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Posted by secretlynaughty on November 13, 2010

It has been weeks now

It started with face book

It started with poking

He poked me frequently and I returned the favour

It dawned on me that we were not friends

But I liked the look of him anyway

A few messages were exchanged

Checking the minimal info on his profile revealed his email address

A tentative email to my poking buddy

Followed by an exchange of emails amounting to dozens

Every day

My face he had not seen

My legs he adored

He enjoyed the mystery

As day by day we learnt

More about each other

The poking continued day in day out

Slowly this man was getting under my skin

I tell myself that this is not real

It isn’t like we are even in the same part of the country

Yet I know that the miles between us need not be a barrier

He liked my smile when eventually a photo he saw

Now I have not heard from him for 48 hrs

I miss his words, his cheek and his smile

As each hour passes without his name in my inbox

A sadness descends over me

How could someone I have never met crept into my heart

He has gone AWOL and I don’t know if this is good or bad

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Getting wet with Sebastian

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 14, 2010

don’t deserv you do I?

who does?

Ha you have a very high opininion of yourself


Playing up!

its just that I used to have a low self esteem
I’m learning to stop thinking I am not worthy

How can a woman of your tallent mind inteligence have a low self esteem?

by being married for 19 years to someone who is emotionally abusive

You’re beautiful inteligent attractive capable funny caring ……………………..

would you like to write my profiles for me

and if anyone gets to know you better they’ll discover your secret talents of unadulterated joy


these days I dont give those talents away and it isn’t easy getting someone well enough to get to that stage

playing up again

you must have got me all flustered as I see my typing has become dreadful

my fingers don’t seem to be typing what my mind is saying

“to know” is what you left out
but het
I love getting you flustwred :-0

like wise

or even ‘Hey”
hummmm  I love it wjen you make me feel horny

you mean I can still do that

you make me feel rude

and it feels nice

you are rude   but delicious with it

and kind of comforting to know we know one another

yes it is and even when it has been ages we can still pick up where we left off


just seeing your name brings a smile to my face as I remember your gentle eyes and and hands that so contradict your mind

do they really?

looking at your handsome features and feeling the gentle touch of your hands does nothing to give away the thoughts that lurk inside your mind

Ah, the dark mind

but then you have to take some responsibility for that surely

but obviously I can see beyond that gentle exterior and know all too well what a delightful imagination awaits anyone who dares to look

I dare you to look

Oh I am only too happy to admit partial responsibility

I have looked many times and come away feeling hot and sexy and adored

hummmmmmmmmmyou are
I want to nestle with you now

right now I am picturing  a perfect body half reclining on a chair showing off a magnificent erection clothed only in an open white shirt

Ah you naughty girl you and what would you do with that erection

now I am picturing a man with soft curls framing his face as he looks into my eyes ……….I can feel his hardness entering my tight cunt both of us breathing heavily

Sweet jesus SN I adore you

the polished wooden floor beneath us unforgiving on knees and elbows
bright yellow daffodils waving in the breeze outside the window

I see your wonderous curvs
and feel them in my skin

you pendulous breast  cascading in seductive motion
I want them on my mouth
your nipples filling me as I suck and teas them

I am remembering how it felt to be dressed only in a flowing gown completely open for the world to see what lay beneath as I took your manhood in my hand watching a cyclist progressing uphill towards us

nibbing at your tight scrunched up flesh

Oh yes, what a delicious memory. Ho so beautiful you were laying back exposing you body to my feasting eyes

before lowering my head into your inviting lap working you into a frenzy sucking your love juice into my mouth

sheer joy you were to my eyes

I often feel you engulf my cock SN
the memory never leaves me
it was beautiful to feel you mouth upon me

the feelings of utter elation as you shot hot spunk into my waiting mouth then sharing it with my willing partner

I adored you for that my sweet dear lady

that afternoon wil never leave my memory nor will our other memories but that one is extra special

I’m so utterly thrilled it is so special to you, because it’s the most beautifully sexual experience of my life and I adore you for giving me such a beautiful memory of you

my darling I lust you so heartily I would gladly give you any memory your desire wishes

I adore you both body and mind

Thank you my dear sweet lady, I adore you for that and i adore you for the seeds of vulgarity you plant in my mind

they grow into exquisite flowers

hee hee I was just thinking something similar

I am now thinking of reaching for my smooth cold metal vibrator to plunge into the hot wet swollen flesh of my budding lips………..which in turn reminds me of the time Itried to carry out your wish that I should keep this same vibrator buzzing inside me during an evening out
Ha Ha! You were so slipper you couldn’t mamage it


I would love to spend an evening with you, out and about in polite company knowing you were buzzing blissfully between your heavenly ample thighs

of course I am now wet with lust for you …….there is a throbbing between my thighs even before any kind of toy is applied

I want you cunt on my mouth SN

for that I must inflict these on your delicious frame

sit on me push you sex and wet lips to my face and let me feel your hotness

Oh God my dear sween lustly angel
I adore you kisses

careful what you wish for my darling as you will have me gushing so much wih pleasure that you will be in danger of drowning

plunge the steel into your perfect cunt and feel it as though it were me

slide your tongue between my lips

Ahhhhh I can taste you sweet salty sex
and it’s like nectar

let me feel you lapping at my juice that is such sweet evidence of my lust

so tasty my dear so rudely tasty vulgar and divin
I adore your lust for it

already you have me feeling light headed in my delirium as your fingers and mouth work on my aching body

push into your cunt and out again feel the vibrations

insert you toys into your sex and let me lick your tight bum
69 with me my darling
and put my cock in your mouth
and let me watch you as you toy with your vibrator

Have you another one?

mmmm  don’t think I need to be asked more thasn once to savour your lovely cock

would you fuck me with you vibrator while you suck my cock?

anything darling

I would adore the vulgarity of it

slowly at first before turning up the speed

no darling this isn’t vulgar this is esquisite

Ooooo  know absolutley- I can just feel the sensation of you filling me with your toy

I can feel the lovely vibrations reaching through to your cock as I continue to lick and suck

I want to slide another up you bum and press my lips to you cunt and lick you
suck you deep into my mouth with the vibrations buzzing inside us both Hummmmmmmmmm\

wow I was about to demand that you do just that   x
I can think of nothing better

we know one another  oh so very well my darling

thats one of the reasons I lust and adore you so very much

Fuck me darling
suck me too
take me

oh baby Im cumming
I need you so much

Oh how sweet you are cum all over me my dearest cucm cum gush and cum cover me
in your sweet climactic juice

yedrfchfghjh  ohhhhhhhhhhhh        mmmymybanyjtgggg
fuck fuck fuck fuck

drwon me me in you lust and happiness

oh yess  my darling oh yess
cum cum cum cum
I want to cum too
into your mouth

ooooooooooh yesssssssss

suck me fuck me
fuck me suck me more I’m cuming

god yesss honey
into your moth my dear sewwn lady

I’m sucking

take it all
don’t swollow
you know what I want of you

yes I do mmmmmm

let me see my spunk dibble from you sweet lips

Im sucking you draining every drop into my hungry mouth

Hummmmmmmm I keep ejaculating more and more

exquisite joy \
nooowwww kisss me


sharing with you is so wonderful

sweet nectar of lust

make or faces wet with my spunk
sensually sliding our lips over one another
with a the strong scent of sex

tongues doing the tango

tongue fuck my mouth in all that spunk

I can still taste my juice in your mouth too

your lips are divine
and your juices too

lets swallow and kiss and cuddle and kiss some more and fondle and cherish
one another


as we cuddle closer and closer
I adore your SN

spent from our mutual pleasure

you’re beautiful

you are one in a million Sebastian

how dear a sweet girl you are

maybe thats why I am alone on valentines day………..all those other men have a hard act to match

Oh surley not my dear
someone out there must be just as naughty

there is only onw way I would have preferred to spend valentines afternnon  than like this

oh yes there are but it is more than just being naughty

And what way would that be?

for it to  have been real but you already knew that was what I would say

I know, I was fishing for the compliment

I want to kiss your sweet cunt right now

and you knew you woul get one

I’m incorigible

want to be tender with you
caress you

pet and pamper you
hold you close and feel you reciprocate

you have done just by being here now

I do so adore your sensuality and sexuality

you’re gorgeous SN simply gorgeous

and I adore your gentleness and impeccable timing

of course your filthy mind comes in handy too

and it’s all down to your perfect femininity

mmmmm I could kiss you

and you filthy mind as well
and me you

our minds seem to have a way of triggerig something in each other

I want to kiss your bottom playfully

hee hee

we must be sexually kindred spirits

Now I want to do that all over again
I’m just not getting my work done!!


nothing new there then

I so want to fuck you for real SN
I want to see your lovely face light up with pleasure

my consultant says I need to be fucked hard and often

Ah, of course the tightened cunt
well, perhaps the prescribed treatment should be adhered to

How’s work, any time off?

work is good and I found out on friday that I shall be entitled to 2 extra days this yr

Ooo and what will you do with those then?

depends on what offers I get

I’d like to say I could book a room at the dorchester and order Champaign

and tickle it into you cunt and drink from it
and spend the whole day under silk sheets

its always good to have dreams

Ah, but the Champaign doesn’t have to be a dream does it?

certainly not

I can feel those bubbles fizzing away already

You hussy you
shall we play then?

giggles impishly

Oh dear, the Champaign has gone to her head!
Now I can do anything with her!!!

you could anyway and you know it

what it is to have you SN, you’ll just never appreciate how wonderful it is for me

if its anywhere as wonderful as you make me feel then you are a very lucky man

indeed I am xxxx

and now I’m begining to feel horny all over again
Just put me down!!

down boy

and you tiger
SN, will you forgive me if I go and do some work?

of course …………….but first


thanks for a lovely afternoon

Darling it was such a pleasure. I adored it
and I still want you more and more

Dearest Darling Sebastian I lust you as much now as I did however many years ago now go do you work …………..if you can

Where do I find the will power?

in the knowledge that your castle needs you to find it

But you are my castle
my rock

castle in the air

my strength

Ah of course
bless you my darling
until the next time


God, I so want you

mwah mwah

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Sebatian’s slave

Posted by secretlynaughty on February 9, 2010

Today I received an email from Sebastian. Whenever I see his name in my inbox I know I am in for a real treat. Sebastian adores me, he adores not only my body but my mind and imagination too. Between us we have dreampt up a number of scenarios (mostly alfresco) . His emails are long and detailed.

Today’s email was him trying to recreate an email he thought he had sent a few week ago. I was at work when I opened the email ………………

What I did to you in my lost missive was debauched and indulgent and disgusting and unforgivable, unless you can find a reason to forgive me?

I instructed you to ware your wrap over red dress, fishnet stockings, suspendes and black heels and beneath your dress you should have no bra letting you ample orbs cascade pendulously onto your rounded tummy.

We were to rendesvous at a given spot in the woods. perfect for what I had in mind.

I cuffed your wrists and ankle with four separate pairs of cuffs so I could tie each with rope to an adjacent tree spreading your arms and legs wide but with comfort having soft padding to the cuffs.

This was enough for me to know that I couldn’t read more until  was safe at home in the privacy of my room. I could see that this was going to be a long session of reading, playing and reading again. It wouldn’t be safe to read this in the office. It was later in the evening whilst I was chatting online with one of my blogger friends that I remembered the email.

Breaking off from our chat for a few minutes I quickly undressed, climbed into bed with my vibrator and durex lubricant (my favourite tingle lube) I was ready to continue reading.

Standing on a fallen log in front of you, I strip myself naked as you feast your eyes on what arouses you, manly large and with no one to share it with but you……….. Taking myself in hand I press the soft head of it to your lips and you instantly know what to do with it taking me inside to savour the taste and contours of my manhood lusting for you……………………………………. Oh that glorious sensation of your soft mouth on my firm cock. ………….. I adore your perfect sexuality my slave, my queen, my Beauty ……………………

In my mind’s eye I picture his lovely manhood, the feel and taste of it…………my lust for him sharpens with his words. I hunger for him as I always do when he tells me his desires. He goes on to describe how he will fuck my arse with his tongue before replacing his tongue with his hard  cock. I can’t help but slide my vibrator between the swollen lips of my cunt. My laptop reminds me that my blogging friend is still there we continue to chat while I read and play. I have not told him exactly what I am doing, I know he will be hard and want a virtual fuck. He asks if I am wet…………yes

I read on as Sebastian fills my loin with lust and desire he wastes no time in moving down to savour my hot excited cunt.

Holding your ample cheeks in each hand pulling your craving sex onto my face as I sucked deeply on your little button while fucking your slippery wet cunt with my tongue, igniting the fire within you until your knees gave way and the weight of you only held up by your arms as you gushed over my face crying, moaning with delight in putting it out……………

Knowing that these words are written for me from this man I lust for so heartily and at the same time I am about to share them with my blogger friend who is still unaware that he will be mentioned here brings me to a powerful orgasm. Breathing deeply I calm myself as I return to Sebastians lust.

Kneeling to the side of you I begin to play with you soft wet sex, fingering and playing you like a musical instrument and the joy it gives you is intoxicating and your tight almost virgin like cunt yields to my manipulation first one finger………….. then two………………………. three and softly gently four with my thumb as well…………. You feel stretched to splitting but gently ever so softly I prise your sex open and my hand slips inside your welcoming cunt as I gently fist your vagina to capacity……………………………..

My eyes water at the thought of  this but I know that if this was reality I would allow my darling sweet gorgeous Sebastian to do with me exactly as he will.  He knows that I would be a slave to his wishes, he could do anything and I would be moaning not in distress but in deep pleasure. Pleasure at the feel of his soft gentle hands and lips on my body but just as much pleasure in this confirmation that he desires me body and mind even after several years. 

I am soothed by his closing words as he gives me the choice between two desires.

I dress and whisper in you ear and say. “Ican leave you there if you like, and send someone else to take their pleasure in you or I can take you home bath you and tuck you up in bed and kiss you to sleep.

Now it is my turn to write describing my plans to pleasure myself on him.

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finding an adult friend

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 6, 2009

Since I began this blog there has been a man in my life (firstly ‘my sweetheart’ and now JC) but there has still been a lack of actual sex in my life. This can be a problem for someone who enjoys sex as much as I do.

In the most part I have kept my frustrations under control by reading and writing about sex. Having virtual sex, or just not thinking about it.

But recently I have begun to consider the option of taking things back into my control and finding myself a new fuck buddy. I have thought about the men who I have fucked in the recent few years who would be knocking my door down if I invited them over for more sex.  For various reasons I have rejected each of them (not necessarily because I wouldn’t want them back in my bed) but circumstances have changed and so have I.

So now I am battling with my conscience, I know technically I am single and can do what ever I like. But I don’t want to spoil the potential relationship I am building with JC on the other hand he isn’t doing much to alleviate my frustrations so perhaps it will do me good to go back onto adult friend finder and find me another adult friend. Perhaps even one who can help to increase my portfolio of photographs.

I need some real sex very soon

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Naughty man returns

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 9, 2009

The naughty man aka virtual fling rang the office but it wasn’t me who answered his call.

Later as I was driving my phone told me I had a text message

Hiya sexy  x

An hour later I replied

Mwah  did you miss me? x

No don’t be silly did you miss me x

As if!! For some reason Mary thinks you have a nice voice x

I think both of you sound sexy I had a x rated dream about you x

both of us? x

No it was me and You but I’d do you both x

I shot over your panties last night x

As long as they don’t need washing

God I was horny today thats why I phoned x

Were you disappointed or did Mary satisfy you?

I was disappointed x

This was followed by a conversation full of inuendo on IM, which in turn was followed by

I’m in bed now, I’m imagining your pussy taste and I’m inside you.

Late this afternoon we had 3 telephone conversations the third was purely non work from him.

Are you alone ?


So you can’t say much?

not much

good I can say whatever I like then and you can’t do much about it.


were you wet last night on the computer?


was it chatting to me?


there was several moments of smutt before he had to cut the call short to see to a customer. I wander if I shall hear from him tomorrow

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A naughty man

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 20, 2008

I have a new story in the making which you will be able to read soon, but first I need to do a little xmas shopping before I get back to writing. This new story as with a couple of others has been inspired by my virtual fling who continues to bombard me with calls and text messages.

As I have said before he is a very naughty man but I am enjoying our communications even if there are times as I sit at my desk in the open plan office surrounded by colleagues my face is so flushed that I tell him it must be the colour of the gift I sent him. So you see he really is very naughty and I must be naughty too otherwise I would not have sent him the gift or teased him about sending it to his clean living brother who works with him in the family business.

I have let him in on the orgy going on at Roger’s place but not told him my identity so that he can enjoy reading the raunchy goings on (which he did do saying that it was making him very hard) without it bringing him here.  Btw the last time I looked I have orgasmed twice during this orgy. Thanks roger for giving me this opportunity.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on December 12, 2008

The gift has been received.

How did I know it had arrived?

First I tracked the delivery it had been packed into. The information told me it had arrived yesterday morning. Second I received a text.

Thank You for my prezzie x

I phoned him with the excuse of updating our contact records . He was on the phone so I had a conversation with Terry. I now know that Terry is Al’s brother. I should have known ………………. they both giggle so much I am convinced they have laughing gas in their store.

Later I text him

was it what you wanted?

Yes indeed x

Did anyone ask what the package was?

No I get knickers everyday lol x

I bet you do x

Its a good thing I didn’t address it to Mr **** as I learnt today that there are 3 of you lmao x

My goodness yes x

very interesting chat with your brother lmao x

yep hes the really nice one x

So he wouldn’t have wanted the package then lol

No hes squeaky clean, sum girls like that I guess x


Hmmmm do I smell a challenge here I wonder.  Whilst this was going on I was emailing him the photo that you have already seen here.



Bloody ell damp or wot x

now you know how I spent my saturday morning 2 weeks ago when I said I had been doing something for your benefit x

Time well spent x

I’m glad it was appreciated


I think he approves 😉

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Seduction begins

Posted by secretlynaughty on December 3, 2008

There is a well dressed lady on my train. Her skirt is split at the front and I am enjoying the view of her thighs.

A touch of deja vue?

Only to a limited degree. I can’t see her knickers not like yours!

You must have very good eyesight if you can see them from there

No I can’t see them. It’s not as good as seeing yours!

I meant mine

Oh I am stupid doh!  If you wore pink ones yesterday, then are they black?

What makes you think I have only pink or black. Have you peeked?

As a sexy woman I am sure you have lots of colours! I’d like to do more than peek……..

Such as?

Slowly tease you by blowing cool air up your inner thighs……

Whilst in the cramped space of a public transport washroom?

I was hoping we were in a hotel………….. Holding your hands above your head, my finger traces down your arm, along the tight sides of your breasts……….

Would that involve me wetting myself?

I would aim to make you cum and if that means getting wet yes

What is your record if you keep one, of making a lady cum?

I don’t keep score but my combination of mout and tongue around clit, and fingers inside on G spot usually does the trick. Of course a good shag does no harm

Fuck I wish I was on my own

No you don’t

So I could get my cock out and fuck you

You wish you were NOT alone

I mean with you…………….do you have knickers on?


If I slid my hand down to your pussy would it be open and ready to take me?

yesssssssss yessssssssss

Fuck lovely, let me suck deeply upon your cunt


You taking some cock deep inside you

Oh yes baby thats it




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Posted by secretlynaughty on November 22, 2008

I can imagine it now as I lie here feeling so horny, the damp patch on my sheet, the wet fabric as it barely covers my wet cunt.

I can picture it in my minds eye, both Tony and Terry, curiously prodding and poking at the package, squeezing it as they try to figure out what it is. The padded envelope marked personal in big black letters that has arrived amongst the business post addressed to the boss.

These thoughts arousing me again I plunge my fingers into my pussy, taking the gusset of my deep red thong with them. My fingers quickly becoming soaked in my own juice as I cum once again. My thoughts drifting from my desire to do this and the effects I know it will have on any who discover what I have been up to on this quiet Saturday morning.

The soft cushion of my lips as my fingers slide between them slick with my wetness. The muscles that clamp onto my fingers as they delve deeper as I writhe in ecstasy, my breathing getting slower and deeper as I cum yet again.

I imagine your face as the package is placed into your hands, both Tony and Terry curious to see what it is but you walk as quickly as you can to get to the privacy off your office where you rip open the envelope, pulling the contents out to hold against your face breathing in my scent. But I wonder where you will keep your prize where your staff won’t find it.

I imagine you holding this gift to your face as you stroke your erection. I can imagine the flurry of text messages that will follow or the saucy phonecall whilst I am at work knowing that I won’t be able to say much in reply to your sexy chat as I am not alone in my office.the-special-gift-001

I hope you enjoy this gift sent to a very sexy man.

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I am a sex slave

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 14, 2008

I am a sex slave, I am a sex slave hmmm now there’s a thought. As I checked my stats it showed that someone had found me by typing in these words ‘I am a sex slave’. Words that I have never said, however they are words that I have considered the possibility of being a future truth for me.

Each time I checked my ever growing stats for the day, my eye kept stopping on these words. ‘I am a sex slave’.

I wonder will these words be my mantra at some time in the future? Or are they just a variation on the words, I am a slave to sex. Now if I think about it, these words are more familiar to me. I may never have said these words either but they have been my truth during recent years and perhaps eve as I sit here now.

After years in a sexual desert I found myself on the verge of a sexual oasis. Some may say its a mid life crisis, isn’t that the traditional name for those of us who hit our 40’s and suddenly wake up to our sexual side. For me it was an awakening, my sexual urges that had been buried for so many years bursting out, craving fulfilment. . My first lover who turned the key and opened the flood gates called me a nympho. He couldn’t keep up with my appetite for all things sexual. Joining AFF was a god send for me, all those lovely men wanting to have sex with me. Boy was this a veritable feast for one so hungry yet naive as I was.  There were those I met once, some I met a few times and then there were those who were more special.

My diary full, my address book crammed with names, I could pick and choose who, when, where and how often. I learnt to worship men for their cocks, I learnt that sex can be so much more that a quick seeion of fucking in the missionary position. I began to push my boundaries. The more sex I had the more I wanted even needed. Sex began to rule my life, I was nothing unless I was enjying a good sexual life. I became a slave to my sexual urges.

But a couple of years down the line I have calmed down. Not only can I go a few days or even weeks without sex I am now going months without. But Sex is still a huge part of my day to day life. I am still, thinking about it, still writing about it and still reading about it. I even talk about it with one or two very priviledge men who may be out of reach logistically, but they are very much there as I indulge myself and them in my sexual play. 

I hope that I shall continue to be a slave to sex for many more years, maybe one day I shall take that step and become a sex slave. I have discussed sexual dominance with my sweetheart but I don’t feel that he would be comfortable with having a sex slave, neither do I feel that I could ever be his sex slave. One of my former sexual partners suggested that perhaps I should have a sex slave of my own rather than being a sex slave myself. That same man suggested months later that I join up with another woman and both become his sex slaves. He even got as far as fashioning collars for both of us. We did come very close to turning this fantasy into a reality but before we could all get together, I became involved with my sweetheart.

In recent months I have given much thought to the possibility of becoming a sub, of finding a Dom to take me under his wing. Will I ever become a sex slave, I doubt it although I never say never. Will I ever become a sub, I really do not know. Will I go back to finding myself a friend with benefits, possibly. Even as I type these words I feel myself becoming aroused. I adore my sweetheart, I feel a strong need to be faithful to my sweetheart (even though he is away for prolonged periods), yet my need to have sex can at times become so urgent that I just want to find a man to give me mind blowing sex, or perhaps even just sex. I want to be able to just call up a man and tell him that I am on my way. I need to feel a hard cock in my hand, in my mouth in my pussy. I need to feel hands on my body, in my body, I need to feel lips on my lips, a tongue forging its way between my lips. Sometimes I think I should have been a man, women are not meant to think about sex as much as I do.

Perhaps Chris was right perhaps I need to have a sex slave. Any volunteers?

I am seriously considering going back onto AFF or joining Ashley Madison (do they have that here?) or perhaps I should be bold and join Collar me.

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