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Anna plays solo

Lazily lying back against the pillows Anna scans her emails, one or two from friends, half a dozen from companies that have her on their mailing lists. But still no email from Jack, fighting back her disappointment she reaches under the duvet slowly moving the cold metal that silently vibrates inside her. Drawing it out very slowly, so that the vibrations work on just the right spot. Now it is more than just her hot pussy that feels the vibrations, her whole body is overtaken by her convulsions. Anna is aware of the blood draining from her head as she reaches her silent climax. It is always like this when Jack is away. It is as though she has imposed this rule on herself. Solo orgasms are silent orgasms, her moans are reserved for her handsome husband.

Anna doesn’t mind the silent heat, she is used to keeping her noise to a minimum from all those years of house sharing with Kelly-Anne and the various other house mates who had come and gone. Anna had felt that after her string of no good boyfriends she would be single forever then out of the blue just a week before she turned 30 she had met Jack. Both simultaneously reaching for the last copy of Swallows and Amazons. A smile spreads over her face at the memory.
‘no I’m sorry……if you really want it, take it, I can get it elsewhere’
‘thank you, a gift for my niece, she thinks she’s a boy, loves boats and books’.
‘I have some time to kill do you fancy a coffee, I would love to hear about this niece of yours’.

Anna had been instantly attracted by his big brown eyes and cheeky smile. Now just over two years later she missed him so much when he was away, like now. Another 3 days and he should be back where he belongs here inside her. Mmmmm, coming back to the here and now Anna adjusts the angle of her wrist allowing the gentle vibrations to hit the spot with a little more pressure, twisting the end the movement inside her increases. Across the hall the telephone interrupts her thoughts, allowing it to ring unanswered Anna loses herself once more on the crest of another orgasm. The fuck ring beneath her ass spreading as her juice runs from her stimulated pussy. Damn another sheet that will need washing.

Catching sight of the clock Anna realises she has been here too long she will be later for work if she strips the bed before she goes but it will have to be done.
‘fuck, I feel so, so, so, gawd not horny what is it, horny but more than that hungry, yes hungry that will do. Watch out Mr Wonderful sexy pants cos I’m gonna eat you the minute you get through this door.’
‘Oh oh here we go again’,
biting down on her lip Anna shudders through another orgasm.
‘God damn you Mr Wilson, why are you away when I need your tight ass here between my legs as you pump right into me, how I miss you darling.’

The alarm goes off reminding her that its time to stop playing, but she can’t resist a slight twist as she clamps her thighs around the end of this smooth vibrating metal, now as hot as she. One more shuddering climax, her wetness dribbling from her hot cunt, the towel below her giving minimum protection to their bedding.


Anna and Jack stories

3 Responses to “Anna plays solo”

  1. Phil Fetterman said

    Extremely visual……. and erotic…. but sounds like the poor woman will have to go off to work unsatisfied and in desperate need of a good shagging, which could lead to all kinds of interesting things happening, like her meeting her new male secretary, or something equally tempting.

  2. Natasha said

    Yeah, c’mon Anna lets hear the next instalment……I’m sure you’re not the kind of woman who would be happy unsatisfied! xx

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