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Anna’s choice


Anna does her best to stiffle the laugh she can feel bubbling up into her throat. She is aharing her lunch break with her two best friends Jackie and Ella. Jackie has just been telling them about the news item she had read in her paper this morning. All the women amused, but Ella and Jackie are blissfully unaware of what makes Anna laugh and smile secretly to herself.


The story Jackie was telling was about the sighting of a naked woman tied up near her local rail station. Some elderly passersby had reported the sighting to their local police who had begun searching for the woman in case she was in danger.


While the other two giggle and wonder at what the woman had been doing there, Anna has her own thoughts tumbling around in her head. Two months ago Jack had returned from a 3 week trip to New Zealand. One of his colleagues had returned with him Max was staying at a local hotel until the two of them drove to the seminar in Rugby a few days later. Max had joined them for dinner on the second evening. (Not the first that was reserved time for Anna and Jack). During dinner Jack had held Anna’s hand as he turned to Max as if for confirmation. Anna almost missed the slight nod from Max as Jack began to speak.


    ‘Darling while we were away Max and I came up with a plan. We have a suprise for you, I am sure that you will love it. The three of us are going for a drive tomorrow after lunch.’


    ‘where are we going?’


    ‘ah now that is part of the suprise but all I will tell you now is that I want you to wear your short sexy red dress.’


Anna had been excited for the rest of the evening and all the next morning, she could tell from the look in his eyes that it was no good asking Jack any more about her suprise. She trusted him and if he said she would love it then she knew she would. The couple had driven from their suburban home to the hotel to collect Max who was carrying a holdall. They drove down the M3 towards the coast, it was a lovely warm late spring day. Turning west onto the M27 (Anna knew this area she had cousins here) they headed towards the New forest. Turning off through Lyndhurst they stopped for a pub lunch. Once or twice Anna was sure she had caught the two men sharing a secret smile and a wink.


Walking back to his BMW Jack took Anna’s arm whispering.


    ‘are you ready for your suprise now sweetheart?’

Anna kisses his cheek as her answer. But is astonished when Max slides into the front passenger seat ahead of her, giving her no choice but to climb into the back of the car. She listens as the two men joke about football as the car travels along narrow lanes into countryside Anna has never seen before. Soon Max is pointing the way into what appears to be a deserted car park. Max gets out and retrieves his bag from the boot, he takes out two shiny gold envelopes and passes them to Jack. Holding both envelopes up where Anna can see them but not reach them Jack tells her.


   ‘My darling Anna it is now time for your suprise. I have here two identical envelopes, one marked A the other B. You must choose one of them. Whichever you choose the card inside will dictate which of two suprises will be yours.’


   ‘oh in that case it has to be A for Anna’


laughing Jack turns to Max,


      ‘I told you that would be her choice.’


Max grabs envelope B


    ‘dear girl you have turned down choice B, are you sure you don’t want to change your mind?’


    ‘no I will stick with A’


   ‘ok you have made your choice, you have turned down choice B which was to have a nice country walk then book into the hotel up the road where we have already reserved a room, have dinner together then return to our family room where Jack and I will take turns to pleasure you.’


Anna feels her face heat up instantly as she realises the implications of what she has turned down, a night in a hotel with her handsome sexy beast of a husband but also his sexy mate who she has felt attracted to from the moment she saw him (not that he could ever lure her away from Jack but the fantasy was hot).


    ‘so what is in envelope A then?’


Jack hands over the envelope which Anna gently begins to prise open but her excitement overtakes her and she rips the paper violently in her need to read what is on the card inside.


        Anna you have chosen to be led into the forest by Jack and Max to a spot already carefully selected where you will remove all your clothes, you will be tied by your wrists to an overhanging branch giving us both easy access to gaze upon your beautiful body, you will stand thus silently for as long as we both agree, but if for any reason you protest we will take it in turns to decorate your tender bum with stripes made by young whippy branches of the trees surrounding you. The spot we have chosen is fairly easy to see from the main path but if you remain silent your predicament is more likely to go un noticed by those dog walkers who pass by. If we decide you have entered fully into the spirit of this little adventure we will book into our hotel room and fulfill all your fantasies of a spit roast.


Shocked Anna laughs out loud at the audacity of these two men. but never wanting to pass up an oportunity for a new adventure Anna went along with the game.






Ella was shaking her arm, whatever were you thinking about you had the biggest grin on your face.


    ‘oh I was thinking about my Jack of course’  


Anna and Jack stories



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