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Posted by secretlynaughty on September 3, 2010

The plan was that I would rush home from work grab some sexy clothes and drive to  Dave’s house. Where I would have a quick shower and change. We would be meeting Yvette and Alfie for a drink and chat which may or may not lead to fun.

What actually happened was that I got home, Dave text me to say that our guests had not arrived, we agreed that I would stay where I was until we knew whether Y & A would be arriving.  Whilst I was waiting I discovered that Karl had called around to fix a dripping tap in my kitchen.  Although he knows that Dave has set up a joint profile for us he gets jealous not of me seeing Dave but of any fun we might have when he isn’t. It was for this reason that I didn’t want to have to tell him that I was going out especially as it was with Dave to meet another couple.

Dave text me that Y & A were on their way, Karl wanted a cup of tea before he went. Finally Karl left I managed to grab a pair of stockings and my sexy red/black shoes under the watchful eye of a teenager muttering that I was going out for a while. (still dressed in my work clothes). Driving as swiftly as traffic and traffic lights would allow, I arrive at the end of Dave’s road, swap my flat driving shoes for my heels. Why do I always forget how steep his road is? (he lives at the bottom of the slope). I needn’t have worried about being late as they hadn’t arrived yet. Nipping into the bathroom to pull on my stockings I discover the biggest hole ever so abandon them.

When they did arrive my first thought was ooooooooohhhhh mmmyyyy ggggaawwwwd look at the size of him !!! But that was nothing compared to my suprise when after chatting for a while Yvette out of the blue announced that she wanted to take all her clothes off.  We all trooped upstairs to the bedroom with a view.

Within a blink of an eye Yvette was left wearing only her fishnet stockings and fishnet body which left her heavy breasts exposed. I stripped down to my black lace bra and knickers, conscious that I had not had a chance to shower. All concerns over that were soon wiped from my mind when the enormouse frame of Alfie was hovering over me helping me out of my remaining garments. Supringly for such a big guy his kisses were not too bad, but it was when my hand reached between his legs that I was in for the biggest shock.

I have never come across a guy with such huge and I mean huge balls. They were massive, I have never seen anything like it. But his cock ! that was another matter altogether. I couldn’t find it. All I could find were these huge balls. OK now this was a lay back and think of England type moment. No wonder Yvette was making the most of enjoying everything Dave was doing to her. I lay back on the bed knees bent feet on the edge allowing Alfie to firstly lick me out, not bad, for a while. Before vigorously finger fucking me. I let him continue long after it had begun to feel sore, probably out of pity. Yvette alongside me with Dave was being very vocal in here enjoyment.

After Alfie had finished playing with my now raw cunt I sat up to once again massage between his legs. Ooohhh mmyyy gggaawwdd I found it! There it was nestled right at the top of his balls. His cock was hardly more than an inch long, (smaller than Dave’s big toe). When I had first seen him when he arrived I had been shocked at how big he was both in height and weight. I was concerned about the thought of his huge frame on top of me as he rammed into me. (I didn’t think I was going to manage this or even want to) . But now I was even more shocked at how small his cock is, I have never seen one so small, (so small that I couldn’t even wank it……the slightest hand movement and it had slipped through my fingers). I always say that the size of a man’s cock is irrelevant (unless in my case it is too big to fit me) but in this instance it did matter.

Minutes later they were both dressing and taking their leave of us. I remained  naked on the bed while Dave saw them out. On his return we shared a few kisses and cuddles before dressing our selves.

I now have to rethink my idea that the size of a man’s cock doesn’t matter…………99 times out of 100 it doesn’t. But guys unless you are as small as this guy you have noting to worry about. The young guy always used to fret about being too small. I have never met him so cannot judge but have always said that if you can hold it in your hand to wank it then it isn’t too small.

Have you ever come across a cock as small as this or perhaps one that is extra big. What is the bigest or amallest you have seen? When is small too small or big too big?

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Failed Fellatio

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 16, 2010

I don’t know if this is just him or is this a common phenomenon? He tells me that he can’t remember the last time he was sucked off to completion. Most of the time when we are together he tells me that its all about me not him and not to worry about getting him off………I’m not worried!

The first time we were together he eventually relented and allowed me to suck him after he had been wanking for a while. I began sucking him and swallowed a small amount of his cum, but my mouth slipped off his cock. Although I kept my face close I was unable to get back onto his cock for fear of being punched in the face he was wanking so hard. On a few other occasions he allowed me to suck his cock which I enjoyed but he pulled me off before he came. He always tells me not to worry about him. I was beginning to worry that he had erection problems as he is very rarely hard while we are playing and when he is it only lasts a few minutes. While we were at the party though he was hard much more so I started thinking he had taken something, but he wasn’t hard continually so I have dismissed that idea. Maybe I am wrong but I thought drugs like Viagra and the blue pills created a long lasting erection.

I have witnessed him wanking hard a few times now but he has only cum twice. When we were at the party he had a wank from one of the other women there, he said it wasn’t very good and she used her hand too much. Since then he has been dogging on his own and once received a blow job, again he said it wasn’t very good.

Now I am quite proud of my fellatio techniques and only ever had one complaint (that I didn’t use my hand enough). True  I don’t always suck to completion but I put that down to the man holding back rather than my technique. Every man without exception (including the one who complained) has always complimented me on my wonderful mouth and hands. Sometimes there are occasions when the man wanks until hes about to cum then lets me take over with mu mouth. But usually the man I am sucking is just laying back enjoying the sensations my tongue give him. I am not what I call a bobber, I like to take my time licking from tip to base, swirling my tongue around his shaft, licking and sometimes sucking his balls (some men find that too intense). I might nibble on his shaft as I make my way along hs length. I love to take the head of his penis into my mouth sucking and licking. I can spend a good half an hour pleasuring us both on his cock. But there is one thing all these men I have sucked, both to completion and not, they lie prone letting me do whatever I want to them. They might be be fingering me or licking me out in a 69 but they enjoy what I do to them.

Dave is different. Dave wanks like mad, even while he is laying prone on the bed, but not only is he wanking but pumping his hips up to my mouth. It is impossible to do anything other than keep my mouth in one place and let him pump my mouth. Again I am in danger of being hit in the face either that or my teeth will accidentally take a bite out of him.  Next time I shall have to tell him to keep still and let me do what I do best other wise I shall just give up on giving him a blowjob again.

What I want to know is, are there lots of Daves out there? Is this the only way they can cum or can they be coaxed into letting me do my best without danger of a black eye.

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doing it under my terms

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 15, 2010

It was early evening, we had talked about it a couple of times and now was the time to see if I would go through with it.

We were sittingin his car kissing, we do that a lot (he says I am a good kisser). It was totally my decision, we could go into the pub for a drink or we could drive away for some sexy fun. Or we could go to his house and make love on his bed.

I chose to be naughty, I had already asked him to make sure he brought a towel with him. When we had been talking about it in the preceeding days I had found myself getting turned on. I think being watched at the party had changed things for me. I had liked being watched at the party. I was getting turned on now by the idea of being watched provided it was my decision.

We parked up in the same car park as before, but this time as it had only just turned dark there were only two other cars there. We both took off our jackets and put our seats back as far as they would go to give ourselves as much room as possible. Without an audience I felt quite comfortable kissing and playing with Dave. It didn’t take him long to remove my knickers from under my loose black dress.  Soon another car pulled up beside us but I have no idea where the driver went to. He had left his vehicle but didn’t appear to be anywhere near us. Passions heating up inside the car my skirt was pushed up above my waist, my bra undone and pulled away from my breasts allowing Dave easy assess to which ever part of my body he chose to play with.

I was gettingvery aroused now and took hold of his cock, playing with it between my fingers as we continued to kiss. I saw our neighbour return to his car but soon he was standing watching us from behind my shoulder. I think my bum was revealed at this point but can’t remember.

Pushing me back into my seat Dave leaned across playing with my breast and my pussy simultaneously, while his tongue danced with mine. Knowing that we had an audience now was making me wetter, with Dave’s fingers working my pussy I was soon moaning in ecstasy. By this time Dave had lowered my window a few inches to let in some cool air. Knowing this only made me moan louder  so that I would be heard from outside. I was well into my stride now but still rejected Dave’s suggestion of  lowering the window and offer the guy a blow job.  I was enjoying this but at my pace.

I was already thinking about it so when Dave suggested that I should kneel on my seat and suck him off I was there before he could finish saying it. Burying my head in his lap sucking and licking greedily on his cock I was more than happy. Having my bum in the air facing the window with my skirt pushed onto my back so my rear end was totally exposed made me excited. With Dave playing with my pussy and my arse we now had an audience of three but the first man was bending down for a closer look while he wanked (so I am told).

Dave was whispering to me what was going on, but although I was enjoying giving our audience something to a enjoy I was more concerned with what I was doing. I love to suck cock and was thoroughly enjoying this one. I was also acutely aware of what Dave was doing to my arse but more particularly to my pussy. The sensations he was creating, plus the cock in my mouth I knew I was getting close to orgasm.I wanted to tell him to spank my bum but didn’t want to lose his fingers from my pulsing cunt so kept quiet. I knew I was getting wet but when I finally collapsed I discovered that the towel beneath me was not as wet as I expected. Dave says thats because when I came it hit the window.

We kissed some more before I decided that enough was enough. We adjusted our clothes and seats before returning to where my car was parked. Chatting and kissing again I jokingly put my stiletto heeled foot up on the dashboard. This brought the guy from the car next to us rushing around to see what he could see. But this time I was not going to be putting on a show. I enjoyed my bit of exhibitionism but I enjoyed it because it was on my terms, when where and how much.

I have come to the conclusion that yes I enjoyed my bit of dogging (how many middle aged women can say that they chose to go dogging on their birthday). But it is not going to be a regular occurrence. I will do it when I want to, but it will be an irregular treat not something that becomes expected or the norm. If I do it often then it will become sordid and more will be expected of me. There might come a time when I am wiling to be touched by the men watching, there might be a time when I am willing to either wank or give them blow jobs, but I am not there yet. If I ever get to that then it will be a slow build up.

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Fellatio ………do all women?

Posted by secretlynaughty on March 20, 2010

I have just noticed that someone found my blog by writing …………….does every woman perform fellatio

The quick answer is Nooooooooo

Obviously I cannot answer for all women. I have talked to a lot of men whose experience is that not all women do.

As for myself if you asked my former husband he would also say no.  During 19 years we were together I probably performed fellatio on him 2 or maybe 3 times and then only under extreme pressure from him to do so. The very thought of it repulsed me.  The thought of his cock anywhere near my mouth made me feel ill. I certainly didn’t want to lick it especially if there was any pre-cum. There was no way I would put it into my mouth. As for tasting myself ewww definitely not.

Even though I found that he could turn me on by licking my pussy I didn’t want him to do it. I didn’t enjoy sex so I didn’t want him to turn me on. My body betrayed me every time he did that. But even though he was able to turn me on by giving me oral I couldn’t return the favour. Neither could I let him kiss me afterwards. I didn’t like his kisses anyway (there is a reason ie denture fixative yukky goo). But although I would maybe put up with a kiss before he went down on me there was a limit.  Once he had the taste of my cum on his mouth he was not to come near my mouth. Neither was I going to taste myself on his cock………no way!!

Almost as bad but a preferred act was wanking him off. I would often be woken by him pulling my hand towards his erection. I hated wanking him off but if it satisfied him enough to leave me alone as far as any other sex went then I would reluctantly do so. However I would do my utmost to make him come quickly (wanking him made my  upper arms ache) I would avoid touching his head especially if there was any wet sticky pre cum. Once he started to cum I would remove my hand as fast as I could to avoid getting any on my hand. I did however allow him to cum on my belly or my tits but he had to clean me up as I wouldn’t touch it.

So now you know what sex was like for me and my husband for 18 of the 19 years we were together. For the first year sex was good but I still didn’t perform fellatio on him. But suprisingly during previous relationships I actually enjoyed performing fellatio even if I didn’t swallow or even spit. After what you have just read you will probably be amazed that in the relationship prior to my husband I was seeing a young Irish man (we were both in our early 20s he was slightly younger than me). He had never had fellatio and was not interested in trying it. But I convinced him to let me give him a demonstration. He was converted from that night on and couldn’t get enough. I couldn’t believe that he had never wanted to even try it until I persuaded him. Are there many men who either don’t like it or have never tried it. I had a message on an adult site last week from a man in his 40’s asking if I suck cock as he has never had his cock sucked.

I honestly don’t remember which of my relationships prior to these two was the one where I learnt to suck cock. I don’t think it was my first relationship with an older boy (he was 20 I was 17) my first love when I lost my virginity. We didn’t have many opportunities to have sex even though after that first time I wanted sex as much as possible. It may have been the next relationship when I was engaged on and off for about 4 years to a man who treated me like his mistress rather than his fiance because I didn’t get on with his domineering mother. Or it could have been the much older (he was 43 I was 21) Army Staff Sgt. During our 6 month relationship he raped me twice the second time being when I tried to finish with him. It’s funny how although I remember having sex doggy style with both my fiance and the older man I don’t remember sucking either of their cocks.

Perhaps it was the married coach driver who not only took me to Austria for my first solo holiday (I was 22) he also took my heart as he was the one who cured me of the terror that the older man had left me with. I remember the relief when he was on top of me and for the first time I didn’t see the older man’s face as had happened when I had been back with my fiance for a short time. I remember that sex with the married man (I didn’t know at the time that he was married) was fun. I discovered that I got wet during sex with him but I don’t remember having oral sex with him.

It must however have been one or all of these guys who practiced oral sex with me as how would I have known that I liked it enough to persuade the Irish guy to try it? Anyway I do know that I enjoyed fellatio during several relationships prior to meeting my husband. He of course would fall of his chair if anyone told him how much I have enjoyed fellatio   with all the men I have slept with since I divorced him. Not only do I enjoy licking and sucking my lover’s cock and balls but I also lick my own juice from his shaft. Pre-cum is no longer a no go for me I will play with it with my fingers or lick it greedily with the tip of my tongue. I am no longer shy when my man wants to shoot his cum, I don’t pull away to avoid it . I suck harder on his cock to make sure I get every last drop. ‘Wow’ has been the response more than once. Fred finds it awesome every time. Although Karl loves me sucking his cock and we can indulge in it for what seems like hours but I have never experienced him cumming (either in my mouth or elsewhere).

No longer will I refuse to lick a cock or a mouth that is covered in my own juice. These days I revel in the taste of myself as well as the taste of my man. I enjoy not only these acts in themselves and the wonderful tastes that I experience now, but also the look on my man’s face whilst I am pleasuring him with my mouth. I love that men adore my tits and legs but once they have experience one of my blow jobs they are in ecstasy.

I have not met a man yet who doesn’t like being on the receiving end of a good cock sucking. But I wonder how many in reality get a good sucking with any kind of regularity. Have many been on the recieving end of a bad sucking. What constitutes a bad experience. Personally I have never had any complaints except perhaps one or two who couldn’t cope with the experience of having their over sensitive balls sucked enthusiastically.  But the over all experience was great. I have found that a lot of the men I have enjoyed sex with have had their cock sucked but never had their cum swallowed. This seems to be the ultimate experience for many men. Only one man (Sebatian) has shared a snowball with me although Fred says he would. A lot of men have said no they would not like it. Most have never heard of it (a snowball for those who don’t know is the sharing of spunk by way of a kiss after felatio has been performed to completion, allowing some of the spunk to go into the man’s mouth from his lover’s mouth during a kiss).  It is such a delightfully naughty thing to do but I only ever do it if the man has agreed before hand.

On this poll you can tick as many of the options as apply to you

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