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where do I turn to?

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 29, 2010

This is one of those times when I could do with someone to talk over my situation with. To voice my thoughts and feelings, to see if its only me who sees things the way I do.  Am I being silly to be wary, should I just go with the flow. Should I just go for it or should I hold back?  Normally I would discuss any prospective relationship with a female friend. But who could I talk to about why I feel hesitant without telling them about my secret life.

I tried to talk to Dave about it. All he can see is a guy who is smitten with me. When I tried to describe the strange behaviour that has me in this quandry he could see nothing unusual.  He thinks I should go for it but hold back if that makes me feel better.

If I go for this it will be a big change in my personal life, a change of direction. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself here.

You are probably wondering what the hell I’m on about and where has this suddenly come from.

Did you read about the fun I had here? well if you did you will notice that I met someone I liked quite a lot. It was I believe mutual. If you read this you will have noticed that he couldn’t tear himself away from me. He lives about an hour away from here. When I got home from the party I went online and was chatting to Dave as well as writing the first post about the night. I hadn’t been home for long when I saw an email arrive, when I went to read it I discovered that it was in fact the second email in half an hour, barely an hour after leaving the party, less than 2 hours after saying good night. Next thing I know my mobile phone is ringing with an unidentified number. We chat for a few minues even though it is gone 3am!

In the morning I receive an IM invite, we chat briefly before I have to go out on family business. By lunch time he has text me to check he has the right number. In the late afternoon we chat on messenger again, he wants to see me at the weekend. He will book a hotel room  mid way between us so we can have most of the weekend together. He emails me with details of a hotel even giving me a link so I can see what it is like. I go off to cook dinner while he makes the booking. On my return there is an email saying he has changed his mind……….he can’t bring himself to book hotel. He wants me to stay with him at his home.

Next day he leaves an email saying he has deleted his messenger and its email address. He still wants me to visit him at his home.

Is it just me or is this strange behaviour?

We have been exchanging emails and he now wants us to meet at his local pub for a drink before going back to his place.  I have asked him what it is he wants from me? (I have never done that before) Obviously he does want sex but is that all he wants me for?


We chatted briefly on IM last night which reassured me a little, however today I got home from work to find 3 emails. first asking what I like to eat, second saying we should not meet as both of us are potentially promiscuous. third can we have cybersex.

Ok so now I am having serious doubts about this man’s sanity.

Almost as soon as I had read these emails he was online chatting normally. After a while he tells me that he is unwell.  He doesn’t say in what way but that I should stay away from him. Then I watch my screen in amazement as he starts telling me what he can offer me this weekend……….basically it boils down to a long drive for me for a few hours sex. (at my own expense ~ he had previously said he would contribute to my fuel). I decline, we say goodbye and I go out for a few hours.

When I am back online he is waiting for me………….what would I like to chat about tonight? I choose music (everyone likes music in one form or another). Within minutes he changes the subject asking why I got divorced. I told him my husband was/is an alcoholic who mentally abused me for many years. Then the bombshell came……….I would never have guessed that he had mentally abused his wife. We discussed this at length both from my experience and his. It was interesting to hear about the abusive behaviour from the abuser’s side. How he feels about it, did he know what he was doing etc.

He tells me that he really really wants me but I must stay away. He then alternates between telling me to stay away and asking me questions about the night we met. Who was best etc, I refuse to answer questions that compare one man against another. He asks me if I still want to visit him.

‘I had to fight hard to escape from one abusive situation I would be stupid to put myself into a similar situation again especially if I know in advance’

He agrees with me, but incredibly he sends me a photo of his bed with a mask and some rope in an attempt to entice me to visit him………….it doesn’t work.

I did like the man I met the other day. I am glad he felt able to tell me what he did but I shall be staying away.

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3 men again

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 28, 2010

continued from here

Just as we were leaving the room Dave was passing the open doorway. I could see that the hair at the nape of his neck was damp, he confirmed that he had been in the jacuzzi. A quick kiss hello and we headed off towards the dungeon. There were a fair few people milling around but not much going on. Dave discovered a seat that we hadn’t seen before and wanted to know how it was used. It was red and the back is heart shaped and the low seat was a horseshoe shape with a cushioned platform slung under it. It didn’t take me long to work it out once we were told it was a ‘Dom’s seat’. The sub lays on the floor with head on the platform under the Dom. Dave lay on the floor to try it out but was soon back on his feet proclaiming that it was uncomfortable.  (I think maybe thats the idea doh).

Leaving the dungeon without playing we stopped at the room where we had played last time. There were 3 people in there (fully clothed) having a discussion. Dave wanted to find out how the swing works, he sat in it while I put his feet into the straps it was hilarious to see. I was standing in the doorway watching him and another guy began stroking my arm, the two guys in the room started making bets whether the new guy(Jackson) would give me one. I could have been insulted but wasn’t. He led me to a vacant room  where we kissed before undressing and laying together on the bed. We hadn’t been okaying for long when Larry appeared and asked if he could join in. Which he duly did , not long after Burns also joined us. So once again I had the attention of 3 guys. It was while the three of them were playing with my breats and pussy that my phone rang. I knew who it would be, Larry guessed one of my offspring but it was Karl. I didn’t answer.

Jackson left the other two to carry on which they did. Larry decided it was time for him to go home but first he wanted to cum on my breasts which he did do but gently cleaned me up. That left me with Burns who enjoyed my mouth on his impressive cock. Larry returned several more times before I hought he had gone. Burns also came across my body and carefully cleaned up the considerable mess. I was dressing when Larry returned to get my mobile number.

Going down to the kitchen I got myself a fresh drink before wandering out to the garden. They were covering over the hot tub and I hadn’t even been in it. That was when I lost my footing just as I was going back inside but ended up in a heap on the step. My drink splashing onto the wooden floor just inside the door. My knee stung like mad, the host hoisted me back to my feet checking that I was ok, saying he would deal with the wet floor. I found myself a chair by the front door which gave me a view of Dave reflected in the window on the stairs. I had managed to cut my knee but was relieved that my stockings were not ruined. Dave made his way downstairs and we agreed that we were ready to leave it was 2am. Neither of us felt the need to say goodbye to any one. Walking out to his car Dave had his fingers inside my mini skirt pushing me against the boot of his car he fucked me from behind ……….deja vue isn’t this a repeat of last week

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Sucked, licked, kissed, spanked and fucked

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 27, 2010

The first couple of hours of the party began in much the same way as the previous one. Drinking diet coke, eating nibbles that had been provided by our hosts, and of course sitting around in groups chatting. Dave had wandered off at around the time that the jacuzzi was uncovered. I thought perhaps he was going in but when I climbed the stairs to find the bathroom I found him loitering at the top of the stairs.

Together we made our way along the corridor that eventually leads to the stairs going down to the dungeon. But we didn’t get that far. Stopping at the first door we found two men and a woman playing together. They invited us to join them, Dave didn’t need asking twice, in the blink of an eye he was at the side of the bed with his trousers around his knees and his cock in Sally’s mouth. Burns had swung away from Sally and was now sitting on the end of the bed offering me his very long cock to play with.

I’m not sure how it happened but I was soon laid across the foot of the bed with Burns fingering my clit and now Larry who was playing with Sally’s pussy asked if he could play with my breast. He then asked what was the most men I had ever had playing with me at the same time?……………3 last sunday. Before I knew it I had Larry’s cock in my mouth and Dave and Burns were both attending to my pussy, fingering and licking. So for the second time in less than a week I had 3 men playing with me. Dave then went back to playing with Sally until she had enough and left shortly followed by Dave and Burns leaving me with Larry.

I spent the next hour or so alone with Larry. We did have an ever changing audience from time to time, some wanted to join in others just wanted to watch for a minute or two. We decided we didn’t want anyone else for a while. We were enjoying each other and didn’t need anyone else. We could have locked the door but chose not to. We  enjoyed kissing and cuddling as much as the sucking, fingering and licking.  He even gave my bum a spanking although he said it was against his nature(he was quite good once he got going). Once we felt we had been selfish enough Larry did invite another lady to join us but she said that she is strictly a one on one private person and was waiting for the room as it is the only lockable room now. We hadn’t realised and felt guilty that we had hogged the room for so long, which we continued to do for a while longer.

Before parting company (with an agreement to meet up again in a different room in a little while) we exchanged email addresses……………..

to be continued

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Party time

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 26, 2010

Tonight I am off to another swingers party with the very naughty Dave………..don’t wait up for me xx

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Fun and games

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 25, 2010

Tonight Karl has uploaded all the photos that were taken at our recent play night. He has sent them all to me too so I can do whatever I like with them. I shall have to pass on the relevant ones to our playmates. If you are lucky I might even post some of them in my gallery.

Anyway I need to tell you about our night out before I forget. We were all standing around bed 1 (where most of the action happened) Ian began taking some toys and bondage gear out of his bag, There were lots of oohs and aahs from those watching the ever-increasing pile of goodies. The paddle was immediately taken up and applied to various bottoms (at this stage still clothed). The crop had almost but not quite as much attention. There were gasps as the spreader bars complete with leather restraints clanked onto the bed.

It only took one person and I have already forgotten who, to start stripping off and the rest of us followed suit. I did have to laugh at the speed with which Karl removed all his clothes ………nothing if not keen. I stood by the foot of the bed with an erect cock in each hand gently stroking both. Karl decided that bed 1 was a little crowded so we went off to play on bed 2. Karl had told the other guys that he could get me wet within seconds. No sooner had I laid back among the many pillows with Karl’s head between my thighs when I had two hungry mouths suckling on my nipples. Tigger on my right and Bruce on my left. It was soon apparent that I had squirted in next to no time. The squeals and moans coming from the other room only heightened my arousal. Karl knows just how to use his tongue on my pussy to get me writhing around moaning. The mouths and hands manipulating my breasts tipped me over the edge.

Tigger went of to join the fun on bed 1 while Bruce gave me his cock to suck while Karl continued to pleasure my pussy. I felt so overcome with the sensations of it all that I needed to rest and drink a glass if water thougtfully provided by Bruce (our host for the evening). It is all becoming a little hazy in my mind now. But I know I had my pussy eaten by both Bruce and Tigger as well as Karl. I think Tigger was eating me out while I was sucking karl’s cock. It seems that I was on bed 2 pretty much the majority of the time while Tigger, Bruce and Karl each played with me in turn and much of the time 2 or even three of them at once.

It was while I was on my back with Tigger between my thighs that Karl knelt beside my head giving me his cock, that he began taking photos. There are several that he took from above me, although his favourite is a close up of my wet pussy taken before he joined the writhing mass on bed 1. Grabbing his camera I wandered in to see what was going on, I couldn’t resist taking some of Karl as he hovered over Winnie. She had hold of his cock while he was playing with a double ended dildo in her cunt. Tigger took me back to bed2 to play with a vibrator before he gently entered my pussy with his rubber clad cock. He had been pumping into me when Karl rejoined us pushing his cock into my mouth again. My 2nd spit roast. It funny how I always think of a spit roast being when the woman is on all fours not on her back with her legs pointing towards the ceiling like I was now. Tigger did get me to change onto my knees so that he could fuck me from behind. Karl left us again then to play in the other room.

It was while Bruce was licking me out that Alice came in and played with and sucked my breasts. She later said that I have gorgeous breasts and she would have liked the chance to play with me and Winnie together. But that will be another time.

I’m not sure who was between my legs when Bruce felt that I had been missing out on the toys and  smacked my breast and pussy with the paddle. He must be very gentle as I only felt a slight tap from the paddle but I do now have a bruise. Finally I had had enough, I am not used to so much constant attention on my throbbing pussy. It was on trembling legs that I made it into the other room where Alice was being restrained with her hands cuffed to the metal bed frame while Tigger slammed his cock into her cunt. To everyone’s amazement Alice broke free with a yank of her arms. Ian and Bruce then strapped her wrists to the bed using a metal spreader bar with leather wrist straps.  We all thought she was stuck now but no she broke out of this too.

It was not long after this that we all dressed and said goodnight. We still had a long drive home and work in the morning. I am looking forward to more nights of fun. In the meantime I have begun chatting to one of the Doms and Dave has offered to take me to swinger party at the weekend.

A few photos can now be found on my gallery

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communing with nature

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 23, 2010

We stood there in the isolated car park of a beauty spot we had visited several times before after a night out. A bird wooshed past us at eye level screeching as it went straight into the wooded area behind us. As we listened and peered into the foliage we heard it calling it’s warning. We heard the answering squeaks not far away. Was this a screech owl or perhaps the hawk we had seen as we looked out across the valley in the gathering dusk. Earlier we had watched the house martins swishing around in the blue sky above us while small heads peeped out of the nests under the eaves of the pub where we sipped our cold drinks at the end of a long day.

For ages we just stood there listening and looking, occasionally glimping a wing movement between the leaves, the calls and answering calls constantly moving. We realised that these calls of alarm would continue all the time we were a perceived threat. It was becoming chilly anyway stood in the shadows so we moved back into his van.

He had suprised me earlier by meeting me for a few minutes at lunchtime. We had a quick look through the photos that had been taken on his camera when we were having fun at the weekend. I had to laugh as we were flicking through (I had no idea I featured in so many) he kept saying …….thats definitely you. We had both taken pictures of each other but others had been taken by other people. There are some interesting shots in there including one of Alice just before she managed (to everyone’s amazement) to escape from the wrist restraints that had her shackled to the bed. I can’t wait to see  all those photos properly once he has uploaded them and emailed to me.

Anyway back to this secluded car park in the growing dusk. We chatted, we kissed, he fondled. I don’t know how it happened, really I don’t (after all I am usually such a good girl) but I found my hand cupping the bulge at the front of his jeans. Slipping my hand inside his waitband he told me that I wouldn’t get my hand in there. Ok it was a tught fit but a challenge is a challenge and I made sure I got my hand inside his pants for a feel of his warm bulge.  Cutting him in half by stretching his waistband to accomodate my arm he had no choice but to unbutton his fly. Who can blame me that once his erection was free I couldn’t resist stroking and fondling his hardness.

Reluctantly Karl got onto his knees to present himself to my mouth. We are both getting too old to play games in such a confined space (the reason we have not done this since last summer). Karl decided that he wanted to see if it would work if he stood outside my door and gave me his cock through the window. My guess that he isn’t tall enough for this proved to be correct. I opened the door to get a good grip on him. To prevent me from having to bend down to him he stood on the door sill holding onto the roof so that I could get my lips around his precious tool. I soon lost myself, licking, sucking, kissing and nibbling along his length. Taking him as far down my throat as I could, licking his recently shaved balls. Savouring his rigid cock with its soft warm skin, glancing up occasionally to see him grinning down at me. The cat that got the cream doesn’t begin to convey the expression of sheer pleasure on his face. My hands grasping his taut arse cheeks while my mouth enjoyed my self imposed task of eating him until he could take no more.

Cramp in his thighs and pain in his lower back eventually brought an end to our pleasure. Time to make our way home along moonlit lanes. We talked a bit more about our interactions with our fellow playmates 48 hours earlier. He was just telling me that I give the best bj going.(flattery will get him everywhere). When I screeched (like the bird earlier). I had just caught site of the animal that was trotting along the lane beside us. Karl slammed on the brakes fumbled for his torch and went in search of the badger that he thought we had hit. I didn’t think we had hit it as there had been no thud. we couldn’t find anything so can only conclude that the badger had run off, probably into the field alongside the narrow lane. Continuing our drive back home, we were alost there when he slammed the brakes on once more, throwing his van into reverse we were lucky enough to see a vixen and two cubs at the side of the road before they too melted into the hedge.

Just because we live in a small market town it doesn’t mean we never see wildlife in its natural habitat. It’s just rare to see so much in such a short time when we were not looking for it.

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when there were 7

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 22, 2010

It was while I was in the bath that I got his text. At first I left it then thinking about it I figured that maybe he was changing the time he would pick me up …….good as I had just 10 minutes to finish washing my hair, dry, dress and dry my hair & put my face on. But it was Karl saying it will be us, them and another couple.

So it was that 2 hours later we were intorduced to Bruce & Alice and Tigger and Winnie. It was only when we were sitting chatting that we discovered we were waiting for the seventh person to join our gathering. When Ian arrive he was carrying a very large bag. We all had to wait until we were in one of the two adjoining double rooms we would be using before we found out what was in Ian’s bag of  tricks. These included a paddle, crop restraints, masks, vibrators, but plugs and anal beads to name but a few.

But if you want to know about what happened next you will have to wait.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you would probably realise that I have a curiosity about being submissive. I have talked to various men about it. Some have been keen to play the role of Dom for me but it just wasn’t happening.  Others like Dave have ruled themselves out of the role. Others like Karl I wouldn’t bother to even discuss it with, there just wouldn’t be any point. Although after this most recent adventure he might get a little more adventurous with me.

Quite by accident I clicked on an advert for a BDSM & alternative lifestyle site. I have now created a profile which states

I have an unfulfilled desire to see what its like to be submissive. Not sure if I am more of a switch with more submissive tendencies. I have dabbled in the swinging scene but need to experiment with pushing my boundaries with someone who knows what they are doing. ………………..Teach me

I have been suprised just how many experienced Doms there are even in just my area in the right age group. At the moment out of those who have hotlisted, winked or messaged me I have about 4 possibles to think about. These are 3 of them……

a) I am a genuine Dom and in need of a new Sub to train and use. Exploring your boundaries and teaching you in the ways of an obedient Sub is what I specialise in. I can accommodate and interested in meeting you for a chat to explore your desires, our meeting would be regular and gentle to start with leading to more intensive training. (geographically closest)

b) experienced master in a vanilla marriage.  Just let me know your fantasies and desires and if we are compatible I would be happy to fulfill any fantasy you have. I am clean, genuine, a medical professional (his pictures are good)

c)I have been involved in the scene actively for fifteen years and have trained many submissives. I am now looking for a submissive women or couple whom I can treat, tie and train and if they are very good treat them again. I never forget that it’s all about pleasure really.I am fully experienced in bondage, punishment routines, humiliation and mental control. I will adjust our regime to suit your needs and experience.
You should enjoy being trained and tied and being sexually servile on a regular basis. I am not looking for a one-night stand or just quick fix sex. I want to mould you into my perfect sex slave. Your ultimate pleasure will be determined by how well you please me. The more you please the more I will treat.

I have a private, discreet house in France. It is remote and ideal for extended sessions where scenarios can be played out, uninterrupted for a day or two if you would like the experience of being totally immersed in your submission and service.

I shall sleep on it before replying to any of them. There are others but these seem to be the most likely out of those who contacted me today (my first full day of membership)

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Stand up again

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 20, 2010

It was the same pub, the same semi secluded alcove, the same drinks, the same man the only difference being a different day and different outfits. This time I sat myself on his right from the very beginning. He has been in a confusing space in the last few days. His life changing, the end of an era, hes wary of his new life.

He is glad to be out of the place he has known as home for too many years, it doesn’t feel like home right now. We kiss, kiss, kiss,fondle and kiss some more. Deeply passionate kisses interspersed with playful pecks. We chat then kiss some more. We always enjoy lots of kissing, he is not afraid of public displays. Together we relish putting our mutual lust on display for everyone to witness if they care to look. I spot a young man who I think is Karl’s son. This brings the devil out in Dave, lets give him something to report back. Karl lives in a road that is just off the road opposite this pub, in my mind I have an image of him walking across the road towards us. It has only just occurred to me that we have been sat by a window looking out onto a busy road, traffic lights just feet away. We have been mindful of people in the bar but what of drivers who have unwittingly witnessed our lack of decorum.

Stand up, is now becoming a familiar command (or should I say request). His fingers find their way up inside my black tiered lacy skirt, pulling my flimsy black knickers aside forcing passage into my already wet hungry cunt. No foreplay needed, he just pushes into me the way he knows I want him to. The memory is making me wet even now. The knowledge that we could be caught at any moment making me want this even more. He has yanked my knickers mid way down my thighs. I sit back on the padded bench seat with his fingers still inside me. He is working my cunt into a frenzy right there. We both continue our chat, taking sips of our drinks as though nothing else was occurring. Throwing my arms around his neck I suck his tongue into my mouth in a passinate clinch, hanging onto him as I cum.

Making my way seductively across the main bar hanging onto my  knickers through my skirt with one hand my sexy red/black shoes tapping on the wooden floor, I scan the other customers, no sign of K’s son. Once inside my chosen cubicle in the ladies powder room I remove the scrap of black from my legs pushing it into the bottom of my small shoulder bag. Returning to Dave for more kisses and cuddles he asks if I have  taken my knickers off, I decline to give him an answer. It his turn to visit the bathroom, so I text Karl asking if he is at the pub. (perhaps he is in the restaurant for a family meal). He replies that he isn’t but wants to know who I am with as he doubts that I am there alone.

Getting bolder as nobody has disturbed us yet Dave fishes inside my top to play with my nipples squeezing he whispers into my ear is that too hard, foolishly I answer no, he squeezes harder yet saying you shouldn’t have said no. I agree but I knew that it didn’t matter what I said he would have squeezed harder regardless. Getting bolder still he pulles my nipple out from its confines for a quick suckle and bite. settling back into the seat his arm around my shoulder, his hand inside my clothing I take a quick snap and send it to Karl saying ‘no not alone’. 

He immediately replies ‘ah its Dave.’

Dave flips my nipple out again for another play I take another picture saying I should have sent this to Karl instead. (I shall post that one somewhere on my gallery).

Next Dave stands in front of me unzips his trousers presenting me with his semi hard tool. I relish the feel of his warm flesh in my hand as I stroke him while Dave leans down for more kisses. Neither of us have been this daring before but we can’t stop now. Dave kneels on the floor, pushing my leg up onto the bench seat. At first I thought he was going to lick my pussy right there in the bar. Instead though he finger fucked me so delishiously I didn’t want him to stop. Pulling his face into mine I devoured his mouth with a kiss as passionate as any other this evening.

Finishing our drinks we prepared to leave. Walking through the car park Dave slightly behind me with his hand inside my skirt finger fucking me as we walked. Reaching my car he pushes me over the bonnet pulls out his erection and fucks me from behind. Not knowing and half hoping that there are security cameras in this car park that is so well lit it appears to still be daylight.

Throught out the evening Dave had been saying ‘I’m naughty aren’t I?’ of course I wouldn’t have him any other way.

This man doesn’t want to be my Dom, he doesn’t want me to be his toy but boy he knows how to get me to do things I wouldn’t normally do, not only that he has me wanting more.

So what should we do next?

Is it still called car sex if it was on not in the car?

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when lovers have wives

Posted by secretlynaughty on June 19, 2010

Standing at the bar waiting for Dave to put in an appearance, I had text him to say I had arrived. Karl who had been busy when I walked in came over to me.

‘The ex is here …… other end of bar ……..will be down in a minute’

I gave him what I hoped was a ‘don’t you dare treat me like I’m stupid’ look

‘you mean the wife’

sheepish ‘yes’

He didn’t need to point her out I recognised her from a photo in their dining room.

Dave text me that he was at home having a ‘discussion’. He would text me if/when he gets away. (he becomes single from today).

I stayed propping up the bar (I had a good view of the band from there) Karl’s wife moved from where she had been sitting to the sofa beside where I was stood so that I was in effect stood right behind her no more than 2 feet away. It was quite clear from her interaction with the band and other friends that she is well liked. It was also blatantly obvious that no matter what he tells me (not that I ever believed him anyway) she is very much his wife.

I couldn’t help thinking to myself as I was stood so close to her, that she doesn’t know I have slept in her bed half a dozen times at least. Eaten at her table, sat on her sofa and used her bath. Yet again I wonder what goes through a married man’s mind when he takes another woman into his wife’s home.

It didn’t particularly bother me to be in the same room and so close to her, but I did think he was taking a very big risk for someone who admitted to Soldier that if his wife found out about me it would ‘finish her’. Especially as hos friend who I have known for 17 years was there with his girlfriend (I am friends with his ex wife). The girl friend who clearly recognised me from a previous gig was sitting chatting to the wife. I saw her looking at me several times.

During the break my friend arrived. Karl chatted to the both of us which I gather caused us to get a few looks, I didn’t see as Karl was stood in front of me. We left before the end of the gig, I didn’t say goodbye as I thought it best not to.

Back at home Dave came online. He apologised for not turning up but it was his wife’s last night in the house and they had words. He was feeling very low but at the same time hyper. We chatted for a while then I decided to distract him.

‘have you ever thought about being a Dom?’

‘No I couldn’t boss anyone around’

‘not even in fun’

‘no not even in fun ………..I just can’t order anyone about’

‘I enjoy it when you get me to do things’

‘yes I enjoy that but I ask not order’

‘true……..would you like me to be your toy?’

‘I like playing with you …..lots………..but could never treat anyone as a toy’

So my evening ended with me at home on my own without even a kiss all night, Karl was out with his wife and Dave was home with his. I have a feeling that Karl will find it harder to find time to spend with me from now for a while. I also have a feeling that Dave will be so busy trying to keep himself occupied now that he is going to be free that he won’t have much time for me either, although he will be able to invite me to his home whenever he wants now.

It will be interesting to see what happens now……… the meantime I have been building up a friendship with a new local single guy (Cooper) which may or may not lead to something.

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Posted by secretlynaughty on June 18, 2010

During a conversation online with Karl he mentioned my sailing trip with Dave. He asked if I now have any new bruises. He now knows that Dave likes to leave his mark on me in the form of love bites especially on my breasts. But I had told Dave a few days prior to our sailing trip that there would be no more bites on my breasts. It isn’t the bruises that I object to (in a perverse way I rather liked my bruises). I have asked him not to do that anymore because I have developed solid lumps in my breasts where the love bites had been. It takes a while for the lumps to disperse, this is what concerns me. The first time I found one my immediate reaction was to worry about breast cancer. But I quickly realised that the size and shape of the lump together with the speed in which it had developed meant that it was highly unlikely. Now that I have a lump that when felt with finger tips is reminiscent of a nipple  but about 1.5″ from my actual nipple on my other breast I am sure these lumps are the result of my love bites.

It was when I told Karl that I had said to Dave ‘no more bruises’  and explained my reason, he was quite upset. Karl says that he doesn’t like pain and hated the idea of me being damaged or injured in any way.

‘I don’t mind sharing you but I don’t like you being damaged’.

This kind of puts an end to any ideas of a threesome between us all. As yet I have said nothing to either of them about this. Although they know about each other, I do not discuss with either of the what the other is like or what we get upto. It’s enough that they both know that I have the two of them and that they share a passion for sailing. I don’t think Dave would have too many problems with witnessing me with Karl other than perhaps a mild frustration. However Karl would find it very difficult to cope with me and Dave.

Whilst Karl is a very good kisser and an expert at using either or both his tongue and or fingers he is otherwise very gentle and hates the idea of pain. Particularly any pain that might be inflicted upon me. He is very vanilla, his wildest dream is to have sex with two women, two pussies and four breasts for him to play with. He has never experiented sexually. His most daring act is having a blowjob or eating the pussy of a married woman while her husband took photos. I know this because I have seen the photos. He would be horrified if he ever knew that I had been dogging with Dave.

Dave has known from the very first time we met that I need more than just plain sex. He is more than happy to spank my arse, not just once or twice playfully. No when he spanks it is meant to hurt, it is meant to make my cheeks turn to a glowing red colour. He doesn’t think twice about restraining my arms and legs. A very different lover, our sessions take a few days for my body to recover.

I look forward to the time when the three of us play together with trepidation and an devilish glint in my eye.

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