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Posted by secretlynaughty on September 3, 2010

“Have been asked by ‘sherry’ if you/us will meet her fb tonight and allow him  to play with you as a suprise birthday treat. Meet 10pm in car park.”

That was the suprise text I received from Dave whilst at work. I didn’t reply until I could get home and check out who this was. I found a profile of a local single female.

Dave text me again later.

hi what would you like to do tonight? If you want to text Sherry her number is ************* she is a midwife.

After thinking about this I decided against it.

hi this is sn I gather that you want to give your fb a b’day suprise. Unfortunately I am really tired tonight. Really sorry.

now Im gutted u ok hun x

yeah just get more tired as week goes by. I did give this serious thought though. Maybe another time.

cant u just watch him cum x

no sorry

pretty please x

By this time I was feeling suspicious. Dave was now online

what was the plan?

She wants us to meet her fuck buddy, its his birthday today she says. She wants you to suck him or let him cum over you. I told her it’s up to you.

I text her to say I’m too  tired which I am.

ok. by the way she saw us up on the hill that time.

She is trying to put pressure on me. I’m not sure this is a woman……….I think this is a single guy.

I think it might be too but her profile looks ok

how would she/he know they saw us?

she told me my licence plate number


must have a good memory

that’s not good that someone is keeping a record……… do you remember seeing any women?

was too busy………….there were other cars there.

how did the conversation get around to that and how did they make connection between a couple dogging in april an a couple on fab in sept?

She asked if I ever went dogging, I said I sometimes went on the hill, she said she did too. She recognised make of car.

I don’t like the sound of this………….I was worried before I said I was too tired but now it feels freaky.

yeah I thought so too

Wish I hadn’t text from my private phone now.

you should have let me text , never mind

this  ‘sherry’ is now asking if tomorrow is better……………have not replied

hmmm I did say that we were already busy……..I am IM’ing her but she/he’s not talking to me……….don’t reply

I have not heard anything more but I do think this was a single guy trying his luck. It is very un-nerving to think that they have kept a note of Dave’s reg number months later.

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doing it under my terms

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 15, 2010

It was early evening, we had talked about it a couple of times and now was the time to see if I would go through with it.

We were sittingin his car kissing, we do that a lot (he says I am a good kisser). It was totally my decision, we could go into the pub for a drink or we could drive away for some sexy fun. Or we could go to his house and make love on his bed.

I chose to be naughty, I had already asked him to make sure he brought a towel with him. When we had been talking about it in the preceeding days I had found myself getting turned on. I think being watched at the party had changed things for me. I had liked being watched at the party. I was getting turned on now by the idea of being watched provided it was my decision.

We parked up in the same car park as before, but this time as it had only just turned dark there were only two other cars there. We both took off our jackets and put our seats back as far as they would go to give ourselves as much room as possible. Without an audience I felt quite comfortable kissing and playing with Dave. It didn’t take him long to remove my knickers from under my loose black dress.  Soon another car pulled up beside us but I have no idea where the driver went to. He had left his vehicle but didn’t appear to be anywhere near us. Passions heating up inside the car my skirt was pushed up above my waist, my bra undone and pulled away from my breasts allowing Dave easy assess to which ever part of my body he chose to play with.

I was gettingvery aroused now and took hold of his cock, playing with it between my fingers as we continued to kiss. I saw our neighbour return to his car but soon he was standing watching us from behind my shoulder. I think my bum was revealed at this point but can’t remember.

Pushing me back into my seat Dave leaned across playing with my breast and my pussy simultaneously, while his tongue danced with mine. Knowing that we had an audience now was making me wetter, with Dave’s fingers working my pussy I was soon moaning in ecstasy. By this time Dave had lowered my window a few inches to let in some cool air. Knowing this only made me moan louder  so that I would be heard from outside. I was well into my stride now but still rejected Dave’s suggestion of  lowering the window and offer the guy a blow job.  I was enjoying this but at my pace.

I was already thinking about it so when Dave suggested that I should kneel on my seat and suck him off I was there before he could finish saying it. Burying my head in his lap sucking and licking greedily on his cock I was more than happy. Having my bum in the air facing the window with my skirt pushed onto my back so my rear end was totally exposed made me excited. With Dave playing with my pussy and my arse we now had an audience of three but the first man was bending down for a closer look while he wanked (so I am told).

Dave was whispering to me what was going on, but although I was enjoying giving our audience something to a enjoy I was more concerned with what I was doing. I love to suck cock and was thoroughly enjoying this one. I was also acutely aware of what Dave was doing to my arse but more particularly to my pussy. The sensations he was creating, plus the cock in my mouth I knew I was getting close to orgasm.I wanted to tell him to spank my bum but didn’t want to lose his fingers from my pulsing cunt so kept quiet. I knew I was getting wet but when I finally collapsed I discovered that the towel beneath me was not as wet as I expected. Dave says thats because when I came it hit the window.

We kissed some more before I decided that enough was enough. We adjusted our clothes and seats before returning to where my car was parked. Chatting and kissing again I jokingly put my stiletto heeled foot up on the dashboard. This brought the guy from the car next to us rushing around to see what he could see. But this time I was not going to be putting on a show. I enjoyed my bit of exhibitionism but I enjoyed it because it was on my terms, when where and how much.

I have come to the conclusion that yes I enjoyed my bit of dogging (how many middle aged women can say that they chose to go dogging on their birthday). But it is not going to be a regular occurrence. I will do it when I want to, but it will be an irregular treat not something that becomes expected or the norm. If I do it often then it will become sordid and more will be expected of me. There might come a time when I am wiling to be touched by the men watching, there might be a time when I am willing to either wank or give them blow jobs, but I am not there yet. If I ever get to that then it will be a slow build up.

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change of plans

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 9, 2010

Instead of our planned night in bed with my toys we met for a drink at one of my favourite pubs.

When I arrived at the pub he was stood beside his car enjoying the spectacle of a couple kissing in the next car.  We walked hand in hand into the bar where we enjoyed our drinks punctuated with lots of kisses. After our refreshment we returned to his car where we kissed some more then with my nervous agreement he drove to another car park not far away. At the top end of the carpark there were quite a few cars. Silently he slid his car between two others.

We both removed our jackets on this warm evening. Our kissing resumed with considerable passion. I knew that we were visible to others around us. Keeping my eyes closed I was kissing Dave passionately, soon my bra was off and my top pulled up over one shoulder exposing my left breast. I allowed Dave to play with my nipple while we kissed. I knew the guy from the car next to us was walking around but I was ok as I couldn’t see him looking at us. I guessed but didn’t know for sure that there were others watching us. I kind of found the idea a turn on but only if I didnt see anyone looking.

When I felt that I had had enough I adjusted my clothing and we returned to where my car was parked. We chatted for a while as we continued kissing. A car pulled up beside us, it was the same man who had been watching us earlier. But I was not inclined to give him anything else to see. I bade Dave good night and climbed out of his car walking the few steps to my own car.

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To the dogs

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 12, 2008

An exchange of emails with one of my readers who questions the depths of my depravity has led to my thoughts mulling over the situation I found myself in with Andy who was my lover for 6 months last year.

Andy lives in a coastal resort to the east of where I am. We had exchanged a number of messages on AFF before chatting on MSN. Photos had been exchanged, only clean ones at this stage, I am not as a rule impressed by men who send me unsolicited photos of their erections before I have had the pleasure of becoming aquainted with that particular member in person. Unlike my primary friend with benefits Andy is single and slightly older than me. we arranged to meet for a drink, with this being our first meeting it would be half way between his town and mine. As I know the area better than Andy I selected the venue and duly gave him directions to this very popular location. I parked at the rear of the pub where the views were of rolling countryside still light at this time on a sunday in early spring.

Leaving my car I text Andy to alert him of my arrival and he met me at the door. Shyly I found a table whilst he stood at the bar to buy our drinks. By the second drink I had moved my chair closer to his whilst he was away from the table, when he returned it was so easy to let my leg touch his, allowing my arm to drape over the side of my chair so that my hand rested on his thigh. I could tell that he liked me but he was being a bit slow, not taking the initiative at all. Upping the tease I let my finger tips trace semi circles on his thigh. Before I had drunk half of my orange juice he was suggesting that we make our way outside to his vehicle.

stiffling a giggle I joined him in the back of his camper van. It had grown dark now and Andy set about closing the curtains to shut out the world around us. That first kiss was nothing special but nice all the same. It didn’t take very long for Andy to start catching up with my wandering hands. But it was difficult to concentrate on each other.

It was nearing closing time and we could hear other vehicles departing, there were lots of voices and footsteps to keep us twitching. Some of the cars moved not off down the lane but closer to the van where we were, headlights on full pointing straight at the van’s side windows. It was thrilling and scary at the same time. Andy sat on the back seat naked from the waist down as I was on my knees giving him a blow job, all the time wondering if anyone was trying to see inside. I was scared that someone would be peering in trying to see us, we tried very hard not to make any noise or move in such a way as to make the van rock. But at the same time a small part of me was hoping they were.

You see I have this perverted idea that I might like it if someone should watch me having sex, without my knowledge. I am not into having people watch me openly but the idea that someone could stumble upon us and view us furtively from a distance does thrill me. But and this is a big but, the place where we were parked is a well known lane for the practice of ‘dogging’. I had known this for some time but had neglected to alert Andy of this. I have never participated in dogging neither do I know of anyone who has. But I am aware that it goes on and this is a prime spot for it, perhaps not exactly where we were but slightly further up the lane away from the glare of the pub lights. So here we were trying to have a bit of privacy as we became intimately aquainted, with cars on either side of us, we could hear the chatter of the people outside.

I don’t think anyone did try to peer inside for which I am grateful, but i they did then I am unaware so I am happy with that. Although it was thrilling to think it was possible we could be found, we were both relieved that it seems those outside believed the van to be unoccupied and eventually departed leaving us to take our leave of each other and drive back to our respective homes. From then on our nights together were at his home in the comfort of his double bed.

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