of us with long skirts on, we both took these off to reveal the short skirts and stockings underneath. Everyone loved my shoes. We all chatted over drinks for a while, when I got up to find the loo I heard a comment of ………

wow I’ll have some of that.

when I came back in the room the host said

can’t wait to get those shoes on the bed.

The chatter went on for a while longer, I was well aware that from where he sat on the floor across the room the host had a very good view of my stockings and probably inside my very short skirt. Then he decided it was time for the fun to begin so he led us all up the stairs to their bedroom. I was snogging one of the other guys ‘loon’ my top, bra and thong were swiftly removed while I wanked him until I was laid back across the bed. There were 2 other pairs getting it together while loon’s wife loopy declared loudly that she is not into girl on girl stuff.

Loon was by now licking my pussy while hostess was playing with my breast and Stick (younger guy) was kissing me. There seemed to be a lot of swapping around there were hands and mouths everywhere. I just laid where I was but with Stick on all fours in the middle of the bed I could see that he had a very nice cock. Host’s was not particularly appealling and Loon was on the rather large side. Good for wanking but it was not going to be entering any of my orifices.I made a grab for Stick’s cock wanking him until he moved close enough for me to lick and suck it properly.

I guess Stick was enjoying this because he moved over me for a full 69 mmmmm. When he knelt up above my face to play with hostess and possibly loopy too (I was getting confused who was where doing what to who. I believe mostly everyone was playing with two people at once. I became aware that the fingers and tongue playing with my pussy were not those of Stick whose cock I was still enjoying. Being vaguely aware of which part of the bed most people were I worked out that this must be sticklet (stick’s girlfriend) who was enjoying my freshly shaved pussy.

I remember wanting to laugh when all I could here was the same moaning sigh coming from most people in the room. Host was wandering around with his camera trying to take photos. I must have twisted my back somewhere along the line as it began to hurt. Stick was now standing on the side of the bed holding onto the ceiling while hostess gave him a bj. I got up and went to get a drink. Loopy and I went downstairs still half dressed to refresh our glasses, loon followed. I now know that host and hostess were afraid I was leaving. They, stick and sticklet appeared downstairs fully dressed again. So Loon and I went back upstairs to retreive our discarded clothes. For the rest of the evening we sat chatting. Loon and Loopy left after about 45 minutes, I quite liked them but host obviously didn’t as he soon let us know he was glad they had gone. Loon was annoying him and loopy had put him off from playing so he had found it difficult to maintain any stiffness. (I’m glad I didn’t play with him).

It was a little after midnight when Stick and Sticklet decided to leave as they had an hour’s drive to get home, I left too.

When I got home I sent messages to both loon & Loopy and Stick & sticklet saying it had been nice to meet them.  Not long after I had a message back from S & S giving me their IM address. We chatted until gone 2am. This morning I had a message from L & L saying more or less the same as I said. Both S & S and H & H have left verifications on my profile.

Chatting to H & H this morning they both found me very horny and want to play with me on my own. Kept asking if I was turned on by Hostess. Apparently Hostess is very keen to play with me more. They had hoped they would be able to play with me after the others had left last night. Had this been either of the other two couples I would have been up for it but these two don’t appeal to me.  S & S have asked to meet me again.  Normally I would have ruled that out as they are both in their mid 20s and I have a mental block about playing with anyone much younger than 40. But as I have played with them and they are both on tongue to lips terms with my pussy already I can’t really use that argument.

Looking back on the evening it was an experience, I might not have played very much but I know I was damn sexy and everyone there knew it too.  😉

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Posted by secretlynaughty on April 24, 2010

Tonight I shall be wearing red satin and black lace high heels with sheer black stockings, a layered red mini skirt (more of a ruffled belt) with a clingy lycra black chemise top with low cut lace neck line and spaghetti straps. Under this will be my black balcony bra with small pink flowers and matching thong (string for non brits). In my small shoulder bag I will carry my purse, mobile phone, comb and a pack of assorted fruit flavoured condoms.

Tonight I am going to have fun………..tonight I will be the only single lady with 4 couples and possibly one single male.

Tonight I will be fabulous.

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Be honest , can you have sex

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 23, 2010

I was in one of those moods, a mood where I need to get things out in the air. I had casually dropped into the conversation that I wanted him to make me a promise………to start being honest. I could almost hear him fall off his chair in his room a mile away. Once he had picked himself up off the floor he asked what I meant.

its been over a year and you still don’t trust me with the truth.

I then had to explain that I know he lies to me. He lies about where he lives and who with. He has maintained all along that he lives with his mum and only stays at the marital home when he house/cat sits. I kept telling him to stop lying and tell me the truth, I don’t care whether he lives with his mum or his wife, I don’t care if he sleeps with his wife or has a seperate room. What matters is that he tells me lies and continues to do so all the time. He now tells me that he lives at both houses 50/50 ………… he still thinks I’m an idiot that came down in the last shower.

He didn’t want to have this conversation online he would come round to see me so we could sort out our differences face to face. For two days he failed to keep his promise to call around. On the second evening I just happened to log into Fab I checked friends list and noticed that Karl ahd been online even though he had messaged me that he had been asleep. I then discovered an update on his profile stating that he had now teamed up with a very sexy female to play with couples. I knew he didn’t mean me but thought I would leave him a message to wind him up……….

I know we discussed playing as a couple last summer but you could have asked me before you advertised it.

I never did write that message until now. The reason being that while  was thinking about it I discovered that he had uploaded some photos of his new sexy female partner……darn now I couldn’t pretend I thought it was me. The realisation that he had lied to me again, made me see red.

I wasn’t so much bothered that he was seeing anyone else but I was feeling very angry now. Not only had he lied to me about not having any sex with anyone else since we met. I could see for myself that he had. On his profile he states that he has a male buddy he can get to join him for anyone who wants two men to play with. Now he must know that I would be up for this because we talked about meeting other men/women or couples together. but he has never mentioned this man to me.  Now hes teaming up with another woman to meet couples.

I asked him if he thought I was not good enough to play with other people with him. We talked ages ago about 3 and 4 somes yet he never asked if I wanted to join him and his mate.

So we go play with others but be honest can you have sex? with your problem down below.

Yes ……….is that what this is about?

I have not complained but others might.

Nobody ever has………..its only you that it doesn’t work with.

Ok so if you want fun say so and I will arrange it

I asked you to go to party and you said no!

I had my reasons

I enjoyed the jacuzzi

I have never been in a jacuzzi with you.

I know.

later we were discussing his mate and how he knows him etc.

so would you like to meet my mate it can be arranged.

when we talked about it before were you just humouring me thinking I wouldn’t be able to perform so you would find someone else?

no I was not I just feel that if we do meet others and they cant perform with you as I can`t what they goin to say

Unless they are above average size that won’t happen

We talked some more about being a couple to play with others. But I don’t know if it will ever happen, should I tell him before or after that tomorrow I shall be the only single female at a small party with 4 couples.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on April 22, 2010

She knocks and the door opens, she sees him standing there as she had expected in his leather trousers and waistcoat. he steps aside to allow her to pass. She can’t help a little gasp as his parting words from last night come flooding back.

‘I have a suprise for you tomorrow night one you won’t be expecting but I hope it will please you.’

It’s a suprise alright, as she passes him she comes face to face with a woman also dressed in leather trousers, leather waistcoat with ample breasts spilling over the top, thigh high leather boots with what must be 4″ heels, she is very tall towering above him in her boots.She sees that the woman has something leather hanging from her right hand, what ever it is there is metal too as the light glints off it. the girl looks nervously at her Dark Master he nods and tells her

‘this is your Mistress for the night, please stand still while she fastens your collar around your neck, I am pleased to see that you have followed orders and worn your black mini skirt and leather boots, but that top is wrong it doesn’t show enough of your boobs, please remove it and place it on the table in the corner.’

Mistress moves close to the girl while she quickly slides her low cut vest top over her head and places it on the table. once this is done she feels a hand on her shoulder as Mistress places the studded collar around her neck handing the lead to Dark Master. The girl tries to look around the room but her lead is jerked pulling her towards Dark Master. Upto this point the girl has not said a word neither has her Mistress who now tells her that she must greet her Master in a fit and proper way. the girl shyly begins to say hello but the lead is jerked and Mistress tells her this is no way to greet him. where are her manners Dark Master has been patient waiting all these weeks and months to taste her mouth….she must kiss him. The girl nods and steps towards her master knowing she has not had a good start to this evening. she reaches up to her master to kiss his lips. Before she can take a breathe his hand grabs a handful of her hair holding her in place as he rams his tongue down her throat, searching and sliding around every crevice of her mouth. She struggles to breathe then relaxes into his kiss which becomes slightly softer allowing her to breathe more easily. Just as suddenly as the kiss began it ends.

Dark Master says its time to end the niceties of introduction, now we will get down to business. Please state in a clear voice why you think you are here.

I am here because my Master wishes to teach me how to behave and if I am a good girl he will fuck me, making me his to do with as he pleases.

very good now tell us why you are to become mine.

I am to become slave to my Dark master because I have done wrong and my Dark Master has kindly agreed to save me from my sins.

the girl manages to glance around the room, she sees a stark metal bedstead with manacles attached, crisp white sheets and pillows very basic comforts. on either side of the bed are dimly lit lamps but at the foot of the bed there is a straight backed chair close to which is the low table where she had placed her top, beside this there is an array of paddles, riding crops, whips, canes and other things the girl cannot easily identify. the full implications of this evening are suddenly starting to hit home. She stifles a sob as she realises this is not a game these two people mean business. As she strains to look further into the room she sees a spot light trained on the chair and in the far corner there is a video camera set up on a tripod also trained on the chair.

Dark Master indicates the chair with a nod of his head and Mistress sits herself upon this. both Mistress and master are now looking purposefully at the girl she feels a quiver run through her body, she wants to pee from nerves but stops herself. those pelvic floor excercises have come in useful. Master shoves the girl in the direction of the chair and instructs her to stand perfectly still in front of Mistress. she is not to move a muscle no matter what unless she is told to. any deviation will lead to greater punishment. Mistress takes hold of the hem of her skirt lifting this until she is peering between the girls shaking thighs. Mistress re-emerges from under the skirt, shakes her head and tells Master that the girl has not been good there is a definite dampness. Master wishes to see what the girl has seen fit to adorn her sinful pussy with. Mistress pulls the skirt down letting it drop to the floor she nudges the girls legs indicating that she must step out of the crumpled heap on the floor. the girl is left standing in her black leather ankle boots,matching black lace bra and panties and of course this collar which holds her head up it is so wide. dark Master passes the lead to Mistress as he moves over to the video camera there is a click and a whir as the camera kicks into action.

The girl tries to stop herself trembling as her Dark master stands behind her with his hands clasped over her breasts, his fingers rolling her nipples. with one hand he unfastens the clasp of her bra, Mistress leans into the girl and with her teeth tugs on the fragile lace pulling it away from the girls amazing orbs. she tugs again at the bra as it slides down the girls arms to fall at her feet. Mistress looks lavisciously up at dark Master who feeds the girl’s right nipple into Mistress’s mouth. the girl feels a jolt through her body as Mistress flicks her nipple with a very practiced tongue. The girl had not expected this, she thought the Mistress was here merely to help with her punishment. Master reaches round the girl to caress Mistress’s hand he tells her to find out if the girl has become aroused. Mistress does not need telling twice, her hand moves to the fabric that covers the girl’s mons. Yes this has become wet now.

No No the girl silently shouts within her head I am not i will not allow myself to be aroused by this woman’s touch. But she knows it is too late, her arousal has already begun. Dark Master instructs the girl to remove her panties and hold then in a ball upto her nose, she is to smell her own arousal. She feels Dark master move away slightly and then a strange ripping sound. his hand comes upto her mouth pushing the panties through her open lips a strip of wide tape is placed across her mouth holding the panties there. she struggles to breathe through her nose. she catches a glimpse of her body naked now apart from her boots and collar with a slash of black tape across her face. Mistress moves back now releasing her nipple which throbs from being squeezed by that woman’s teeth. Mistress turns the girl around to face sideways on as Master comes to stand in front of the girl she is forced down onto her knees. She must unfasten Dark Master’s trousers and release his manhood which immediately springs free and stands proud. A yank on the lead brings the girl back to her feet. Mistress pulls her back so that she is stood next to mistress’s lap now. four hands push at the girl until she is bent double and forced across Mistress’s lap facing Dark Master who stands so close to her face he whacks her on each cheek with his hard cock. he rubs her face with his cock smearing pre-cum across her cheek. He is teasing her with his cock demanding that she admits she wants this hard member in her mouth, she nods he asks her again if she wants to taste his cock the girl nods vigorously but is brought up suddenly in shock as she feels a shot of fire across her ass. what was that? then again another crack across her exposed cheek. she tries to twist her neck to see what it was but master pulls on the lead bringing her head back to his cock.

to be continued

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Limited comments A – B

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 20, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I am starting with A – B some of these I have commented on already.

Abrasion ………see previous
Age Play……… is many years since I did this
Anal Sex ………….oh yes please
Anal Plugs (small) …….not tried yet
Anal Plugs (large) …….not tried yet
Anal Plug (public under clothes).…..not tried yet
Animal Roles …………….. see previous
Arm & leg sleeves (armbinders) ………… see previous
Aromas ……….. not tried yet
Asphyxiation ………….no way will I try this one I won’t even wear clothes with a high neckline
Auctioned for charity …………I can’t see this happening but you never know
Ball Stretching …………see previous
Bathroom use control ………….    I can understand how this can work for some but with my medical history unadvisable for all concerned.
Beastiality ………….what do you think I am? an animal? no thanks
Beating (soft) ………..can I really ?
Beating (hard)……….. not sure I could hurt anyone that much
……… not tried it yet but really do want to
Blood Play (Letting of, or playing with actual blood). ……….. not for me this one
Being Serviced (sexual) ……….well of course ……….wouldn’t anyone want to be serviced?
Being bitten.……….keep it light please
Breast/chest bondage ……….don’t know maybe one day
Breath control
………… see previous
Branding  ………. no no no …….did you hear me ………noooooooo
Boot Worship
.………….I could handle having my boots worshipped
Bondage (light) ………….. yes please
Bondage (heavy) ………… don’t know maybe one day
Bondage (multi-day)
……………see previous
Bondage (public under clothing) .…………. I can see the possibilities here
Breast whipping …….. again this is a possibility one day but not yet
Brown showers (scat)

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Afraid to sleep

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 20, 2010

Its the small creaks on the landing outside my door, fear creeping up my spine that prevent sleep from wrapping me in its warm comfort.

Its the memories of all those nights during those very long difficult months leading upto the decree absolute. My Dr prescribed sleeping tablets but I didn’t dare to take them. I could never be sure that he wouldn’t attack me in the night. I don’t mean attack in the sense of coming at me with an axe.

In those early months I was sleeping on the sofa, he would come in drunk and try to get on the sofa with me. Laying on to of me, asking then demanding that I give him his right as my husband. On the night of his birthday he was clad in an old pair of boxers when he lay on top of me hissing at me that it was his birthday and as his wife I must give him what he wanted. Luckily he was so wasted that he quickly fell asleep. I managed to slide out from under him leaving him exactly as he had been but now I was nolonger under him. I phoned the police (not for the first time) it was 2am but it didn’t take them long to arrive. I remained in my place at the top of the stairs whilst they went into the livingroom to speak to him.  When the sergeant came back to me she said she could understand why I was divorcing him. It was clear that the two of us could not both remain in the house for the rest of the night. He refused to leave so I volunteered to go to my mum’s with the children.

Another night he threatened me with a bread knife, my youngest child was laying with me at the time. He was too frightened to leave my side for months in case daddy hurt mummy.  When it became clear that threats to hurt me were getting him nowhere, he threatened to stab himself. He then pretended to take an overdose of 2 weeks worth of anti depressants. Again it was 2am this time I called an ambulance. It turned out that he hadn’t taken any of the tablets he was just drunk. But I will never ever forgive him for putting a young child through that trauma.

A few months down the line I swapped with my eldest child, he was then a college lad and insisted that his mum slept in his room and he would have the sofa. I actually think I was safer on the sofa. His invasions were now more violent, he could now trap me between him and the wall that the single bed was wedged against. My cries for help were not so easily heard by my older children. There were several fights between my eldest child and his father while he tried to protect me. Again I will never forgive him for putting his eldest child through such anguish. No father has a right to put a child in the position of protecting one parent from the attacks of the other.

Even after he had moved out of the house, I didn’t feel safe, especially after the night I woke at 3am to find him sat on my bed telling me that the children would be living with him by christmas as I would be dead.

After the court case when he finally at the last moment pleaded guilty to harrassment and threatening a witness minutes before the case was about to be heard. Things began to calm down. I think the injuction preventing him going near the house indefinitely made a big difference.

For the last few years we have been able to be civil to each other. He would move back in with me at the drop of a hat if I said the word. I will never in a million years say that word.

Tonight I can hear sounds outside my door and I wont sleep until all is silent.

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Failed Fellatio

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 16, 2010

I don’t know if this is just him or is this a common phenomenon? He tells me that he can’t remember the last time he was sucked off to completion. Most of the time when we are together he tells me that its all about me not him and not to worry about getting him off………I’m not worried!

The first time we were together he eventually relented and allowed me to suck him after he had been wanking for a while. I began sucking him and swallowed a small amount of his cum, but my mouth slipped off his cock. Although I kept my face close I was unable to get back onto his cock for fear of being punched in the face he was wanking so hard. On a few other occasions he allowed me to suck his cock which I enjoyed but he pulled me off before he came. He always tells me not to worry about him. I was beginning to worry that he had erection problems as he is very rarely hard while we are playing and when he is it only lasts a few minutes. While we were at the party though he was hard much more so I started thinking he had taken something, but he wasn’t hard continually so I have dismissed that idea. Maybe I am wrong but I thought drugs like Viagra and the blue pills created a long lasting erection.

I have witnessed him wanking hard a few times now but he has only cum twice. When we were at the party he had a wank from one of the other women there, he said it wasn’t very good and she used her hand too much. Since then he has been dogging on his own and once received a blow job, again he said it wasn’t very good.

Now I am quite proud of my fellatio techniques and only ever had one complaint (that I didn’t use my hand enough). True  I don’t always suck to completion but I put that down to the man holding back rather than my technique. Every man without exception (including the one who complained) has always complimented me on my wonderful mouth and hands. Sometimes there are occasions when the man wanks until hes about to cum then lets me take over with mu mouth. But usually the man I am sucking is just laying back enjoying the sensations my tongue give him. I am not what I call a bobber, I like to take my time licking from tip to base, swirling my tongue around his shaft, licking and sometimes sucking his balls (some men find that too intense). I might nibble on his shaft as I make my way along hs length. I love to take the head of his penis into my mouth sucking and licking. I can spend a good half an hour pleasuring us both on his cock. But there is one thing all these men I have sucked, both to completion and not, they lie prone letting me do whatever I want to them. They might be be fingering me or licking me out in a 69 but they enjoy what I do to them.

Dave is different. Dave wanks like mad, even while he is laying prone on the bed, but not only is he wanking but pumping his hips up to my mouth. It is impossible to do anything other than keep my mouth in one place and let him pump my mouth. Again I am in danger of being hit in the face either that or my teeth will accidentally take a bite out of him.  Next time I shall have to tell him to keep still and let me do what I do best other wise I shall just give up on giving him a blowjob again.

What I want to know is, are there lots of Daves out there? Is this the only way they can cum or can they be coaxed into letting me do my best without danger of a black eye.

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doing it under my terms

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 15, 2010

It was early evening, we had talked about it a couple of times and now was the time to see if I would go through with it.

We were sittingin his car kissing, we do that a lot (he says I am a good kisser). It was totally my decision, we could go into the pub for a drink or we could drive away for some sexy fun. Or we could go to his house and make love on his bed.

I chose to be naughty, I had already asked him to make sure he brought a towel with him. When we had been talking about it in the preceeding days I had found myself getting turned on. I think being watched at the party had changed things for me. I had liked being watched at the party. I was getting turned on now by the idea of being watched provided it was my decision.

We parked up in the same car park as before, but this time as it had only just turned dark there were only two other cars there. We both took off our jackets and put our seats back as far as they would go to give ourselves as much room as possible. Without an audience I felt quite comfortable kissing and playing with Dave. It didn’t take him long to remove my knickers from under my loose black dress.  Soon another car pulled up beside us but I have no idea where the driver went to. He had left his vehicle but didn’t appear to be anywhere near us. Passions heating up inside the car my skirt was pushed up above my waist, my bra undone and pulled away from my breasts allowing Dave easy assess to which ever part of my body he chose to play with.

I was gettingvery aroused now and took hold of his cock, playing with it between my fingers as we continued to kiss. I saw our neighbour return to his car but soon he was standing watching us from behind my shoulder. I think my bum was revealed at this point but can’t remember.

Pushing me back into my seat Dave leaned across playing with my breast and my pussy simultaneously, while his tongue danced with mine. Knowing that we had an audience now was making me wetter, with Dave’s fingers working my pussy I was soon moaning in ecstasy. By this time Dave had lowered my window a few inches to let in some cool air. Knowing this only made me moan louder  so that I would be heard from outside. I was well into my stride now but still rejected Dave’s suggestion of  lowering the window and offer the guy a blow job.  I was enjoying this but at my pace.

I was already thinking about it so when Dave suggested that I should kneel on my seat and suck him off I was there before he could finish saying it. Burying my head in his lap sucking and licking greedily on his cock I was more than happy. Having my bum in the air facing the window with my skirt pushed onto my back so my rear end was totally exposed made me excited. With Dave playing with my pussy and my arse we now had an audience of three but the first man was bending down for a closer look while he wanked (so I am told).

Dave was whispering to me what was going on, but although I was enjoying giving our audience something to a enjoy I was more concerned with what I was doing. I love to suck cock and was thoroughly enjoying this one. I was also acutely aware of what Dave was doing to my arse but more particularly to my pussy. The sensations he was creating, plus the cock in my mouth I knew I was getting close to orgasm.I wanted to tell him to spank my bum but didn’t want to lose his fingers from my pulsing cunt so kept quiet. I knew I was getting wet but when I finally collapsed I discovered that the towel beneath me was not as wet as I expected. Dave says thats because when I came it hit the window.

We kissed some more before I decided that enough was enough. We adjusted our clothes and seats before returning to where my car was parked. Chatting and kissing again I jokingly put my stiletto heeled foot up on the dashboard. This brought the guy from the car next to us rushing around to see what he could see. But this time I was not going to be putting on a show. I enjoyed my bit of exhibitionism but I enjoyed it because it was on my terms, when where and how much.

I have come to the conclusion that yes I enjoyed my bit of dogging (how many middle aged women can say that they chose to go dogging on their birthday). But it is not going to be a regular occurrence. I will do it when I want to, but it will be an irregular treat not something that becomes expected or the norm. If I do it often then it will become sordid and more will be expected of me. There might come a time when I am wiling to be touched by the men watching, there might be a time when I am willing to either wank or give them blow jobs, but I am not there yet. If I ever get to that then it will be a slow build up.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on April 13, 2010

Tonight I was meant to be meeting a couple to see if I like them…….(they will like me ….no question). But they have cancelled again for the second time. So having relaxed in my lovely warm bubble bath and now having nowhere to go I decided to get my toys out. Having been very ill for 10 days I have not had a chance to play with my new toys since they arrived.

Taking out my Serena from those nice people at Ann Summers, I admired the almost transparent pale pink body of this vibrator. Manipulating her in my hands I found her to be incredibly flexible in all directions. She takes 2 x AAA batteries which are easy to find and insert. The end of the battery cover is also the control. Twisting the end slightly brings her to life with soft vibrations increasing the more you twist. I was suprised just how fast the highest vibrations were.

Just a tiny drop of lube was all it took to help her slide easily into my vagina. The slim tip makes it easy even for my tight pussy to accept her. Moving her around is easy with the slim shape of this vibrator. At first I found myself wanting something meatier inside me, something my muscles could cling to. But the more I twisted and bent her, changing the speed of the vibrations the more I warmed to her. Slowly withdrawing her allowing the tip to slide over my clit was very stimulating not sure if it was me or the vibe that provided the heat on my clit.

The slim shape also makes this vibe ideal for anal play. Twisting to make the tip face the thin wall seperating it from my vagina is very nice.

I have enjoyed playing with my new serena but think playing with this vibrator with the help of a partner will increase my enjoyment even more as they would be able to twist and put pressure in different places.

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