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here endeth the drought

Posted by secretlynaughty on November 14, 2010

I was the first to arrive. I had changed out of my trousers into my black mini skirt and was stood gazing at the city in the distance all lit up against the dark sky. His hands were caressing my neck and shoulders as he stood behind me. I was enjoying this quiet moment just the two of us. Again the weeks had flown by since we were last together. The moment was broken with the ringing of the door bell. Wilma and Curtis bustled in from the windy night. Greetings were exchanged, it had been months since Dave had last seen them and even longer since I had first met them.

Wilma was looking radiant and Curtis looked more handsome than I remembered. Dave did the dutiful host bit handing out glasses of rose champagne whilst Curtis had a beer. Wilma and I took up positions at either end of the 3 seater sofa, Curtis in one of the arm chairs and Dave perched on the arm of the sofa. I did feel a slight jealousy when Dave was caressing Wilma the way he had been doing with me before their arrival, only this time he was letting his hand roam over her chest too.

We all chatted aimiably catching up on the months that had passed. At Dave’s invitation Curtis wedged himself between us girls. I watched Dave kissing the back of Wilma’s neck…….why couldn’t he do that to me!! Curtis took hold of my left breast squeezing and stroking through the lycra of my skimpy red top and peach lace bra. That felt good. Wilma told him to ………..’take it out, you know you want to’.

Curtis didn’t need telling twice, scooping my left breast out of its confines he didn’t waste much time bending his head as he lifted my breast up towards his mouth. The feel of my nipple being sucked enthusiastically brought a mixture of pleasure and sadness that it had been so long since I had last had this kind of attention.By the time Wilma and I had all our breasts uncovered for the pleasure of the men, Curtis was slipping onto his knees between my thighs, pushing aside my matching peach knickers to lick along the edge of my pussy.

Dave suggested that to save their knees we should all go upstairs to his bedroom. Clothes quickly removed Dave and Wilma took up position on the bed not leaving much room for Curtis and myself but we managed. The shock of his tongue against my clit for the first time sent shudders through my body. I was very soon writhing with unrelenting pleasure.  Soon I was moaning in ecstacy, this is what I miss. How could I have doubted that I wanted to do this. I giggle to myself as Wilma’s moans sound so similar to my own. Both men are working us with their fingers.

Moving to stand beside me Curtis presents me with his gorgeous cock. It has been a while since I was given a cock to suck and this one is not only a nice length and thickness (thick enough without being too big for my small mouth) bit feels and tastes great too. To make it easier for Curtis who was jammed up against the bedside cabinet, I swing my legs over the side of the bed as I sit up. Thats better now I can get a better grip on this amazing shaft as my tongue trails up and down, around and around exploring every bit of it.

Whilst I am busying myself in giving and taking as much pleasure as I can with his tool I am aware of his fingers playing with my breasts. But it takes a moment to realise that one of his hands is on my pussy, the other hand on my breast belongs to his wife. Her breath warm on my naked back as Dave finger fucks her from behind. Her fingers become more urgent on my nipple as her orgasm builds. Before releasing her grip as she collaspes spent on the bed behind me.

Pushing me back onto the bed, a condom hastily adorned, Curtis kneels between my thighs lifting my feet up to his shoulders to enter my tight pussy. I suggest some lube might be needed, obligingly I hear a drawer open and Dave tosses a bottle of lube to Curtis. Now we can try again, I try to relax but its not easy knowing this will hurt to begin with. It does hurt and we don’t get far. Swapping over he lays flat and I climb on lowering myself slowly onto his rigid tool. Unlike Fred who lets me take time to ease myself on, Curtis thrust up into me, woah that hurts but I persevere, it is although painful, good to feel him deep inside me. I find it easy to ride him although the pain is still there. This is what my Dr wanted for me last year, a lover who wasn’t afraid to push me without being worried about my pain.

It is only this that will help to stretch my short tight cunt to get back to more normality. We are getting into an easier rhythum now. I am starting to get through the pain but Curtis is ready for another change. I’m on my knees now with my head bouncing off the wooden headboard ……funny I had never noticed before that it is wooden. I grit my teeth as Curtis enters me from behind, if only my head wasn’t so close to the headboard I could enjoy this more. Ohh whats happening now? I am being pulled by my legs towards the foot of the bed as Curtis again fucks me from behind. Yesssss I feel like a real woman again now I have been fucked by a good sized cock, good and hard for the first time in months. Maybe I have found a replacement for Fred and before him Nigel. But this time there is the added bonus that his wife want to play with me too. She wispered to me that she wants to try licking my pussy.

Unfortunately a family emergency meant that they had to leave early. Having dressed to bid our guests goodbye we were content to just sit facing each other on his sofa, my feet in Dave’s lap as he gently stroked them whil we chatted. It had been a long week so I decided to make my weary way home early. I am so glad I hadn’t been too tired to join in the fun this time. I can’t wait for the next time the four of us get together again.

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Teasing my lover

Posted by secretlynaughty on October 26, 2010

After Fred left I was bored, changing out of my black skirt and into my red satin chemise I lay on the hotel bed. I decided to take a couple of photos of my legs which I then sent to Nigel. I knew he would still be out driving his articulated lorry. I wanted him here with me now, I didn’t want to have to wait for him. I wanted him to be urgently wanting me as mch as I wanted him here with me. I sent first one photo then the other to his phone telling him that it wouldn’t be long before these legs would be wrapped around his neck.

As he steps through the door the first thing I notice is that his designer stubble has become more like bristles but I take that to be down to the fact he has just finished working a night shift and I am more used to seeing him in the late morning when he has just got up for the day. He takes me in his arms and the 5 months feel more like 5 days. It doesn’t take him long to have me on my back while he devours my very wet pussy. Once he has had me writhing in unadulterated pleasure he strips off his own clothes and makes hot passionate love to me. I am not going to describe what we have simply as sex as it is so much more than that. We connect on more levels than purely physical. He fucks me long and hard the way he knows I like, my legs bent back with my feet around his waist before he moves bringing my legs up with him so that my feet are pointing into the space above him as my ankles rest on his shoulders he thrusts into me in the deep missionary he so loves. Mmmm I had forgotten the intensity of this position. He rolls me onto my side entering me from behind. we chat as we rest before he has me lying on my front so he can access my ass. He comments on the marks asking if I had been having fun and got carried away. I tell him I will explain later, right now I am getting breathless as he trusts deep inside my tight arse. He is very vocal about his pleasure as he fucks me. Unlike my cunt he can thrust his whole shaft into my ass.

Again we rest and chat catching up on our news of the missing months. He tells me he has been offered a job in another part of the country, the money is good but he won’t be taking it. what a relief, how could I lose him so soon after finally getting him here now. We both know it is highly unlikely we will see each other again until next month. Oh god how I enjoy teasing him with my tongue and fingers as I take his already hard again cock into my hungry mouth. I have forgotten my lack of sleep as I tease and lick his cock from head to base taking my time licking, sucking and fondling his balls. He does so love his balls played with. As much as we are both enjoying this we don’t want to waste this rock hard cock he gets me onto my side again as he enters from behind then reverting to the deep missionary again, he senses that I am tiring I am rolled onto my front again as he slides upto the hilt into my by now slippery ass. By this time daylight creeps through the gap in the curtains. He checks the time he must go before he gets caught out. But he just cant resist banging into my cunt one more time before he drags himself away back home to his wife.

I was asked today if given the chance would I have a proper relationship with him, the answer has to be yes but as he is married it is not something I let myself think about.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on September 3, 2010

The plan was that I would rush home from work grab some sexy clothes and drive to  Dave’s house. Where I would have a quick shower and change. We would be meeting Yvette and Alfie for a drink and chat which may or may not lead to fun.

What actually happened was that I got home, Dave text me to say that our guests had not arrived, we agreed that I would stay where I was until we knew whether Y & A would be arriving.  Whilst I was waiting I discovered that Karl had called around to fix a dripping tap in my kitchen.  Although he knows that Dave has set up a joint profile for us he gets jealous not of me seeing Dave but of any fun we might have when he isn’t. It was for this reason that I didn’t want to have to tell him that I was going out especially as it was with Dave to meet another couple.

Dave text me that Y & A were on their way, Karl wanted a cup of tea before he went. Finally Karl left I managed to grab a pair of stockings and my sexy red/black shoes under the watchful eye of a teenager muttering that I was going out for a while. (still dressed in my work clothes). Driving as swiftly as traffic and traffic lights would allow, I arrive at the end of Dave’s road, swap my flat driving shoes for my heels. Why do I always forget how steep his road is? (he lives at the bottom of the slope). I needn’t have worried about being late as they hadn’t arrived yet. Nipping into the bathroom to pull on my stockings I discover the biggest hole ever so abandon them.

When they did arrive my first thought was ooooooooohhhhh mmmyyyy ggggaawwwwd look at the size of him !!! But that was nothing compared to my suprise when after chatting for a while Yvette out of the blue announced that she wanted to take all her clothes off.  We all trooped upstairs to the bedroom with a view.

Within a blink of an eye Yvette was left wearing only her fishnet stockings and fishnet body which left her heavy breasts exposed. I stripped down to my black lace bra and knickers, conscious that I had not had a chance to shower. All concerns over that were soon wiped from my mind when the enormouse frame of Alfie was hovering over me helping me out of my remaining garments. Supringly for such a big guy his kisses were not too bad, but it was when my hand reached between his legs that I was in for the biggest shock.

I have never come across a guy with such huge and I mean huge balls. They were massive, I have never seen anything like it. But his cock ! that was another matter altogether. I couldn’t find it. All I could find were these huge balls. OK now this was a lay back and think of England type moment. No wonder Yvette was making the most of enjoying everything Dave was doing to her. I lay back on the bed knees bent feet on the edge allowing Alfie to firstly lick me out, not bad, for a while. Before vigorously finger fucking me. I let him continue long after it had begun to feel sore, probably out of pity. Yvette alongside me with Dave was being very vocal in here enjoyment.

After Alfie had finished playing with my now raw cunt I sat up to once again massage between his legs. Ooohhh mmyyy gggaawwdd I found it! There it was nestled right at the top of his balls. His cock was hardly more than an inch long, (smaller than Dave’s big toe). When I had first seen him when he arrived I had been shocked at how big he was both in height and weight. I was concerned about the thought of his huge frame on top of me as he rammed into me. (I didn’t think I was going to manage this or even want to) . But now I was even more shocked at how small his cock is, I have never seen one so small, (so small that I couldn’t even wank it……the slightest hand movement and it had slipped through my fingers). I always say that the size of a man’s cock is irrelevant (unless in my case it is too big to fit me) but in this instance it did matter.

Minutes later they were both dressing and taking their leave of us. I remained  naked on the bed while Dave saw them out. On his return we shared a few kisses and cuddles before dressing our selves.

I now have to rethink my idea that the size of a man’s cock doesn’t matter…………99 times out of 100 it doesn’t. But guys unless you are as small as this guy you have noting to worry about. The young guy always used to fret about being too small. I have never met him so cannot judge but have always said that if you can hold it in your hand to wank it then it isn’t too small.

Have you ever come across a cock as small as this or perhaps one that is extra big. What is the bigest or amallest you have seen? When is small too small or big too big?

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3 men again

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 28, 2010

continued from here

Just as we were leaving the room Dave was passing the open doorway. I could see that the hair at the nape of his neck was damp, he confirmed that he had been in the jacuzzi. A quick kiss hello and we headed off towards the dungeon. There were a fair few people milling around but not much going on. Dave discovered a seat that we hadn’t seen before and wanted to know how it was used. It was red and the back is heart shaped and the low seat was a horseshoe shape with a cushioned platform slung under it. It didn’t take me long to work it out once we were told it was a ‘Dom’s seat’. The sub lays on the floor with head on the platform under the Dom. Dave lay on the floor to try it out but was soon back on his feet proclaiming that it was uncomfortable.  (I think maybe thats the idea doh).

Leaving the dungeon without playing we stopped at the room where we had played last time. There were 3 people in there (fully clothed) having a discussion. Dave wanted to find out how the swing works, he sat in it while I put his feet into the straps it was hilarious to see. I was standing in the doorway watching him and another guy began stroking my arm, the two guys in the room started making bets whether the new guy(Jackson) would give me one. I could have been insulted but wasn’t. He led me to a vacant room  where we kissed before undressing and laying together on the bed. We hadn’t been okaying for long when Larry appeared and asked if he could join in. Which he duly did , not long after Burns also joined us. So once again I had the attention of 3 guys. It was while the three of them were playing with my breats and pussy that my phone rang. I knew who it would be, Larry guessed one of my offspring but it was Karl. I didn’t answer.

Jackson left the other two to carry on which they did. Larry decided it was time for him to go home but first he wanted to cum on my breasts which he did do but gently cleaned me up. That left me with Burns who enjoyed my mouth on his impressive cock. Larry returned several more times before I hought he had gone. Burns also came across my body and carefully cleaned up the considerable mess. I was dressing when Larry returned to get my mobile number.

Going down to the kitchen I got myself a fresh drink before wandering out to the garden. They were covering over the hot tub and I hadn’t even been in it. That was when I lost my footing just as I was going back inside but ended up in a heap on the step. My drink splashing onto the wooden floor just inside the door. My knee stung like mad, the host hoisted me back to my feet checking that I was ok, saying he would deal with the wet floor. I found myself a chair by the front door which gave me a view of Dave reflected in the window on the stairs. I had managed to cut my knee but was relieved that my stockings were not ruined. Dave made his way downstairs and we agreed that we were ready to leave it was 2am. Neither of us felt the need to say goodbye to any one. Walking out to his car Dave had his fingers inside my mini skirt pushing me against the boot of his car he fucked me from behind ……….deja vue isn’t this a repeat of last week

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Sucked, licked, kissed, spanked and fucked

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 27, 2010

The first couple of hours of the party began in much the same way as the previous one. Drinking diet coke, eating nibbles that had been provided by our hosts, and of course sitting around in groups chatting. Dave had wandered off at around the time that the jacuzzi was uncovered. I thought perhaps he was going in but when I climbed the stairs to find the bathroom I found him loitering at the top of the stairs.

Together we made our way along the corridor that eventually leads to the stairs going down to the dungeon. But we didn’t get that far. Stopping at the first door we found two men and a woman playing together. They invited us to join them, Dave didn’t need asking twice, in the blink of an eye he was at the side of the bed with his trousers around his knees and his cock in Sally’s mouth. Burns had swung away from Sally and was now sitting on the end of the bed offering me his very long cock to play with.

I’m not sure how it happened but I was soon laid across the foot of the bed with Burns fingering my clit and now Larry who was playing with Sally’s pussy asked if he could play with my breast. He then asked what was the most men I had ever had playing with me at the same time?……………3 last sunday. Before I knew it I had Larry’s cock in my mouth and Dave and Burns were both attending to my pussy, fingering and licking. So for the second time in less than a week I had 3 men playing with me. Dave then went back to playing with Sally until she had enough and left shortly followed by Dave and Burns leaving me with Larry.

I spent the next hour or so alone with Larry. We did have an ever changing audience from time to time, some wanted to join in others just wanted to watch for a minute or two. We decided we didn’t want anyone else for a while. We were enjoying each other and didn’t need anyone else. We could have locked the door but chose not to. We  enjoyed kissing and cuddling as much as the sucking, fingering and licking.  He even gave my bum a spanking although he said it was against his nature(he was quite good once he got going). Once we felt we had been selfish enough Larry did invite another lady to join us but she said that she is strictly a one on one private person and was waiting for the room as it is the only lockable room now. We hadn’t realised and felt guilty that we had hogged the room for so long, which we continued to do for a while longer.

Before parting company (with an agreement to meet up again in a different room in a little while) we exchanged email addresses……………..

to be continued

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Party time

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 26, 2010

Tonight I am off to another swingers party with the very naughty Dave………..don’t wait up for me xx

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a man in leathers mmmmm

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 10, 2010

Wow ….what can I say …….wow I needed that, needed him yeeeeeeeessssssssssssss

I had been due to see Nigel but had cancelled as I was unexpectedly not alone at home. But Nigel was very keen to see me anyway. I agreed that I wanted him here but we would have to be quiet.

I jumped into the shower, dried myself and my hair, threw on my red satin chemise and short black satin robe and ran into the front bedroom to watch out for his car.

Yummy he pulled up outside on his motorbike in the leathers he had promised the other week after reading my fantasy about him.

I let him in and we crept up to my bedroom where I had already turned my radio up louder than usual. We kissed , oh how I have missed those kisses, and we kissed some more then I began to unzip his leather jacket, he bent down (hes over a foot taller than me) to take my breast in his hand and suckle on my right nipple.

I took his hand and led him over to my bed. He stopped just long enough to remove his tight black and cream leather trousers and boots. Then he joined me on my bed burying his head in my bust…..making a delicious meal of my nipples while I craddled and stroked his head. Before too long though our lips were getting re aquainted while his fingers were searching through the new soft dark curls that have appeared since our last encounter. mmmm his fingers found the right spot to start my juices flowing. We continued to kiss whilst muttering to each other how long it has been and we mustn’t let that happen again.
He licked his thumb and rubbed it against my clitoris mmm now that feels sooo good. It didnt take long before our muffled chat was smothered in more kisses as Nigel climbed on top of me and unusually entered me in the missionary position. (not a position we indulged in too much, prefering to be more adventurous). With my legs wrapped around his waist we began our journey to heaven. I dont know if it was the change to our customary positions or the fact it had been ages, even the awareness that we were not alone in the house. But although I was very aroused I didnt seem, to me, to be very wet. However I did enjoy the feelings of being fucked hard, fast and very intimately. It wasnt long before my legs were resting on Nigel’s shoulders mmmmm much more intimate but my legs did look funny as I was not on this occasion wearing stockings as I would normally do for him.
Changes in position, Nigel  did love to fuck my ass and since he taught me how to enjoy it I really do. I was very dry on this day, not sure why so we needed more lube than usual but boy did that hard cock feel good inside my tight ass once he got there…….I felt bitter sweet pain as he penetrated my ass that had been left alone for 2 months. Mingled with the deliscious tingle and the waves of pleasure that coursed through me from my toes to the top of my head. Those sweet waves took me to places I don’t otherwise find. I could feel my pussy tingling with pleasure too and the sensations of my pussy and my ass were almost too much to bear. OH Nigel that was soooo good. Slowly he withdrew.
There was much kissing, licking sucking, fucking from behind and in between we managed to fit more hard fucking of my ass. Mmm I needed a cushion for sitting obviously it had been too long since we were last together but it had been such a lovely sweet hard fuck I cannot complain except perhaps that I had to wait so long. But who could complain at the sight of a sexy man in his leathers except that he had to leave too soon.

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I’ll have some of that

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 25, 2010

Having been told on pain of death not to be late I arrived about 2 minutes late not bad I thought seeing as I had had to stop to look at my mapbook once I got onto the estate where they live. I was the first to arrive. For propriety’s sake I was wearing a long skirt over my outfit so the full effect of my outfit wasn’t given at that point. It wasn’t long before the first couple arrived followed some time later by the other couple (it was only 3 couples and me in the end). There were two of us with long skirts on, we both took these off to reveal the short skirts and stockings underneath. Everyone loved my shoes. We all chatted over drinks for a while, when I got up to find the loo I heard a comment of ………

wow I’ll have some of that.

when I came back in the room the host said

can’t wait to get those shoes on the bed.

The chatter went on for a while longer, I was well aware that from where he sat on the floor across the room the host had a very good view of my stockings and probably inside my very short skirt. Then he decided it was time for the fun to begin so he led us all up the stairs to their bedroom. I was snogging one of the other guys ‘loon’ my top, bra and thong were swiftly removed while I wanked him until I was laid back across the bed. There were 2 other pairs getting it together while loon’s wife loopy declared loudly that she is not into girl on girl stuff.

Loon was by now licking my pussy while hostess was playing with my breast and Stick (younger guy) was kissing me. There seemed to be a lot of swapping around there were hands and mouths everywhere. I just laid where I was but with Stick on all fours in the middle of the bed I could see that he had a very nice cock. Host’s was not particularly appealling and Loon was on the rather large side. Good for wanking but it was not going to be entering any of my orifices.I made a grab for Stick’s cock wanking him until he moved close enough for me to lick and suck it properly.

I guess Stick was enjoying this because he moved over me for a full 69 mmmmm. When he knelt up above my face to play with hostess and possibly loopy too (I was getting confused who was where doing what to who. I believe mostly everyone was playing with two people at once. I became aware that the fingers and tongue playing with my pussy were not those of Stick whose cock I was still enjoying. Being vaguely aware of which part of the bed most people were I worked out that this must be sticklet (stick’s girlfriend) who was enjoying my freshly shaved pussy.

I remember wanting to laugh when all I could here was the same moaning sigh coming from most people in the room. Host was wandering around with his camera trying to take photos. I must have twisted my back somewhere along the line as it began to hurt. Stick was now standing on the side of the bed holding onto the ceiling while hostess gave him a bj. I got up and went to get a drink. Loopy and I went downstairs still half dressed to refresh our glasses, loon followed. I now know that host and hostess were afraid I was leaving. They, stick and sticklet appeared downstairs fully dressed again. So Loon and I went back upstairs to retreive our discarded clothes. For the rest of the evening we sat chatting. Loon and Loopy left after about 45 minutes, I quite liked them but host obviously didn’t as he soon let us know he was glad they had gone. Loon was annoying him and loopy had put him off from playing so he had found it difficult to maintain any stiffness. (I’m glad I didn’t play with him).

It was a little after midnight when Stick and Sticklet decided to leave as they had an hour’s drive to get home, I left too.

When I got home I sent messages to both loon & Loopy and Stick & sticklet saying it had been nice to meet them.  Not long after I had a message back from S & S giving me their IM address. We chatted until gone 2am. This morning I had a message from L & L saying more or less the same as I said. Both S & S and H & H have left verifications on my profile.

Chatting to H & H this morning they both found me very horny and want to play with me on my own. Kept asking if I was turned on by Hostess. Apparently Hostess is very keen to play with me more. They had hoped they would be able to play with me after the others had left last night. Had this been either of the other two couples I would have been up for it but these two don’t appeal to me.  S & S have asked to meet me again.  Normally I would have ruled that out as they are both in their mid 20s and I have a mental block about playing with anyone much younger than 40. But as I have played with them and they are both on tongue to lips terms with my pussy already I can’t really use that argument.

Looking back on the evening it was an experience, I might not have played very much but I know I was damn sexy and everyone there knew it too.  😉

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Posted by secretlynaughty on April 24, 2010

Tonight I shall be wearing red satin and black lace high heels with sheer black stockings, a layered red mini skirt (more of a ruffled belt) with a clingy lycra black chemise top with low cut lace neck line and spaghetti straps. Under this will be my black balcony bra with small pink flowers and matching thong (string for non brits). In my small shoulder bag I will carry my purse, mobile phone, comb and a pack of assorted fruit flavoured condoms.

Tonight I am going to have fun………..tonight I will be the only single lady with 4 couples and possibly one single male.

Tonight I will be fabulous.

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Dungeon and jacuzzi

Posted by secretlynaughty on April 10, 2010

Now although I accidentally put on my shy head I did enjoy my evening at the swinger’s party. It didn’t quite live up to expectation but then, what ever does when you are excited about something. There were less people there than expected and quite a few young thin people. There was more than the ‘normal’ amount of young single men. For the first few hours everyone was just talking in their groups.

We (Dave and I) decided to visit the dungeon, after a closer inspection of some of the equipment dave pulled my knickers down and stuffed them in my shoulder bag (where they still are). I climbed onto one of the spanking benches

leaning forward I could see myself in the mirror with Dave behind me, my skirt pushed up onto my back.  First he pushed his fingers inside me making me very wet, I’m sure my juice was dripping onto the floor between my spread legs.  But soon he was pushing his cock into my pussy and spanking my arse at the same time. Some people came to the door but left again when they saw us but after a while a man came in and sat down to watch. After my reticence about being watched the night before I somehow found this more of a turn on. I have for sometime liked the idea of the pssibility of being watched without knowing it, but not with it being obvious. However this time it was a turn on to know that this guy was enjoying watching me being fucked.  Dave withdrew and came round to my head presenting me with his erection which I was greadily enjoying when I was taken by suprise when Dave’s hand smacked down hard on my bum cheek. After several more smacks on my now stinging bum he was back between my thighs bringing me back to orgasm again as my body convulsed through it.

Later we found ourselves in a room that was all red with erotic artwork on the walls, no door and several peep holes in the wall there were also two sex swings as well as two double beds. At first we stood inside the door kissing with his hand inside my skirt making me wet again, then we moved onto the bed. With my skirt up over my waist and him naked from the waist down we began fucking. All the time I was moaning with pleasure as my legs were clasped around his waist I was aware of people looking in and some even coming to stand inside the doorway watching not just us but the couple on the other bed. By the time we had finished there was a very wet patch on the bed where I had come again.

We spent a lot of time drinking soft drinks and chatting in the kitchen/lounge areas. We had started the evening outside but it had become too chilly and boring just listening to people chatting about mutual friends that I had no idea who they were. Consequently frequent trips to the upstairs toilets were required. On my return from one such trip Dave was sat on the arm of a sofa chatting to the couple sat there. He told me to sit on his knee which I did but after a while found myself standing astride his thigh. His hand which has a mind of its own was soon inside my skirt working on my clit. I could feel myself coming right there dripping onto his thigh and the floor below while other people were standing around us chatting and laughing. This turned me on even more.

Once or twice Dave left me to go see what was going on elsewhere in the house. I didn’t want to stop him having fun with anyone else just as he didn’t want to stop me having fun. I did go searching for him once when I was bored, I found him back in the dungeon with a couple. He was just thanking them and didn’t see me come in the room behind him. She was just dressing, obviously I didn’t mind that he had had some action but when I asked him if had fun he just said not really she wasn’t very good used her hand too much.

Later we returned to the dungeon again, we both seemed to like it down there, another couple were using the spanking bench in the center of the room so we used the other one at the side of the room. We had investigated other furniture in the room but without whips etc not much point. I was getting quite hot and of course wet, this time Dave was alternating between fingering me and fucking my arse (something I have not done for about 2 years) and of course spanking me again. I know that two men came into the room, one joined the other couple playing with her pussy while she sucked the first guy’s cock. The other man sat in the chair beside the spanking bench where I was being fucked. In the mirror on the wall I could see Dave smiling down at me as he pumped into my arse and pulling my shoulders back towards him. Each time he slammed into me I felt my tummy slam against the top part of the bench where I was leaning on my elbows. Whispering in my ear he asked if I would be ok if anyone joined us. I agreed but it didn’t matter as it didn’t happen.

I have no idea what time it was when we investigated the jacuzzi in the garden. A little nervous of stripping off in front of everyone I waited until there was only one person in there before taking off my skirt top and bra and climbing in. I couldn’t believe how warm the water was and the jets were lovely. A few minutes later Dave joined us for a while soon followed by a few others. I was sat sandwiched between Dave and the young guy who had installed the hot tub earlier in the week. (no wonder he got in for free). They each had one of my legs resting across their lap. It wasn’t long before Dave’s fingers found my cunt again. The lad was stroking my leg under the water but that was all he did. He was happy with that so was I.

It was probably about 20 minutes before Dave left the jacuzzi leaving the birthday boy next to him to take his place. He began stroking my leg too and before I knew it his fingers had crept up my thigh to my pussy. Once his fingers touched my lips I adjusted my position letting him know it was ok to carry on. We were still laughing and chatting with the other occupants as he fingered me and my left hand found his erection. The look on his face and the feel of his fingers working in my cunt showed me that he was enjoying my cack handed wank. (I’m not left handed which doesn’t help). We kept this up for ages. I know I was on the verge of orgasm several times having to close my eyes and feel the blood drain from my head for a second or two. Eventually I had to leave briefly to find the toilet, dashing through the house wrapped in a short towel.

When I returned Dave was dressed and chatting in the garden, I told him to let me know when he wanted to leave, I was going back into the hot bubbles. Again it was just me and the young lad. We chatted and laughed for ages just enjoying the water. His mate who was the host (not sure if he owns the place) kept coming out to tease us and telling him to give it to me. He grabbed my breast to show young lad that he had done more to me than the lad. All that did was make us laugh. We were enjoying ourselves without having sex. But the next time I made my towel clad dash upstairs to the toilet I found Dave half asleep laid on a sofa. Time to go home it was after all almost 3am.

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