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The thing about married men

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 12, 2010

I have been thinking about the different lovers or if you prefer friends with benefits that I have and have had over the last few years. Every now and then I go all righteous and declare that it will only be single men for me from then on. But it never takes very long before a married man worms his way into my arms. So what is it about married men?

There are lots of reasons for staying away from them and I don’t just mean that they belong to someone else. Part of me thinks it dreadful that any woman especially this woman would sleep with a married man. After all he is married to someone else, someone who would in all probability be very hurt if they knew what their husband was doing. I wouldn’t want my partner/husband to be having sex with anyone but me so why should I be doing it to them. (that’s the angel on my left shoulder’s view).

On the other hand if a man is married and wants to stay married because they love/adore their wife but they still want to have sex with me that gives me a sense of power. What is more if that man has never strayed before but now that they have met me they want me even though they are risking their marriage………..that is one very powerful aphrodisiac would you not agree.

But there are other reasons for staying away from married men. When you are together you cannot wear perfume or any other scent. …….I do like my perfume especially my bottle of prada…..I love the scent of vanilla too but even that can be too much of a giveaway.

I love to send and receive text messages but with some married men I can only indulge in this when I know it is safe (like Nigel) although with others like Karl I can and do text him at any time. What is nicer when you are apart than an unexpected phone call from your lover. A good morning call or a goodnight wish, maybe if you are both so inclined some phone sex. I have enjoyed a few sessions over time  including just calling up my lover so that he can hear me cum. Karl can phone me which he does often while he is out and about but I can’t ever phone him unless I know in advance that he is out. I have never phoned Dave and only ever text him in reply to his text which is usually only when we are about to meet up.

I think I would be better off finding myself a suitable single man if I am going to find the relationship that works for me………the only trouble is my resistence to married men is low.

With married men we can only spend time together when it fits in with their family life. Time that is stolen, time when they are supposed to be somewhere else. The best we can do is a few hours here and there. We cannot have nights or weekends together. Going away together is not an easy option. (Karl says he wants to take me away but I can’t see it happening.)

Having married lovers means that I can keep a clear conscience whilst seeing more than one, which in turn means that I can find different lovers who have different qualities. It is so difficult to find a lover who can give a woman all that she desires/needs.  In the early days of my sexual adventures (post divorce) I had the gentle Colin and the passionate Nigel. Now I have Karl and Dave who could not be more different. Having multiple married lovers helps me not to fall too deeply for any of them. For our relationship (even if it is no strings) to work we have to like each other and that means having some feelings for each other, caring. But it would be dangerous to care too much. Having more than one means I spread my feelings between them instead of devoting all my emotions to just one.

With single men I am more likely to devote myself to just the one which is when I get hurt like I did with Fred first time around. (who incidentally I have not seen since January and only had one online conversation (end of april) so I think that has run its course.

Is there anyone you would like to read more about?

Adam ~ attached ~ history

Sebastian ~ attached ~ history but still around

Don ~ single ~ history

Colin ~ married ~ history

Nigel ~ married ~ history

Fred ~ single ~ history and semi current

Karl ~ married ~ current

Dave ~ married ~ current

Stuart ~married ~ history

Rupert ~ married ~ history

Chief ~ single ~ history

Cutter ~ married ~ history

Sweetheart ~ single ~ history

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Saving the best for last

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 2, 2010

Back in January I wrote about Fred and his ideas for following Dr’s orders. What I didn’t write about at the time was the very steamy session we had attempting to follow those orders. It started earlier than our other evenings together. It began in the same manner as before. Passionate kissing on the couch until we could contain ourselves no more. He pulls me up the stairs but almost at the top he stops. He thinks he can hear something and leads me back to my place on the couch whilst he makes sure the house is secure. On his return he apologised for being paranoid. I had noticed his paranoia before but he had never been so obvious about it before.

Within minutes we were in his room undressing each other. I hadn’t bothered with stockings and lacy lingerie this time, as I had on past evenings been disappointed that he hadn’t even seemed to notice my undergarents let alone appreciated the care with which I had chosen them. Standing naked in each others arms he led me to the bed laying me down. I don’t remember every detail of that night now but I do remember enjoying a hearty serving of 69, him on top. We played for a while with his fingers inside me before I climbed on top of him.

Lowering myself onto his shaft rocking back and forth, up and down, leaning in for a kiss. Pushing further down onto him we moved like that for ages, me moving on top of him while he thrust upwards with his hips. Pushing himself deeper into me, pushing as far as he can. Both of us pushing against each other, it felt like he was deeper inside  me than before. Could we be making progress here. It certainly felt good, better than ever even. We were having the best sex ever not to say that sex between us had ever been anything other than great. Having orgasmed for the umpteenth time I collapsed and rolled off him.

Kneeling between his legs I got to work on his cock, something  I do enjoy enormously and judging from his expressions and moans so does he. I keep licking and sucking his delicious tool until he can take no more and shoots his spunk into my hot mouth. Not letting up with my sucking I quickly drain him of his lovely seed.

Relaxing together on the bed chatting I knew this has been our best sex yet but I felt sad. Something in my mind was telling me that enough was enough. Laying by his side my eye caught on a large card on the side of a unit. I couldn’t see properly but from my view it looked like it said …………To The One I love

I might have been wrong but didn’t think so. I didn’t ask.

If I was correct then I doubt this was a  brand new relationship but in all honesty I didn’t want to know. It probably doesn’t matter to him. By the time I arrived home I was already telling myself this was probably the end. Not by his choice but mine. I text to let him know I had arrived home he thanked me for texting.

We had been seeing each other approximately every 2 months with many conversations online and by text in between. But this time there has been just one online message from him leaving me a hug in mid Feb. I returned the favour with an online kiss a day or so later. But otherwise there has been no contact between us.

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text sex across the pond

Posted by secretlynaughty on May 25, 2009

Right I am relying on you lot to give me the answer.

I assume that you have realised that I am in UK. Among my blogger friends are many people in USA (yes I know I have some in Australia too). Now you may or may not know that there are times when I enjoy text sex. Not as often now as in the past unfortuntely.  But recently I have  been invited to share text sex with another blogger who happens to be in USA. We have exchanged numbers but unlike here it isn’t as easy as that.

I know  that I can text abroad because I used to exchange text messages with my sweetheart when he was in other parts of the world including  Malaysia and Scandinvia as well as Europe (both Eastern and Western). I have also exchanged messages with a former lover who moved to Germany. My former lover has a German sim which he gave me the number of before he went out there so there was no problem with texting although there was sometimes a bit of a time delay but that can happen here too. My sweetheart uses a UK number so I know that works.

Now this is where you come in, do any of you know how I can text a US number and how can he text a UK number? Do we need to add a prefix to the number like phoning a landline needs an international code is it the same for mobile/cell phones. If so what codes are needed?

You never know if you help us out here you might even get to read about some of the resulting text sex that occurrs between us. It might also open the door to more texting with more of you.

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More of whats in a Text

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 5, 2009

Following my one sided Text sex we had lots more chats online. We talked often about my desire to be tied up, spanked and fucked.  We met for a walk in the woods one sunny spring morning. He was very sweet and shy, we chatted easily but it was only as we parted that he plucked up courage to kiss me.

More months passed, more chatting and more flirting until one day we agreed that I should take a day off work and he would come to my house. I needed some work done and he was in the right profession so came around to measure up for the work. The measuring only took a few minutes. Then we chatted for a couple of hours. Before he confessed that there was something he wanted me to see. He began taking off his jeans…………. To my suprise once he had removed his jeans it became obvious what it was he wanted to show me. He was very shy and rather embarrassed as he had never shown this to a woman before. To be honest this was the first time I had seen it although I am not so naive that I had never heard of it. Besides he had told me about it months ago.

My friend had revealed that he liked to wear stockings. So there he stood in my bedroom wearing skin tone stockings. We talked about it and also the virginal white stockings I had bought from ebay months earlier but never had an opportunity to wear. He persuaded me to put on my white stockings which were oh so soft, much softer than the ones I wear every day. (unless I am wearing trousers or jeans).

Soon he had me lying on my bed as he fingered me and I wanked him. It was very nice but neither of us were in a mood to take it furtther, if anything I was amazed he did what he did. (I did tell you in my earlier post that he is really more of a sub). That was in early December 2007 (not 2008 but 2007). I had expected to hear from him either later in the day or perhaps over the next few days but nothing. No email, IM, text, telephone (he loved to hear me cum). December was gone a new year had begun but still I didn’t hear from him. As the months faded away I just figured that his g/f must have found out and he had deleted me from his contacts.

You are probably wondering why I am telling you this now. 14 months after the event.

Tonight when I came in from work I found a request from him to be added as a contact. Obviously I was curious, so I accepted and there he was online same picture same as before, as though he had never been AWOL.

I very rarely make the first contact on IM as I prefer to wait and see if the other person wants to chat, besides I am usually doing something else ie emails or blogging. But I made an exception……………hello stranger

We chatted as though he had always been there. It was embarrassment that had kept him away.   I asked him about his mistress (he had met her once and was planning a second visit the last I had heard). He proudly tells me he now has 3 Mistresses.

Do you get spanked ?

Not often enough

He likes to be tied up, spanked and fucked

He knows that I want to be tied up, spanked and fucked at least once. He tells me he can help me with that. He tells me that he has become a slut especially recently.

Maybe one night when he least exects it I shall send him a few text messages. Something along the lines of ……………


Spank me

You know you want to

You know I want you to

Tie me up and do what ever you will with me

make me your toy

Show me what it is like to be a slut

Life could be about to become a little more interesting

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When its all in the Text

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 22, 2009

he is into sub/dom…..we have chatted about it a few times in recent weeks. tonight I have a real need to do this. I feel so very horny as I think about it. I have been getting quite wet and fidgety. I have refused to bring myself off I want to meet him and for him to know how turned on I am by the thought of him dominating me. He wants to be dominated but is happy to dominate me first to teach me the ways of sub/dom. He will restrain me and slap me he will fuck me when I have no control then I will restrain him and he will have no control while I do what ever I like to him.

I know you are not expecting this. but if you are not busy tonight would you like to meet for a drink then you can tell me in more detail……..

will you teach me?

feeling very horny and needing instructions

thats a no then is it?

we both know u want to……… you know I need to be punished………You want to show me how to behave you want to restrain me

you want to fuck me you want me to fuck you when you cant do anything

OMG I am so horny and I want you to know how wet I am getting are you hard? are you hiding at work playing with yourself when you could be playing with me.

forget the drink I need a FUCK NOW!!!!!!!!!!

I know what I need tonight and it has to be you. Are you going to pass up this chance to do what ever you want with me? I am so wet waiting to hear what you want. Do I have to beg you to take your pleasure from me.

phone …….no answer

have been texting him for a few hours………not a single answer.   Maybe it has something to do with me using a phone he does not have the number for. I am lying face down across my bed now pressing my pussy into the bed, my legs moving slowly making the crotch of my jeans rub against my soaking swollen clit. Still I get no answer. Its no good I cant wait any longer. I roll onto my back and shove my hand inside my jeans pushing aside the fabric of my thong and start to rub furiously it is very quick I was already so close to the edge, now I cum in a great gush and my legs tremble as the spasm runs through me.

It turns out that he was on holiday with his g/f when my texts began to come through. As much as he wanted this there was nothing he could do.

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Seduction begins

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 3, 2008

There is a well dressed lady on my train. Her skirt is split at the front and I am enjoying the view of her thighs.

A touch of deja vue?

Only to a limited degree. I can’t see her knickers not like yours!

You must have very good eyesight if you can see them from there

No I can’t see them. It’s not as good as seeing yours!

I meant mine

Oh I am stupid doh!  If you wore pink ones yesterday, then are they black?

What makes you think I have only pink or black. Have you peeked?

As a sexy woman I am sure you have lots of colours! I’d like to do more than peek……..

Such as?

Slowly tease you by blowing cool air up your inner thighs……

Whilst in the cramped space of a public transport washroom?

I was hoping we were in a hotel………….. Holding your hands above your head, my finger traces down your arm, along the tight sides of your breasts……….

Would that involve me wetting myself?

I would aim to make you cum and if that means getting wet yes

What is your record if you keep one, of making a lady cum?

I don’t keep score but my combination of mout and tongue around clit, and fingers inside on G spot usually does the trick. Of course a good shag does no harm

Fuck I wish I was on my own

No you don’t

So I could get my cock out and fuck you

You wish you were NOT alone

I mean with you…………….do you have knickers on?


If I slid my hand down to your pussy would it be open and ready to take me?

yesssssssss yessssssssss

Fuck lovely, let me suck deeply upon your cunt


You taking some cock deep inside you

Oh yes baby thats it




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A virtual love affair

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 2, 2008

I have not posted on here for a couple of days mainly because I have been busy having a virtual fling.  As I sit at my desk during the day he whispers naughty thoughts down the phone to me. As I drive he tells me what he wants to do to me. When I am online he invades my screen with emails, he tells me what he is going to do to me. He sends me photos to show me how I make him feel. He finds excuses to phone me at work just to hear my voice. He sends me explicit photographs of himself at random times just to get me flustered.

He is a very naughty man but I am loving every text, every email, each IM conversation but most especially every telephone call. He asks me if I am wet and even if I wasn’t until he asked suddenly I am. He shuts himself away in his office away from his staff so they won’t notice his guilty secret. He can’t stop thinking about me.

He wants to grab my naked body and press my hot flesh against the cold ceramic tiles of his kitchen floor, squirt cream on my nipples and smooth shaved pussy, adding to the cream, dribbles of cold champagne and crushed strawberry juice, blending it all in with my own juices as he licks and kisses every inch of my body. He wants to finger fuck me, first one then two, three fingers as I suck and lick his thick 7″ hard cock. Before he turns me over to enter me from behind as he pumps into me slowly at first before increasing speed (he is like train….keeps going all night).

He wants to handcuff me to the bed so he can tease my body until I lose control and just enjoy the moment ahem hour or two or three as he uses my vibrators to stimulate me in  addition to his fingers, tongue and of course that magnifcent cock. He wants to hear my giggles turn to screams of pleasure. He wants me to wake from my slumber, by the tickle of his tongue on my inner thighs.

What could be sexier than knowing that a handsome, fit younger man wants my body so much that he can’t concentrate on anything else.

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To be Mastered or not is the question

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 23, 2008

Looking through some note books I came across the transcripts of some text sessions I had with a couple of guys who were interested in being ‘My Master’. At the time I was toying with the idea I was also thinking about writing a book. I would write down all sorts of things snippets of conversations, either mine or over heard. Text messages anything that I thought could be of use at a later date. Perhaps one day I shall write a book but for now these are just collecions of notes. I also have note books of characters and their background as it builds up in my mind. Places, objects, feelings, for a while I always had at least one note book with me.

Tonight I was re-reading some of the text messages, mostly to me rather than from me. These are some from ‘My dark Master’ at the time when we had been chatting for several months on and off but had reached a time when we were agreeing to meet, he would be my master, I would be his slut. I was never 100% sure if I did want to do this or if I did then did I want it to be with him. At that time there were 4 men in total who were talking to me in the ‘Master/slave’ fashion. Here is his side of our communication I will let you fill in the blanks in your own minds as to what my replies might have been. But feel free to ask any questions and I shall try to answer truthfully as the good little girl that I am 😉


Just play along and enjoy yourself, Im no nutter hun just like dirty kinky sex. When you have decided master will return………..or not lol x

U will meet me at the car park of …………. at precisely 12.30p tomorrow. from there I will instruct you as to where to go.

U are to wear stockings NO knickers and No bra. cover by using a mac or similar x

Good morning Masters slut. How pleasurable it is hearing your orgasm. I will reward u with a thorough fucking when we finally meet xx

It was perfect for I too was playing with my engorged cock. Shame slut wasn’t here to receive my cream in some kinky maner x

Master would like to hear of any more encounters that slut has had in the last few weeks x

I have rewarded you with a gift x

my gift from My dark Master

my gift from My dark Master

Slut will be presented with it on our first meeting. Each time we meet they shall be worn once we are alone x

Mmmm what a nice way for Dark master to wake, hearing his horny slut come. Does she like her gift x

Any nearer completing your task x    

What a beautiful day slut is it not perfect for outdoor B and D

Master is in an airconditioned store on his own, shorts not top no boxers x

Good evening slut, Masters mind has been wandering through the kinky sex he has in mind for our mutual desire. Master needs to administer sluts first spanking. This should happen tomorrow eve if it is possible x

Master is waiting for an answer. Don’t forget u are summoned for a session of spanking and if you are compliant,  may be rewarded with a drink of my cum or anal sex depending on Masters mood. If not today then it must be this week, afternoon or nite x

Shame you were not here earlier Master came in a torrent x

Theres plenty for you but u will be working harder to be allowed it . The date day or nite x

Does slut fantasize about being the centre of a group fuck x

Why dont u organise it x

If you are invited to another, Master would be honoured to escort u x

So when will aster get his chance to play with slut x

Good its time for your punishment to be dealt x

You are horny slut, looking forward to fucking u x x

Delicious slut, Master wants to hear slut spank her pussy during her next play x

Send him my picture and tell him he can collect it from me x

You will thank Master properly when we meet, bending over and spreading the cheeks of your ass for him to take you as he sees fit.

Master has been invited out tonight, would slut like to hear about his exploits tomorrow x

Very well u will be spanked & fucked on friday x

Ah yes I am in search of a room with a full dress mirror. That is how I will tie you and administer your first spanking.

This and more will be done x

What toys if any do you possess x

Time to go shopping, toys will feature in my plans for slut.

I will shop for a gift, I dont mind because I will have as much enjoyment.


There is more but I feel that for the moment this enough to whet your appetite, am I right or am I right lol. 

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Thanks for texting

Posted by secretlynaughty on September 20, 2008

Since my reawakening I have found that I adore sex, at times my appetite is insatiable. My first new lover(Don) after I emerged from the coma that my life had become, told me once that he would wake, look at me and think ‘oh no she wants more’.

Since the demise of Don, my life has been full of men, men I have met online, men I have met through text lines, men I have met on the phone. I adore chatting, flirting with men it doesn’t matter what medium we use. Some it is all three, some I do get to meet in person and with some there has been some very hot sex, one or two some not so great sex but for the sake of this blog those can be forgotten. What I have in mind at this moment is text sex.  Over the past couple of years I have indulged in some incredible text sex. But at this time I am thinking about one man in particular. A fellow blogger, we had begun by commenting on each other’s blogs then progressed to email, IM and text (with a few long late night telephone calls thrown in for good measure).

I can particularly remember one night when we were texting each other, these text messages were arriving thick and fast, but with occasional breaks. (this hot blogger is also a married blogger) so each time his wife was hovering the text messages would stop for a while. We both have our phones on silent/vibrate. Although I am nolonger married I do not live alone.  Often when I have no pocket I slip my phone into my cleavage. Nice and safe clasped between my generous breasts my phone is going no where. I soon forget that it is there until I am reminded by the vibrations that send my breasts all of a quiver thus sending spasms of delight down to my pussy.

On this particular night this blogger had instructed me to put my phone inside my thong (for those of you who are not British read that as g-string not shoes). As you can imagine this had several side effects. The first being that with each text recieved (and there were very very many) the vibrations were directly against my pussy. Obviously this made me feel aroused which in turn made me wet. It wasn’t long before my phone was covered in my juices, I was afraid this could cause a few problems with my phone. I don’t now remember how I overcame this, I do remember the aroma that came from my phone each time I put it near my face for the next few days. ( a new definition of phone sex perhaps).  I have met this married blogger, but I am not going to tell you whether we put our text sex into practice for real that dear reader if for me and him to know. Suffice to say he is still a part of the fabric that makes up my life as a sex blogger.

Just in case you are beginning to wonder, it wasn’t only the vibrations that were coming from my phone that were causing my pussy to over heat, the words were pretty damn hot too. In between reading messages and replying there was no way I could resist playing with myself, rubbing, flicking, finger fucking myself into some deliciously hot orgasms all because of these words that kept appearing on my screen. The tiny fact that this man was having to be careful in case his wife caught him in the throes of hot sex with me (albiet that we were miles apart connected only by this small piece of technology) only heightened my excitement.

I do find married/attached men very sexy and very exhilarating, the idea that even though they have a significant other they still desire me is such a turn on for me.  But the biggest turn on is being desired by a married/attached man who has never been unfaithful until he found me.

Have you ever had text sex?

If yes has this led to real sex?

or was it with someone you were already having sex with?

If married/attached have you had text sex with someone other than your SO?

Have you had text sex with someone who is married/attached?

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