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I need a snog

Posted by secretlynaughty on January 18, 2010

I really need a snog but as I am at a kids soccer party have settled for a cuppa and my book x x

I press the send button knowing that my text won’t be read until tomorrow night. I read my book resisting the temptation to check my phone, I know it will stay silent.

Later, much later I am online, I have just finished a post on my blog. I see him sign onto msn but before I can think of saying ‘hi’ he has gone again. I’m feeling low. I check my stats on my blog see someone has linked to me from an unknown blog, click on this to take a peek at who it is. Wow this is a very hardcore site much more so than mine. I begin to feel flushed. While I am checking out this site and others linked to it I see one of my admirers keeps signing in. We have not chatted for weeks. I ask him if he is playing yoyo. We chat for a while, he is getting turned on so am I. I run upstairs and throw off my jeans and t-shirt returning downstairs in my mauve satin chemise. We continue to chat as I begin to play with myself as he is wanking at his end of the line. He says he wishes he could see me but I decline to install the webcam. He says that ok we both agree that imagination can be just as good if not better. I am getting quite wet.

Damn the doorbell who the fuck is that at 11.55pm….. must be  son who is meant to be sleeping over at a party, coming home early and finding the door locked. I straighten my chemise don’t want teenage son seeing more than he should. I get to the door the security light shows me that the figure outside is too tall to be my son as lanky as he is. The bell rings again while I am deciding what to do. Who could it be at this time of night? Cautiously I open the door a crack to see who it is and what they want. Before I can take in who it is I am grabbed and pulled into an embrace. His mouth on mine before I can protest. He uses his superior height and strength to push me back into the hallway as he steps through the door which he closes behind him. I am still in his arms with his mouth glued to mine as I feel him guiding me into the living room and onto my sofa where we sink into the soft folds of gold material.

After an age he disengages and tells me

You wanted a snog! Was that good enough for you?

He slips out of his leather jacket and takes me in his arms again only this time his hand is already inside my chemise finding me wet. Behind my shoulder I can hear my pc going crazy with nudges. But I don’t care. I am more than happy, now I know who my visitor is. But I leave his side to re-lock the front door. Two of my boys are out for the night, the other two went to bed at about 10pm and I have heard nothing from them since. I return to the sofa and my lover. I have missed him so much and it is so good to have him here.

If I was wet before he arrived I am dripping now. My lover has this effect on me. He told me weeks ago that if our first encounter in private was anything to go by if I happened to be sat on him his balls would certainly get a wash as he makes me cum. I adore this sexy man who I have only recently allowed into my real life. His glasses are placed in a safe place away from arms and legs. His t-shirt and jeans soon discarded as is my chemise. My stepper placed by the door to prevent sleepy boys from intruding. Quickly I tell my admirer that I am suddenly sleepy and going to bed. I close down the pc for the night.

Mmmm now to carry on where we left off. I am so turned on by my lover but more so that he has arrived at my door like this. There is no time for chat we cant keep our hands off each other. Our mouths too are busy kissing, licking and sucking. Wow he does things with my nipples I could only dream about before. I am so hungry for this man who is beside me, on me, in me, I don’t think my appetite for him can ever be sated. I just want to devour him so completely. His hands are in my hair, now on my breasts, stroking my inner thigh, feeling inside me. Please don’t stop I want this so much I want to yell out

YES YES YES and Yes, just in case you were not sure YESSSSSSSSSSS

But of course I don’t, there are boys asleep in the room above. Instead I nibble his ear whispering how much I want him. OMG I want him so much, I want him as my friend, my lover, my rock. But more than anything I want him inside me. But he makes me wait.

He uses his fingers and tongue to take me to heights that I didn’t know I could reach.

I play with his rock hard manhood, Using my hands, my tongue I play with him I taste him, mmmm his cock is so lovely.

I want to straddle him, impaling myself on him.

But he won’t allow this. He wants us to get as much pleasure as we can before he slips inside me. He wants me, he wants me to want him more than anything.

I do yes I do, please let us do this now.

But no I must wait, again and again he brings me to incredible orgasm using his tongue and fingers.

I suck his cock bringing him to completion as I swallow every drop.

We relax into each other’s arms, stroking, smiling, I am so happy I feel I could burst.

This time he won’t get away from me before I get to feel his lovely cock inside me.

We kiss and cuddle, his hands wandering over my naked skin just as mine are on his.

As he pulls me closer to him I feel his fingers probing, they are wet from my juice, he finds my ass and gently inserts a finger, ecstasy, I love this, my hand slips down into his lap to begin stroking, teasing, I love it when I feel his length jerk involuntarily as I tease him.

He grows harder and I climb into his lap encouraging him to continue teasing my ass with his finger I slip onto his hard rod.

I am now impaled in the most delicious way.

The more his finger probes the more I ride his cock, my actions getting wilder as his finger slips deeper and deeper inside me.

I clamp my mouth to his to keep me from screaming my pleasure for all to hear.

Besides I need to have his tongue deep inside my mouth as my tongue runs around the inside of his mouth feeling his teeth his tongue as it tangles with mine.

Deeper I draw him into me now. I must make us so close together that we become one.

I need him inside me his hard cock inside my cunt rubbing against my swollen clit as his finger still probes inside my ass rubbing against his cock and his tongue gets sucked deep inside my mouth.

I cum all over him time and time again, I feel as though all conscious thought is slipping from me, all I know is that I am in heaven and I don’t want it to stop any time soon.

Then I feel it for the first time as he shoots his load deep inside me, he shudders and his face creases into that startled look men sometimes have at the moment of release.

I collapse in his lap as we hug, when I am sure the last shuddering is done I ease myself off him as gently as I can.

Wrapping my arms around him kissing him oh so softly. I feel a sudden need for sleep, he covers my face with gentle kisses, my forehead, the tip of my nose my eyelids, everywhere finally planting a lingering kiss on my lips.

He moves away slipping my chemise back over my head and shoulders he pulls on his own clothes and bids me good night. He must go before my children find us. He must also get back home as his own family will be arriving early

Good night my darling please come again xxxx

3 Responses to “I need a snog”

  1. woodynyou said

    Sexy and scary at the same time.

  2. Hardin Reddy said

    What a delicious encounter.

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