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His fantasy

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 20, 2009

This afternoon I was chatting online to the young guy I mentioned before in this post. He was asking me questions about my sex life. One of the questions was what is the age range of the men I am seeing. I told him Fred is 45 and Karl is 57 with Cutter and Cougar in between.

‘So do you ever consider younger men?’

ok I could figure where this was leading to.

‘I have considered it but my preference is for older men, I can’t get my head around younger guys.’

‘Would you not consider it even to teach a young guy?’

‘As I have sons who are now young men no I can’t begin to contemplate it but there are women who are quite happy to teach younger men’

I told him that if he wants to be taught by an older woman he should join an adult site and write that on his profile.

That was when he tld me that he has a fantasy about being taught by an older woman, (me). He wants to come to my house. Stand in my livingroom and I will order him to strip off and just stand there until eventually I allow him to come to me and kiss me (I’m still fully clothed at this time). Next I lead him upstairs to my bedroom where I strip off some of my clothes and allow him to fuck me but he has to follow my exact instructions about what to do and how.

I asked him if he has fantasies about being ordered about or being submissive. He said not really it is more about giving the woman the treat of enjoying a young man and his cock. At that point he was lucky we were chatting online and not face to face as he might have had a very red face after I slapped it.  Arrogant young man! I have been chatting to him and given him advice for the last 2 years so I am well aware that he is not exactly experienced in the art of sex or relationships. He has a lot to learn if he thinks it would be a treat for an older woman to have sex with a much younger man. Of course there are women who do like to bed young ones. But most of us prefer the more experienced man who knows how to give a woman pleasure.

I don’t remember what I said to him about this I was not pleased. But I did say that I might write his fantasy for him. If I did, I might write it from the female perspective instructing the young man in the  art of pleasing a woman. I have written from a man’s perspective before but I am not sure I could make it work for this fantasy.

What fantasies do you have?

Do any of you have a fantasy that is different from the usual ones?

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Who will it be?

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 17, 2009

I wonder which one it will be.

There are 4 likely candidates

Cougar,Cutter, Fred or Karl

I have recently had sex with both Fred and Karl (but not at the same time). Karl does not know I have had sex with Fred but Fred does know about Karl. Having said that Karl does know that there are other men in my life, he just doesn’t know who I see or when.

Although I have met both Cougar and Cutter I have done nothing more than kiss them. Cougar knows about Karl (he calls him my ‘stalker’) he assumes there are others. Cutter does not know that there are others and none of them know about him.

I have been wondering which one will be the next lucky guy to have sex with me.  I am meeting Cutter again tomorrow for a couple of hours, there may be a possibility. We are meeting at a pub with a hotel nextdoor.  Although we have talked about booking a room in advance we have decided to wait and hope that there is a room available should we decide we need one.

Fred has been in contact, he wanted me to visit him at home last week but had to cancel at the last minute. I have a feeling he will be asking me over to his place again soon.

Cougar on the other hand has not made any plans other than that he would like to see me when I can fit him in. He might not be pushy when it comes to taking things further but I know he wants to.

Karl has had the most chances, but I don’t think there will be much happening for a while. But you never know he might surprise me.

So who do you think will be the next to get me into bed?

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Cutting time

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 14, 2009

It looks as though I could be on the verge of something new and exciting. Since joining Illicit Encounters  I have chatted to several men, mostly through the site a few have progressed to email/IM and or text/telehone Only one (Multi Vitamin) has used all methods of communication. He is the only one who has chatted on IM so far. I am hoping that next time we chat he will tell me more about his recent visit to a naturist spa with one of his harem.

Banker has only been in contact by email but I shall let him off for the moment as within days he was off on holiday to USA for a couple of weeks with promises to be in touch once he returns. He looks very handsome from his photo. I am looking forward to discovering whether he sounds anything like he looks.

Writer has chatted by phone as well as email although he has given me permission to text him at any time he has not replied to the few I ahve sent. His last email said that he was tying to get himself fit so that he can fuck me like a rutting rabbit. Oddly I have not heard from him since. It would be a pity if he just disappeared as we got on so well chatting on the phone. We also have a mutual love of writing. Apart from that he doesn’t live too far away. Far enough  to be away from people who know us but at the same time close enough to make meeting easy.

Cutter has sent me lots of emails we have also chatted on the phone a few times as well as a few text messages but only if he text first. I get the impression that Cutter is new to all this although he has met a few other women but didn’t click with them, conversation being stilted and awkward. He asked if we could meet for a quick drink one day after I finished work.

On the appointed day I left work a little earlier than usual to get to the pub I had suggested. I arrived first but he wasn’t long after me. I was just locking my car when he walked up to me, I was greeted with a peck on the lips. I hadn’t expected that as I was wearing a light film of pale pink lipstick. We chatted easily as we walked into the bar. We managed to find a table in the corner away from a large group who were making enough noise to mask our conversation. We didn’t stop talking the whole time. If I’m honest I did most of the talking but he did his share too. He was really easy to talk to.  He was very gentlemanly, pleasant and interesting. He wasn’t the slightest bit lecherous or leery towards me in anyway.  He couldn’t stay too long though as he had a tennis match lined up and some bad road works to get through to get home.  We walked back to our cars together, he kissed me lightly on the lips again. I really wanted more but as he said my lipstick prevented a proper kiss.

Later he sent me a long email telling me how much he was turned on by me. I don’t really know why or how that was. I wasn’t dressed seductively (I don’t look my best at the end of a day at work), I didn’t do anything more than chat to him.  Today he has emailed me again suggesting another date. He can manage longer this time, he again told me how much he is turned on by me. He wants to spend time kissing and perhaps more. Until we have that first proper kiss I won’t know whether I want more but at the moment I feel it is highly likely.

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Resistence is low

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 13, 2009

Its funny how even though I don’t fancy Cougar at all I so desperately want to fuck him at least once. It has been about 3 months now since we first began chatting online. We met for a drink after a few days but didn’t make any further plans. He likes to be spontaneous, which I like too but I did warn him that being spontaneous means he could lose out if I already have plans elsewhere.

We did make a half arrangement to meet a few weeks ago but it didn’t work out. So when the opportunity for our midnight meet arose even though I procrastinated there really was no chance I would not go.

When he arrived in the deserted car park at 12.15am we both got out of our cars and stood between them talking. We found a big white light with a smaller red light below it in the distance among the many other city lights. We just couldn’t figure out what it was. He thinks it will bug him now until he figures it out.

After a while he had got cold and said we should get into one of our cars (as he moved to get into his). We sat side by side just talking about alsorts of things. Never once going near the subject of what we were doing there together late at night. Never once mentioning that we had met on adult friend finder. The subject of sex was avoided. Other than that I had mentioned to him earlier in the week that I had been asked to do product reviews for Durex.

Eventually around 1am I stated that I had to go home (I would be getting up for work at 6am). This seemed to spur him on as he grabbed my hand for the first time. (it felt good my small hand held in his large soft warm hand). He told me we should go for another drink sometime when I can fit him in. We talked about places we could go, then he leaned in for a kiss. Mmmm it was nice, soon we were snogging like teenagers. Tongues probing hot mouths, my hand around his neck while his free hand found its way inside my jacket. The feel of his big hand rubbing my breast was electrifying. But it was now well past 1am and reluctantly I made the move to leave.

Months ago he told me that he doesn’t often chat to the same woman more than a few times as he gets bored easily. From what he had been saying earlier in the evening about finding me interesting, that I was like an itch he didn’t know whether to scratch, I think he has been trying to resist me.

I just wonder if after this little episode he might find it just that little bit harder to resist. For my part, visually I still don’t fancy him, strangely in my mind when we chat he morphs into my Sweetheart, which is odd as they are nothing alike. But he seems to have something that draws me to him. As I write this I have just seen his name appear on my messenger and immediately I felt myself become excited and my pussy tingled and got wet. I am laying on my bed with just a towel over me, my fingers plunged into my wetness pressing and rubbing as my mind calls out to him. Wanting his tongue in my mouth his hands on my breasts his weight pressing down onto me as he pounds into my aching cunt. 

I wonder how long it will be before our next encounter, will that be the time when I allow him to take me?

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Midnight tryst

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 10, 2009

We have been chatting most of the evening. He has admitted that he finds me interesting.

‘like an itch that he isn’t sure if he wants to scratch’

He is making a late night delivery to a client in the village not far from my home. He tells me that he will be travelling along my favourite  hill. We have talked about driving around late at night. He said he will look out for me on his return journey at about midnight.

He has logged off his computer now but has text me to ask what car I drive. Seems to me that he is confident I will be there.

I have not yet decided.

Whilst I was making up my mind one of my blogger friends came online, he told me to go for it so I did. 

When I arrived there was no sign of Cougar but as I parked I saw that I had a text

‘How disappointing lol’

‘that you are not here?’

checking the time of his text I had missed him by one or two minutes.

surprise surprise within 2 minutes his car pulled up alongside mine in the deserted car park over looking the city with all its lights twinkling.

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A week with Karl

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 7, 2009

This week has been Karl’s week

During this week there has been only one day that I have not seen him, but we did have a long telephone call instead.

There was one night where I had dinner with him but came home late evening to sleep in my own bed.

There was one night where we went out for the evening then he dropped me off at home as we were both very tired.

There were a couple of nights where we had dinner together at his place, watched a little tv, went to bed together, played with each other, he dropped me back home at 6am.

There was one night where he was out with a mate all evening then picked me up at 11.30pm for drinks and more play time. It was nice not having to rush in the morning.

During those late nights and early mornings there has been much nipple sucking from both of us although mostly him as he gets more to play with. He has dubbed my breasts his ‘magnificent girls’. He adores my breasts, he loves to gaze at them whilst I am still dressed, looking at the patterns of the lacework through the fabric of my clothing. Pulling the low neck of my top away so that he can look down onto the mounds of white flesh held securely in their individual soft DD cups. But most of all he loves to cup them in his hands pinching and pulling on the nipple of one while he sucks hungarily on the other.

He loved it when I wore my black mini skirt two nights in a row. That first night as he sat opposite me at the glass dinning table trying to catch a glimpse between my pale thighs to see if Iwas wearing anything under my skirt. Before finally discovering my black thong with pink flowers that matched my balony style bra. He does like it when I wear a thong (not such a common occurrence these days).  The next night though was different. It isn’t easy sitting sedately on a wrought iron garden chair (bbq night) wearing a mini skirt trying not to make it obvious that I was wearing nothing underneath. The cold metal against my naked bum was both uncomfortable yet thrilling at the same time. When we eventually made it to bed he confirmed that he had guessed I was naked under my short skirt but couldn’t be sure.

He enjoys looking at and feeling my legs when I wear a skirt. He disagrees with my assessment that my legs have got fat. Apparently my legs are still slim and oh so very soft, he loves to kiss all along the length of my legs. He also likes it when I wear trousers because then he can’t see or feel my white legs he can only imagine them which makes him more anxious to get me into bed quicker.

Karl is a good kisser so it is never very long before our bodies are entwined as our lips meet and our tongues dance around each other probing the other’s mouth. When we are in bed though it is not only my mouth that his tongue explores. My face, neck, arms, breasts and tummy com under attack along with my legs, back and bum but he isn’t the only one who enjoys it immensely when his tongue finds my pussy. Yes Karl is very good at and very keen to eat my pussy. This is when the mattress protector is really needed, I have tried but I just can’t stem the flow of my juice as I become very aroused.

The expert use of his tongue and fingers in and around my cunt are both delicious and frustrating.  Frustrating because it makes me want to feel his hard cock inside my tight cunt but his thick cockhead just won’t go in. He doesn’t say so but I am sure he is as disappointed and frustrated as I am.  But we just get on and enjoy the things we can do. Including masturbating together. My first time being watched masturbating , it was much more a turn on than I had expected.

His cock might be too thick in girth for my cunt to accept but even though it takes a lot of effort and leaves me with an aching face I do enjoy sucking and licking his cock and balls. One night I did this for a full half an hour keeping eye contact most of the time. I only stopped when I thought he was so relaxed he was almost asleep.

We have another week to experiment, I intend to introduce some vibrator play and maybe so food play. Plus I have bought new batteries for my camera 😉

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A lesson to learn

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 6, 2009

I should learn but I don’t.

If it doesn’t fit then no amount of pushing, twisting or willing are going to get it into the hole.

Stretching doesn’t work.

Forcing doesn’t work

Nothing works!!

But we can have fun trying and he is good with his fingers and tongue.

There is another place where it fits,just!

Ok so my jaw aches, the gag reflex kicks in very quickly when only the head has slipped inside but I can still use my tongue.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on June 4, 2009


After being out for the last 3 nights I’ve been having a night at home tonight. One of the things I have been doing is catching up with emails. checking my secretlynaughty email for probably the first time in a week I found that I had 3 invites.

The first was an invite to read a private blog belonging to a lovely lady who I used to read before she went private. When I read this blog I very quickly found that I could easily identify with this lady although our circumstnces are very different.  I feel honoured to have been sought out by Kyra to be invited to read her blog.

The second invite was from a company who produce erotic literature.   They will send me free copies every month for me to review. would you be interested in reading my reviews on my blog.

The third invite was one that really interests me. It is from the social media PR for Durex. They have invited me to test and review their new Play lubes. Would you be even slightly interested in reading about my attemps to test these lubes. I already use their tingle lube but can’t wait to try their new cherry and pina colada varieties. I am already making mental plans to try these out with both Karl and Fred but judging by recent emails I could soon be trying them with any one out of Writer, Cutter or Banker.

Of course these erotic books and the Durex lube would only be used for the purpose of research for your entertainment. It will be a great hardship for me to use these products for my own personal enjoyment.

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Bad Timing

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 3, 2009

I was in the middle of an orgasm, his face clamped between my thighs as his tongue teased my sensitive clit, juice flowing, legs trembling in the throes of spasm.

My alarm goes off telling us that it is time for him to take me home to get ready for work.

Eyes still not fully open in the morning light. How quickly that small sound had killed off the passion that was just beginning after the soft slow caresses as our bodies had clung together after waking early.

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Missing in action

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 1, 2009

I am going to be away getting some action on these bones of mine not sure when I shall get the time/energy to post next. Have fun while I am away because I know I will 😉

You never know I might even have some new photos for you soon. Must dash gotta have a shower before I go and Cutter has promised to phone me before I leave

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