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Posted by secretlynaughty on May 31, 2010

your warm breath is on my neck as you nuzzle close, I feel your tender kiss upon my lips. my nipples are hard and tingling as you pinch them between your thumb and fore finger. They ache for you to swirl your tongue across the taut crinkley skin to squeeze and suck until I yell for you stop and get down to business.

I feel your fingers trace a soft gentle line across my flesh. the heat of your fingers burning into my skin. I feel the cool breeze from the open window, I see the stars through the open curtains, they watch us now just as they watched us dance. I feel you shift your weight moving down my body.

I hear your breathing getting deeper. I know what will happen next. I feel the excitement grow within the pit of my abdomen. The anticipation the knowledge that soon I shall feel the flicking of your tongue as you reach between my thighs as you bury your face, sucking and licking. Oh how your tongue will fill me with such sensations that I float to heaven on the waves of pleasure that you and only you know how to bring to me your lover.

My hands are on your back tracing the lines of well toned muscles as I wonder how I came to have this wonderful man not only in my life but in my bed. I clutch your body to me closer closer to make us as one.

There is a noise it awakens me, you are not here, I am alone, it is my own fingers that trace my skin as you would do,it is a pillow I am clutching to me in your place. You are not here

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Posted by secretlynaughty on May 30, 2010

Last night we were back at the gay bar for the 3rd time in 4 weeks. Again we were first there, Diana had text me that they would be there at 8pm. We later got a text saying they would be there after 9 and Soldier would be there later too. It was a very odd night even for this odd pub. I had thought that by going out for the evening I would avoid the eurovision song contest……….it no longer has the same appeal as it did in my younger days. But Nooooooooooo the pub was showing it on a big screen. We were sitting at a table around the corner so couldn’t see it but we could still hear it. More to the point though I could certainly see and definately hear the drag queen (this was not in the same league as even the worst of the TVs) who was comparing the whole event ………….not that we couldn’t hear Graham Norton too. The funniest thing was that he was using a printed list of the running order except that it was last years lmao. Karl thinks he could copy the DQ’s dress quite easily as it was two Union Jacks sewn together.

Eventually Diana and co arrived, by then my niggling headache that I had had all day was a thumping headache. I was not feeling great and not enjoying my night out.

Diana was sat next to me and was telling us that she had almost accidentally come out without any knickers on. Being such an overtly sexual woman it suprised me that she has never gone out commando. This reminded e of the time when my son’s car had a flat battery and I was helping him to bump start it by pushing it up and down a road near his then workplace. I was wearing a skirt and flip flops but it was only after a gust of wind up my skirt that I remembered that I had left the house commando. (this was after a sexy visit from a mystery stranger). I don’t know how many ties we pushed that dan car up and down the road trying to get it started. After a while an articulated lorry driver stopped to help but to no avail. (do you think he might has suspected my lack of underwear?) Eventually we gave up and I drove to the nearest car parts store to but some jump leads. This got him moving again quite quickly.

Then I thought about the time I had left my lover on a sunday morning deliberately not wearing any knickers. I enjoyed the feeling of secret naughtiness as I drove towards home. This led me to stop off at asda and do my weekly shop whilst still commando. Again I was wearing a skirt, it was a very thrilling experience especially when in the vicinity of the chilled cabinets, feeling that cold air reaching my sore aching pussy. Wondering how many of my fellow shoppers would be shocked if they knew the state of my naked nether region.

There have been other times when I have gone out commando, I have been commanded to drive to an assignation without knickers on. That was thrilling too. I don’t remember all the times I have done this, it is not my normal state of dress but then neither is it something that worries me unless I am wearing a skirt as short as the one I wore last night. (which caused a few comments when I walked to the ladies). I did hear the screach from Diana ‘omg shes being very daring tonight’ . Karl told me this morning as we had a quite cup of tea together in my kitchen, that he knew I had knickers on last night. He didn’t quite see them but my skirt was very short especially at the back he just knew I wouldn’t have gone commando in that. Which reminds me that last year when I was at his house I had sat in his garden in a mini skirt with no knickers (the wrought iron chair had been deliciously cold on my bare skin). He had guessed that night that I was commando but didn’t know for sure until later.

Have you ever gone out commando?

Did anyone find out?

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Only me

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 29, 2010

Over the last few years I have had to change the way I see myself. One of the reasons and probably the biggest reason I stayed married for as long as I did. I believed that if I split from my husband that would be it, the end of any life for me. I did not love my husband in fact I found he repulsed me, but at least he wanted me. If I cut free then I would be on my own from then on in as no other man would ever be attracted to me. No man in their right mind was ever going to find me the slightest bit sexy.

Then I decided that life was passing me by and I deserve a little happiness…..I could not stay in my marriage any longer so I filed for divorce in the sept. By december I was feeling lonely….I had always given all my affection to my kids as my husband neither wanted or gave any affection. But now my kids are almost grown and its not cool to have hugs with your mum.

I joined a couple of online dating sites met a couple of guys for drinks over the xmas period. Then after xmas began chatting to a guy(Don) 20 miles away. I told him I wasn’t looking for a relationship just friendship. When we met a few days later I knew this was going to be more than friendship. I will describe that relationship another time as it warrants more than a few lines. But what I quickly learnt was that I could be sexy and have a satisfying sexual relationship with a man other than my husband. This was the first new man for me for almost 20 years and I was by now twice the woman I had been back before I had my adorable children.

In the months after that I met and had sexual encounters with a few other guys. Then  I joined AFF put on my profile not expecting a single response…..but was inundated . I now of course know that the ratio of men to women meant that was inevitable. But it did no end of good for my confidence which in turn made me a happier brighter sexier person. I have built up a network of really good mates and a few lovers along the way. But most of all I now understand that the problems I have reguarding my body shape are not shared by the men I have encountered. It’s only me who has a problem with my figure.

This has been proved to me over and over agian as I have met more men and now women too who find me sexy. I try not to allow my own hang ups over my body get in my way. When chatting to a new man I nolonger apologise for my size, I don’t even mention it. I now expect that by the time we meet they will be hooked by my personality, boobs and legs. If they get as far as kissing me then I stop worrying about being rejected, I know I am a great kisser and once we kiss they are mine.

I recently had a conversation with Cougar about swinger clubs, he has been to one that I looked up on the net a few years ago but dismissed because one of the club rules is that you walk around naked. Cougar could not understand why this bothers me as I am happy to get naked with sexual partners. There are many men (as I can vouch) who prefer women with love handles. But my argument is that in a place like that there will also be others who find the fuller figure to be obscene. When I am with my sexual partners they have chosen to be with me. At places like this club these people are forced to see more naked flesh than they might wish to see. I know that the flip side of this argument is that they should know that this will be the case and by being there have agreed to witness all the lumps, bumps and wobbles that are on show. Personally I choose not to put myself in a position where my naked body will be judged by others who may not judge favourably. The club I have been to (and hope to again) the norm is to wear sexy lingerie which can be disguarded during play. I am much more comfortable with this.

I know none of us are entirely happy with our own body image.

What are your hang ups

Have you been to a swinger club? what was the dress code

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Limitations G – H

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 27, 2010

Here are my comments on the list I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I started with A – B continued with C – D and   E – F and now G – H some of these I have commented on already.

Gags (cloth) …………….it had better be clean if its going into my mouth !!
Gags (inflatable) ………….does that mean it can be inflated to the optimum size for the mouth it is going into.
Gags (phallic) …………… oh goody shaped gags ………….do they cause the gagging reflex?
Gags (rubber) ………… I thought we were supposed to use a rubber elsewhere
Gags (tape) ………….can it be in pretty colours ?(I’ve seen it in pink but would like red).
Gas masks ………….We sometimes need one in our bathroom …………hmm  having used one during basic training for my brief stint in the Territorial Army I’ not sure I would want to indulge during sexual play
Gates of Hell (male) …………..please explain ……… he strung up on a wrought iron gate ?
Genital sex ………….am I being dense here?………..doesn’t sex usually involve genitals
Given away to another Dom (temp) …………provided that my Dom (if I had one) was satisfied that I would be safe with  the other Dom
Given away to another Dom (perm)…………..if it was in my best interests
Golden Showers ………… no no to golden showers or any other colour
Gun play ……………I’ve heard it called a few things and I know they like to shoot their load from their pencil but a gun !
Hair brush spankings ………..why would you spank a hair brush? ………..ooops you mean being spanked with one  hmm not tried it yet but you never know ……….I assume it would be bristle side up
Hair pulling …………oh yes I love this ………..not that I have ever said so
Hand Jobs (giving) ……………yes I do and I’m not bad at it but do prefer to use my mouth more than my hand
Hand Jobs (receiving) ……………..he can use his hands on me anytime
Harems (serving w/other subs) …………not sure I could do this as I am not very domestic but maybe
Harnessing (leather) …………I would probably try it in the right circumstances with the right person/persons
Harnessing (rope) ……….as above I might be convinced to try it
Having food chosen for you …………provided that the person doing the choosing knew what I would/wouldn’t eat
Having clothing chosen for you …………..provided that the person doing the choosing had a sense of style
(head (give fellatio/cunnilingus) …………….have you been reading this blogg for long ……….if so you will know the answer
Head (rcv fellation/cunnilingus) ……………not enough men know how to give expert head but when they do …….mmmmmmmm there is nothing in this world that is better.
High Heel Wearing ………….anyone who knows me knows that I adore wearing high heels
High Heel Worship …………. have you seen my wardrobe? ………….oh thats not what it means ………..perhaps
Homage with tongue (non-sexual)………….probably not
Hoods …………if I had cold ears………..not tight fitting
Hot oils (on genitals) ………………if he has upset me I ight be tempted to do this to him
Hot waxing ……………noooooooooooooo
Housework (doing)……………..why start now?
Human puppy dog …………………what?
Humiliation (private)………………does this include the above? ………..unlikely…….. I am nolonger married!!
Humiliation (public) …………as above
Hypnotism…………..if I trusted the hypnotist

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playing with ropes

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 25, 2010

At last!

I had waited weeks for this chance, I had waited all day for his text.

Finally at 4.30 it came…….I stopped work briefly to respond.

5pm arrived and I was out of the office almost running down the corridor. 5.05pm I had changed from my summer skirt to 3/4 length (on me short) white trousers and slip on canvas shoes. 5.30pm I parked beside the sea wall. 5.40pm we kissed for the first time as we slipped backwards out of the mooring.

We just had to wait a few minutes before entering the lock, short exchange with the lock keeper and we were soon on our way. Passing out of the marina into the main harbour Dave cut the engine and unfurled the sail. Now was my chance to do some real sailing. I was now in charge of the tiller while Dave instructed me on where we were heading. He wasted no time removing my top and bra. I continued to steer us whilst he nibbled my breasts. I liked the feel of the sun and the breeze on my naked skin but was a little concerned when my trousers were pulled down to my ankles.

We carried on making progress through the harbour heading towards the city and its docks full of war ships and channel ferries. We had to change direction, tacking which is when I recieved my first lesson with the ropes. It was on one of these tacks that we found ourselves getting close to another yacht heading the other way.  I quickly scrambled back into my top. Which was just as quickly removed once we were at a safe distance again. The next time another yacht neared us I wasn’t so lucky, as I made a grab for my top he threw it below deck. So I turned my back to the city looking back at my favourite hill in the hope that my nakedness wouldn’t be noticed. I remained in my semi naked state for quite a long time after this. Steering the boat in whichever direction I was told. Pulling on the ropes each time we changed course.

I wonder how many if any of our fellow sailors suspected that Dave had been enjoying his nipple feast, or that his fingers had been delving into my warm moist place . While I tried to concentrate on keeping us within the markers (it wouldn’t do to run aground) and praying not to come very much. I didn’t fancy going home with wet trousers (they were still around my ankles).  Reaching the furthest part of our route Dave had me stand looking back at the land, pushing me so that I was bent double he pushed first his fingers then his unusually erect cock into me from behind. I was aware of small aircraft in the sky but don’t think they were close enough to see me naked being shafted while we drifted towards the rusty wreck.

I couldn’t hold my position for long as my legs jolted into the edge od the seat with each thrust. I managed to last as long as I could before the discomfort mixed with concern for the approaching wreck forced me to bring an end to his thrusting. On our way back I told Dave I was begining to get chilly but instead of allowing me to put my clothes back on, he pulled me onto his lap claiming that he could keep me warm with his body heat.

The rest of our slow sail back towards the marina was pretty uneventful. Not as much rope pulling going this way, I anaged to retreive my top whilst Dave was busy with something on the mainsail. Once we were moored up again we had a brief play with lots of kissing and him entering me from behind again but this time he used my ass which we both enjoyed.

I’m sure you don’t want to know about the rest of our time together as it was pretty much just fucking, sucking,  spanking and you don’t come here to know about that or do you?

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a kind of love

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 24, 2010

He has kind of told me that he loves me.

He has told me that I satisfy all his needs

He still wants to be able to see others

He says he is seperated but still lives in the same house as his ‘ex’ some of the time.

I believe he is still ‘married’

I believe he adores me

I believe he wants to keep his wife, his bit on the side (moi) and have whatever other sex is on offer

I like him

He is good for me

I am single

I need more than the occassional fumble

I need to be able to have fun at weekends not just weekday evenings when I have work next day

I need someone who doesn’t get calls at 2am asking him when he will be home

I will stay with him for as long as it suits us both

I will continue to see others because I can

I will see others because he does not satisfy all my needs

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my legs

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 23, 2010

Reclining on my bed dressed only in shorts and t shirt I can’t help rubbing my legs together, or running my hand along my legs. My skin feels so soft and silky, it draws my hand back time and time again.

I love the feel of my legs when I wear stockings but my own soft skin is even more sexy than the stockings.

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On my knees

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 22, 2010

Sitting down to eat my dinner in front of my laptop I checked my phone and discovered a text from Karl hoping that I was enjoying the weather. Once my system had fired up I found an offline message on there from Karl

Hi hun u well what u been upto then t`day?
talk laters xxxxx
maybe u have been out in the sun

looking at the time of his message I realised that at the time it was sent I was indeed out in the sun. I smiled to myself indulgently as I considered whether to tell him about my afternoon in the sun. I am still trying to work out whether I should tell him every time I meet someone else. If I do tell him would he prefer to be told before or after. I can’t quite decide if I want him to tell me before or after if he sees anyone else. Probably after but not immediately after. I might just tell him about when I see Dave as he is a regular along with Karl and they do both know of each other. Maybe I will only tell him about others if they become more than a one off unless he particularly asks what I was or will be doing on a specific day. I won’t lie but I don’t think he wants to know everything.

Anyway you don’t want to know about that you want me to tell what I was doing this afternoon in the sun. But first I will just remind you that I had the opportunity to go to a party at the swingers junction. Karl had told me during the week that we couldn’t go he has other commitents. Dave would have liked to go but had other commitents too. S & S had offered to take me if I wanted to go. At the start of the week I did want to go but as the week progressed I lost enthusiasm. So this morning I chatted online with Dave for a while until he had to get ready to go. Then Owl came online. We have been chatting online intermittently since around the same time I found Dave. Owl is much quieter although I can easily get him aroused.

I got the impression that although he is a horny guy he is quite inexperienced when it comes to meeting anyone. So when he was telling me that he was horny I said it was a pity that he is there and I am here. I asked himwhat he was going to do about it. I do set myself up sometimes………one day I will come a cropper. Anyway to cut a long story short I was a few minutes late arriving at the pub out in the countryside. Where A272 meets A32 (I know at least one of you will know where I mean). I parked next to his car but it was empty, we hadn’t exchanged phone numbers, I didn’ t know what he looks like (I have seen a photo of his chest) I didn’t even know his name, I know him only as Owl. He knows me as Amy. I am not sure if I ever showed him a face picture.

Walking towards the pub door I passed a man carrying a glass of beer, we looked at each other and he hesitantly asked if I was Amy. We found a table in the shade to sip our drinks (he did buy me one) and chat. He seems nice, I didn’t think he has met a woman from the internet before, he says he hasn’t. I didn’t think there was much chemistry between us although I liked him, so I was rather suprised when he started thinking about where we could go. He decided we should just drive along the road a bit to see if we could find somewhere. I followed him in my car to make it easier for us to go our seperate ways after.

A few miles along he turned off the main road we had been on, pulling over onto the side of the lane where there was a kind of layby next to a corn field. Owl held my hand walking along the edge of the field behind a high hedge. The ground was very dry but eventually we gave up finding anywhere that would be comfortable to sit. With the sun beating down on us from a cloudless blue sky, birds singing out of sight we stood kissing. His hands roaming over my body we became lost in our kisses. His hand found its way inside my summer skirt, I could feel the trickle of my arousal as it slid down the inside of my thigh.

My left breast was released from its cup of white lace to be suckled while I kissed his neck. My right breast soon followed  its sister into the hot sunshine. We stood for some time kissing with my hand caressing his cock through his trousers while his hand played inside my now wet skirt.

Undoing his trousers to release his cock he sat on the ground bringing me down with him. Owl laid down on the ground I tried to find the most comfortable patches of dried mud for my knees as I knelt beside him stroking his manhood. When I had left home I hadn’t imagined being on my knees in a field in the hot sun for a night owl. It wasn’t very comfortable but I tried to forget the discomfort so that I could give my full attention to his cock. While my fingers caressed his semi hard his fingers found my nipples. But when I leaned further down into his lap to taste him with my mouth his finger delved into my already soaking pussy. After a time I found the sensations in my pussy combined with my pleasure in his cock became too intense for me and I had to stop for a moment. Collapsing onto the ground to rest my poor knees, I stretched my legs out to the side to get as comfortable as possible so that I could finish off what I had started.

I had just sucked him off to completion among many sighs of ‘wonderful’ when I sat up just in the nick of time.  I turned around and saw a woman and her dog walking towards us. Luckily I only had to slip one breast back inside my  top whilst Owl adjusted his trousers and shirt. Luckily I was between him and the dog walking woman so hopefully she didn’t see much. I was half expecting her to tell us off for being on private property but she didn’t she just walked passed us saying nothing. After she had passed we hugged and kissed some more with Owl patting my back saying ‘clever girl’ Im not sure if that was for spotting the dog walker or for the pleasure I had just given him. We stayed where we were for a while just chatting and kissing before we returned to our cars.

Have I learnt a lesson from this?

Yes ………….next time take a blanket!

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gay night

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 22, 2010

We didn’t know what time they would be there and Karl was starting to worry that they wouldn’t turn up, this would be a waste of time. Huh not entirely a waste of time pleeeeeze he was getting to spend time with me! Or maybe he was embarrassed to be seen alone with me. Maybe my black heels and red fishnet stockings with lacy black skirt with low cut red top would have been ok if I hadn’t also been wearing sunglasses.w I did take them off now and again but not for long as I was finding the light in this dimly lit bar too bright for my eyes.

I would guess that we had been there for maybe 20 minutes when he saw Soldier walk up to the bar, we were wondering if he was on his own when Snowy arrived a couple of minutes later. By this time the bar was starting to get busy. You wouldn’t have known that this was a gay bar other than that the bar men were obviously gay. A variety of people stopped by our table to talk to Soldier and Snowy (this is their local). There was an older guy who was accompanied by a younger guy (Karl whispered to me did I think it was a man or woman) I had earlier heard mention of a ‘pre op’ I think this shy young man was the ‘pre op’.

It was discovered that there was going to be a very good cabaret  act on at the ‘gay bar’ over the road. S & S  wanted to see this so later in the  evening we trooped over there to watch ‘Wilma’. We arrived just as Wilma was being introduced. Parts of the act were funny but not all, the crowd was very young probably an average age of 18 – 25 and about 3/4 of them gay. We stayed long enough to have one round of drinks. (Karl was not impressed with paying £15 for 3 soft drinks). We returned to the less gay ‘gay bar’ where we gathered around a quiz machine.  I enjoyed bopping to the music while we played the quiz game. Just like I enjoyed the new touchy feely version of Karl that had been with me for most of the evening.

S & S have offered to take me to the BBW pyjama party at the swingers club tonight. I’m not sure if I will go though as I might be too tired after gardening etc. Both Dave and Karl have told me to have a good time if I go as neither of them are available to go with me.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on May 21, 2010

I have been trying to write about the night when Karl and I played as a couple with another couple. The words just won’t flow so I am giving up on that post until I can write it.

So instead I shall tell you about the couple we are meeting for drinks tonight. Soldier has told Karl that he finds me sexy. Karl is very keen to get hold of Snowy’s bazookas. Her boobs are even bigger than mine (which he calls his girls). We met Soldier and Snowy with their friend Dora on our night out 2 weeks ago. Karl has been chatting to Soldier quite a bit since then. He has told him that I have been to the swingers club (some of our new friends are going to a party there toorrow).  He has mentioned that I liked the dungeon. Apparently Snowy has a dungeon at her studio and can arrange for me to have a photo session there.

We are meeting them tonight for a few drinks so that we can chat to them properly as we were in such a big group last time. If all goes well Karl and I will meet up with soldier next week for an MMF. Snowy will be away. Karl wants to satisfy my fantasy of a spit roast. I am sure I have told him that I have had one before so this wouldn’t be so much fulfilling  a fantasy as repeating something I want to do. I shall make up my mind after tonight as to whether I want to have a spit roast with Karl and Soldier. It might be that I would rather prefer to wait until Snowy is back so that the four of us can play. But then again I might be feeling greedy and just want the opportunity to have the two men to myself.  I won’t decide until I have spent more time with them to see if Soldier catches my attention, I didn’t speak to him much last time.

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